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4| Encounter



I walked up to my friends so that I let them know about this news too. Although Baecky Hyung, Minjae, and Bogum already know about the project as they are in the same class as me. But there are two more people whom I would want to know about this project so I just went up to them. The first one is Hobi Hyung and the second one is my only dear brat Jennie.

Yes, Jennie. The whole college knows about our relationship. We both are the baddest bitches in the college. I just really like her. First of all, cause she is also gay and I know her crush is Lisa. And here again, I feel pity for her cause Lisa is not gay.

“But it doesn’t justify that she is straight either!!” She always yells the same thing whenever I am about to tell her that she should come out of her delusions. I wonder why is it feels like to be in love? Cause it does obviously not seem like the people moving around with different colors of hearts on top of their head and suddenly they found a matching heart and suddenly people conclude that the person in front of him or she is born to be the one for them.

Well, whatever I just don’t give that much a thought.

“Hey, Jen...Did you herd about the hybrid vehicle project that is going to start from next month and its registration is almost going to start within next week.”

“I didn’t know about it but now cause you to seem to sound so excited for this project it signifies that it was a big project for you,” said Jennie wiggling her eyebrows

“Hmm.. you are right it was more likely my dream project for me. And to be honest I am pretty excited for you. I don’t know what to say, But I love even having the thought of it. It’s just the inner thought of being in that team of seven members I don’t know but it excites me like death. I am excited about this project Jennie.” Tae said while his eyes were brimming with light.

“Ohh shit!! Sorry, Jen, I can’t talk to you right now. I have to inform baecky Hyung about this too. Although I know he already knows about it but I still think that he is not motivated enough so I should discuss this with him this. I just can’t waste enough time on this.” With this Taehyung went out leaving goodbye to Jennie.


“I also know someone who needs to know about this. But I just doubt if she wants to know about it. As she usually ignores whatever I say to her.” Jennie thought in her mind while thinking about a particular no one.

Lisa is the university Tomgirl. She was hardworking and excel in every field she tries to put her effort into. She is one of those who don’t give a fuck to other guys who try to act all hot and manly in front of her. Instead, she is herself a dom type. So probably you can say she like sub-personalities. Probably one of the reasons why Jennie likes her way too much and she also knows that Lisa can be very competitive in such cases when it comes to events like this. But somehow Lisa seems to be annoyed by Jennie. That probably even Jen doesn’t know herself.

“Hey, Mary… Did you listen to the new upcoming project for a hybrid vehicle? I thought what if you also join me for that project. You know they are saying various trips are going to organize for those who are going to participate in that project. You keep saying that you don’t be able to spend your time with me. Probably this would be your chance who knows?”

Jennie doesn’t even know if this going to work cause Lisa doesn’t bother to show any interest in her. But she still has hope what if that work even if it means that she got a fake confirmation but somehow her heart is telling her to do this trick. So she intentionally uses mary and by seeing the perfect time she came in front of Lisa and blocked mary.

At first, mary was shocked cause Jen never gave a fuck about her even she tried 100 times to approach her. Maybe she is too blind in love with Lisa. Yeah! She knows that too. Almost half of the university know that Jennie is a bitch for Lisa. But only for her… so when she suddenly approached her she got confused it was almost like God listened to her.

“Jen, are you serious? I mean you finally gave up on Lisa are you finally going to accept my love?”

Stfu you bitch. I can never be with you and you know that too. Just act like you got flustered and stop making me act more cause I am already on my verge of puking while seeing your face. I am just doing it for my Lis baby. Once I confirm that she will be able to motivate from this Istg I will never come up to you like this.’ Jen mumbled in her mind.

“Good for both of you.” suddenly a mocking voice came from behind Jen sending shivers in her spine.

“You both need to go events like this. And I think if you two spend more time with each other who knows you both came to like each other and then maybe you find someone and stop wagging your tail around me.” Lisa said to Jen almost spitting venom from her tongue. She has a clear idea of how her words hurting her right now. But Jennie didn’t give up she dropped mary’s hand from her waist and she stood in front of Lisa.

“Than stop us.”

“What do you mean by stopping us?”

“You know what Lisa I am tired and hell yes I am sick of approaching you. I always seek around you tried to find hella ways to approach you so that I can spend time. But you always bothered me to the extent and I am tired now. I don’t hold onto you anymore.” A tear rolled down from Jennie’s eyes and somehow Lisa felt a hint of guilt rushed through her veins.

JEON JEONGGUK POV[yes I finally made his POV]

Yugyeom came in front of me huffing as he was running.

“Calm the fuck down why are you huffing?” JK said while making Yugyeom stopping in his path

“Jeongguk I hit the jackpot. Take these and go to the bathroom. Make sure you hide them well.” Yugyeom said while putting a folded piece of paper in his pocket.

Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows as he can’t able to understand much but he thought maybe his friend got some nude pictures so he just can’t able to hold his curiosity. Although Jeongguk is bisexual he doesn’t mind guys and girls at all.

He went to the washroom and started unwrapping the folded paper. Suddenly someone came into the washroom too.

“Uff!!! Baecky Hyung where are you? I almost searched for the whole college for you. I can’t able to find that bitch Jennie also. I just wanted to share this new project and my excitement towards it but it seems like no one is here. Humm!!”

Somehow, Jeongguk can feel the pout the blondie was making outside the washroom walls where he was going to open the paper.

PAAANNK!!! Suddenly all the lights inside the washroom went out and there was no one in the washroom other than those two.


Suddenly the lights went out and I got panicked as my mind drifted towards the past incidents where I kept in closed dark rooms for hours when my dad used to show his power on my mom.

“!! hicc… help please.” I almost bent against my knees and started sobbing. My voice is not loud but its enough to be heard from a certain someone.

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