Project- Vkook

8| Is This How it Feels?


It was almost their second lecture and when the clock strikes at 11:23 am and all the mails of college popped up with the list of the contestants for the upcoming project.

For a second it was almost like Taehyung forgot to breathe. His hands were shaking and his heartbeat was pumping faster. Obviously, it was his dream project how could he feel okay about it anyway. He went back his mind to reality and clicked to open the mail. But his heart says to run away from there so he ran to a locked classroom. And silently pushed the door. The room was pitch dark and nothing was seen clearly. He closed the door and sat at the corner. He finally gathered all his courage and opened the mail and downloaded the list in the pdf.

The list is made in descending order as per the lowest marks to highest.

20-Choi jin woo

19- Kim Jisoo


17-Park Bogum

16- Minjae









7- Jennie

6- Byun Baekhyun

5-Jung Hoseok

4- Park Chanyeol

3- Lisa

2-Min Yoongi [my eyes scrunched]

1- Jeongguk.

What the actual fuck....

Why my name is not here? For goodness sake, I submitted my assignment, and out of everything that Guk guy got the chance. We even solve the whole paper together. Our answers were matched. I rechecked them. It's not like he uploaded another one cause we all submitted together and on the same site then why only he is considered. What the real hell, all my friends got selected and even Jennie got selected. Where did things go wrong? He scrolled the whole list again swallowing all the names as he can’t able to find his name.

Is this really how this going to be?

I started crying while thinking of all the possibilities where things actually started to go wrong. I submitted all questions and even at the correct time. Why??

Why god why you have to be like this with me. I...What did I do so wrong?

I started sniffing and almost cursing God and others for all the wrong life decisions I’ve ever made. I really wanted to take part in this project so badly.

I started crying and when I cry my eyes become glossy, nose turned pink and my face got puffy. It's as almost anyone can understand by the look of my face that I cried my hearts out. But I don’t want to show that look to anyone cause it makes me look so weak and I am not weak. But I really feel very bad and all this feels so wrong.

Suddenly a hand comes from behind and I almost started to shout my lungs out. But it never came out cause it immediately stopped by the person.

“Hushh... baby why are you crying?” His voice was so soft and it was so calming. [No it was not Jeongguk.]

“Wh..Who are you?” I said while rubbing my sniffing nose.

“I am Seojoon from the electrical department second year.”

“Oh, Hii, I am sorry I never saw you in university.”

“Ahh... I am not interested in being famous at all. But I know you very well. You and that Baekhyun guy... I heard about you both so much. You both are famous in guys.” He said while smiling towards me. I almost gulped and suddenly I frowned what if he is also here just for fulfilling his lust like other guys. I almost started to get up.

“I... I am sorry, But I am not the type of guy you are thinking of. And for the praise thank you. I should go.” I said but then he said something which made my ears all stand up.

“Hahaha... I am sorry Taehyung.” Oh, he knows my name.

“I am also not into you like that. I never really thought like that about you. I actually really respect you. I never really thought about meeting you in this situation. But I ...I don’t know if I should say this. But you can share your feelings with me. You know it feels very good to talk to someone when you want to cry your heart out and curse every single one who is being a bitch to you.”

I somehow chuckled at his comment. Is he trying to make me feel good or comfortable?


“I... I am not selected for the phase-I round.“Tears again started to brimming from my eyes.

“The hybrid one.”

“Yeah. I submitted my work and uploaded it at the correct time still I didn’t get into the list. The friends with whom I submitted my work are on that list but why am I not on the list. They even write the answers from my sheets. I guess I am really not that lucky. You know it was the only thing I wanted to be honest. It was an opportunity for me to learn something completely different than what I was supposed to learn from all these years in this course. But look at me now, ” Taehuyng sighed.

“Oh... so you are worried about just a project,” Seojoon said. ” It was not just a project but it was my chance to do something different than others.” Tae said sniffing and now more rage-filled in his voice.

“Hmm... so what if you get a chance and got entered in that project what will you do?” Seojoon said and Tae’s eyes widened in shock.

“W...What are you... How can you say something so sure? Do you know even what you are saying? That project, how can you...huh!!.” Tae got stopped when seojoon came in front of him capturing the college beauty.

“If you want to enter into that project then don’t think about other things just say it okay,” Seojoon said. And after saying this he left an awestruck Tae in the classroom.

After Seojoon walked out. Tae tried to follow him not knowing what in the earth power a certain guy had got. But he failed in stalking and went home by thinking of all the possibilities.

That night he was again left at dorm alone cause Hoseok was in his mother’s home to spend some time with their families.

“Why would he say something like that? What if he is also a member of HVCS. But I didn’t saw him at university. How did I even end up in that situation? And if we even take the possibility that he is going to make me enter the project what is the surety that he would be asking in return. AHHH!!! I don’t know anymore.” Tae sighed and drifted back to sleep.


A sudden beep in his mobile notification bar popped up. He was in dreamland and don’t have a single idea what this day is holding for him.

Then one message...

Another message

200 notifications and 250 unread messages.

60 missed calls. But our poor baby was sleeping to his ass poking up from his shorts until he heard a doorbell.

“W...What on this earth happened? W..why I can’t sleep peacefully for at home?” The sleepyhead Tae whined while scratching his head as he fell from the bed.


“Ahh!! Can’t get any better than this.” Tae started massaging his butt and drifted towards the door.

Just as he got up to open the door. His eyes got widen at the sight in front of him. “W..what the... WHAT THE HELL!!!!”





Author-nim talks

Hii guys, How are you feeling as I posted on the project. I am really in love with this book but as so we know, Tae did not get on the list. UwU I feel so bad for my baby. I really mean that. But why that Seojoon guy is so sure about and why he wanna help our Taebaby.

Apart from the story did you guys noticed how cool our guys look in red? Gosh, I can’t stop drooling on them... They are just so fine.

[look here armies... our daddies are sitting while spreading their legs showing their manhood...Gosh I am definitely not gonna survive after this.]

Bye, meet you in the next chapter.💜💜

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