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WTF just happened, Leave it Wtf happened if Baeky Hyung didn’t come on time. I can’t even imagine. I was almost moaned on his touches and, my virgin ass, what just happened to you back there. But damn!! His thing was so big and… shut up shut up

Get a hold on yourself Kim Taehyung you can’t get a boner on someone’s voice and big thing. Get your ass and mind washed by holy water. I wasn’t even able to know his name too. What if he was some kind of loser ass type. Ohh god Geeezzzz!!! Kim Taehyung why you have to wear shorts out of all day today? No, it’s not the fault of my shorts, Maybe that guy was holding it for much longer than his usual. I really screwed up a big and he gave me a hic… Oh fuck he gave me a damn hickey.

I rushed towards the mirror and slid down my V-neck sweater. It’s not like it was helping in hiding it either.

He gasped at the purple bruise. It was like someone showed his animal instincts on Taehyung. “My poor skin” He pouted sheepishly but at the same time, he was feeling hot. The thought of getting a hickey from a complete stranger whose voice was so raspy it almost felt like he owns the entire world. The dominism he felt from the touches of the certain stranger in those sensual minutes was so overwhelming for taehyung to digest. He was sad about the fact that he can’t able to look at the face of the certain boy who holds so much power in his voice. But he stopped and suddenly he felt scared like he saw a nightmare. He felt so safe in Jeongguk’s smell but now come to think of it the thought of possessed by someone’s smell and touch made him afraid. If the raspy boy found him then how would he react to the guy?

“What if he just uses me and then through like he never knew me dad threw my mom.” He suddenly got so scared and started crying while crouching down and holding down his knees.

Suddenly a ping popped on his phone making him grab and slid the screen to read the notification and all his tears were wiped away. He stood up from his position and made his way to the study table so that he can stabilize himself. Cause fuck finally the mail for registration for the project… his dear project for what he was excited for almost a whole 2 days was finally shown in front of his mail in a Google form.


It was almost like a psychology test. The word limits were the first thing that amazed me. Although the form was not showing the standard of a hybrid vehicle project form or maybe I was being a little much imaginative. But one thing was sure the person was looking for the specification. The complete words which were required to be written or must process on the person’s mind while filling this form or how much conserved he can be with his words.

Well, a hybrid was all about this we all know… right!!


The moment they posted the link. Many students start to write it down on the page and make their thoughts as conservative as they can be. It was more like a fight b/w their emotion and the greed and what they actually need to sound while filling such answers. It was a pure psychological round in the form of the registration form.

After they filled the form there is another mail came on their screen which was related to Phase-I

It was an open book test containing 15 questions. All were technical related questions and most importantly there are 7 numerical and 5 practical questions and 3 theoretical questions.

Clearly indicating that in this project the person who is good with numbers and practically strong will only be able to stay till the last.

A/N- Sorry I can’t able to write all 15 questions.[It’s not like you are going to read it anyway...teehee]

All friends started to complete the Phase-I. As the last date of submission was after 2 days of posting the form. Tae as soon as he got the question paper he started scrambling all the letters of his book but sadly he can’t able to complete all the questions. As for theoretical and numerical he completed most of them but he doesn’t have any practical knowledge. So he decided to take help from his friend Bogum and Minjae as they are the only ones who remain outside most of the time. So he waited for the time when he can meet with his friends and complete the rest of the assignment.


All the students were already scattered for submitting the paper of phase-I. Between all of these crowds many pairs formed. It was almost like everyone was trying to find the particular who help them in this misery cause yes the questions were really hard.

Jennie was walking around the corridor.

“That bitch why she isn’t here when I want her the most. These questions are really out of my mind. How am I going to solve this all by myself?” Jennie made a cute pout. She was walking while someone grabs her hand and drags her in an empty classroom.

“Bitch, who in this earth give you so much of a right to hold Jennie like this I swear I will rip your throat… L..Lisa” Jennie stuttered on her voice as she saw Lisa in front of her. Lisa smirked as she saw a beetroot, Jennie.

She started walking forward in front of Jennie as Jen started backing herself.

“Y..yahh!! Lisa, why are you doing this to me? Go and tease others as I am not” Jen almost cursed herself as she stuttered in her words.

“Whom were you founding just a minute ago in the hallway,” Lisa said while raising an eyebrow for showing who owns the authority here.

“W...why? Huhh!!” a sudden fist-bumped into the wall making Jennie out of her breath as she got scared of Lisa’s action.

“JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!!” Lisa almost shouted on Jennie as she felt her heart sink by seeing a teardrop fall from Jennie’s eyes.

“L.let me g..go, Lisa, I am not here for you to release your anger and I am not here to being your play toy so that you can throw me again.”

“Jen... Baby I..I am sorry I was just... Fuck I just was out of my mind. Did I hurt you? I am sorry” Lisa almost plead. But this made a creatively naughty idea started to get on the mind of Jennie.

She started crying and acting more hurt and this made Lisa worried.

“H..Hey Jen I said I am sorry I didn’t do that on purpose. Please be quiet. Ahh!! Please be quiet I will do anything you tell me to do. But please stop crying for god sake.”

A small smirk made its way in Jennie’s lips as she finally got succeeded in making Lisa fall in her trap.

“Then, help me… help me in solving the Phase-I paper” Lisa’s eyes got widen when she finally realized what was happening. But then she saw Jennie’s puppy eyes and somewhat that made her face bobbed.

Fuck… she nodded.

Jennie’s eyes glistened in happiness as she hugged Lisa and then she kissed on her cheek while leaving a dark pink kiss mark-making Lisa to flinch in her action. She slid Jennie and then covered her cheek and rushed to the restroom.

She grabbed her handkerchief and she almost started wiping it but then she suddenly stopped and grab her phone and clicked the mark that Jennie left on her cheek.

God knows why she did that. But she sure did that.


“Yoongi, C...Can you please help me with this? ” I sheepishly look at the mirror while repeating the same lines 100th time. But all times I have to screw up while stuttering it.

“Why… just why on this earth I am stuttering gosshhh!! Hobi please get a hold on your tongue. You are not even talking to him right now. What will happen to you when you have to say this in front of him for real… aaahhhh!!! What am I going to do?”

“What are you doing? Haa!” A cold voice suddenly started from the back of the dorm room.

“Y...Yo...Yoongi... Omfg, what are you doing here? Did you just listen to me? Did you just listen to what I was saying while looking at the mirror?” A scared Hoseok said while making wide glossy eyes and shaking legs.

‘Well, I do listen to what you were saying a while ago but something in my mind is saying if I tell that in front of you then you might run away… Which I obviously don’t want’ Yoongi thought in his mind and said, “ I didn’t care about what you are talking cause I don’t think by any means that can be relevant to any of the things I came here to discuss with you.”

“What do you want to discuss Yoongi?” Hoseok said while making a pouty face cause Yoongi was being too cold to him but only if he knows.

“Actually, I came to know that tae has solved all the theoretical and numerical questions and I only solved the Practical ones. So I thought about exchanging a deal. But cause now you are here. I think I have to change the deal with you.”

“I.. I also completed the questions and Tae is right now with his friends Bogum and Minjae. If you don’t mind you can help me with the question. Only if you want to cause I don’t want to make you feel like… you know… like I am forcing you and all.”

Yoongi walked towards Hoseok making his breath hitched. Hobi picked up his notebook and covered his face. This made Yoongi cool at the sight. “Okk, let’s do it together.”

“Huhh!! Did you just say yes to me? Oh my god, I am umm… I mean thanks Yoongi. Let’s get the questions.” Hobi internally screamed. The thought of sitting with Yoongi even if it’s for the exam is making him feel all bubbly inside. Meanwhile, Yoongi was also happy to spend time with Hoseok. Of Course, he knows that hobi likes him. Even after his cold -mean nature, Hobi always stayed with him. He never left Yoongi. At the start, Yoongi was all annoyed and irritated on Hoseok but soon his annoyance converted into love. And it is for sure that Yoongi knows that if it’s not for Hoseok he doesn’t know anyone in his life whom he thinks of relying on.

A small smile crept on his face as he saw hobi setting up the cushions and table for them to work on. Suddenly Hobi’s pencil got inside of the bed.

“Fuck… why did this?” He bent on his knees his butt is perked up facing Yoongi. This sudden gesture made Yoongi blush from ear to ear and when he finally found the pen he faced a cherry ear Yoongi who was blushing crazily on the ass of a certain sunshine guy.





Woah... I am seriously curious about what this book is going to lead me through. Well, I have to tell you all the good news. I am finally home now. You guys remember when I said I am sad and lost my motivation for the book cause I am not with my family. It’s almost like God heard my prayers and me finally able to meet my family.

I hope you all are safe and sound. You know for a certain reason this quarantine doesn’t seem like to bore me now. I am with my mom and dad and to be honest, I am less scared now. Being with family sure gives you strength.


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