Chapter 17

Itachi winced slightly as Amejisuto bandaged him up. When he hit the wall from the force of her punch, he fractured his left arm. "Sorry," she mumbled, wincing sympathetically when he hissed as she moved his arm a bit too quickly. Once she was done, she put the arm in a sling. "You should've told me that I also had to marry you. It's not like I would've changed my mind about being your apprentice."

"I wanted you to have a last year of freedom before finding out you have to be tied to me for the rest of your life," he gasped sharply as he tried to make his arm more comfortable.

"You've known me for a long time. Tell me, have you ever seen me take interest in a boy or date anyone?" she asked seriously, looking him straight in the eye.

"No, but I was gone for a few years due to being on missions most of the time. I thought you would've been dating then, since you were twelve and most of the girls in your class started liking boys," he said.

"I never liked any of them, and I wasn’t interested at all in dating at the time. It would have been better to tell me," she shrugged, standing up from the chair, Itachi doing the same.

They left the medic room that they were in and were escorted by Konan to their room. "It may be indecent, but all partners share a room," she explained before leaving them to the chamber. It had two beds with black blankets, two dressers, a bathroom, and a shelf filled with bingo books, history books, dictionaries, thesauruses, and some classic novels. The walls, like everywhere else, were dreary red with black designs. There were already clothes in the dressers and extra cloaks.

"Well, I guess that this is it for now. I hope our families will be informed by Lady Tsunade of our situation," Itachi shrugged.

"How would she know?" Amejisuto took off her cloak and hung it up on one of the hooks near her bed.

"She was told by Jiraiya that they were planning on capturing me, and Shizune and I figured out they would probably take you as bait. That also means that we aren't considered rogue ninja, just hostages that probably won't get a rescue team for a while."

"You really need to tell me these things in advance,” the girl rolled her eyes. “Can't we escape by ourselves?"

"Probably not. I'm not the only prodigy in the world. Kisame Hoshigaki is considered the tail-less tailed beast, Hidan is immortal, Deidara was a terrorist who can make bombs out of the clay he infuses chakra with, Kakuzu is over a hundred years old and has fought Hashirama, the first Hokage, and lived. Orochimaru was one of the legendary sannin along with Tsunade and Jiraiya. The other three are new to my knowledge," Itachi listed. “Anyways, back to our previous topic, how is it that you never liked anyone?" Itachi sat on his bed, noting on how it was decently comfortable. His student/partner did the same.

"You sound like my gossipy cousin, “she smirked. “I was just never interested. They either weren't mature enough, or they didn't catch my eye. I heard that you didn't date anyone either.”

"Who told you?"

"Your mother.”

"There's a reason I never dated anyone," Itachi mumbled.

"You never liked anyone?"


"There wasn't many girls who weren't Uchiha fan girls?" she interrupted.


"Oh! Is it because you're gay?"

"No, it's because I've been in love with someone for a very long time!" he managed to say, silencing the girl’s interruptions.

"I'm sorry that you have to marry me, then," she mumbled sadly, turning away from him.

Itachi realised his small mistake in words. Amejisuto give a fake smile and nod before walking to the door to the bathroom, planning on locking herself in. He squeezed his eyes shut. 'What the hell, why not? Our engagement is out in the open so why not admit it?' His body moved quickly, blocking the door and leaning down so he was face to face with her. "I apologise, I forgot to mention that it's you," he whispered in her ear.

"What?” she gasped, not believing him.

"Amejisuto," he moved so he was looking her in the eyes again. "I love you."


"What do you mean my son has joined the Akatsuki?!" Fugaku yelled furiously. He had gone home to find Itachi and Amejisuto gone and spoiled food on the counter and went to ask the Hokage why.

"He showed no sign of being unhappy with Konoha," Mikoto said somewhat to herself, trying to think of a reason why her precious eldest son would leave.

"It's nothing like that, Lord Uchiha," Tsunade sighed. She always hated dealing with angry Uchiha males, though the youngest brat had nothing compared to his father. "They kidnapped Amejisuto at a time when she was alone, weak and defenceless, and Itachi went after her. They will probably be with them for a while, gain their trust, learn their secrets and escape."

"So, like enemy spies?" Fugaku calmed down as he thought of it as a mission.

"Yes. They are not missing-nin and are still loyal to us. The Akatsuki just play dirty," the blonde put her head on her desk, willing her Uchiha-induced-headache to go away. "I'll have to tell everyone else that they're on a mission. Can you do that too, please?"

Mikoto and Fugaku nodded and were dismissed. "Itachi takes things too far sometimes," the Uchiha leader growled as they left the building. “This time proves to be extremely idiotic.”

"No, he's doing what he wants to do," his sweet wife smiled a bit.

"Just because she's his responsibility and his future bride does not mean he has to go join the enemy to rescue her. If she was truly powerful, she could get out of there herself. Hasn't he taught her anything?"

Mikoto stopped in the street. "Fugaku, would you do that for me?"

"Do what? And why are you in the middle of the road?"

"Would you join the enemy to get me back if they stole me?"

Fugaku kept walking. "Possibly."

"Well then our son loves Amejisuto more than you love me," his wife fake-pouted, catching up to him. She giggled as his angry demeanor changed to a shocked expression. "What? You didn't know that you set him up with someone he would be willing to marry anyway?"


"Itachi," Amejisuto whispered.


"Where are the cameras?"

The Uchiha was confused. "What cameras?"

"You know, the ones that videotape this and put it on a show. The announcer guy is late too," she looked around and opened the door to check up and down the halls.

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on, Itachi, aren't we on a prank show or something?"

"Why would we be?" Itachi stopped her from moving around the room more, holding her in place.

"There is no way that someone like you," she pointed to him to emphasise, "could be in love with someone like me for however long it was."

"I'm not kidding, Amejisuto," he assured.

"But-" She was cut off by a quick kiss.

"I don't think it's funny to toy with other people's emotions, so why would I joke about something like this?" he reasoned.

The brunette slowly regained brain functions. "You...” she paused. “You can’t just kiss me like that, jerk!"

"Oh, sorry...." Itachi backed up slightly, hoping not to be punched again.

"It's ok. Just ask next time," she mumbled.

"Next time?"

"I didn't tell you?" she walked to her drawer. "I must've forgot. Well anyways, I'm going to take a shower. Getting kidnapped is really stressful," she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

"Forgot what?"

She poked her head out of the bathroom. "I love you too, Itachi," she blushed before retreating.

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