The Life Of A King

The Spellbook of the gods

Chapter 33

The Spell-book of the gods.

"So what next?" Seto asked the question they'd all been wondering, effectively breaking the awkward silence that had preceded it. They'd all hesitated to ask, knowing that no one knew the answer.

"How do you fight something you cannot even touch?" Shada added. "What are those things anyway?"

"I think, Shada, you may have found the real problem," Atem began sitting up, still weak from the fight. He'd woke when they were stopping to rest the horses for the daylight hours. "We do not know what we are up against, the more you know about the enemy the better equipped you are to defeat them."

"So how do we find out about them?" Karim looked around. "It is not like there is a book, How To Defeat Magic Undead Spirits..."

No one could answer for the longest while, Mahad was the first to break the silence.

"They were created from the spell that made the Millennium Items, so perhaps if we look up that spell, maybe we can find something helpful. Something to reverse it."

Atem sighed. "It would be a good idea, if any of us were actually able to read the god-language the spell is written in. I have no idea how Aknadin translated it. He conveniently did not tell anyone."

"Make him tell us." Shada suggested.

"By the time we get back he will be unable to tell us anything." Karim answered. "His sentence is being carried out tomorrow."

"I do not think he would tell us anyway. It is not like he has any reason to." Atem added. "I am not willing to torture my uncle."

"Of course. None of us want you to, either. We will figure something out, eventually." Mahad told him. "Perhaps we should get moving, the quicker we get back the better. They mounted their horses, Atem chose to mount with Mana in case he couldn't stay awake the whole ride.

He couldn't help but enjoy the ride.

"You told us that the Millennium spell book is impossible to read." Mahad said as the Pharaoh, Mana, and himself walked to the library. It had been two days sense they'd returned and were becoming restless at the lack of action.

"I know, but now I think it is worth a try. Maybe those who translated it wrote notes in it or something. Something is telling me..." Atem paused at a yawn before continuing... " telling me that it is a good idea."

"Pharaoh you really need to go to bed early tonight, you have been exhausted since we returned. You do not think there were lasting affects do you?" Mana questioned. She couldn't even begin to count the number of times she'd seen him yawn in the past couple of days, and that wasn't nearly as worrying as the bags that were beginning to form around his eyes.

"No Mana, I know why I am having trouble sleeping and going to bed early will not help." Atem answered as Mahad pulled on the book that would reveal the secret passage way. Mana stared in wide-eyed shock as the bookshelf moved seemingly on its own.

"Magic?" she asked Mahad curious as she always was.

"No I think it is mechanical," he replied choosing to give a guess rather then find out the truth as he normally would have. They had far more important things to worry about now.

Mana lit the torches as they walked down the stairs, she missed multiple times, but the walls were made of stone so it didn't do any damage. When they reached the bottom she was rather disappointed.

"That is it? All this fuss over two lousy books?" She asked with her hands on her hips. Atem chuckled and Mahad rolled his eyes.

"Mana, these two 'lousy' books are the most powerful spell-books in the world and were given to us directly from the gods." Mahad informed her opening one of the books and clearly avoiding the other.

Even Mana knew what the other book was.

"The Book of the Dead? Should that be here, I mean should it not be somewhere safe?"

"Where in Egypt is safer then the palace?" Atem asked taking a curious amount of interest in the Book of the Dead. Not actually touching it, but he hadn't even looked at the other Millennium spell-book yet.

"Oh, I suppose that is true. But still..." She couldn't continue, as she couldn't think of what to say.

"You were right of course. I can not read a word, and I do not see any notes on the sidelines or anything. This is no help to us. Shows us what happens when we mess with the power of the gods... all this book can do is get us in trouble." Mahad said gently tossing the open book back on the table.

"Mahad, if there was not a use for this book the gods would not have given it to us..." Atem contradicted his voice beginning to slow as he looked at the book. He just stared at it for a moment before Mahad began to get worried.


Atem didn't answer immediately but when he did Mahad knew that all those little bits of magic he'd seen in the young prince years ago were not just random flukes. There was something very different about this Pharaoh. Very, very different.

"Mahad... I can read it."

A/N) Sorry it's been so long since i uploaded. I didn't want to try and force it out or it would have been a bad chapter. I needed a bit of inspiration. This one's short but hopefully it won't be too long before the next one is out. Thanks for all those that are still reading. ^_^

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