Kakarot: The Second Prince


When the fight on Namek heats up, the tyrant Freiza reveals to saiyans Goku and Vegeta that they are actually brothers. Will they be able to come to terms? Or will their paths forever separate?

Adventure / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Brothers

Summary: Freiza is one of the most feared tyrants in the known galaxy, his wrath focused upon Goku, Vegeta, and Namek. The physical challenge is daunting, but it’s nothing compared to the emotional battle they will soon face. Can they work together to overcome a series of challenges that push them to the edge, and can they come to terms with the newfound knowledge that they’re actually brothers?


The wind began to blow, picking up and swirling the new dust in the air. Rock and debris lay scattered across the wasted Namek, a once peaceful and thriving planet. Krillin, Dende, and Gohan were peeking around a large boulder that stood not too far from the forced battlefield. They gazed upon Vegeta, lying there in the dirt and grass, face down and not moving; the prince of saiyans, once their enemy, now one of their last hopes of defeating Freiza.

“Hahaha!” Freiza mocked as he slowly strode to where Vegeta lay, knowing full well the prince was alive. “What’s wrong mighty prince? Can’t stand up?”

Vegeta clutched his hand, grasping and pulling the soft green grass that swayed in the wind. He grunted as he painfully lifted himself to his knees, then to his feet. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Hehe… What’s wrong Freiza? Is that the best you got? Your words are as pathetic as your fighting.”

The tyrant growled and vanished before his eyes, only to appear right before him.

“Pathetic? I’m not the one rolling in dirt and disgracing his legacy! You should have died with the rest of the scum on Planet Vegeta, it’s where you belong.”

His tail whipped back and forth behind him as his grin grew. Pride and arrogance flowed from his aura, more so than Vegeta ever did. They entered a stare down.

“K-Krillin…” Gohan whispered. “What’s happening?”

“I think they’re staring off, seeing who will move first.”

Gohan, Krillin, and Dende clutched the only shield they had from the fight, the boulder.

“You know Gohan, we should go. Vegeta doesn’t need our help, we’ll just be in the way, why die unnecessarily?” Krillin hoped Gohan would see his reasoning.

“No Krillin, I have to stay. Vegeta may need my help, even though I’m small and just a kid, I can still help.” Gohan’s fist clenched hard, his knuckles turning as white as the gloves he wore. “There’s still hope.”

“I agree with Gohan.” chimed in Dende. “I think its best if we stick around, I can heal remember?” Any hope of Krillin’s escape flew out the window.

Vegeta and Freiza were as solid as statues, neither moving nor blinking until one made a move. This happened at least once in every battle, especially if a saiyan was fighting. It’s the moment where your nerves, speed, and reaction were put to the ultimate test.

“You know Vegeta, I’m growing weary with this little staring game.” He didn’t appreciate the challenge, the tyranny just liked to kill and destroy. Without warning Vegeta’s fist flew faster than the eye, only pure reaction could stop it. Caught off guard, Freiza found it making an impression on his face, his head cocked from the blow. Time froze.

“W-what?” The prince finally mumbled. “I focused all my energy into that…”

Freiza smirked and returned his head to normal, Vegeta’s fist falling away.

“That was a wonderful attempt, but I’m getting bored with your childish attacks, it’s time to end this.”

Freiza jumped in the air, arms and hands extended into his famous pose. Then he vanished. It was only seconds before he appeared on a ridge in the distance, charging ki into his hand.

“Let’s try this one on for size” the murderous lizard shouted in the distance, releasing the ball of energy. It came rushing towards all of them. Krillin and Gohan had noticed and quickly grabbed Dende, they all flew out of the way. Vegeta stood in shock, his feet planted to the ground.

“Vegeta!” cried Gohan.

“Why isn’t he moving?”

The prince stood and extended his arms, preparing for the impact. “Hmph, is that all?”

The ball of energy soared towards him, skidding on the ground and leaving a trail of destruction.

“Hahahaha! Try blocking this one! Try monkey, try!”

The blast connected to Vegeta and came to a stop. He began to be pushed backwards, his feet digging into the ground. The ki was overwhelming, Vegeta was losing ground. He grunted and pushed and held on. Somehow, whether it was strength, luck, or complete pride, he redirected it into the sky. It whipped up and exploded in the atmosphere, sending a wave of wind.

H-how! Thought Freiza, unable to form words.

Vegeta held his position and produced a grin, he did it.

“Did you see that?!” said Gohan as he looked to his friend.

“H-he did it!” Gohan and Krillin began cheering him on from the safety of a new spot.

Freiza mumbled some inaudible words as he clenched up. His patience was beginning to grow thin.

“I will end this!” he cried as he charged Vegeta. They met and collided with a sonic boom. Fists flew and each was dodging as landing equally. As the spar continued on they gradually ascended into the sky, the sonic waves bellowing from their aura. The blue grass violently whipped from the energy, rocks were blown away, and huge waves were ripping apart nearby lakes. Dende, Gohan, and Krillin held on tight.

“They’re really going at it!” Dende shouted over the rushing wind and booms.

“Yeah, no joke!”

The fight began to move. They disappeared and reappeared in the distance, then disappeared and reappeared closer. This continued on for a while, their fight speckling Namek’s green sky. Eventually, however, one of the fighters was sent soaring through the sky. He landed in the distance with a crash that shook the ground. The dust covered everything, but it eventually settled and revealed the standing warrior: Freiza. He could be heard laughing from afar.

Vegeta lay under rocks and debris, his eyes closed and his body hurting. He slowly moved them aside as he gradually got up, obviously feeling the pain. The prince spit on the ground and grasped his arm as he ascended into the sky, revealing the massive crater his landing made. Freiza hovered over to the prince, along with the grounded trio. Vegeta descended to the ground just outside the crater, desperately trying not to collapse.

“Well, well.” Freiza began. “I think I just set my new personal best on crater size!” He touched down in front of Vegeta with a wicked laugh.

“You know, I must thank you! I usually can’t help myself; I usually just blow the planet up! But you gave me the opportunity to savor it and have fun. I really must start doing this from now on, especially when I visit Earth.” He last words mocking and haunting.

“Well Freiza…make no mistake, I do not care what happens to the Earth or its pathetic race. But know this. I will be the one to have my revenge upon it when I so choose.”

He smirked then fell to one knee, finally giving into exhaustion. He was defeated.

“How cute, funny too if you think about it. How can you seek revenge after I kill you? I didn’t think you were so humorous. Or maybe its stupidity…”

The tyrant’s three pronged foot grasped Vegeta’s head, then pushed him on his back.

“I must say it was a bit entertaining at best. Rather boring at the end, but oh well.”

His finger was outstretched and ready for his infamous death beam; Vegeta’s life lay in his hands. He paused for a moment, maybe for dramatics, maybe not. But in the moment a hissing was heard. Krillin’s destructo disk came whizzing by, barley missing its mark. Freiza had hopped out of the way in the nick of time. He landed on the other side of Vegeta, a cut apparent on his cheek. Blood dripped from it.

“How dare you! How dare you mark the face of your superior you worthless maggot!” In his anger he forgot about his victim and went after Krillin with blind anger.

“Crap! Oh crap what have I done!” Krillin screamed as he turned to fly away, but Freiza was fast, cutting him off before he could leave the ground. A backhand sent him flying into the boulder the others were taking cover behind.

“I will kill you all! Every last one! I’ve wasted my time on this planet long enough! I’ll take you all out in one shot!” His finger rose to the sky as a small ball appeared at it tip. It soon grew twice as large, three times, ten times. In seconds it was almost as big as one of Namek’s suns. He rose to the sky to take aim at the center of the planet. Krillin managed to pull himself out of the boulder only to find his imminent death. Vegeta still lay where he was left, laughing.

“Well, I suppose I tried. Me, the prince of all saiyans, killed by a purple lizard.”

The planet destroying ball of energy was seconds away from being launched when its sender was send spiraling through the air. The ball of death, without its source, dissipated into the atmosphere.

“What the?” thought everyone as Freiza was knocked away for no apparent reason. They all stared up where Freiza had been, searching for an answer. As they focused they could see an orange figure floating there, and then coming down.

“G-G-Goku!” Krillin cried in pure joy as he ran to his lifelong friend. Goku smiled and embraced his friend and son. They danced around and cheered.

“Sorry it took me so long guys, the healing chamber took forever. I felt the energy coming from Freiza and had a bad feeling so I broke out and came here; I’m still not fully healed.” He paused and smiled. “I see you made a new friend.”

Gohan pulled Dende up front to introduce him. “Yeah, this is Dende. He’s one of the few left alive. He can heal!” Dende bowed low and introduced himself.

“Well, that’s great! It seems like Vegeta could use that, I have no senzu beans and his life force is fading fast.”

Dende was naturally hesitant to revive the monster that slaughtered his beloved people, but Goku managed to convince him it was their best shot at winning.


He ran on over.

“I’m so glad you’re here Dad!” Gohan said as he gave him another hug.

“Yes son, me too. I’m afraid you need to go though. Vegeta and I are the only ones that stand a chance of winning.”

Gohan and Krillin were distraught, tears swelling up in their eyes. They knew, however, that they weren’t out of the clear yet.

“Goku you’ll be killed! Vegeta didn’t stand a chance against that freak! Let’s just get out of here while we can!”

Goku laid his hand on Krillin’s head, interrupting his thoughts. Krillin knew that look.

“No, I need to do this. I need to defeat him, I need to know I can.”

Before anyone could argue with his seemingly foolish reasoning Vegeta came striding over, disgusted at the sight of him.

“It looks like Kakarot decided to show his face.” He spit on the ground and folded his arms.

“I was healing, remember Vegeta? You took me there.”

“Whatever. Where did Freiza go?”

A laugh was head behind them.

“Did you think that could get rid of me monkey? It’ll take more than that to defeat the mighty Freiza!”

Everyone grumbled at his return, wishing him dead.

“Krillin, Gohan, Dende. Go. The ship is not far off. Find Bulma and get out of here while you can.”

“But Dad! We can’t leave you! I can-”

“Gohan. Go now.”

Goku’s soft but stern order both comforted them and made them sad. They made a prolonged goodbye and flew off in search of Bulma. Vegeta and Goku were alone with Freiza.

“Well Kakarot, any ideas?”

Before he could answer Freiza came over and looked at them. “So, who’s the new one?”

“My name is Goku! And I’m a saiyan raised on Earth!”

Freiza paused a moment before laughing hard. Vegeta even thought it was a stupid greeting.

“A saiyan raised on Earth? You have to be joking! What makes you so special? Not even Vegeta could defeat me.” He realized from his reference that Vegeta was healed.

“What the!? How are you walking?”

Vegeta chuckled and adjusted his stance.

“That’s not your problem now Freiza. With two saiyans in the fight now, you don’t stand a chance.”

Freiza obviously laughed at this and mocked them again. The pop shots and jabs soon wore out and they braced for a fight, either itching to land a blow.

“Well then, let’s put your claim to the test.”

Freiza charged the two saiyans who were able to dodge out of the way. He sent a ki blast in each of their directions before going after Goku. Vegeta joined in in a snap and now the three were fighting furiously. The saiyan duo was on the offence as Freiza tried to keep up with four fists flying. Punches landed more often with the two of them working together. Their auras were enormous and the energy was overwhelming. Freiza was a tough opponent that was not to be underestimated. In-between dodges he would deliver a blow or two, but the tables soon turned and Goku and Vegeta were on the defense as Freiza began to gain ground. They were able to dodge for a while but soon found Freiza faster than they thought.

“We need to work together Vegeta!”

“I don’t need your help! I can do this on my own!”

Freiza chuckled at the bickering. Vegeta began trying to take the lead and threw Goku off; they were working against each other. Their punches got in each other’s way and their kicks sometimes collided with each other. They were making it easy. The fight did not last long before Vegeta crashing into the ground (again) and Goku had a tail wrapped around his throat.

“So this is the two mighty saiyans! You bring shame to your race; it will be a service to rid you of this world!”

Goku tried to break free but was discouraged by an ever gripping tail.

“No, no. Be a good monkey.”

Vegeta recovered and sent a ki blast to his ensnared ally. Freiza smiled and used Goku as a shield, but in that moment he was able to break free and deflect the ball of energy.

“Oooh, fancy trick! You’re no ordinary monkey, you’re a circus monkey!”

Goku cracked his knuckles and was joined by Vegeta. The three of them hovered in the air.

“I’m not saving you next time Kakarot, I saw Freiza’s guard down so I took a shot.”

“Oh? My guard was down? Who was the one lying in the dirt like a pile of scum?”

Vegeta almost burst into rage at this if Freiza’s next comment didn’t make him pause.

“And I thought you said Kakarot? That sounds about right. I thought Goku was an odd saiyan name, but I think it’s what the earthlings call you. You know, I thought your name rung a bell and I was right.”

Both saiyans were shrouded with curiosity.

“Oh! I can see you’re dying to know what I mean. Well I suppose I can tell you since you’ll be dead anyway. You see, before I obliterated Planet Vegeta there was a scandal going on. Now I’m not one for gossip but this concerned me, so I decided to look into it.”

Goku and Vegeta were held captive by curiosity despite Freiza’s guard being complete down.

“King Vegeta had a son he named Vegeta, that’s you obviously.” He gave a hand gesture toward Vegeta. “But what very few know… I mean knew, was that King Vegeta had an affair.”

Vegeta tensed up, his pride being persecuted.

“How dare you talk about my father and my family like that!”

He went to throw a punch but was stopped by Goku.

“Wait Vegeta! Let’s listen to what he has to say.”

The prince huffed and folded his arms, clearly fed up with the story.

“Well, the prince throwing a fit? How unruly… Anyway as I was saying, he had an affair with a woman, whom I don’t know the name of. I know this for a fact because I had spies placed all around Planet Vegeta relating me information. That’s how I knew when the time came to blow it all to smithereens. The information I know is that he had a son with this woman; he was born the same day as another boy called Broly. That Broly had such a usually high power level that I decided I didn’t want to run the risk of him being the legendary super saiyan, so I blew it all up!”

Freiza chuckled at his recall, enjoying the destruction. He cleared his throat and began again.

“As I was saying, King Vegeta was so ashamed of his sin that he decided to hide it from everyone by sending him away without processing the child through the database. How I know all this is because I was personally there, I was curious at this point. He of course denied it until the woman he had an affair with came running into the room screaming ‘Where’s Kakarot?! Where’s our baby?!’ She looked to him and he knew I found out. He asked me to keep it a secret, he asked for my mercy! Ha! So I kept my promise up until now. I kept it a secret by blowing the whole place up! Quite the fireworks indeed! Now that you know, I suppose I broke that promise. Oh well!”

Freiza was so calm about it all that it made the surprise of Vegeta and the excitement of Goku very apparent. It was like coloring on a white page.

“W-What!?!? You mean Kakarot is my brother!? No way, I refuse to believe you! I can’t be related to this low class scum!”

The trio retreated to the ground, Vegeta dropping to one knee.

“Wow Vegeta! We are brothers! I had no idea, what are the odds? So, if that includes the guy that kidnapped my son, that means I have two brothers… weird.”

“How can you be so calm about this Kakarot?! You must be lying, you have to be!”

Freiza shook his head and folded his arms. The story was true. He had not only personally witnessed the event, but had King Vegeta’s confession as well. The pride of the prince was not shattered, it was completely destroyed… obliterated. All this time he had bragged and believed himself to be the only true heir to the throne; he alone held the royal blood. The legendary super saiyan legends were meant for him, his destiny! Now he was not alone. This despicable low class was on the same level, the same rank as him. It was nauseating and disgraceful. He rose to his feet again and stepped forward, looking Freiza dead in the eyes.

“Your story may be true, we may share the same blood, but I’m royalty, I’m the true heir to the throne. We may have the same father but we have far different destinies. He is no brother of mine.”

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed it!
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