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5| Vanilla and Honey


“What on this earth? Is he afraid of the dark? Should I go and ask him if he needs anything or not. Fuck this power out now I can’t even able to see the paper. I can’t even able to see the door in front of me.”

Jeongguk slowly turned the knob only to find a hazy silhouette of a boy who was stuffing his head b/w his knees.

‘He must be pretty afraid. I guess...’ He bent forward to his size and now Tae’s back was in front of guk.

“Umm… hey, don’t worry I am here.”

“No... No… my dad will kill me please don’t kill me.”

“Hey… shhh!!! I am not here to kill you or anything. Just trust me and get up.”

“W...Who are you? Wh..where is Baecky Hyung? I am… Don’t touch me. I said stop touching me. I am going to call Hobi Hyung”

“Shhh!!! Stop crying for god sake and stop making things look like I am molesting you.”

Guk was cursing this situation inside his head like 1000 times. ’Why I am here? And why I have to be suddenly being a knight armor. Can’t I just live peacefully and don’t try to interrupt even if someone wants to give into his life. Why I have to suffer like this? Guk kept cursing all of his life decisions until he heard a doorknob. He got to know one thing for sure that if he got caught like this than it was dead sure that people are going to take him as a molester. He finally gave up his patience and he lifts tae while moving one of his hands on his mouth and one arm wrapping his waist. He dragged him inside the toilet and then locked it from inside.

‘Fuck in this earth why his waistline is so soft?’ Guk murmured inside his mind.

Here Taehyung was on the verge of losing his mind and on top of that Jeongguk took him inside the toilet. He was getting so scared with each passing second but then suddenly it almost like a faint smell rush from the person who was back hugging him. It was a smell of honey melted with lavender. It suddenly calms him down but he was still not able to understand the situation.

Now that Tae seemed to stop his harsh movements for getting out of his grip. Guk softens his hold and then a smell rushed in his senses almost as if he smelled vanilla with strawberry essence. And the weirdest thing is that it was coming from a guy whom he didn’t even saw yet.

Yes right… Guk and Tae didn’t even saw each other, except for their voices and their smells which driving their insanity they didn’t know a thing about each other.

Guk kept saying incoherent words inside Tae’s ear to calm him down.

“Calm down...If they see us. We are going to get caught. So calm down…”

“I am here okk… Nobody is going to kill you. So stop crying I am here okay.”

Somehow Jeongguk’s raspy voice was sending him an unknown assurance as if he can trust this voice till the last day of his life.

“Hmm…” Finally, tae speaks, and damn Guk admits that his deep voice made him wonder how sexy he can be in real life.

“Shh… just calm down… okk otherwise they are going to see us.”

Tae don’t know what was happening or you can say he might not be in his right mind. He started wiggling to ease himself in Jeongguk’s hold. He somehow finds his position utterly sexy and hot.

His shorts started to drift upwards by his movements.

Suddenly Jeongguk’s length touched Tae’s butt and damn who on this earth can resist Taebooty. Guk can swear to god about what he has deserved to be in a situation with a guy who is carrying such a delicious meal and they even stuck inside a fucking toilet but they can’t do anything to each other. Or maybe that’s what both of them thinking.

“Stop moving so much or you get us both in trouble..”

“Hmmm...ahhh!!!” a moan escaped from Tae’s mouth and here we go Guk got a boner by hearing such a sexy voice.

Tae was cursing himself so much about the situation and the most embarrassing thing is he was getting aroused by a person whom he didn’t even look. And damn Jeoncock is really very big and thick.

Of course, tae want to have sex in his life. But not like this. He really wants to see him but he was also want to hide from him as for the first interaction what if Jeongguk thinks he is too easy. He also doesn’t want to let go of him. Both of his minds are conflicting with the thought and on the other thought, his ass can’t able to stop brushing over his length.

“Baby, do you really want it?” Guk said to tae almost whispering sending shivers down to Tae’s spine.

Tae nodded unconsciously. His mind is kept fogging up his thoughts. He never thought he can be in such a lewd situation. And he is ready to pop his cherry inside a toilet with a person whom he didn’t even look a glance at.

This is the only thought which kept making them go insane as they both are finding the situation too hot.

“P..please…” Tae pleaded. Guk smirked. Damn his smirk is so hot only if tae has seen him.

He started planting soft kisses on Tae’s shoulder as he was wearing an oversized sweater. So it was easy for Guk to slide it down. He softly removed the sweater from the side sliding it down revealing his smooth skin. Jeongguk dipped his face in the nape of tae inhaling the smell which is driving him crazy. The sound of breathing made Tae almost insane and now he was also hard. He can’t able to hold his moans as he kept biting his lower lip trying to hold his voices.

“Shhh… baby, they are going to hear us.”

“Huhh..hmmm mmm… y..yes”

“Call me Sir,” Jeongguk commanded the whimpering blondie.

“Mmm...mmm yes s...sir.”

“Hey, Mark did you hear someone breathing?” suddenly the two guys outside the toilet. This made both raven and blondie stop in their action.

“Is there a ghost?” The other guy stated almost scared.

“No… idiot its almost like... Like those sound, like someone doing the dirty…” The other guy said.

“Hey, dude I think we must get out of here. I don’t think it’s going to get good.”

Suddenly Guk got a naughty idea. As he leaned against Tae’s ear and said, “ Let’s see how much you can hold up?” with this Tae’s eyes got wide and he felt his sweater completely down on his waist. And a pair of long and thick hand came in front of his bare chest and started twisting his nipples.

“Ahhh…..hahhh!!!” Tae almost moaned a little higher than he was holding. The situation was not helping at all. Tae was standing completely by the support of the ravenette. Or you can say if Jeongguk didn’t hold tae he was as same as a slippery squid worm jiggling on every touch. Although the moan was not much loud but enough to scare the shit out of the two guys out there. Guk didn’t stop here and he started roaming his hands over his chest. He started planting wet kisses over Tae’s shoulder. That’s it he can’t able to hold any longer.

“Baby, are you having trouble in anything?” guk whispered almost like teasing tae. And suddenly he saw a change in his voice which made him smirk.

“Look what I found baby boy.” And suddenly Tae got on all his sense. He caught on the word as what the raspy voice guy found in his body.

“W...what sir?”

“Your weak spot. Well, I bet there will be many more and I will be honored to find them all if we able to meet in further future.”

Oh… I forgot the guys, well they left the toilet as soon as they herd the next moan from tae.

“I just realized we don’t know each other’s name. How am I supposed to find you?” Jk said while smelling tae and licking his nape.

Tae was already on the verge of breaking as it was his first foreplay it was literally the best foreplay he experienced even though.

“ name is...hiccc hahh!!”

Suddenly Jeongguk leaned in and sucked the spot of tae and bite on the area leaving a purple bruise on it leaving a froze Tae who was already overwhelmed with the pleasure and suddenly the guy whom he didn’t even see gave him a hickey right on his shoulder where it can be visible to anyone. It was embarrassing for Tae but at the same time, he found it really thrilling. To be honest he never thought that he got an exhibitionism kink.

“Well I guess now I can spot you easily baby boy.” with that last word suddenly all the lights of the toilet came out, and with that, a worried Baekhyun also arrived at the toilet.

“Tae bear, baby are you here?” Tae’s eyes almost got widened as he lifted his sweater and was almost rushed out of the toilet leaving a certain someone who was left there to deal with a problem all by himself. But one thing is sure that he was really addicted to the voice and moans of a certain blonde guy.

“Hmm... So his name is Tae. I am looking forward to our next meeting Tae…” with the thoughts of the whimpered guy Jeongguk smirked and chuckled while rubbing his hands over the back of his head.

“Fuck, I have to deal with this mess now!!” Jeongguk smirked while looking at his problem.

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