Returning to Base

"Sir, you can't go in there. She's highly unstable, and-"

"I am a doctor, I can go in there if I damn well please, now if you'll excuse me."

Ironhide stood up immediately at the sound of the only mech that was older than him. Wheeljack was resting on the window sill, looking tiredly out at his true form. It had been two days since Ironhide had brought Bells to the hospital, six since they had gotten a good recharge. With the holoforms constantly active, it had taken a toll on the two mechs. Their forms were starting to show it too, Wheeljack's was turning a dull gray color, and Ironhide was forming bags under his eyes.

Ratchet stormed into the room, pushing the curtains to the side. He took one look at Bells and stood stock still.

"Ratch?" Jackie asked from the corner looking at him.

"She's so pale…" he finally responded, reaching out to touch her face, but pulling back, seeming to be afraid to break her. He shook his head and pulled out a syringe.

"What's that?" the doctor asked from behind Ratchet, not daring to make a move to stop him after earning a death glare from Ironhide. Bumblebee appeared right behind him, watching as Ratchet injected whatever was in it straight into her heart.

"Ironhide, we have to get her back to base. Now," Ratchet turned to walk out of the door, but was stopped when an enraged doctor appeared in his way.

"You can't just take her out of here like this!" he protested. "With her vitals so low-"

"I know what I am doing, sir." Ratchet informed him in a tone that the autobots knew to back away from. "I have been at this longer than you have been alive. I know exactly what I am doing."

"How many have you lost?"

Ironhide flinched at the words.

"Too many to count," Ratchet snarled.

"Then you're not fit to take her out." the doctor glared. "I haven't lost one."

"You will." Ratchet glared, shoving his way past the doctor.

He glared at the back of Ratch's human form, and opened his mouth once more.

"When she dies, it will be on your hands. I don't want to deal with a pathetic girl who can't even care for herself in the first place. She shouldn't have the honor of being a mo-"

Jackie and Bumblebee let out a loud "OHH" and Ironhide smirked as Ratchet's fist connected with the doctor's jaw, sending him flying backwards. He paced after the doctor, grabbing him by his jacket and lifting him up, much as Ironhide had done earlier.

"Don't finish that sentence," was all he said before he threw the man backwards into another wall. Nurses flooded around him.

"You broke his jaw!" one of them protested, shooting a look at Ratchet.

"Good thing we're in a hospital then,"

Ironhide smirked as he picked up Bells into his arms, rushing to follow Ratchet, Wheeljack and Bumblebee right behind him.

"Prime, we're at the base."

"Acknowledged," was all Optimus said as he dismantled yet another decepticon. Himself and the rest of the autobots attacked the hall that the decpticons had gathered in, creating a distraction for Bumblebee to escape with Ratchet. "Autobots!" he called. "Return to base!"

"How is she Ratchet?"

"I don't know Prime,"Ratchet answered, looking back down at the little femme on the berth. "I just don't know."

"Is it working?"


"We're right outside if you need anything," Optimus said softly, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Call on us for anything. She's in good hands."

Ratchet nodded as the mech left the room. He sent another prayer up to Primus before he checked Bells' vitals again.

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