Chapter 2

"Lady Tsunade will see you now," the Hokage's black-haired assistant, Shizune, let Itachi and Amejisuto into the Hokage's office, revealing a very tired Tsunade with her face down in a pile of paperwork. Even with the sun shining clearly through the large windows behind her, the room seemed gloomy.

"What is it now," she mumbled before looking up and smirking, which didn't seem as mischievous as she meant it due to the black bags under her eyes. "Have you finally chosen to leave the prestigious Uchiha clan, Itachi? The council is quite tiring and there are many other clans that would love to have you."

"Lady Hokage, we are here because Amejisuto requested to be my apprentice yesterday, and I have agreed," Itachi stated, ignoring the obvious teasing. Tsunade clasped her hands in front of her and rested her chin on them.

"I see. Has Kakashi agreed to this?"

"Yes, I talked to him about it just a few minutes ago."

The busty woman pulled open a drawer and took out a sheet. "The leaders of the clans need to sign this, and then you two need to do the same when they’re done. It's a special arrangement for Uchiha apprentices not of the clan, and because of that, there are special circumstances. Amejisuto, has Itachi told you about them yet?"

"Only that I would have to move into their home," Amejisuto answered. "Whatever else there is, it will be worth it."

Tsunade sighed and turned even more serious. "First, you must understand that the Uchiha clan usually keep to themselves in training and techniques, and outsiders only get the privilege to witness it, but are never able to master anything like it without proper training," she started. The girl nodded intently.

"You will be taking on all those secrets, and part of your training would be reading up on the Uchiha clan history. Your life could be put in danger to figure out what you would know, since you would be well known due to the fact that barely anyone has successfully become an apprentice of the Uchihas. You would have to move into your mentor's home, which you already know. You would live your life as an Uchiha, but obviously one without the sharingan," Tsunade explained.

Amejisuto stood in shock for a moment, and looked back and forth between the Hokage and the ANBU captain. "So basically, I'll live like an Uchiha and have to brush up on history and traditions?" The two nodded, becoming slightly surprised when the Ishi smiled. "Great! History was always my best subject in the academy."

Her answer seemed to stun the Hokage before she broke into a wide grin and started to chuckle. "Itachi, please get your father and the Ishi clan leader," she asked. Twenty minutes later, after an amusing conversation about Naruto between the females, Itachi and his father entered the room, followed by a middle aged blonde woman, who unfortunately was mute.

"So this is Amejisuto Ishi?" Fugaku walked around the girl, looking at her with his sharingan. "Impressive. Well, for a Senju descendant."

"She would like to become an Uchiha apprentice," Tsunade mentioned.

"My son has explained the situation, and I approve now that I've had a good look at her. The Ishi clan has quite the chakra reserves," the Uchiha patriarch commented, making his son narrow his eyes suspiciously.

"Do you approve of you daughter living as an Uchiha, Sirami?" the fire shadow had turned to the other blonde woman. The Ishi leader nodded astonishingly quickly with no hesitation.

"Alright, then Itachi Uchiha, Fugaku Uchiha, Amejisuto Ishi and Sirami Ishi, please sign this form," Tsunade pushed over a paper and pen. Everyone signed it, and the brunette was dismissed to go to her house and pack. The other three stayed behind to talk about other arrangements.

"Uchiha, as you know, your traditions haven't been used in a long time. Are you sure you want all of them used in this?" Tsunade asked the male leader.

"Yes, but I appreciate you not telling her the last part, Hokage," Fugaku bowed.

"Father, what's the last part?" Itachi inquired.

"Well, an Uchiha apprentice from another powerful clan is rare, so the last part is only on certain circumstances, which have been met in this case. Only the Hokage and clan leaders know of it," the oldest Uchiha started. "She will be your responsibility indefinitely."

"You mean-"

"Yes. It's about time for you to take a wife anyways," Fugaku interrupted, not wanting his son to waste time getting his facts together.

"She's only a teenager, father," the raven argued.

"And you are barely an adult. She’ll be eligible to marry once she turns eighteen. Besides, it would be a good idea for the two clans to have a merged branch. Do you agree, Sirami?"

The mute woman sighed and nodded, having had quite a bit of time, prior to this meeting, of thinking about whether to give up her only daughter for the greater good.

"All right, it is agreed: Itachi Uchiha and Amejisuto Ishi will be wed once the girl is of age. The only person who can tell her is Itachi, since it's his future too, so it's best to keep it to ourselves," Tsunade made everyone agree. As they were walking out of the Hokage building, Itachi turned to his parent.

"So how long have you planned to merge with the Ishi clan?"

"A few years,” the man admitted easily. “I've discussed it with the council, the Hokage and Lady Sirami, but now we're taking action. They have large chakra reserves, and that combined with the sharingan gene would make for more powerful descendants. It makes things easier that one wants to willingly join us. It's also a coincidence that you, she and Sasuke were close friends when you were young,” the man stopped walking and overwhelmed his son with as much of an intimidating aura as he could muster. “You will not bring shame to us by refusing her when the time comes, understand?”

"Yes, father, but the problem is how to get her to do it when the time is upon us," Itachi said.

"It’s very simple: we're Uchiha's. We always get what we want."

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