Project- Vkook

10| Say the words


"It’s getting a little boring, don’t you think baby boy?" and there it goes.

How bad he was praying that Jeongguk just doesn’t start being a bully but who listens anyway. “Just keep quiet and come with me.” Jeongguk took Taehyung’s hand and they sneaked out from there. And cause there was too much dark so no one even realized that the two of them just escaped.

Taehyung himself doesn’t know why he agreed to come up with the raven-head for the first time but all he knows that he can’t able to think straight the moment Jeongguk wrapped his veiny hand around his long and thin ones and that’s how they ended up in the store-room. The storeroom was dark but there was enough light so that they can see each other.

“So, I see you are also in this project. Right, Mr. Vocal?” JJK said while eyeing KTH from top to bottom. He was beautiful. He is deathly gorgeous and on top of that too innocent and submissive enough for Jeongguk’s liking that makes him play with the boy all the way he wants. Not letting the pretty lamb go anywhere from his hold and make him in his embrace while pounding in... His thought got interrupted when he saw KTH wiggling his hands under his holds.

“Jeongguk...leave me, I...I have to go. I can’t be with you like here. What if anyone sees us?” Taehyung said. It was almost like Deja Vu. Jeongguk smirked pushed him further inside the wall while parting the legs of blondie by his bulky thighs pressing more further and now making the latter almost stretch up from his normal position.

“Do you have any idea what if I just rip that pity piece of fabric off of your body while bending you on that dusty bench and fuck you senselessly until you came 8th time and almost the whole college listen that how bad and rough I am filling that pretty hole of yours while you keep begging me to stop? I kept fucking you but you...” Jeongguk said while moving close to the blondie and unconsciously enjoying the effect he had on Taehyung.

“But you just aren’t able to make me stop and slowly you also started liking it and that’s when you hit your orgasm with a very loud scream almost make the whole college knew that a beauty like you look so freakin sexy and lustful like that covered in my seeds and some also dripping from that ass. Fuck I really want to take you here.” Jeongguk said while his eyes getting dark, his breath getting huskier and his voice becoming hoarse with each word. It was almost like soul-left from Taehyung’s body. The fuck he just listened with his innocent ears.

Holy moly, his thoughts are so unholy. Run for your life Taehyung or he will eat you here and you can’t able to do any type of project for the rest of your life.′ Taehyung thought while his eyes widen and the realization hit him when Jeongguk grab his waists from both sides and now capturing the beauty between him and the wall while Taehyung’s legs wrapping around Jeongguk ’s torso and his hands were desperately clutching onto his shoulder.

“Jeongguk...please stop, huh...ahh...” Taehyung whimpered when Jeongguk started leaving wet kisses on his neck while one of his hand was grabbing Taehyung’s ass enjoying the plump skin, another hand was busy sliding down the fragile shirt off from his skin in a very desperate need, and on top of that their scent was becoming more and more addicting. Taehyung was harshly chewing on his bottom lip but still small moans and breaths leaving his lips. Jeongguk was dryly humping on Taehyung’s ass while breathing heavily on his neck and moaning near his ear, sometimes even biting on it too. Taehyung was so into pleasure. Despite the first time, this time he gave in more easily maybe because this time he knew it was Jeongguk and his scent were making their moment more alluring for both of them to resist.

Jeongguk was kissing roughly and hungrily on Taehyung’s neck leaving more than one purple bruises. He was really high right now. He just can’t able to resist him. Taehyung suddenly becomes bold and started unbuttoning Jeongguk’s shirt while his head collided with the latter. Lips a few inches apart. Both were having a heated conversation with their hooded eyes. But still, both were holding back from a kiss as they knew it will be the end if they gave in the temptation. No students, no friends, no hyungs, and no faculty could be able to detach them from each other if they break the last piece of innocence left in their god knows what kind of relationship.

“Eager baby? Wanna know how daddy looks like?” Jeongguk said and a dark chuckle left from his mouth while not leaving his gaze from the puffy lips of the beauty who was breathing very un-naturally and moaning very softly, shamefully while still responding to the dry thumps of Jeongguk by grinding his clothed ass on his semi-hard c*ck creating friction that making both of them lost in their euphoria. Taehyung nodded shamelessly while eyes still rolling upside whenever Jeongguk twitch his nipples and started kissing on his skin. He was looking really sinful without his clothes completely decorated with the purple hickeys that were given by Jeongguk. He was sure that the whole world is gonna recognize today that he was getting handled very roughly.

“Words baby boy? Tell Daddy what do you want?” Jeongguk stopped roaming his hands from the beauty’s chest while Taehyung whined at the loss of contact. His other hand was still grabbing Taehyung at his place securely.

“Noo...” A soft whimper left from Taehyung’s mouth.

“Tell me what you want baby?” Jeongguk said while smirk still isn’t leaving his face and now it changed into a hot and stern look.

“Please...” Taehyung was shamefully clutching onto Jeongguk moaning in between the close approximation of their bodies.

“Please what?” Jeongguk said as he slowed his thumpings and started pushing Taehyung further inside the wall. Taehyung gritted his teeth as he and his innocent brain still aren’t able to form the words that Jeongguk wanted to listen to. ‘Tell me what you want?’

WHAT do I want? This question hit Taehyung hard. He doesn’t know what to say but also he doesn’t want Jeongguk to stop so he said the thing he wanted right now the mos.

“I want... I want you to don’t stop. Please keep doing what you were doing. Please, Please.” Taehyung said while burying his face in his chest and hiding his red face. He doesn’t have the words to explain how embarrassed he was feeling while begging Jeongguk so that he can have that foreign feeling more. How bad he wants it to be dark so that he can hide himself or no one see him. Jeongguk stopped at the very moment when the words left from Tae’s mouth. Reminding him of a particular short-boy who said the same thing to him. Taehyung was still hugging him while soft sobs were leaving his mouth. Jeongguk looked at him. His expression was neutral. Taehyung slowly lifted his face. His hooded eyes met Jeongguk and the next moment his breath hitched and a gasp left from his lips when Jeongguk pulled him up and while making him sit on the dusty table. Taehyung’s hands were still latched in Jeongguk’s neck and legs still wrapped around him. Jeongguk looked at him while his expression hard. Taehyung was also looking at him, scared, unable to configure the mind of the person who just made his soul flew a few minutes ago.

“Did I said something wrong, Daddy?” Before Tae could say anything Jeongguk unlocked himself from the latter’s hold. He covered Taehyung with a shirt while buttoning it. His eyes landed on his neck which was covered in dark red and purple hickeys. He took out a blue scarf from his jeans and wrapped it around his neck covering the sinful marks and then started walking. Taehyung wasn’t able to process anything that just happened. He looks at Jeongguk’s walking frame while sitting there lost in thoughts. His hands and legs were also hanging like they lost the sense of motion in them. He was looking like a doll who just got abandoned by his keeper.

“Did I said something which I am not supposed to say? He said to tell him what I want but as soon as I told him he just left me.” He said while his eyes unconsciously teared up and his lip formed a pout. He was still zoning out until a knock made him out of his trance.

“Taehyung, Are you here?” Baekhyun called out. The poor guy was searching for his friend. He was right there next to him but the next moment he was not. He searched all areas until he ended up in front of the storeroom. “Yes, Hyung. I am here.” Tae replied. His voice leaving his mouth ever so softly. “Can I come inside?” Baekhyun said and after not getting a reply for a while he pushed the door only to find Taehyung zoning out on the top of the dusty table. A small light coming from the ventilator dropping on his face making him more beautiful like an angel.

Yeah, just like an angel.

Baekhyun walked in front of him while helping him in walking out. No conversation happened throughout the hall. Baekhyun was suspicious but he decided to give Taehyung some space. After that all Tae remembered that they all got in front of the stage while bowing in front of the whole college, swearing that will do their best. He said just two lines.

“Good Morning, I am Kim Taehyung from ME Department. I will give my best to this project. Please take care of me.” With that Taehyung went back to his seat while keeping the same cheerful expression. He continuously took a peek at Jeongguk but he was scared to see the stern expression on his face. No hint of playfulness and gentleness which he encountered a while ago. To be honest, it scared him. He never really gave a thought to their relationship but deep inside he was happy to have someone on his side. He didn’t even realize but in mere 2-3 interaction, his heart developed this urge to know Jeongguk more.

"You all should wait here a little more, while we mail you the list of your respective departments where you all are going to work.” with that Namjoon and the other faculty left them there. Hoseok was praying to all the deities out there to let him and Yoongi in the same department. Some of them were talking about the department’s type.

" I heard that there were going to be seven departments as they are going to select one from each.” someone said

“I don’t think that’ll be the case. As anyone is free to learn and excel in whichever department so let’s not think like that.” Lisa said.

“Yes, we should not think like that,” Jennie said from behind while fangirling over Lisa. Which was shrugged by the other with an eye-roll. Soon a ping buzzed in everyone’s phone which made their attention divert.

“Congratulations to you all for getting selected in HVCS. Below is the list of the five main departments in which you all are going to work in your respective ones and learn as much as you can.






Power Train


Vehicle Steer


Power Brake


[Sorry I had to add people from other fandoms like BlackPink, GOT7, and EXO. But I am not going to use them, as this book is Taekook and only Taekook except for the side ships like Jenlisa, Sope...]

Taehyung was beyond happy to get Minjae as his department-mate but at the same time, he was upset as Jeongguk was not in his department. But he was content with the fact that he can work with him.

Time to get your head straight Taehyung.′ Taehyung mentally determined himself.

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