Weapons Specialist Shopping Trip

-Four Days Later-

Ratchet had finally decided that I was fit enough to walk around as I please. I had already found out what Optimus had meant by "autonomous robotic organisms." ...meaning they transform into cars. But it still amazed me everytime I watched it. What made it even better was Ironhide transformed into my dream truck. A GMC Topkick. He was a bute.

We rolled out of the forest, me in the passenger seat, Ironhide's holoform in the driver's seat. He was younger, in his twenties, with jet black hair, just a bit of facial hair here and there, and very, very large arms. He was sexy as hell. The windows down, Blake Shelton on the radio, I described what Ironhide was getting himself into. He would pose as my boyfriend, meaning he'd have to do boyfriendly things. But his main concern would be anything that the guy my mother had would throw at me, or him. Which, it was obvious...he could handle. I would just go in, grab a few things, tell her I'm not coming back, and leave. Then we had a few errands to run, to walmart of course.

We pulled into my driveway, and Ironhide climbed out. I hesitated, looking at the house in dread. He noticed it, and opened my door before the holoform could get there. "It'll be okay, Bells," he said, using my nickname with the million dollar smile. "I'll be right here." He held out his hand, which I gladly took. Man, he was nailing this boyfriendly stuff.

I walked up to the door, took a deep breath, and walked in.

"Well, look who finally decided to show up," Angela said from her seat on the couch. "I need some food. Go get it for me."

I sighed. "Angela, where's mother?"

"Right here,"

Ironhide's grip tightened on my hand. My mother was standing at the stove with a bottle of beer in her hand. At the table sat a man in his late forties, staring us down like we were the plague.

"Where have you been?" she asked, not even looking at me.

"I got attacked," I answered. "I was in the hospital."

"I can't afford no damn hospital," she griped. "Suck it up and learn to defend yourself."

"I covered it for her, ma'am." Ironhide spoke up, finally getting my mother's attention. "My younger brother found her, and he took her to the hospital where our other brother is a doctor."

"Who are you and how many damn brothers do you have?"

"I'm Ironhide, and I have seven brothers at home."

"That's a weird ass name, ain't it Antonia?" the man finally spoke up, standing and walking slowly towards us. "Where'd you get a name like that son? The junkyard?"

"It was a nickname that stuck," Ironhide answered, towering over the man. "It's because I've never lost a fight. I got fists of iron."

The man laughed. "Well you can't bring Iron to a gunfight now can you?" he pulled out a pistol from God knows where.

I gasped and got behind Ironhide, who made a move to put his arm around me, shielding me. "I have no need to fight scum like you," he smeared. "I just came here with Annabelle so she could inform you guys that she is not coming back. She's coming to live with us," And with that, Ironhide turned around and started walking away, pushing me in front of him.

The man was enraged, you could here him threatening all kinds of death everywhere if we ever stepped foot in this town again. Ironhide helped me into the driver's seat, dismissed the holoform, and started the truck. He backed out, and floored it out of there.

As soon as the house fell out of sight, I started crying.

"Your eyes are leaking hydrofluid." the autobot said through the radio, overpowering Miranda Lambert. "Stop it."

I laughed. "Oh, you old fool. I don't have hydrofluid. It's water. I'm crying."

"Well, whatever it is stop it. You're making me feel mighty useless because I can't do nothing to stop that bullshit. And watch where that 'water' falls, Bells. I don't want to rust."

The rest of the way to walmart consisted of me obnoxiously singing every song that Ironhide put on the radio. Even if I didn't know the words, I made them up. I was as loud as I could be, and laughed at Ironhide who cussed to himself and desperately tried to find a song I wouldn't know. Eventually he gave up, and just turned it off altogether. Which, didn't stop me from singing Bang Bang at the top of my lungs.

"We're here! Finally!" His holoform laughed, opening the door for me. I climbed out, and we headed inside.

I grabbed a shopping cart, and first, made a beeline to food. I grabbed everything that I would eat before the end of the week. I decided to be somewhat healthy, but that didn't stop me. Ironhide didn't say much, just watched our surroundings carefully, as if scanning for a threat. Once I got food, I ended up in the clothes department. There, I got jeans, and tshirts. Plenty of them. In the shoes department, I got three new pairs of boots. I haven't had shoes that actually fit in a long time. Ironhide picked out a pair of jet black boots, and told me to get those, which I agreed to, putting one of my other pairs back. Next was videogames. I got a Wii u. I figured Wheeljack could make adjustments so we all could play somehow. I got Mario Kart, and Super Mario Bros.. Ironhide didn't question anything there. We kept on going past the toys, until something caught Ironhide's attention.

"Have you ever shot a gun before?" he asked me. I looked at him questioningly. "It's important that you know how. How about I get you one?" I shrugged.

He walked up to a counter and specifically asked for a specific gun. I was impressed. A .308 Sniper Rifle. I wasn't so sure about it when I saw it, but Ironhide showed the guy an i.d., handed him cash money and the deal was done. He got about thirty boxes of ammo, and left. Ironhide, being the autobot's weapon specialist, obviously knew his way around guns and its ammo.

I shrugged, and kept on walking. I got Captain America bedsheets for a king sized bed, which they already told me was mine. I got a couple pillows, and a chair specifically for me for gaming. I also got a 60" TV screen because I could. They already have cable there, all I had to do was connect it and I was set. I also got a crap ton of movies, just because I could. Movie nights were a definite thing in the future. My overall total walmart spending, was close to $5,000. Oh well. Ironhide didn't seem to care, he was busy admiring the gun.

The ride back wasn't as loud. I was tired, and I fell asleep listening to the sound of the engine.

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