Project- Vkook

11|Learning the hideous

Taehyung was dancing and almost flying by the thought of working on his dream project. Of course, he waited for ages just to be in the project. He was walking towards his dorm and right now he was walking into the alleyway while humming his favorite music. He didn’t realize when an arm came from the side and dragged him inside the corner. He was about to cry but he listens to a familiar voice which immediately calms him down. It was Baekhyun.

“Oh Baecky hyung, what are you doing here?” Taehyung said while removing his hands from his mouth being completely oblivious of what happened between him and a certain ravenette in the storeroom.

“Umm... Tae you see, there is something I really wanna talk to you about since morning. Like, before we were in the auditorium.”

“Yes hyung, sure tell me. What’s bothering you?” Taehyung said and Baekhyun cursed himself for stating the words in front of his baby so directly. “Did something happened in the storeroom today?” And that’s all it takes to make Taehyung recall everything. It was like his blood ran cold due to the mention of the storeroom.

What if Hyung gets to know someone? But there was no one at that time. Huh!!! Like I noticed anyway, but I still can’t let hyung know about that. Firstly, I have to find out about that incident. What and why I felt that?... But Baekhyun hyung. What am I going to answer him

“What are you talking about Hyung? ” Taehyung asked while still trying his best possible way to not show his nervousness. “I... I thought I saw a guy coming out from there and then when I went inside the storeroom you were...”

“Guy... How come a guy be there? I don’t know what you are talking about.” Tae said while praying every god that somehow Baekhyun leave the topic. It’s not like they aren’t close. Baekhyun always treated Taehyung as his younger brother and somehow with coming years he grew protective over him. The fact that he saw Taehyung sitting on top of that dirty table while completely awestruck and unknown to the situation scared him. He thought what if Tae again went into his trauma. But Tae was fine and smiling in front of him. Everything was looking normal but he has this hunch that Tae is hiding something.

“Tae, you trust me right,” Baekhyun said while palming Tae’s face in his hands. “You know right? that I am always going to be there when things will get out of control. Just I want you to know this that I am gonna be there for you okay. You can always come to my place and talk with me.”

Tae smiled and felt his heart warm at the remarks of his hyung’s words. “Hyung, Thank you. I know you are always going to be there and trust me I am more than happy with it. And trust me it’s nothing serious. I went to the storeroom cause I felt anxious. I wanted to have some alone time. Something that could distract me. It’s not like someone can drag me in between my friends and hyungs.” Tae laughed while biting his tongue cause that’s exactly what Jeongguk did.

“Ok hyung, it’s already late now. I have to go to the dorm. Hobi hyung must be waiting for me.” with that Taehyung bid his goodbye to Baekhyun.

[In the Dorm]

“Gosh!!! that was one hell was of a session. I really hated the fact that I have to lie with Baecky hyung. But I have more important things to do. I have to...” Tae shivered by the memory of Jeongguk. The thought of Jeongguk leaving him there like an abandoned toy. The thought was so displeasing that it feared him. Why? he doesn’t know.

“Eager baby? Wanna know how daddy looks like?”

“Words baby boy? Tell Daddy what do you want?”

“Tell me what you want baby?”

The words from the previous day were kept echoing in his mind. He was afraid and also uncomfortable about what would happen to them if he... if he by any chance said the right words. What would Jeongguk do to him? What if he kissed him more? What if he touched him more? What if... what if he just never stopped roaming his veiny muscular hands on his frame? The thought was so provoking that Taehyung finds his face heat up with the thought. The thought of ravenette going over the limit with him just made him crave more. His scent, his touches, his words, his moans, everything was driving the sanity of Taehyung. He wanted more. It was sure pretty sexual and he might sound like a wolf in the heat but he was sure it was only with Jeongguk. He knew that no one is gonna understand him and that everyone starts to grow more protective over him and the mere thought of it was so frustrating. So he did the first thing that came to his mind.

He opened his laptop and he opened a messenger where he can take advice from many people. It was like a hideous social media platform. He used it before when he was too young to know the reasons for his change in hormonal symptoms and why he suddenly start liking guys and also his weird love for girls’ outfits. So he thought that the app was the best option to learn the hideous.

What to say to a person who wants you to call him Daddy?

If your boyfriend wants you to call him Daddy, and you don’t know what to say then (*wink) close the door and lights and click this link in incognito mode and enjoy.

There was a hyperlink attached to the message. At first, he was suspicious but he anyway opened the link. His eyes widen with the sight of how two guys were doing sex while loud moans echoing from the one who had his ass getting thrust. He almost flaps the screen of the laptop and covered his eyes in awkwardness. “Thank God, Hobi hyung is not here.”

He typed in the chatbox.

Hey, what is this? are you crazy? I am so innocent and how dare you make me show this type of stuff. This is far related to the question I am asking. (*angry)

Baby, just go and watch the whole video and if you don’t wanna watch that then just listen to the audio. You will know your answer. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He sighed while walking toward the door and closed the door and then the lights. He walked into his bed and then plugged in his headphones with the laptop and started listening to the audio. It was hella awkward to listen to the audio without any video but he still wants to keep his sanity.

[Warning: Uncensored below start]

“Oh... mhmm... yes, yes....ah... there yes there. please don’t stop. Oh yes, please. I love it. Please oh yes...”

Loud moans and skin clapping was echoing in his ears. At one moment he really thought of opening the closed screen and take a look but ‘no...Taehyung don’t, those were not healthy shit.’

He again diverted his thoughts while listening.

“Do you like it, baby? Hmm... You like when Daddy keeps filling you.” A more deep voice tuned in. “Yes, Yes Daddy. I like it... I like it... Oh fuck, you fill me so well. I can feel you in there. Oh ah... shit you’re so big, Daddy.”

“Say the words, baby. Tell Daddy, what you want?”

Only moans were filling his ears and they kept getting louder each time. “Baby, you have to say what you want for me to give it to you.” Taehyung’s ear perked up in anticipation as he is now just seconds away from getting his answer.

"I want you, Daddy. I want you to fill me up. Take me here. Take me deep. Let me taste you. Let me make you feel good. I am all yours."

A growl made his way to the other guy’s mouth. “Take it, baby. Take it. Make your Daddy happy”

Taehyung can’t help but his breath hitched and his spine turns cold. He opened the screen and the sight of the guy giving a blow-job to another guy just made him crunch his nose. He put his laptop on the bed and covered his face with a blanket but then again as the moan started getting louder and the breathing sounds getting heavier. The boy lifts another boy who was giving him a blow-job and then kissed him while making him sit at the counter. Taehyung peeked out one of his eyes and started watching.

The much taller and muscular guy stood in between the other one’s now spread legs. He pumped his shaft and put his fingers inside the mouth of the other.

“Suck it...” He said and others started bobbing his head while coating it completely with his spit. Taehyung removed the blanket from his now heated face. He looked at his hand and then he started copying the other guy by sucking his own finger. Soon the muscular guy held the other by his waist and inserted his fingers inside the latter’s ass and again a moan of pleasure escaped from the guy sitting on top of the table. The boy now removed his fingers and then put his shaft inside the guy who yelled.

“Yes, Daddy... You fuck me so well.” Taehyung watched the video throughout the end with a heat-up face. He was beyond embarrassed. But, this video was the answer. It revealed the hideous. He knows it now. Of course, he was still a virgin but he now knows that if Jeongguk asks him to say the words. He for sure is not gonna make himself look like a lost puppy.

[Uncensored below end]

Taehyung stood up and walked towards his study table and sitting on top of it the same way he watched in the video. “Jeongguk, I want you to... I want you to fuck me.” Taehyung said while imagining Jeongguk. He spreaded his legs the same way and moved his hands upward while coiling it into the air imagining this is how he is gonna wrap Jeongguk.

It’s funny at the same time it was sensual. He was looking so beautiful at the same time so sexy while mimicking a pornstar like that. Suddenly a message pop-up on his phone making him distract from his own dream-land. He opened the message. It was Jennie.

Hey Tae!

Yes, Jennie.

I need you somewhere to accompany me

Why would I? Just go and beg Lisa.

Yaa... Please, you know she is never gonna say yes.

But why me?

No one is picking my phone and also I don’t wanna go with any girl other than Lisa. And I also don’t want to go with any guy. I want to go with you.

You are high or what? I am also a guy.

I know...Um... But I feel safe with you. Please Tae, Please Tae, Please...Pretty Please...

Ughh!!! Okay fine. When and Where I have to go?

Oh, Thanks Tae. I really love you so much. It’s in the XX bar at YY street and you have to go at 8 PM.

Ok, I will be there.

Tae closed his phone and sighed but then smiled again while remembering his last interaction with the college playboy.

“Taehyung, you are really gonna drag yourself in a trouble someday. Well, But, I want it. I might never gonna get the chance. But why? why it has to be Jeongguk out of all the boys in the whole university.” Tae said while recalling how the touches of ravenette make him lose his sanity and want him to break loose all the boundaries.

" Gosh... I don’t know.” with that Tae drifted back to sleep.

Later that night he has to wake up when a drunk Hoseok was outside the dorm dragged by Yoongi who had this frustrated look on his face which was screaming that what did he did so wrong to deserve this.

“If he can’t handle alcohol then tell him to not intake it in the first place. I am not going to baby him everywhere.” with that Yoongi left leaving Taehyung to drag him on his bed while cursing him for being too heavy.

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