It was the only thing I thought of.

My heart was burning, on fire. With every beat, it echoed. I could feel the blood run through my veins. I could feel the thickness, the warmth run through every inch of my body. I could feel my lungs expand, brushing against my ribs. I could feel the air flow through my nose and into my body. I could feel all of it.

But worse of all?

I could feel him.

It was no doubt that my baby was in fact a him. I just knew now. My sparkling was a mech.


Sparkling? Mech...what was I saying?

I could feel my baby move in my stomach. I could feel him pushing on my sides, pushing, stretching the skin to make room for his rapidly growing form. I could feel his metal rake against my skin.



Blood. … only, it wasn't blood. It was to heavy to be blood, it was. …


Why would I have energon in my body? …


The mech that was called immediately turned to attention to face his team. They were all looking at him with fearful eyes, gesturing towards the direction that the noise had came from. He hurried past them, into the med bay.

His medical officer stood, watching his holoform gently run a hand across Bells' skin.

"Optimus," the old mech smiled, looking at him. "It's happening."

"Her vitals?" Wheeljack asked, shoving his way through the crowd of autobots to look at the girl on the table.

"They're perfect," Ratchet said, looking at the vitals that he had already checked a thousand times over. "Her skin's changing."

The autobots all crowded around the human sized berth to watch the human that they have grown so fond of. They watched as her skin moved. It wasn't a disgusting move, it was a beautiful, fulfilling move. One of absolute beauty. A blue line would pierce across her skin, and that skin would stretch, turn, change. Her skin moved similar to that of the autobot's metal when they transformed. It folded in on itself, stretched out and moved. A blue light shined through her chest.

"Her spark…" someone said, Optimus really didn't know who, nor did he care. He, too, was mesmerized by the beauty of her spark.

It was so pure.

The light intensified, burning their optics. Those with sensitive optics had to look away, but some of them chose to continue to watch. They could just barely see the outline of The human grow, and expand. She thickened, then would grow, then would thicken again, and grow.

The light died down after completely covering her body. It started to raise, like a curtain, from her feet up. It outlined thin, slim legs, then a firm midsection with soft, delicate hands. Her arms were likewise thin, but were toned with that of thick wiring, her chest plates curved elegantly, thick enough to protect that of her spark and the spark of the child whom she carried. Then her face…

The autobots stared at the new femme in awe. No one moved, no one spoke a word.

Ratchet snapped out of it first. He scanned the femme, finding absolutely nothing wrong with her or the baby. He moved to inspect the sturdiness of the metal on her.

"Optimus," he called, looking at her arms. "Her scars…"

The Prime moved to look, and was shadowed by everyone of the autobots. Sure enough, lining her arms were deep scratches and dents, outlining the battle she's faced.

"Primus didn't want her battles from her previous life to go unnoticed," Optimus said, optics watching as Ratchet moved to her spark.

Ratchet opened her spark chamber, which easily opened with his touch. He gasped as he looked in.

There were two sparks. One, obviously larger than the other and gentle, resting. The other was smaller and bouncing around it's elder. But that wasn't what caught his attention.

On the larger, was the mark of the Primes.

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