Project- Vkook

9| Captain

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“W..what the... WHAT THE HELL!!!!”

He opened the door and founded his friends with pops and frizzles in their hands.

“” It came out more like a question.

“Tae... Don’t say you didn’t check your phone.”

“Why what happened on this earth while I was sleeping.?”

“Tae... YOU GOT SELECTED.” Bogum and Minjae both said equally in a high-pitched voice making tae flinch his ears.

‘Did I heard this right? I selected’ It was as if his world got froze. He was feeling so happy but he controlled himself. He walked toward his bed and checked his phone sliding down all the missed calls, all the congratulatory messages. He clicked on the mail.

Dear all,

There are some changes in the list as one of the members in the list withdrawn from this project so in place of him we choose another person on the same rank with the same number. So the number 12 which was Park Seojoon is now replaced by Kim Taehyung.

Congratulations Mr. Kim Taehyung. And one more thing for those students who think it’s defamation. Kindly contact to college administrator as HVCS never came up with any such cases to date.

Thank you.

He read the mail and checked the list attached in the Mail. He scrolled again and even zoomed the list until his eyes got widen in realization.

“H...Hyung... I... I sel... selected.” He said almost not believing what he just saw.

“Exactly... Tae we know you got selected. And we are here to PARTY...!!!” All three of them exclaimed with joy as they dragged tae in his bed and tickled the petite blondie.

“Ah..hahahahaha hyung sto..stop it... Hahaha.” Tae was smiling as his jaws are hurting and his eyes were filled with tears because of too much tickling.

Of course, he was happy that he got selected. But somewhere deep inside he knew that Seojoon surely did something otherwise things would have turned out otherwise. He was sure that he obviously did something and said to the college administrator and the fact that he owes him is what started eating him out now.

He went to college.

Tae’s dress.

He didn’t know where would he find this Seojoon guy. But he was sure it was the same person whom he met in the classroom that day.

He walked through the Electrical department faculty and started checking the class-doors from outside. He also heard some hootings and whistles in his way. But he as usual ignored them and started searching for the said guy.

“Woah... look at that guy with those stockings, Man, is he one of those who like cross-dressings...Fucking creeps. How they even exist like this?” Tae almost felt his heart boil with anger so he turned around to snap at the guy. But met with another guy punching the said guy on his face almost throwing him to the wall. He gasped shocked when he looked at the person who punched the latter.

“Seojoon??” Tae said not believing he would actually meet him like this. But thank god cause now he won’t have to walk around with all those bad rumors and whistles.

“Hey, Taehyung, I didn’t expect you to be here. But looks like you are searching for someone. Hmm... let me see, Are you looking for me?” Seojoon said while bending in front of his face and smiling ever so warmly. Tae didn’t know but he felt like his heart gonna beat out of his chest.

“Hey, Why are you so red? Do you have a fever?” Seojoon asked worriedly cause Taehyung was blushing and he was super red.

“N..No, I am fine. I just wanted to ask you something.“Tae said finally breaking the eye-contact.

“Ohh really, then let’s go somewhere else. I don’t think I would be able to save you from these hyenas anymore.“Seojon said almost lighten up the mood between them and it worked cause Taehyung just chuckled right after that.

They walked together around the department cafeteria. Seojoon pulled the chair like a gentleman he is and then let Taehyung sit first.

Taehyung got super shy and just nodded and started searching for something on his phone until Seojoon went into the cafe-counter to order something for them.

“Hmm...Now here is your chocolate shake with oreo toppings and coffee for me.” Seojoon said while handling the sweet iced shake to Taehyung. The beauty widens his eyes on the mention of chocolate and his lips turned into a boxy smile made his heart melted like how can he be so beautiful. Seojoon checked Taehyung’s features for the first time like how he liked cross-dressing and how he likes the smell of oreo chocolate. How his lips form a cute-pout while eating something and his cheeks made a beautiful flushed pink shade whenever he tries to flirt with him or try to say any bold comment. He was really enjoying the beauty in front of him.

On the other hand, Taehyung was very confused and afraid as he really just met Seojoon and of course he wanted to say thanks to him but at the same time what if the guy started asking for something he can’t able to give him or more likely he turns out to be a pervert. He still can’t trust Seojoon even though he cleared his intentions to Taehyung earlier but still...

“What did you wanted to talk about Taehyung?” Seojoon said finally coming to the point as he thought that was really something important which made the adorable boy wiggling his tail into his department.

“Uhmm... I just... I just wanted to say Thank you.”

“But, for what?” Seojoon asked now more curious.

“Actually you see today, we got another list of HVCS and I saw that I got selected. I really never thought and it was mentioning that you rejected the offer so they have to took me in your place.” Tae sighed. “To be honest, I really don’t want it to be like this. I wanted to earn the place on the list without any second help. I just can’t accept the fact that you have to leave your chance like that and on top of the time when you were the 12th candidate. I really never wanted to, The more I think about it. The more I concluded that maybe, whatever you did was just cause you felt sympathetic towards me. I really don’t think there is any need for you to... cause, in the end, It was really not in my luck but just to do what I want to do I can’t accept the fact that someone has to give up on his dream too so I am thinking about leaving the offer and...”

“Woah, Woah...Woah...hold on Taehyung.” Seojoon said cutting off Taehyung in his explanation.

“Did you by any chance thought that I left that stupid project cause of you. Nah!! as I said right now, that project was really stupid, and If I really wanted to do that, then I don’t think I am a type of guy who would go across such lengths just cause I sympathize with you.” Taehyung nodded his head still hanging low and he almost did not dare to meet the eyes of Seojoon cause he was really cursing himself for all the thought he was having and all.

“The reason for which I have to leave the project was more cause I got selected in a training in my dad’s company. He wanted me to take care of it anyway and I was almost about to go to the captain for removing my name until I saw you. You really look like someone to cry over that shitty project. So you can say listening to you made my decision more effectively confident. At first, it was about just leaving it but then I thought I am doing a good job by leaving it for someone who probably needs it much more than me. So yeah, you clear now. Don’t think of bullshits like sympathy and all. Cause I didn’t, so don’t need to make that face. Now that you get the opportunity just give your best and leave the rest. If you are somehow able to make it to the final seven then I think that will make my decision more worth it. That’s why...” Seojoon stood up and now walked towards tae who was almost tearing up while listening to him. He softly lifts his head and smiled at the puffy face of blondie.

“Wipeout your nose and get your ass bundled up. I want you to cherish this position and give it your best shot, okay?” Seojoon said and Taehyung smiled and nodded cheerfully like a beautiful puppy. Oh, how bad Seojoon wanted to kiss that pretty boy but he held himself knowing that Taehyung would never be going to like that and more likely he’ll run away from him. So he took a deep breath and hugged the blondie.

“Give your best and make it to the top 7. I know you’ll have that in you.” It almost like Taehyung stopped breathing he never got hugged by someone like that. He was sure comfortable with his hyungs but Seojoon, he didn’t even know him that well. But something inside his mind told him to just hug back the guy, and that’s what he did.


Again there was chaos started to generate in front of the main work-lab as today there was a small introduction that was going to happen to all the 20 students in front of the main hall of the college.

Suddenly the mic starts announcing


All the 20 students were stood there in front of the whole college. Taehyung for the first time felt this proud of himself. He was standing with his friends Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Bogum, and Minjae and on his left side Hoseok and Yoongi then Lisa, Jennie, Yugyeom, and then... huh? He can’t seem to find Jeongguk.

Has he also left this project, the same as Seojoon? somehow his heart started to ache about the feeling of not being able to the ravenette. He was playing with the hem of his shirt until a faint smell almost made his senses stood up.

“Jeongguk...” He immediately turned around to face Jeongguk who was looking at him with the same intensity and there it started again. The presence of Jeongguk always made his knee weaker. He turned around now his back facing the ravenette. They were still behind a curtain before showing up in front of the crowd.

"KIM NAMJOON, WE REQUEST YOU TO PLEASE COME IN FRONT OF THE COLLEGE STADIUM.” with that a silver hair guy who was really tall and handsome wearing stylish glasses. He made his way in front of the crowd. Taehyung watched the guy with so much respect and honor it was almost like he has this huge amount of devotion. He just wanted to go in front of him and heart out all of his promises in front of the HVCS Captain.

The fact that Jeongguk was behind him and so close all this time was making him really excited and also nervous. He really didn’t know what was gonna happen if any one of them got any more closely than they already are, as there might be an explosion in the area because of the heat they were radiating.

Namjoon started giving his speech. Anyone can say that the pledge speech was going to be longer but still the way he was delivering the speech was so amazing that Taehyung can’t help but feel all fanboying over him. Oh, how bad he wanted to meet him after all of this.

"It’s getting a little boring, don’t you think baby boy?" and there it goes.

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