When I woke up, I was still in Ironhide's cab. I looked at the dash, and saw that it had been six hours since we left walmart.

"Ironhide, why didn't you-"

"Sh," the robot hushed her quietly through the radio. "Lay back down. Be quiet, and still."

I didn't question him. It wasn't long until I felt eyes on me.

"Hey, Starscream, come look at this one," a voice called out, patting Ironhide on his hood.

"Ironhide,.." I cried, looking around, trying to see what was behind me.

"I have you protected. Don't worry. Just...hold still Bells."

There were the sound of transformer footsteps getting closer to the pick up.

"That looks like Ironhide," a different voice said, filled with hatred.

"Would that old fart let a human in him? Look!"

Again, I felt eyes pouring into my soul. I didn't dare to move, and even if I wanted to, I don't think I'd be able to. The autobots had told me about their war with the decepticons and how awful they are.

"Let's get a scanner out," the second voice suggested.

"Frag." Ironhide cursed. "Bells, I'm going to have to fight them. We're at the edge of the forest, do you remember how to get back to the base from here?"

"Yes," I breathed out.

"Alright. I need you to run there, as fast as you can, as soon as you get out, okay? They should be wondering where we are...the decepticons have kept us here an hour later than what we should've been. Tell them that there are four here. Go fast, okay Bells? You'll be okay."

"I'm not worried about me Ironhide," I sobbed. "They've got you outnumbered…"

"I'll last until Prime and the others get here. Just hurry."

I nodded in agreement.

"How do you work this thing?" the second voice said, obviously coming back.

Before anyone had time to answer him, Ironhide transformed. I fell out, landing on my back. Ironhide brought his cannons forward and shot at two of the decepticons. One dodged the bullet, the other took one straight in the chest.

"Starscream," Ironhide snarled, aiming at the grinning decepticon.

"It's been too long, Ironhide," he cackled, his other two decepticons standing behind him.

"Bells, run!" Ironhide yelled, just as he took a shot to his shoulder.

I took off, leaving Ironhide fighting the three decepticons. I didn't dare look back, but from the noise level, the guns had been tossed aside and were now fighting a hand-to-hand fight.

Please, I pleaded, pushing my legs to move as fast as they possibly could.

I stumbled into the hangar, all optics on me. I was heaving and hoing, grabbing at my cramping side, almost collapsing on the ground. Bumblebee rushed to my side, and picked me up. He put me on the computer that Optimus was standing at.

"Bells?" Bee asked me, looking concerned.

I looked at Optimus. "Decepticons….Ironhide….edge of forest…. four… help him!" I managed between breaths. It had only been ten minutes, but God only knows what was going on out there.

Optimus didn't even hesitate.

"Ratchet, Bumblebee, Jazz, Bulkhead, you're with me. Let's roll out," he said, leading the way in a full out charge out the door, not even pausing to transform. He plowed out, taking out trees and shrubs, animals, anything that was in his way. I followed them as much as the computer would let me, until it canceled out. I groaned, banging on the screen.

"Hey, easy there Bells," Wheeljack said, coming up to me.

"I'm so worried,.." I said, looking at Wheeljack. "I don't…"

"Shh, little miss." Wheeljack said smiling. "It's Ironhide. His hide is literally iron. Don't worry about it. I promise, it'll be okay."

With that, he carried me to my room, and watched me crawl into bed before he left to go wait for the others.

I sat there and cried for a little trying to fight the urge growing in my chest. They were fighting a battle out there, I was fighting one in my mind. Finally, reason gave in.

I walked to the bathroom, found my pack of new razors Ironhide and I just bought. I took one out, and jumped on it. I broke the head off, and the plastic around the blade cracked. I tore at the plastic until I got the blade alone. I walked to the sink, and raised my wrist. I took the corner of the blade, and brought it across the scarred area. Ironhide. Cut. Ironhide. Cut.

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