The Life Of A King

The New King

Chapter 27

The New King

Atem stood in front of thousands of people, the guardians, and Mana, stood out of sight inside watching as well. Shimon stood beside of the Prince speaking to the people. Atem wasn't listening, he heard it before, they had practiced the day before, making sure they both knew exactly what he was going to say. Stuff about their old king and about their new king. Things they surely wouldn't even remember tomorrow.

Shimon finally turned from the crowd towards the Prince, and Atem turned to face him as well.

"And with his we crown our new ruler of Egypt!"

Shimon placed the crown on his head...

And the Prince became a Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh closed his eyes for a moment before looking at his people, he said the lines he had practiced, they cheered when he was finished.

He turned from them and walked towards his father's... no his, throne. He almost felt as though this was all a dream, that soon he would wake up to his father's gentle call. He knew it wasn't a dream though, and he knew he wouldn't wake up to his father's voice ever again.

He stood before the throne and hesitated looking at the... his guardians, before sitting down. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temple, it was going to be a long time before he got used to this.

The party continued not noticing his distraction. He wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to it. He was thinking of the change this would bring. Of how different it was going to be from now on.

"Mahad!" He was jerked back to the present at Isis' yell she was pointing up, but Atem couldn't see at what because just in that second Mahad lifted his cloak and blocked his view.

He wasn't sure what was going on but he had noticed the large dart sticking out of Mahad's cloak. Someone just tried to kill him.

"Let us show the new pharaoh the true power of the Millennium items." He heard one of them say while deciding what his punishment should be. Atem chose to ignore the fact that it was his job, he wasn't really in the best state of mind to be deciding anything.

It takes him a few seconds to get over murder attempts.

They decided on a judgment of the Millennium Items. Something that Mahad didn't seem to agree with, due to the look on his face. That look and the involvement of the Millennium Items told Atem this would not be something he would be too happy with, but he chose to let it continue, he wanted to see it at least once, to make an accurate decision.

He was right. He really didn't like it. The result was alright when it came to fixing crime, the rest of it not so much. If this became a regular occurrence he might as well tell everyone Egypt is going to become uncivilized.

"I do not want to see that ever again." He said out loud.

"Your highness?" Shimon turned towards the Pharaoh.

"I do not even want to hear of that ever happening again. That is barbaric and cruel."

Mahad had trouble keeping a smile off his face, he'd known the Pharaoh would react like that. If the others weren't blinded by their need for their Items they would have known that too.

Atem dropped the subject and continued the party, the guardians wanted to discuss it, except Mahad anyway. Atem ended up threatening a couple of them, it was not something to be discussed in front of a crowd.

The party went on uneventfully, and Atem was more than ready for it to be over. He needed time to think, privately. When the party finally was over he went straight back to his bedchamber and took off the crown. He sat on his bed just looking at it.

A week ago it was on his Father's head.

"Your highness?" He heard Mahad's voice from the doorway.

"You may enter, Mahad. You know that. I am not a different person merely because I have obtained a new piece of jewelry."

"I was not sure if you wished to have company or would rather be alone."

"The latter never applies to you Mahad." The Pharaoh turned to look at Mahad.

"Oh, uh" Mahad fumbled over his words, honored, embarrassed, pleased, many emotions were going though him, and he wasn't sure which to voice. "Thank you." He decided at least to say.

"Mahad, please do not stand in the doorway. Come in." Atem said gently trying to calm his friend, Mahad should have known how he felt, but Mahad didn't assume anything, which probably is a good thing.

"Oh, right." Mahad stepped in and allowed the drapery over the door fall. He hesitated a moment before walking over to the Pharaoh. "Are you alright? You have been quiet, not that I am overly surprised, but maybe it would help to talk about it?" Mahad asked.

"You are likely correct on the reason as well. Everything is going to be different now. I hate to admit it but I am frightened."

"Not all change is a bad thing, Prince." He said kneeling by the bed, neither of them noticing his mess up. "Every day brings change."

"This day brought a big one though."

"But this day did not bring it. This change was introduced to you many days ago, you have known about this change for years. This day just brought it to effect."

"I suppose that is true."

"And we have known about it for many years, Mana and I. We knew a day was coming when we could no longer pretend we are equals. That you would become greater and we would stay the same. We will not desert you though, my friend. We will always be with you, even when you cannot be with us."

"Thank you." Atem said returning the smile Mahad had given him before replying

"Even when I cannot be with you in body, my soul shall always be with you."


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