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The Balls

[Warning:- This book might be a bit boring for some people as it contains some machine tools information and all. It's not a very long section but cause I have to follow the basic ideology of this book. I can't help. This book contains technical terms so bear with it.]


All the members of HVCS aligned in front of the new lab as today are going to be their first session with tools and methods so that they can be familiar with them and also work with them without any hesitancy. Namjoon was there the whole time. At first, he told them to go and take a look at all of the tools by themselves so that he can judge a parameter where every person is, and that helps him to know from where he actually has to start so that he can finally take them in the same base.

The hall was really beautiful and as the members walk inside the lab they found many tools that are decorated inside the walls in a very aligned manner. Each tool has numbers. They started walking in pairs and analyzing different tools.

Taehyung was with Bogum, Minjae and Baekhyun.

"Hyung... let's pair up that way we can able to explore more." He said cheerfully. They all nod in unison and the next moment everyone paired up. Chanbaek, Sope, Jenlisa, Bogum and Minjae, Yugyeom and Bambam, Jisoo and Rose, and others Leaving Tae all alone to look at them in a very envious way.

"All right!! fine just go you all. I don't need anyone. When I'll find something informative I am not gonna share it with you all." Tae said while teasing them with his tongue out. He huffed while making a sad face and looking at all the pairs around him. Oh, how bad he wanted that it was not seojoon who has to sacrifice his position. At least, today he had someone to walk with. He has to explore the lab anyway. So he started walking by himself.

His mouth fell wide open while looking at various tools that were decorated there. He hardly knew a single one. He opened his mobile and tried searching for them until Namjoon came and took it. "It's not a final test. Just go through each one of them and figure out using your brain." Namjoon walked away with that leaving a dumb-flustered Taehyung.

"Gosh... He is so handsome." Taehyung drooled but the next moment slapped himself out of the moment cause he has more important things than that. He started looking at other walls. There are different departments engraved on each wall and below them, their respective tools were decorated.

"Wow, they look so dangerous but at the same time, they look beautiful. I can't wait to learn more about them." Taehyung's eyes lit up by the beautiful sight of tools. He never thought he is going to love watching them this much. He walked closed and look at the boxes containing nails of different sizes.

"I never thought there are this many types of nails and bolts in the world." He bends forward while looking at a particular box until he heard someone's cough. He was so lost in adoring those nails and bolts that he didn't give much attention to the other person.

*cough... He heard another cough. "Just go and get yourself a water instead of coughing in front of me." He turned irritated but a gasp left his mouth immediately when he saw Jeongguk standing there right behind him.

"Jeon...Jeongguk." He mind-slapped himself for stuttering in front of the ravenette. Suddenly all the memories from the store-room ghosted in his mind. "What are you doing here?" His thoughts got interrupted by a deep voice.

"I...I was checking out the... the tools? Yeah, right!! I was checking out the tools." Tae said while unsure as to if his words really sounded more like a question. Jeongguk perked up an eyebrow while walking past him and now exploring the tool section. Taehyung stood there with red-cheeks waiting for Jeongguk to go cause the mere presence of the ravenette is the biggest distraction itself. But Jeongguk was still there. When it got a little too long he asked the ravenette himself. "Um... Jeongguk, what are you exploring?" He patted himself for not stuttering this time.

"Nothing in particular." He said while not letting his gaze falter from the racks.

"Oh, Okay." with that Taehyung started looking at the other racks. He moved past the other. Sometimes sitting and bending at a certain level to take a better look at things and that's when he realized that Jeongguk is particularly stalking him. For confirmation. He started walking in a more silent area with no tools. 'Why is he walking behind me? Is there something on my back? I don't think so. why is he walking behind me?' Taehyung shrugged the thought and walked into another section. Sehun and Minho were already there. He started looking at things and bending again in the rachet section. Minho was busily checking the tools but then he looked at the perked up ass of the college beauty, immediately an amusing idea popped into his mind. He rubbed his hand and moved it to slap his butt but it didn't reach there.


Cause our bunny didn't let him. That's it.

Jeongguk grabbed his hand twisted it making sure that he never think of touching the blonde again. A scream left from his mouth and it made Taehyung shudder. He straight-up turned himself to look a furious Jeongguk who was twisting Minho's hand in a very rough way. His eyes widened and he immediately clutched onto Jeongguk's hand trying his best to loosen the deathly grip of those veiny muscular hands. Minho was screaming and soon it gathered the attention of many members.

"Jeongguk... Stop it. You're gonna break his hand. Stop it." Taehyung pleaded only to met with a red-shot-eyed ravenette who was really angry with both Minho and Taehyung. Minho cause he dared to touch something which does not belong to him and Taehyung...

'Yes, cause it was Taehyung's fault too. Why did he have to bend in a way when his ass is on full display? Jeongguk was with him from the moment he saw him in that position on top of that he was completely alone. He shouldn't be doing such things in front of everyone. It's not a show.' Jeongguk 's breath was getting heavy and Minho's hand turned blue by the grip. Taehyung was panicking and when he saw that Jeongguk can't be stopped anytime and it would only create a scene in front of everyone on the very first day.

"Jeongguk, for god sake. Please stop. I..." Taehyung lost it. He can't put up with his anger anymore. He walked toward Jeongguk was still twisting the blue wrist of a screaming Minho. He took Jeongguk's face, turned it toward him, and the next moment he pressed his lips onto him. This immediately took Jeongguk off-guard. His eyes widened and grip loosens, letting the blood finally flow in the poor boy's hand.

Taehyung stopped moving. His eyes closed with a tight scrunch, hands desperately clutching on Jeongguk's black jacket and the other trying to pull his hands from the deathly-grip. He looked at Minho who was now calm and tears forming in his eyes. Taehyung felt relief and he turned toward Jeongguk who has this awestruck expression. Sehun and Minho left from there leaving both of them alone.

"Are you okay?" Tae asked still having this uneasy feeling after kissing the bow-shaped lips of ravenette. He can never forget the aromatic taste of his lips. Jeongguk looked at him and then his eyes fixed on his plump lips. "Jeongguk, I asked if" He didn't waste a second and pulled the other into a deep kiss. Cause this kiss was so uncertain that Taehyung simply can't able to process anything and it gave Jeongguk enough access to explore the blonde's mouth.

He pushed Taehyung into the wall while sloppily kissing him. Taehyung moaned in the roughness. Jeongguk was simply eating his mouth in a very wild way.

Remember when we said if the last piece of innocence break between them then...

Taehyung's mouth was the slavery of Jeongguk's temptation. A taste he yearns for. A moan which sounds melody to him and then a body to worship most sinfully. Jeongguk's thoughts were betraying him in a very wrong way. This is something which shouldn't be happening but it was happening. And he can't able to control himself from the delicious spell of the beauty moaning under his kiss. Suddenly they both heard a step. Their movements immediately stopped.

"Jeongguk, are you here?" It was Yugyeom. Jeongguk cursed a fuck and looked at Taehyung who was practically dizzy and huffing for the lack of breath cause Jeongguk's kiss was wild as hell and Tae never felt this much intimidated in his whole life. The steps get closer and Jeongguk pecked a soft kiss on the plump lips of the whimpering beauty. He started peppering Tae with kisses. On his eyes, nose cheeks, neck, hairs, and his neck. Taehyung was reacting like a newborn baby to his touches which unknowingly pleasuring the ravenette.

"Jeongguk, what are you doing there?" Yugyeom started to walk toward them. "STOP." Taehyung shrank him under the well-built body of Jeongguk. "I will come later. Just go for now." Jeongguk stated while looking at Taehyung's cute face who was also looking at him as a puppy. Oh, how bad he wants to collar him and dress him with chains and do all the things... "Jeongguk, Is everything fine?" He said and a frown appeared on his face.

"Yugs, I am coming. Just go and if you don't want your ass beaten just go." and he doesn't need to repeat himself. "Ok, fine. Just go to the common room. Captain wants to discuss something"

"Hmm... ok. I'll be there." with that Yugyeom walked from there. Taehyung peeked his eyes from his shoulders to see if everyone is gone. He let out a sigh when he saw no one was there.

"" And he got shushed by another kiss from Jeongguk. "Let's continue this some other time, baby. But for now, we have to leave. And one more thing. Don't dare to bend like that again in front of everyone while putting up a show like a slut. You will do a show like that only in front of me. If I see you doing things like that anywhere else. Trust me. Hell will break loose that day. But no one will be able to save your ass from me that day." with that Jeongguk winked and left from there to give Taehyung enough time to process everything that happened a few moments ago.

Later at 8:30 PM

"Jennie, come fast. You bish. I am not gonna come with you next time. Istg." Currently, Taehyung was cursing Jennie so badly cause. He was correct on time even he reached 1/2 hr before only to find a drool faced Jennie who practically forgot about their message and ruffled almost 100 of her clothes cause eventually 'she thinks she is short of dresses.' After 35 minutes of cursing and managing, she finally agreed on a dress, and now taking 25 minutes more to complete her make-up.

[Tae's Dress]

"Gosh... Just come already. You'll look good. And it's not like Lisa will be there." Tae shouted.

"Oh right, what if I find Lisa there. Tae, can you please wait 1 more hour. I am gonna put on the new mascara." Jennie said.

"Get your ass here in 2 minutes or I am gonna leave you," Tae said while frustrating over her tantrums. Finally, Jennie came with a pout and they both went to the bar.


They both entered the bar. Loud music was buzzing and it made their ear flinched. Jennie screamed at top of her lungs and walked toward the disco ball where everyone was completely drawn in alcohol and drowning them more into the music.

Taehyung walked towards the counter while cursing Jennie and rethinking his decision of coming here. He looked around and watched everyone dancing wildly. Some couple grinding on each other, some just vibing to the music, some just dancing while some kissing. It made him remember the interaction with Jeongguk and a soft smile made its way on his lips when he remembered Jeongguk calling him Baby. It really felt good to him. A guy came towards him while offering him a glass of drink. He declined and made his way to another corner. He told the bartender to give him a glass of water. He drank the water and then made his way to the dance floor and started dancing. So much happened these days. So he thought it would be better to finally let out everything by just crashing the balls.

He started dancing and soon the crowd started to push him inside and he found many people around him. someone touching him on his waist, butt. He resisted tried to move their hands. One guy took him as a girl. He was drunk so he pulled Taehyung and then started kissing his neck and roaming his hands on his ass.

He felt really disgusted but he also knew that the guy was too drunk to even realize. He pushed him and run from there. He walked outside the bar and took a long breath.

"Damn!! That was close. But the vibe was really great." He smiled and decided to wait for Jennie. He was standing against the wall while looking at all the people, cars, and couples.

"What are you doing here?" A familiar voice made him frozen in his place.





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