Project- Vkook

3|Crossed Paths

I went to college with a petrified expression. Yesterday after coming out from shopping with Hobi Hyung we both got into a restaurant and ate some food. While coming back to the house I suddenly started to feel my stomach clench from pain. It was almost like something is knotting inside me.

I sat down in the middle of the road. It was almost 10 pm but there was no taxi available for us.

I was trying so hard to resist the pain but it keeps hitting my insides. ”This is bad," I said to no one in particular.

I glanced toward a worried hobi Hyung who was just about to cry anytime soon.

He was dialing the number of drivers continuously and the driver said that he was on his way.

But the problem is my pain can’t able to wait anymore.

I was literally crawling while hugging mine on top of the road.

It sounds strange, right? The fashionista taehyung for the very first time isn’t thinking about his Gucci shirt.

Well, this is new!

Hobi Hyung was trying to stop any car. But nobody was stopping at that time. Until then, a car stopped right in front of us and the person was the least expected one we both were thinking about right now.

“Min Yoongi,” We both said in the same time.

He came out from his black sedan car and he raised an eyebrow looking at me and Hyung.

"Do you really wanted to be kidnapped at this hour of time?"

“No, no you are thinking wrong we were waiting for our driver and also trying to stop any other car.” His reaction still was cold. “Why were you waiting for your driver here, he probably is stuck in the traffic. There was some accident that happened. So maybe he was just stuck in the jam”

" Ohh… is that so? What do I do now? ”

′ I was just looking at Hyung from behind. He just turned like a shybean within an exchange of a couple of words with Yoongi. Gosshh!!! How much he must love him?′

I jolted with another knot and a growl screamed out of my mouth. It was not intentional but I was really suffering.

“Ohh… shit, Taehyung I forgot about you… ”

He exclaimed panic leaving from his mouth. I could feel that he was really worried about me..

But you know… love, it just makes you do immensely stupid things and make you go crazy over that single person like your whole ass life is dependent upon that single small smile of his or her.


Well, I am not here to justify my philosophy here. But in case let’s get this bread.


I don’t really remember what happened after that night. I just remember being blacked out about that growl and then I opened my eyes in front of a green and blue cubical room having white curtains wearing a paper gown hardly covering my knees. But it’s okay. well for now…

I blinked my eyes multiple times and found a sobbing red hobi Hyung clenching the sheets of my stretcher and rapping 1000 of incoherent prayers to God.

I looked at him with soft eyes. I mean I can’t imagine what would happen to me if he can’t be there with me. Hell, I don’t even imagine someone crying over me. I don’t think I deserve this. This is not my thoughts but when I was a child my father used to come home while getting drunk and then start throwing hands on my Mom. I was a child but still he beat me too.

One day my mom ran away taking me with her and she joined a bakery and started working there part-time. We got shelter in one of our uncle’s house. He is like a father figure for me.

“Thanks, uncle, I don’t know even what happens to taetae and me if you just don’t notice us in the hospital in the middle of the night. I am sincerely thankful for your favor to us. ”

“Yaa... Hoba don’t say stupid things. You both are like a son to me. Please take care of Taehyung in spite of sobbing like a cry baby. ”

“Yes, uncle I will. ”

I nodded my head in thanks and then he left.


I am feeling much better than last night and my stomach is also in a pretty good condition unless it lost a little much of abs I made they were not that much but it was enough for boosting my confidence.

But now I am left with this soft belly which is literally so feminine and soft. Although I loved my figure for being curvy and now my little abs are gone and this made me sob a little.

I sighed, walked past from my college as I was walking inside the main hall room someone suddenly barged in front of me. I got startled fall on my knees.

“Don’t you have eyes or don’t you know where to watch while walking?” He said to me in almost the most irritated tone that he can blurt out that time.

To be honest I was really thinking about asking him if he was alright but the way he just snorted out at me and the way he was talking to me actually made me a little more irritated. I just got up and shook the dust from my fishnets which were torn a bit.

“I am the one who is hurt here. It’s me who needs to be the one to get angry with you. And see what you’ve done to my pretty fishnets…? Huh?? Where did that bastard go? Fuck I didn’t get to see his face otherwise I will surely remind him to not mess with the college brat.”

I blurted sassily and walked off from there mumbling incoherent words for the blind stranger.

The class was started. Suddenly 3 seniors from our department came to our class and as in their respect, we all stood up.

“Sit down, class. As you all are in your freshman year and there are many things that you need to come across. Basically we are here for a great opportunity for second-year fellas, as after 2 years you all are going to get placed, graduated or went for further studies. But being in this field you all must know to relate theoretical knowledge with technical knowledge. So, we came in front of you with this wonderful opportunity.

Every year our college organizes a team in which the students are trained to participate in multiple projects. This is a very time and goal-oriented project which is going to benefit you in further future too.

This year there is a plot twist that means there are 20 students who are going to be selected and trained and for the final team only 7 out of 20 students are selected and this is done so that we can let you face the inner competition between both outside and inside.

Don’t hold back yourself after listening to the 7 selection for final team. Cause there are many good opportunities for all 20 members. So give your best and be ready for the rounds.”

“Any Questions?” one of them asked.

“How many rounds are going to be held for the selection?” One of the students asked from the last rows.

“Good question. The selection is going to happen after clearing two phases. Details are already shared with all of you by mail. But still for a brief summary Phase-I consist of an open book test in which the question paper is mailed to you in your mail id of the registered students.

There will be a specific time period for the submission of the answers. Failing of which the candidate will face immediate elimination.

Phase-II is the final interview round which will be taken by our Project advisor and the Captain of the team.

I guess this will be enough for the details. The rest of the changes will be accommodated to all of you. Keep your mail notification on as each mail contains its own importance and if any of you failed to complete any process then immediately the candidate will be detained and restricted for any further participation in these projects.”


‘Well, It sounds a lot more interesting and a little problematic and a little hard too but not impossible more like it sounds fun to participate in such a competitive platform’

I am seriously excited about working on this new project. I always dreamed of working with vehicles and many technical things. This is more like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Not only this project help me in learning new things but it also helps me regain my lost confidence and a chance to prove myself and make momma proud of me.

After the announcement, the seniors leave the class and the whole class starts to chit-chatting again. Some of them were mostly dissing about the policies, Some were excited and some were day-dreaming and some were just like me thinking about the life and the experience this new project is going to change them into.


“Hey Jeon, what are you thinking about this project?” Yugyeom said to a certain raven-haired male who was mentally cursing himself for his leg pain.

“What happened to your leg?” Yugyeom said out of concern.

“Nothing… Just got in an accident with someone.” Jeongguk said.

“Ohh, is that so? Well, I hope you get well. But what do you think about this new event?” Yugyeom said

“It’s going to be fun working there.”

“Yahh!!! We didn’t even get selected and here you are being delusional again”

“First of all, when Jeon Jeongguk set his eyes for something than no one in this earth has the dare to make him spare from that thing.”

“And second…” Yugyeom said eyeing his friend’s unique confidence for almost the 1000th time of the day.

“The second is that in Jeon Jeongguk’s whole life he never made a mistake about these things and when I said I will be in the final team of 7 members. Then trust me, I am not being delusional.”

“Huh!! Sometimes I really think how can a person have so much confidence. I don’t know what will this project bring to all of us, but I know one thing for sure is that you really need to work on your overconfidence.” Yugyeom said to Jeongguk by hitting his head with his finger making the ravenette growl in anger.


Taehyung has always been a bright student even after his habits and style. He was more like a strong IQ boy in the university. So when such kind of opportunity arose in front of him. It was almost like a cherry on top of the cake for him. He was super excited about this project even before getting selected in it.

But little do we all know that this project is going to teach him something more than just technical knowledge and training. This new opportunity is going to change his life completely and to be more specific this project will be the most beautiful and at the same time the most painful journey of his entire life.

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