The Life Of A King

New Friends

Chapter Three

New Friends?

Mahad was 99.9% sure he had never been so amazed in his entire life. The palace was even bigger on the inside than on the outside. He wasn't even sure if that was possible. The size was not even the best part. Everything was so beautiful. Even the little things that didn't matter had been taken into consideration. The ceiling, the walls, even the nails that kept the woodwork together were grander than anything he could have even dreamed. Every room was as big as the entire downstairs of his house, some he could have sworn were bigger than his whole house.

"This is the library." Their guide showed them into a room with multiple shelves of scrolls and books. Mahad heard footsteps and being the talented magician that he is, he had to figure out who making those footsteps. He saw a small boy running out the back door of the library. He had only caught a glimpse of the boy but it was enough to startle him. What had startled Mahad was the boy's hair. It was sticking up in spikes all over his head. Mahad looked at his own hair and wondered how much magic it would take to get his hair to do that. Then he realized that the boy's hair was also more than one color. He had only seen the back of the boy but it looked like the tips of his hair was red. That was almost as strange as the spikes.

"Mahad what are you looking at?" He heard his mother call.

"Nothing Mother, I just thought I heard someone back there that is all." He walked back to his mother.

"From what your mother told me Mahad you will probably want to spend a lot of your time back there." Their guide pointed to a corner of the room. "That is where all the reference and history scrolls are." Mahad nodded his mother was right of course, he more than likely would spend a lot of his time there. "I suggest checking it out at least once because you will never find a larger collection of history scrolls in all of Egypt." Mahad didn't doubt him. He couldn't imagine a library any bigger than this one.

"Hashi come, I need to have a word with you." A man in the doorway of the library called to their guide.

"Yes sir." The guide called to the man and then turned back to us. "I will be right back, feel free to explore the library while I am gone just, do not leave. I will find you when we are ready to leave." He told them as he left with the man. Mahad's mother began to look around and Mahad went back to the history section. As he began looking though the rows of scrolls he heard someone behind him and quickly turned around to face them.

"Hello."A boy a said to him. The boy looked to be a few summers younger than him.

"Hello." Mahad answered. He hadn't expected there to be any other children here.

"I have never seen you before, are you new to the palace?" The same boy spoke.

"I am just a visitor." The two boys behind the boy that was speaking nodded in understanding.

"Oh alright, how long are you staying?" This came from the same boy again. The magician was beginning to wonder if those other two boys were mute.

"I am not sure." Mahad was wondering why the boy had even talked to him.

"Oh, well you can hang out with us until you leave, if you want." Mahad was surprised no one had ever asked him to hang out with him. Usually everyone just ignored him or worse. The boy looked as if there was no doubt in his mind that Mahad would agree. The magician figured this was probably because no one ever turned him down on this offer. That means that he probably friendly.

"Alright why not." Mahad reached out "My name is Mahad."

The boy grabbed his hand in a handshake, " I am Amun, and these are my friends..." Amun went on to name his friends.

"It is nice to meet you Amun, and both of you as well." Mahad greeted his new friends.

"You too. So what do you want to do now?" Amun looked around. "Why are you in this section of the library. This is where all the boring stuff is."

Mahad didn't like that. To him this was the most interesting scrolls in the entire library, but he had just made new friends and he certainly didn't want them to think he was a freak like everyone else did. So he lied. "I was just looking around. Trying to find all the interesting stuff." It wasn't completely a lie he was trying to find the interesting stories, he just didn't mention that he had already found them. He also absolutely hated using the word "stuff". He could think of a hundred better words to use, but everyone of them would have made him look like a nerd. He really wanted to fit in.

Amun laughed, "Here let us show you where they are." He started to lead the way.

"Mahad." The magician heard his mother calling him.

"Yes, Mother." He said when his mother and their guide found him.

"We need to get going." She told him. "Oh who is this?" Mahad introduced his new friends to his mother waved good bye and left to finish the tour.

They walked out of the library and down another hallway.

"The hall on the right you are not to enter." He pointed down the hallway to the right. "There is nothing down there to interest you and you will only be getting in peoples way. Actually if you are caught there you probably be thrown completely out of the palace." He warned.

"Why what is down there?" Mahad asked even though he was sure he knew the answer.

"That is none of your concern." He said as kindly as he could. Though by saying that it only made Mahad even more confident that he knew what was down that hallway. It was either the high priests' rooms or the Prince's room. Not the Pharaoh's though. He knew they would never take him anywhere near the Pharaoh's room. They turned down one of the halls when Mahad heard footsteps behind him. His internal defense system kicked on at the sound of someone behind him just like it did with Amun and he instantly turned to see who it was. It was that boy that was in the library just before they came in.

"Mahad what is wrong." His mother and his guide turned to see what I was looking at and the boy jumped at the sound of someone else speaking.

"Crud." The boy said before attempting to run away again.

"Stop!" Mahad's guide yelled to the boy and went to chase him. The child didn't run though, he stopped when he had been told to. Mahad and his mother looked at each other.

"Where are your guards?" The older man said to the young boy.

"I do not know. They are supposed to know where I am not the other way around." Mahad was surprised this boy was clearly very young, but he was quite well educated.

"Do they know where you are?"The guide asked starting to get upset, he was being outsmarted by a boy that was no more than four summers old.

"Most likely not." The boy looked upset that he got caught. "I will go find them and ask them." He said and made a move to leave.

"Oh no you will not!" The man grabbed his arm as gently as he could. "If I let you go now you will just run off."

"Darn it!" the boy gave up and the guard turned back to Mahad and his mother.

"Why don't you to go on back to your room, do you remember where it is?"They both nodded and the guide left with the boy.

They walked back to their room. He was upset that his mother seemed to know exactly what just happened. Mahad had no idea.

"Why was our guide arguing with that boy?" He finally asked.

"It sounds like he slipped away from his guards." She answered.

"I know that, but why does he need guards in the first place?"

"You do not know who he is?" Mahad shook his head. "That is our Prince, Mahad."

A/N) DUN DUN DUN Mahad is making friends with Atem's worst enemy. Muahahahaha. I warned you I'm not a very nice author.

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