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Kim Taehyung POV

Its 8 AM in the morning when I closed the buzzer of my alarm clock. I woke up while rubbing my eyes and yawning. The sunlight starting to went through the window as the birds started to chirp outside my window. I open the window and hear a growl from my roommate opening his eyes in frustration.

“Good morning Hobi Hyung.”

“Oh, good morning Taetae. What’s with you? Its Sunday. Don’t wake me up this early.”He said and pulled his duvet on his face and slept again.

I sighed. This Hyung.

Sometimes I wonder how people call him a sunshine guy. When all he does is to wake up more late than me. He also doesn’t complete his studies, keep replacing each day with Sunday…

Yes, you hear me right, Its Monday today and also the first day of our new college year, and hear he is sleeping like a slog bag.

“Hyung… Hyung… Its morning today. Wake up or you are going to get detention on the very first day of our 2nd year. And I personally don’t want to be late because of you. So get up.”

He still didn’t bulge,

Arrrggghhhh!! What am I going to do with this sleepy sunshine?

I smirked when a very naughty idea popped up in my mind.

I walked towards the dorm door and knocked on it while opening the door.“Oh…Yoongi Hyung, Please come… Ah, sorry the room is a mess a bit, hehe”

A sudden shudder heard in the inside and as I walked inside. I found a sunshine hobi again who was sitting on his bed and a tint of cream was pointed on his forehead with blushy cheeks. And the most amazing thing was my room… it was completely clean. Not like before. Each thing was in its destined place.

“I should use this trick more than often on you. What do you think Hyung?” I giggled while showing my boxy smile to Hobi Hyung.

“Kim Taehyung you brat!!! Come here within 2 minutes, otherwise, I am going to eat you alive.” We started running like middle schoolers on our beds. And I suddenly tripped

“Owiieee” I winced in pain. He stopped laughing and ran towards me with his worried expression., “ Are you okay, my bub?”

“I am sorry”

“Huh!! Why are you sorry taehyung? You are the one who is hurt not me. I should be..”

“Cause I made Hyung worry…” I said while hiding my tears. He instantly pulled me into a tight hug.

“Yaa… why are you like this? Stop blaming yourself for everything that happens in your surroundings. Otherwise, everyone going to use this against you.” He said while wiping my tears and smiled warmly.

He got up and walked towards the drawer and took out the first aid box.

Yes, He is my roommate. The popular sunshine boy and he is always like this with me. Always taking care of me like a mother. He never let me felt like I am different. Although I know about my personality he still never leave me. He is the only one who never left me even after seeing the most vulnerable state of mine. I am kinda thankful to him. I noticed his behavior changes 3 yrs ago that’s when I found out he is in love with that Min Yoongi guy.

He is the popular tsundere type of guy in our college. He always carries a dark aura around him. I don’t even remember when was the last time I even saw him smiling.

I wonder how hobi Hyung comes to like him. I mean there are 1000 options out there. But anyway, if his name is enough to make my whole room clean then why not.

“It’s done.” He spoke to me and then I came back to reality.

“What were you thinking Taetae?” he asked me.

“I still wonder what you like in that guy. I guess I can never understand love.” I pouted while saying.

“Aww!! My baby bear. It’s all about time. But I can only assure you about one thing that it’s all about petals and thorns. If I am the petal than he is the thorn.”

I almost cringed at his words.

“If he is dark than I am the light. But its only him who can complete me.”

“Talking the one, who still stutter pronouncing his name in front of his crush.” I teased him and he blushed in a crimson red.

“Y..yaahhh I know that, anygays, I am still waiting for the right time.” He answered and stood up leaving me alone on the floor with the bandaged leg.

I sighed. “Love… yeah sure, It seems like it will make you forget your bandaged brother too.”

I got up while putting the first aid kit in its right place. I went to the washroom and undressed and slowly damped the towel and cleaned myself with it. I came out with my bathrobe and opened the almirah to select my clothes for today.

“Hmm… It’s not fair. I ran out of my fav clothes. I don’t have anything to wear. Hobi Hyung, I don’t have any clothes left for today.”

He came out of his room scratching his head and his jaw dropped.

“Kim Taehyung, are you sure you have no clothes. OMG, your whole wardrobe is filled with clothes and I almost wonder how it is surviving without bursting. How can you say you have no clothes?”

“But these all are getting old Hyung, I wore them all once already. And these all are cheap brands. I want to buy new clothes.”

“Over my dead body Tae. We both know what happens to you once you enter a shopping store so don’t even try to lure me for that. I am not going. Go with your other friends. I can’t bear with your tantrums in the shopping mall.”


It’s true our baby bear is a shopaholic and whenever he sees his favorite clothes or shopping mall. He always went on a shopping spree. Maybe that’s why Hoseok is afraid to take him shopping mall or elsewhere.

“I said No… already Taetae just listen to me and go get dressed with whatever you find pleasant in your wardrobe. I am not going to say it again.”

“B...But Hyunggg!!!” he said while making a pouty face.” and it was the weak point of Hoseok, and why not just look at him being such an adorable bean.“OK… okay fine, shit tae stop making that face. But its already time. I promise I will take you tomorrow But please wear something today. Okk bear.”

Tae’s eyes squinted in the crescent moon while hearing the word shopping. And the fake tears replaced by a sweet brimming boxy smile.

Kim Taehyung POV

He finally agreed. I really thought I have to cry. But I love him so much. If he kept resisting maybe I just end up saying that its okk and he doesn’t need to take me anywhere. But he agreed fastly than I thought. I guess he really loves me. Aww!! My sweet Hyung.

I picked up my white crop top and high waist jeans and fishnet stockings with Nick sneakers.


Yes, I like cross-dressing, and more importantly, my friends support me with this too. Also, it is suffocating to pretend something I don’t.

I wore them and took a final glance in the mirror. I smirked proudly looking at the mirror on my S-shape. “God, even girls crave for these” I mumbled.

“You are too full of self-love. Now, if you completed checking out yourself. Shall we go? I don’t want to late and let Yoongi think that I am a lazy ass person.”

“Hahaha… okk Hyung I am coming.” with this, I picked my bag and locked the dorm and headed to college.


Woah!! Is this is really going to be my new class? Fuck, look at its interior. It’s so pretty and clean. I am so shocked. It’s completely different from where I was studied in my first year.

‘This is going to be the best year. I am so sure.’ I mumbled in my thought until then, I heard the crowd of students entering the class. I started to find Minjae, Baekhyun, and Bogum. After I found them, I sit beside them and started talking about random stuff.

“Hey, Tae you look like you want to kill all the gays here.” Baekhyun Hyung said teasingly.

“Ohh… really Hyung. If I am going to kill them than why are you wearing those leather shorts and those rings.” I eyed him from top to bottom.


It’s true as I said earlier my friends support cross-dressing. Baekhyun and I both are very comfortable wearing it whereas Bogum and Minjae are bisexual but they don’t judge us. I really love it when Baekhyunnie Hyung joins me too. He is like my Partner-in-crime. Other girls envy us. It hurts at starting. But soon we both starting to get secret letters in our lockers. Letters full of admiration and lust. It was like guys love to check us like that. At first, it felt kinda weird. But now we both actually enjoy it.

“I am so happy Baeky Hyung. We’re finally in the new year. I am so excited.” I smiled cheekily.

“Yess, Tae I am also excited.” He smiled and just then the door opened and a group of 4 guys entered the class. I looked at them. One of them stared at our side and then his face returned a small smirk and then he walked to find a seat just diagonally opposite to ours. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and then shrugged my shoulders and turn to face to find a blushing Baeky Hyung.

“Oh my… Hyung are you okay?” I almost worriedly stood up from my seat and put my palm on his face which was a little hot and tinted red and pink colored is covering his ears.

“It’s not fever Taehyung,” Minjae said and I watched him confusingly. What is he trying to say? “He is in lovey-dovey relation with that guy”

“What?... you too”

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