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2| Gucci

Kim Taehyung POV

I almost yelled. Thankfully there were not many students but after Hobi Hyung I really thought that maybe Baeky Hyung will wait for me. But he too... Ohh... Nwwwoooo...

“What? When? How? Where? I want all the details.” I took out a pen and a Notepad.

“Calm down, tae. I will tell you but please calm down. Fuck, he is looking here now. Please for goodness sake Tae, sit down.” His face was turning into the red the more he is looking at him.

“Okay... But I will not let you go. If you didn’t tell me everything.” I warned him like a mother.

“Yes, yes I am going to. Just please spare me for now.” He said almost pleading.

I sat down while pouting making my lips all out.

[After 1st session/Lunch time]

The same guy came in front of my seat. He sat beside Baeky Hyung and put his arms on his waist. And his face turned into a red color.

“Care to explain to me. I am dying in curiosity.”

“Oh... Hmm.. y...yes tae, H-He is Chan.. huh... Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol.” For some reason, he was stuttering and I was confused.

“Are you fine baby? He was just asking my name. Why can’t you able to talk? Do you feel feverish? Do you need help?” Chanyeol said to his ears almost biting it. I can see it clearly that he is acting strange just after Chanyeol sat beside him.

“Tae... I.. I am feeling a little hor.. I am coming after a few seconds and Chanyeol is coming with me. So don’t worry ahh... I am going to come in hh... 10min....uhh... Noo... I mean at least after ½ an hour...huhhhmmm... Actually let’s talk after lunch. Bye.”

“Hyung, are you okay?” I tried to walk after him but Chanyeol stopped me. ” Taehyung don’t worry I will take care of him. Ok, so wait here.” He said to me while patting my shoulder and walked behind a Baekhyun who was vibrating like he was about to pass out.

“What’s wrong with them?” I asked Minjae and Bogum and both looked at me like they’ve seen a ghost.

“Taehyung, can’t you see he was...” Bogum was cut-off by Minjae and like they were talking by eyes.

“Taehyung, some fevers are only cured b/w couples. Let them help each other. I know Chanyeol can help Baekhyun.” Minjae said while holding back a smile.

“Taehyung you wait here, me and Bogum will take the lunch for all of us.” Minjae and Bogum both went to the counter leaving me all confused.

“Hell with the fever. I don’t even understand couples nowadays.” Tae said while stomping his feet.


“Why didn’t you tell tae that Baekhyun was hard?” Bogum told Minjae arching his eyebrow.

“He is too innocent for that thing even though he got those letters but he is still a baby by his heart. Let’s not ruin it Hyung.” Minjae holds both shoulders of Bogum and pouted.

“You are right but he has to know about this at some point in his life. It’s not like he will always be like this.”

Both looked at Taehyung’s side. Who was playing with the string of his crop top and sucking on it like a small child? The sight made them cooed. They both looked at each other and sighed.

Kim Taehyung POV

After lunch, they all head back to the class. Baekhyun was still not back. I swear if he did any wrong with my Baeky Hyung. I will kill him. And soon after that the classroom door opened and Baekhyun came back with flushed cheeks and bright eyes. It was almost he was as fresh as he came from the amusement park.

“Hyung... are you alright? He didn’t hurt you right?” Tae’s eyes almost went glossy.

“Ohh, my baby brother. I am alright. Chanyeol didn’t hurt me. Even he is the one who helped me with my bo...” “Body fever... Body fever” Baekhyun was cut-off by Minjae.

“Right Hyung!!” He stood in front of me and Baeky Hyung and when he got out of my sight I saw pity in his eyes and mumbling the same word.

“Y...Yes, Tae. He was helping with my body fever he took me to nurse. She medicated me and now I am alright.”

I smiled and engulfed him into a hug. “Now tell me about everything that I need to know about both of you,” I said while pouting. And there is no one who could resist Kim Taetae’s pout.

He talked about how they met when Baeky Hyung was passing through the corridor and he suddenly bumped into Chanyeol. And their first impression made them blush. After a few days, he got a letter in his locker and it was from Chanyeol. How did he recognize it? It has the same scent that he wore the day when they bumped. I never thought people remember this much. He continued about saying their first date in a coffee shop after that they went to watch a movie.


It’s all so cringy and so romantic I don’t believe how did he even bare with it. But he told me that it’s not all cause he ends up falling deeply for him when one day a bunch of guys pick Baekhyun Hyung in street and started bullying him for his dressing way. On the same day, Chanyeol was also with him but he went to another store for buying them ice-cream and when he saw Baekhyun like this. He rushed towards him and started beating all those guys and growling like crazy. At first, Hyung got scared but when all the guys ran for their life. He came to him and hugged him that day they spent together while cuddling and from that day they both end up becoming more close and understandable to each other.

I almost took a nap b/w his talking but I was happy too watching Hyung’s eyes lit-up with shine every time he talks about Chanyeol.

“As long as you are happy. I am happy with anything.” Tae said while giving his boxy smile.

The college ended and they all stated goodbye to each other and walked back to their place.

Baekhyun and Minjae lived in their house while Bogum and Taehyung opted for dorms. They tried to get the same rooms but unfortunately, Bogum’s aunt’s son also did his graduation from the same university so they both ended up in different rooms. But Tae was happy with being Hobi too. He really cared for him and only Hoseok can handle the pricks of tae.

He opened the dorm only to find an empty room and a letter stuck on the fridge.

“I made the porridge for you. Eat it with cooked rice and kimchi. I will be late cause I have to attend a fresher welcoming party.”

Another slip...

“I didn’t want to but you know Yoongi also went there, so yes I have to go. Don’t worry I won’t drink and drive”

Another slip near my bed.

“I remember our promise so just eat and sleep we will go tomorrow.😊”

I smiled reading the last message. It’s so like him. But I still worry about him. I went to shower and then wore my comfy shorts and a long pink hoodie. I love that cause its cap has ears extended like a tiger cub and its sooo... cute.


My alarm started buzzing and I went up to stop it. I looked to another bed and found Hyung sleeping with his tummy open. I smiled and covered him with the blanket.

I went to the washroom and brushed my teeth after that took a cool shower and dressed in my grey hoodie and black jeans.

I went out and saw Hyung rubbing his eyes.

“Good Morning Hyung.”

“Good Morning TaeTae.”

“How was the party last night?”

“Hmm... I went there and he was also there but as usual, we didn’t talk too much. I am telling you tae my instincts are saying me maybe he is a vampire. I mean look at that pale quiet person. He rarely does anything still look as hot as fuck. Even if anyone tries to talk to him he only shrugs them. It’s becoming more difficult cause I still don’t know if he is into guys or not?” He almost rapped everything and then pouted sadly.

“Don’t do that its only my specialty.” I poked his cheeks. “Now get ready, we have to go shopping today as you promised me. I especially took a day off even knowing there are 1000 letters breaking my locker. At least respect for my time.” I told him while making bratty faces.

“Ok.. okk my lord. Let me go to the washroom to at least clean myself.” He went to the washroom.




“YAAAHH... KIM TAEHYUNG why did you drop my brush inside the toilet. I will kill you?”

“Sorry Hyung, I didn’t do it on purpose. My back starts itching and when I lifted my hand for that suddenly your brush popped inside the wo-wo” I giggled knowing completely that it was my fault but I still find it a great way to start a morning.


Ohhh maaaiiii gaaawwwwdddd!!!!


“Tae baby control yourself. Don’t end up buying everything. Otherwise, I will end up in front of your uncle answering why I took you to this mall.?” Hyung said worriedly.

“Oh, don’t worry Hyung I will talk to my uncle about it and I know he is not going to say anything to you.”

“But still... just don’t end up buying the whole store.”

“Okk..” I picked up the trolley and got lost in the store leaving a worried hobi at the entrance. I mean I can hear his prays from here. But what should I do I love GUCCI. Fuck even that... I live for GUCCI.

I strolled through the store and looked at the man wearing the light brown sweater with pearls on it. I took it to try it on me

“It’s beautiful.” The first word came out of my mind and I removed it from the mannequin and put it inside my trolley.

After 4hour of trying and removing, I finally decided to buy 4 clothes for my college. I loved their design and they were fresh in their collection.


Hobi Hyung and I went to the cash counter where he made the bill

“5000$, what the fuck did you thought while buying these clothes tae? It’s so damn expensive.” I smiled my oh-so-famous boxy smile and he swiped the card.

I mean I know he cared about me but sometimes he just seriously acts more than my mom. After that, we went to the Burger King and ordered two hamburger, 1 cola and 1 sprite [Hoseok’s voice]

That’s for my second chapter. It took a long for me to publish it. Also for this book, I am going to publish 3 chapters per month. As I said earlier this is my first fanfiction that’s why it is more connected to my heart and I love it while writing it.

As for my other book TLIB. I will be publishing its new chapter after 4 PM today. I am watching Bang Bang Con right now. I am super excited about both books.

I seriously don’t know if any of you are reading to my book or not. To be honest it hurts when I don’t see any views or comment on my book it’s like I almost lose hope. But then my friends always encourage me and support me for this and my other fellow writers and armies also support me for this book. So why not...

I am happy to share this book in a big channel like Wattpad. I know the current chapters were making you bored as hell. But trust me after reading this book you will be going to change your thoughts. This book is anything but soft. So stay tuned my purples...

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