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Don't Look Back


A pure evil demon is unleashed by the book it takes control over the whole house. Newcomers move in they start experiencing strange paranornmal activities happening. Everything was a mystery in that house, a mystery which no one could find an answer for.

Horror / Thriller
Yassin Yasser
Age Rating:

The Possessed

Carlisle city in England, where a happy family the Boyle family. The family consisted of the father Matt and the wife Christine and the son and daughter Kevin and Isabella. As Isabella's birthday comes her father decides to buy her a book because she loved them and loved reading in general.

As he enters the bookstore he goes to the new books section he keeps looking for something that would make her happy and that would entertain her. He finds a book called "The demons in the shadows". He bought it as he knew she loved reading about demonology and scary stories and that she was 17 years old so it's not a problem.

As he goes to buy the book the cashier man jokes with him saying:" Oh scary stories, so you're a fan of ghost stories and demonology stuff well yeah you'll love this book." he starts laughing in a strange way and Matt starts to feel uncomfortable. He asks how much for the book the cashier man answers:" Just 14 dollars sir, oh take care at night it might get spooky ha ha ha." Matt pays for the book and leaves feeling uncomfortable with his conversation with the cashier man he ignores it and goes back home.

He goes back home and starts wrapping his gift. Kevin comes in and helps his father. Then Matt asks him:" what did you get for your sister?" Kevin replies:" I couldn't find anything, so I bought some chocolates and sweet stuff you know she has a sweet tooth." Matt smiles and he then finishes wrapping up the book. Then the family prepares everything before Isabella comes back home.

She gets back and they celebrate her birthday. After she received all the gifts from her family the last but not least was her father he gives her the book and she hugs him and thanks him. At 1:00 am she decided it was a good time to open the book and start reading it while eating the chocolates she got. She unwraps the book and looks at it and gets excited to read it.

As she opens the first page of the book she looks for the writer of it but there is no description or any information as she was scrolling through the papers looking for them strange a strange wind came in, she felt cold so she gets up from the bed and changes to heavier clothes she puts down the book on the bed. While she was getting changed the book started scrolling between the pages for no reason, she pauses for a second and then closes the window. She then holds the book again and starts reading, she finds the book settled on page 244 which included a strange picture of a strange figure. It had a drawn human standing behind it a long and dark figure it had no face appearance just a little red color was on the face. As she was looking at the photo the door slightly opens up she gets scared a little and shouts:" Hello?!" no answer comes and then she says:" Uh, stupid wind." Then suddenly the book started scrolling through the pages again, she starts feeling scared and uncomfortable she moves towards the book slowly as she reaches it she hears her name coming from behind her she looks at the mirror towards her and sees the tall darks shadowy figure she screams and falls to the ground and turns to it and finds nothing behind her.

Her parents come in quickly and ask her what happened. She couldn't talk because of her panicking then she says:" There... There was a ta... Tall figure standing behind me!". She was breathing so fast from her panic and then her family calm her down and tell her that it's late and she didn't sleep a lot and that she better goes to sleep. As they help her stand up and then tell her to go to bed as she goes back towards the bed the book was unopened her father says:" Maybe you could read it tomorrow sweaty but now you better go to bed." she starts getting frightened from the book as it was opened at first. She puts it aside and pretends that nothing happened and goes to bed.

She gets up early and starts getting ready for her school she finds the book beside her computer she takes it with her. As she was on her way to school she throws the book in a lake and continues her way towards her destination. While it was her last lesson a strange guy comes in which she never saw in the school before he asks for an extra pen, she opens her bag to check if she has one but she doesn't find one but she finds the book in her bag, she starts getting scared and suddenly as she looks up she finds the class empty and there was no one there the lights then went out it became kind of dark the only light left was the sun's light she starts panicking and breathing super fast. Suddenly she feels that there was something breathing behind her she slowly looks back but finds nothing she then looks in front of her and finds the black figure but it had face appearance which was of that strange guy but his eyes were red and his face was so white and he was smiling and his mouth was dripping blood as he was smiling she screams closes her eyes and falls from the chair.

She then opens her eyes and she was surrounded by her classmates and teacher they ask her:" Are you okay?". She couldn't talk so they called her parents to come to pick her up.

After her family took while they were in the car her father asks her:" What's wrong with you?" Isabella replies screaming:" The book dad there is something about the book you gave me, there is something in this book that is evil dad!" he replies:" I felt that too, when I went to buy the book the cashier guy was so strange and there was something connected to him about this book. So I think we must go back to that bookstore.".

After Matt and Isabella arrived at the bookstore, Matt goes to the cashier area and asks about the guy that he met a day earlier, one of the cashier workers tells him:" Well sir, this is the only cashier workers that work here sir." Matt replies:" How? But I remember him well?" the cashier worker replies:" Well, describe him to me." Matt replies:" Well, he had super long hair, he had a little scar in his left hand, he wore glasses which were so dirty, he has two missing tooths and his left eye was kind of white color which was so strange because it's impossible to have that color and because there is no disease that causes it." the cashier worker says:" Sir, I believe that there is no one that works here who looks like the person you're talking about, can you remember his name?" Matt goes back to his memory and remembers when he was paying he saw the name tag and his name was "Calvin" he then tells the cashier worker the name but he doesn't reply to Matt and gives no answer. Matt goes to the manager and asks him to view him all the workers' identification cards photos, Matt tells him the name he looks for it but no results found.

Matt goes back to the car where Isabella waited for him, she asks him what did he do he tells her:" Look dear, for the coming days stay away from this book and be aware of anything happens around you okay?" she nods her head in agreement.

At 1:00 am after midnight Matt was talking with Christine about what happened she asks him:" So what is it? Is it a curse or what?" He replies:" We will know that very soon hopefully, I'll go tomorrow look for anything that would help this situation.". While in the other room Isabella was sleeping, the window opens a little bit and wind comes in she wakes up from the cold weather and closes the window she then looks at the book and says to herself:" I must end this." she opens the book and starts reading but she doesn't find anything written inside it she keeps looking for anything. She doesn't find anything written in the book she throws it to the floor and the book opens on the first page she realizes that there was something written on the cover piece.

She grabs the book and tries to read what's written she reads it and it said:" BLOOD" she cuts herself for the drop of blood and drops it on the book. Suddenly words started to appear which were written in blood as well.

While Matt and Christine were starting to sleep suddenly they hear screaming coming from Isabella's room. They rush to her and they find Kevin running at them in terror Matt stops him and asks him:" What's wrong." Kevin replies:" Isa...bella...she...she's possessed." Matt runs to the room, as he gets in he finds her crucified into the wall and beside her steel crucifixes and her head was looking downwards he gets close and says her name as he tries to put his hand on her, she raises her head smiling he jumps away in scare, but it wasn't her face appearance her eyes were white her teeth were dirty and covered in a strange substance her face was kind of white and she had scars in her face. She kept smiling at him it looked like she froze suddenly her nails started to grow up as well as her nails color changed to a light black and red and black veins started to appear, Christine comes in in terror. Matt and Christine kept staring at her until suddenly Isabella moved her head to the left and her eyes started bleeding then the lights went out.

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