Cleaning Up

"I've connected the final energon line," Ratchet stated, circling the berth to the opposite side of the red decepticon medic that had finally returned from his "drive." "I think it is safe to reactivate her spark. It has grown tremendously in the past few joors-"

"Keep down!" Knockout suddenly shouted, looking at him with harsh optics. "You can't be saying things like that in here!"

Ratchet looked at him. "This is the med bay…" he said in a quiet, sarcastic tone. "Is this not where we discuss medical terminology and such?"

"Oh," Knockout growled. "I know that. That's not what I meant. We must ask Lord Megatron before we even consider bringing energon into another being."

The autobot sighed, looking back at the one Nightracer called Crasher. "Maybe you could help then," he growled, handing him a bucket of red paint. "Paint her."

"Uh, where did you get this!?" he glared, anger rising in his lines.

"Found it in the corner," was all he said as he bent back over the still form that was Thunderblast, adjusting more lines. "She needs to be painted. Nightracer said she was red. Paint her red."

Knockout growled in fury. "I will not be ordered around by an autobot in my med bay!" He said angrily, slamming the paint down on the berth, splattering paint onto Ratchet's white body. The medic looked at the red and simply shrugged. He could buff it out later.


Ratchet stiffened at the harsh voice that seemed to find him everywhere on the ship. He wasn't afraid of Megatron, he just wasn't to fond of his existence.

"Yes, my Lord?" he cringed, shooting death glares at Ratchet.

"I hear that one of the femmes is ready to be onlined. Is this correct?"

"Yes, Lord Megatron, it is," he stated smoothly, trying to hide his emotions behind a robotic response. "The autobot has proven to be thorough, even repairing the smallest of energon lines."

"And what is the status of the second one?"

Knockout turned to look at Ratchet, who was in the middle of repairing some of the last energon lines. He gestured for the autobot to respond.

"Just a few more energon lines," he sighed, replacing another line on the one called Thunderblast. "She will be ready in one earth hour."

"Have you replaced all of the main energon lines, autobot?"

"Yes, but she will not - "

"She will be fine. Knockout. Online both of them."

"But, my Lord.." Knockout protested as calmly as he could. "The autobot said - "

"The auto-scum promised the femme that he would online them in perfect condition. She is now in custody, and we cannot allow the promise to be concluded. Knockout, I will not say it again. Bring the femmes to me so I may assist."

"Yes, my Lord,.." he sighed, moving to shove Ratchet out of the way. He started to leave with the two femmes before he turned to look at Ratchet again. "Clean up in here," was all he said before he left.

As soon as the door was shut, Ratchet bolted for the comm system.

"Ratchet to Optimus Prime…"

"How is she doing?"

Ironhide sat on the right side of Bells' bed listening to the conversation between Wheeljack and the doctor. He was laying on the bed, pretending to sleep as he had seen many other humans do on the television shows. He had his hand resting on top of hers, his head resting on his left arm that was stretched across her form. It had been two days since he had arrived there, since he had mortally scared the doctor. He chooses to now have nothing to do with Ironhide and will only talk to Jackie about anything.

"She isn't looking too good," the doctor said. Again. "Her vitals are dropping, her blood pressure is at 210 / 63. I don't even understand how she hasn't fallen into a coma, or died, yet."

"She's a good fighter." Wheeljack stated sternly. "My brother is coming to check on her himself, and we'll be able to take it from there after that."


Ironhide immediately "woke up" and looked at the girl on the bed. She was pale, and looked, in human words, like hell.

"Bells?" he asked softly, as too not disturb her. "Bells, what is it?"

"" she said, so softly that Ironhide had to strain his audio receptors just to hear it. "Is.. … is he, alright?.."

"Optimus Prime informed us a while ago that they were infiltrating the decepticon base to rescue him," Ironhide stated slowly, allowing her to process the information. "As soon as they are finished, Ratchet is coming here." he smiled. "Bells, we can change you."


"The baby is fine, Bells," Ironhide said, running a hand through her hair. "We've taken care of her."

Bells relaxed and fell back into her sleep with that. Ironhide watched her for a few more minutes before he laid his head back down.

"Well," the doctor continued to argue with Wheeljack. "If you would just let me take a look at the baby-"

"Absolutely not," Jackie stated firmly, leaving no room for an argument. "My brother will care for her when he arrives."

"But what if he doesn't arrive in time?" you could hear the sincerity in the doctor's voice now. "I don't think she has much longer.."

"Prime," Ratchet commed. "I'm in the med bay. Hurry, there's no one here now."

Optimus drove through the halls of the decepticon's base as fast as he could. With Bumblebee riding on top of him, they were unstoppable. Bee shot at every officer patrolling the halls, taking them by surprise. Fortunately, they hadn't come across any major threat, which according to Ratchet was because they were gathered to watch the onlning of the femmes. He screeched to a halt in front of the doors that led to the med bay.

"Ratchet, the doors are locked!" Bumblebee called through, pulling and pushing on the doors.

"Blast them open then!" Ratchet called through the doors. "I'm well out of the way."

Optimus grabbed the scout and pulled him to the side, out of the way. he backed a few steps, transforming his right hand into his guns. He took aim as they hummed in charging, then he fired.

Shards of the door showered onto the mech, leaving rips in his paint as the burned it off of him. He rushed through, dimming his optics. He scanned the room for Ratchet, and saw him walking towards him, his human holoform in his hand.

"I have the formula," the mech said, gesturing to the human in his hand. "I have to get to Bells before the sparkling gets too big."

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