The End


I opened my eyes - optics - and looked into the optics of the great Optimus Prime.

"Prime?" I asked, then immediately shut up.

That voice… it was so pretty, I looked into Prime's optics, seeing the shock in his optics as well. 'Was that me?' I mouthed to him.

He chuckled deeply. "Yes, sweetspark," he said smiling. "That was you."

Ratchet approached me, offering me his arm to help me up. "Do you feel okay?"

"I feel… great," I smiled at him. He nodded, having me bend my legs and arms, jump up at down a couple times. Satisfied, he turned back to his computer

"I feel so… different," I said, sitting up. "I sound different."

"You look different to," Ironhide's voice said from behind me. I went to look up at him but was surprised when I had to look down.


"Yes, Bells," he said, smiling. "You are indeed taller than me."

I turned to face Optimus, looking at him with a big smile. That smile disappeared when I saw that he still towered over me.

"You get used to it," Jazz muttered to me, leaning against my leg. "I'd rather be down here anyways. Not so many birds down here."

I laughed, and looked around. It was so weird to be one of the tallest autobots. "My baby.."

"-is perfectly healthy," Ratchet finished for me, stepping forward. "I've never seen a healthier sparkling."

"He's a he," was all I said, smiling at Optimus. "I wish to name him Orion,"

Optimus beamed at the femme. He turned to Elita, who had strode forward.

"We wish to welcome you, Bells," she said, bending at the waist. "Please, join the femmes. Help us put an end to this war,"

I straightened, honored at the request. I nodded, and smiled at the femmes as they cheered. I laughed as Bumblebee grabbed a hold of my forearm walked up the side of my leg and climbed onto my shoulders.

"Mush!" he shouted, pointing forward.

I laughed and watched as Jazz did the same to Optimus.

"Prime's giving out rides again!?" Ironhide laughed, climbing onto his back.

"Ironhide!" Optimus protested, bending backwards. "You're not that much taller than me!"

That earned him a first to the top of the helm, Ironhide barely missing Jazz. "Stop complaining and start marching, youngling,"

The bots laughed as Optimus took off in a dead sprint, causing Ironhide to lose his grip and fall on his aft. Jazz hooted and hollered as Prime ran back to the doorway, looking at the weapons specialist with weatry in his optics. I laughed as Ironhide picked himself back off the floor.

"Oh, you better run," Ironhide snarled, looking at his Prime, who, turned tail and ran.

The rest of the autobots followed him, not wanting to miss the fight between the two most respected mechs on the base.

"Wait!" Jazz shouted to deaf ears. "Let me off first! Ironhide! No!"

I laughed, looking up at Bumblebee who was watching the fight go on.

I could get used to this.

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