The Life Of A King

Trust Among Friends

Chapter six

Trust Among Friends

"My Prince, where are you taking me."Atem heard Mahad say as he dragged him down an unoccupied hall. He stopped in the middle of it and looked at Mahad.

"You can call me Atem if you want." Mahad looked a little surprised and shook his head.

"I would not show you disrespect in that way." Atem was confused. How was calling him by his name disrespectful. Mahad chuckled a bit. "It would feel disrespectful to me, your Highness." Atem nodded

"I respect that." He said understanding what Mahad meant. "I want to show you something, but you absolutely must not tell anyone. Can you do that?" Mahad looked surprised once again. "Please promise me that you will not tell anyone about what I am going to show you." Atem pleaded.

"I promise I will not tell anyone as long as no one can get hurt from it." Mahad wisely promised. "Is that good enough?" He asked and Atem nodded.

"You are really smart." Atem said and then got himself back on the subject. "No one can get hurt from this, or at least no one ever has." Atem said and began to move one of the decorative pots that line the walls.

Mahad was still thinking about how the Prince of Egypt just complemented him when he noticed what the prince was doing. "What are you doing?" he asked as he helped the Prince move the pot. The boy didn't answer, but Mahad didn't really expect him to. When they had completely moved the pot he noticed a large gap in the wall. It was large enough to crawl through, and it looked like that was what it was made for.

"You first." Atem told Mahad as he stared at the gap. Then he looked back up to the Prince.

"What?" He didn't understand what the Prince was showing him.

"Crawl though the hole. You should be small enough still." It was a pretty big hole, it took the whole jar to cover it.

"Are you sure?" Atem just nodded and Mahad began to crawl. Atem followed him in, but he went in backwards so that he could put the jar back in case someone walked by. He knew when Mahad reached the room because he whisper a silent 'Whoa" as he looked around him.

Mahad looked back as the Prince was climbing out of the hole backwards and asked him where they were. Atem just put his hand his lips telling him to be quiet and pointed down the edge of the small balcony. He looked at where the Prince was pointing and was in complete shock. He was in the upper balcony of the throne room (1). The Prince was pointing to the Pharaoh. He knew he was going to see the Pharaoh while he was here, but it was one thing to know you are going to see the King and something completely different to actually see the man that had all of Egypt in the palm of his hand. And what is more, he could have never even dreamed of seeing him like this. Seeing him in the middle of a meeting that he was not supposed to attend.

The Prince chuckled. His new friend was in complete awe. He watched his father, Mahad, and all of the other people that were there. He noticed that the person his father was talking to looked familiar. He tried to remember where he had seen her before. Then he remembered that she was the woman who had unknowingly distracted his guards.

"Hey look." Mahad whispered with a grin on his face. The prince was already looking where he was pointing. "That is my mother." The prince looked at him.

"That is your mother?" He looked down at her and laughed.

"What is so funny?" Mahad was not trying to be rude, he was just curious.

"She distracted my guards and gave me the chance to get away from them." He said laughing again.

"She did?" Mahad looked at his mother again. He couldn't imagine her doing that.

"I do not think she did it on purpose. She was asking directions and completely distracted them." He made an expression of disgust on his face.

"What is that look for?" Mahad questioned

"They were practically drooling over her." He expected Mahad to be just as disgusted as he was, but the expression on Mahad's face was a bit different. He looked nauseated. Atem began to worry he would puke. Fortunately he calmed down and just said one word.

"Ewwwww." The Prince laughed, and Mahad decided he really liked his laugh so he tried to make him laugh again by making gagging noises and pretending to puke.

The Prince was practically rolling on the floor in laughter. He had never laughed so hard in his life. He had to remind himself over and over to keep quiet. Mahad had stopped because he was laughing as well. It took them almost five minutes to calm down then they tried to hear what the grown ups were talking about. They were lucky they did to because the first thing they heard was the Pharaoh tell Mahad's mother to bring her son and they would begin their meeting. Which meant that they had to get out of there and go somewhere that they could be found.

They quickly crawled through the hole to go back to the hallway. This time The Prince went first. Mahad was surprised when he stopped.

"What is wrong?" he quietly called up to the Prince.

"Shh, do you hear anyone?" he whispered back. Mahad listened but heard no one.

"No, I do not, your Highness."

"Neither do I." he said as he began to push the pot out from in front of the exit and crawled out. Mahad followed and helped the Prince push the jar back in front of the hole. As soon as the jar was back the Prince grabbed his hand and began to drag him somewhere.

"Where are we going now, Prince?"

"Away from here. So no one suspects anything." Mahad didn't think they would suspect anything even if they stayed there, but he kept his mouth shut. "Where is the first place your mother would think to look for you?" He asked.

"The library." He said. The Prince looked at him.

"Really?" He asked. Mahad nodded looking at the ground. Now he was sure that the Prince would think he was a nerd. "Cool that is the first place my Father would look for me too." He turned back to the hall and dragged Mahad even faster.

Mahad was surprised by this information. "Really?" He asked happiness in his voice. Maybe he wasn't such a freak after all.

Atem smiled. "Hey, that's my line." Mahad laughed as they entered the library. "Ya, I love to read. What are your favorite books?" (A/N I know they weren't called books back then but calling them books makes it ten times easier to write.) Mahad looked away worried that that his new friend would not like him anymore if he told him the truth, but he refused to lie, not to the Prince of Egypt anyway.

"The histories." Atem could tell he was a little embarrassed by this

"I like history also." He said "But it is hard to read about it. They are too confusing, and I can not understand what I read. I like to have Father or some of the priests read it to me though. It makes more sense. That way." He grabbed Mahad's hand and walked him over to a bookshelf (as apposed to dragging him.) "Fiction is my favorite right now."

Mahad was pleased that knowing he was a nerd didn't turn the prince away from him. He watched as the Prince tried to reach a specific book that was too high for him. He didn't like to see the prince struggling so he reached up and grabbed the book and gave it to him.

"How old are you anyway?" He asked the prince.

"Four summers." The prince answered. This once again surprised Mahad. He could read at only four summers. Mahad hadn't even been able to accomplish that. The Prince handed Mahad the book.

"This is my very favorite book." Mahad looked at it

"What is it about?

"A homeless boy with no parents who ends up saving the world from an evil monster that makes everyone fall asleep so he can eat them."


"Ya, I know it is kinda a babyish story, but I really like it." Mahad looked at the Prince. The boy was willing to tell Mahad everything about him whether it was something embarrassing or not. It made Mahad feel bad that he was trying to hide stuff from him.

"There is something I need to tell you." Mahad handed the book back and was about to speak again but he was interrupted.

"Mahad, there you are I am glad I found you." Mahad's mother called out to him from the doorway and came in the library. "Come on we have to go to our meeting with the Pharaoh." He looked to her and nodded then turned back to the Prince.

"I have to go." The prince nodded

"We can talk later." Mahad's mother just noticed the Prince there.

"Oh my, hello I did not see you there, my Prince." She said giving a short bow. Atem could easily see where Mahad got his manners

"Hello." the Prince smiled and bowed back. "Are you Mahad's mother?" He asked even though he knew the answer.

"Um, yes I am." she said before she turned to Mahad. "We must get going we cannot keep the Pharaoh waiting." Mahad nodded again and turned to leave. As they were walking out of the library the prince called out to Mahad.

"See you later Mahad." Mahad turned around and waved.

"Bye." he said as he left the library.

A/N) Oh by the way I don't have any regular schedules to update. I do it when I can. Chances are you won't have to wait that long though, I'm really far ahead.

(1) I didn't want to put such a long author's note in the middle of the story so I put it down here instead. When Mahad and Atem climbed out of the hole they were exactly where the guy who tried to assassinate Yami was when he first went back in time. This is my way of explaining how that guy could have possibly gotten up there.

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