Dragon Ball Z: Achillea

Ground Zero

Once the rest of the Earth's Special Forces and ASTF were notified of the danger, training began in earnest. Clemartis encouraged her crew to train with their new comrades with the hope new techniques would give them an edge. If they were strong enough to kill Frieza himself, Earth techniques would be more than enough to defeat his remaining soldiers.

Upon their friends' agreement, each member of the squad chose or sought out their training partners. Ophrys encouraged Sorrel to train as a pair with Goten and Trunks, believing they could teach the two earthlings as much as learn from them. Clemartis thought it was a perfect match since all four boys were used to working together in combat. Improving their already steadfast teamwork would give them a extra advantage. Of course, their training was done without the knowledge of their mothers. The less they knew the better.

Azera, who had taken interest in the warrior Yamcha, insisted preparing him for the battle. Even though Yamcha was reluctant to participate, there was little he could do to dissuade the knight. Forcytha stated to his queen that he would spend some time training alone, flying off towards the sea. Only to be returned to the base by Eighteen, holding him by the back of his shirt collar.

"Did you lose this?" she asked in her deadpan tone.

No matter how much Clemartis reprimanded him for his behavior, even stripping him of his previous rank, it didn't dissuade the young noble to continue his trips over to Kame House. By the middle of the first week, the old man known as Master Roshi, and even Marron, Krillin and Eighteen's daughter, had taken a liking to him, much to Krillin's distaste. Reluctantly, they allowed Forcytha to join in some of their sparring sessions, on the condition that he refrained from using his trademark explosive attacks on the island.

Calla spent a fair amount of time training with Gohan. Though as the week passed, he would have to keep a closer eye on Videl as her due date approached. Fortunately for Calla, she had noticed that Piccolo had been keeping an eye on the two, while preparing in his own way. Though it took some coaxing, he agreed to spar with her.

Calla was aware of some Namekian fighting techniques and could perform them with flawless execution thanks to her time with Torga. However, compared to the rest of his kind, Piccolo's training style was far more aggressive that Calla had expected. Though she struggled, coming back to camp with all sorts of cuts and bruises, Clemartis couldn't help but notice Calla's excitement for the next day's training. Calla loved the challenge of a good fight, but she loved to learn even more. And Piccolo seemed to be a wealth of knowledge in both technique and skill. As their training wore on Calla continued to improve, returning to base with fewer injuries, bragging on about how much closer she was to winning in her bouts with the Namekian warrior.

As for herself, Goku was true to his word and their training began almost immediately. Goku was as giddy as a child during festival time when they had their first sparring match. Though Clemartis was feeling well enough to train, she had underestimated how far Goku was willing to push her limits. Not by intention, but by his physical ability alone. Every punch made her hand sting, having to put all of her ki in a single barrier to protect from a single blast, each day pushed her to her limit.

However, each time she felt she had reached the breaking point, Goku encouraged her to keep going if only for a little longer. Slowly but surely she would respond by resuming the fight, adding more ki to her barriers and blows. And much to both of their delight, Clemartis improved. Her attacks were quicker, harder, her defensive barriers stronger, and she even noticed an increase in speed during flight.

But most importantly, for the first time in a long time, Clemartis enjoyed fighting. With Goku, she was never pressured to be perfect or get the form right on the first try. He was patient and encouraging. Ready to give her a moment to prepare herself and carefully instruct her on new martial arts forms. When he fought, he almost seemed like a different person. Noble and wise, but still childlike enough to take breaks for huge meals and fishing trips.

To him, fighting wasn't a means to survive or a symbol of status, it was sport. A game. A way to improve himself physically and mentally. Though Clemartis wasn't sure if she could ever look at fighting in such a way, she endeavored to learn from his example. In the hopes that it would make the difficult battles ahead more bearable.

The two weeks came and went, with each warrior briefed on the battle plan the following morning. The members of the ASTF stood in their battle armor on the tallest cliff in the Break Wasteland, surrounded by their allies. Clemartis held the distress beacon tight, praying that the enemy fleet would notice their lowered power levels and take the bait. The plan was simple enough, with the main fleet focused on their main adversaries in the center, Earth's warriors would keep an eye on the strays; the idea being to keep the fleet contained and away from populated areas.

Unfortunately, the weather was not in their favor as grey clouds completely covered the sky. A strong breeze blew through the wasteland, threatening to knock the unprepared off balance. Worse, there was still the chance that the enemy force was equipped with the energy dampers. Though Azera and Bulma had constructed a device to detect and counteract the dampers' frequencies, the warriors were going to going to have to rely on sight instead of sensing their enemy.

"How does it look Azera?" Clemartis asked her second in command.

"It looks like they are in orbit just above us. So far so good." he said holding the round device in his hand.

"What the heck are they doing up there? Having tea? They should have been here hours ago!" Forcytha complained.

"They'll be here one way or another so stop whining." Piccolo scolded as he took off his cape and turban.

"He's right Forcytha." Calla concurred. "The fight's not going to start any faster if you keep shouting at the sky. And quite frankly it's getting a little annoying."

"Fine, fine." Forcytha said backing down. "Geez. So now she's friends with the Namekian and all of a sudden it's team up against Forcytha day." The young noble mumbled to himself. He perked up however when he caught sight of Eighteen who was patiently waiting on the opposite end the cliff.

"Then again, the longer it takes for them to get here, the more time I get to spend with you gorgeous."

"Oh joy." Came Eighteen's sarcastic reply . Krillin smoothed back his black hair and walked away from the pair towards Goku. Clemartis eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I swear, if he hits on my wife one more time, I'm gonna cut that jerk in half."

"Come on Krillin, you wouldn't do that." Goku scolded.

"Mabye not but I'm seriously considering it." Krillin grumbled.

"He's a bit rude, but he can't be all bad." Goku said trying to reassure his friend.

"Oh yeah?" Krillin said, his hand and counting off his fingers. "He never stops flirting with Eighteen, treats me like dirt when nobody is looking, makes my daughter think he's the coolest by pretending to be her knight in shining armor, humiliates me in training in front of my own family, goes peeping with Master Roshi," He paused to let the last few statements sink in. "You want me to go on? Cause I can!"

"No, that's okay Krillin." Goku said embarrassed. "Sorry you had to deal with that."

"As am I." Clemartis said walking over to the two.

"Are you sure there isn't anything else you can do to punish him?" Krillin eagerly asked. "Throw him in the brig, draw and quarter him, a couple of good lashes maybe?"

"Believe me, if there was more I could do I would have done it already." Clemartis sighed. "As far as ranks are concerned he's been demoted all the way down to Private. But, sadly, that means nothing to a noble who can just buy back his rank."

"Seriously? You don't have the authority to punish him and you're Queen?" Krillen said in disbelief.

"All steps to prevent a tyrannic dictatorship. Established long before my time. The least I can do now is promote him when we return home and saddle him with enough duties that he'll be stuck on the planet for years."

"As long as you get him your planet's equivalent of a restraining order, I'll be happy."

"I'll see what I can do." Clemartis chuckled. She looked over to the boys, who were going over the battle plan one more time.

"So all we gotta do is make sure the bad aliens don't leave the circle?" Goten asked.

"That is probably the simplest way to say it but, yes." Sorrel replied.

"We'll use our powers to throw them off-balance once they leave their ships. If any of them get past us, it'll be your job to either turn them around or knock them down for the count." Ophrys continued.

"No fair. We're technically stronger than you two, why do you have to be the ones who get all the fun?" Trunks complained.

"Because unlike you, we are not civilians." Sorrel shot back. "Besides, I don't recall a single sparring match where brother and I didn't lay you both flat."

"Only cause I was holding back!" Trunks grumbled.

"You better not choke then. 'Cause if you do, it'll be your own damn fault." Trunks was about to get to his feet and retaliate, but Ophrys beat him to it as he playfully grappled his brother.

"Little brothers, what can you do right?"

"I swear to Kami, if my sister acts like that I'm moving out." Trunks mumbled as he sat back down.

On the far side of the cliff, Azera continued to monitor the sky while a very nervous Yamcha paced behind him. Another human, a unique one with three eyes was standing off to the side. Goku had introduced him as Tienshinhan, one of his close friends and rival from his childhood years. Despite the unusual circumstances, he claimed he didn't need any explanation and was simply glad for the opportunity to help in any way he could. Azera decided to test his skill in a short skirmish and was throughly impressed with the human's calm execution of his techniques and strength. Satisfied, Azera had requested that Tien along with Yamcha would be partnered with him for the assault.

"You're gonna make a sink hole if you keep pacing like that." Tien teased as he kept an eye on his nervous friend.

"Well excuse me for being nervous. All our training did was remind me how rusty I am. I'm not ready to stop a whole army of aliens!"

"You weren't this strong back when the Saiyans came. Didn't seem to stop you then."

"That was before I died! Twice! I don't know about you but I would prefer not having to go through that ever again."

"Can't blame you there." Tien shrugged his shoulders. "That's exactly why I asked Chiaotzu to stay at the dojo."

"Oh right, you mentioned that at Bulma's birthday party. Your really gonna try and reopen the Crane School?"

"Yeah. Shen may have been a jerk, but I wouldn't be where I am today without the techniques he taught me. Chiaotzu and I agreed to pass our improved techniques on to the next generation of fighters who don't understand what the human race is really capable of."

"That's awesome man. Just remember to go easy on your first students. With Hercule Satan being the fighting world's golden boy, they're gonna be ridiculously soft." Yamcha laughed.

"Don't remind me." The three eyed warrior sighed. Goku and Krillin made their way over to their two friends for a quick word.

"I'm really glad both of you could make it." Goku said.

"Seconded. It'll be just like old times." Krillin added.

"I guess." Yamcha moaned. "But from what I remember it was around the time we were first attacked by aliens was when life started to get a lot more violent. What ever happened to the corny bad guys trying to kill us with giant robots?"

"Huh. Now that you mention it, whatever happened to those guys?" Goku mused while Tien and Krillin where chuckling at the irony of Yamcha's question.

"Robots, aliens, monsters. Doesn't matter much to me." Tien smirked. "I'll fight anyone whose stupid enough to attack this planet."

"That is a good attitude. And exactly why I'll be counting on you as my second." Azera said taking a brief look back. Tien nodded while Yamcha breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't get to comfortable Yamcha. Stand at attention and do exactly what I tell you and none of your whining will mean a damn thing, understood?" Azera ordered. Clemartis smirked as Yamcha's spine went straight as a rod. Azera always knew how to command attention from the soldiers under him. He could intimidate as well as inspire even the weariest of warriors. One of the many reasons he rose in rank all the way into the palace guard in his younger years, before the biggest failure of his career. Despite his fall from grace and rank however, his attitude in encouraging those with power to take up arms had remained unchanged. A talent that had proven very useful for the task force.

Taking count of their forces one last time before the battle began, Clemartis noticed that they were still missing one warrior. Goku's mysterious friend, whom he had insisted remain unnamed, was not present. Goku had made it quite clear that despite this man's assistance with killing the enemy soldiers, he would be simply be monitoring the battle from a distance. She had a gut feeling that Goku was withholding information from her, but she decided it was best to not to pry. Better not to insult her new allies by digging up sensitive information that had nothing to do with her.

"They are beginning their descent!" Azera announced. The boys all shot to their feet and all the adults stood at the ready. Clemartis moved closer to the edge of the cliff and looked up. The cloud cover shrouded the ships from sight, but she recognized the roar of the ship's engines as they descended through the stratosphere.

"They should be within range in ten minutes."

"Alright then." Clemartis said as she stood in front of the group. "Everyone knows their jobs. It is imperative that we hold this line no matter what. The longer we stall them, the more time our reinforcements have to get here. To our comrades, I request that you don't do anything reckless. Leave the vessels to me and my team. Fight hard, and keep yourselves safe. And from this day onward, the people of Earth can count on the warriors of Alastromeria as their allies."

Everyone save Piccolo and Sorrel cheered in agreement. With that, Clemartis turned to face the cliff's edge as she made her wings materialize. She could hear the sound of the decending ships get louder and louder. Last minute anxiety creeped in, causing her to put her hand on her jewel. She had enough ki this time. This plan had to work.

"Five minutes your majesty!" Azera shouted over the noise while tossing the beacon to her.

"Everyone get to your postions!" Clemartis ordered. The group scattered across the wasteland while Clemartis flew straight up into the sky. The rain stung as it fell in her eyes, forcing her to shrug it off as she continued to climb. Passing through the clouds she was greeted by the bright light of the sun and beautiful blue sky. But as she looked even higher, she saw the dark silhouettes of the Cold fleet.

The hull of their dreadnoughts red-hot from re-entry. The ships continued to spread out as they descended, far enough to cover half the battle field. Clemartis held on tightly to the fake distress beacon. They had taken the bait. She was a bit startled when she saw some of the ships further behind begin to open fire on the others, even blowing some of the smaller ones right out of the sky. Clemartis smirked. While she and her friends were outnumbered, they had a huge advantage against an unorganized rabble only out for personal gain.

She waited for a few more seconds until she could see each ship clearly. Then she let the distress signal fall back down to earth and held up both her hands. The gem on her chest emitted a faint glow as she accessed some of her reserves. She would have to act fast before the enemy caught on to her position and changed course.

"Breach!" She cried as the ki shot of from her hands and soared up into the sky. The glowing orbs merged together just in front of the on coming ships forming a giant, rectangular barricade of bright light. Clemartis winced as the ships made contact with the window, going way too fast to avoid it. Once the final vessel was caught, Clemartis moved quickly to seperate and move the window down below the clouds.

Her ki painfully pulsed in her body as she continued to contain the enemy. She looked down and saw everyone was in position, a circle formation several miles in diameter. When the strain of the technique was too much to bear, Clemartis released it, creating an exit point several hundred feet above the formation's center. The Cold fleet instantly materialized, floating still. Clemartis could only imagine they were still recovering from their unexpected trip.

As she took a minute to catch her breath, Clemartis saw her team making their charge. Calla formed her blades and began to hack away at the hull of each ship. The engines of the striker class ships screamed as they tried to evade the razor sharp projectiles. Only to be sliced in half and exploded, the remains of the hull creating a resounding clang on the canyon floor.

Forcytha was close behind her, planting his explosives and blowing enormous holes in the once mighty fleet. Placing his tiny explosives on the bottom of the dreadnoughts, it took only a few seconds for the flashing balls to reach their limit and ignite. Destroying the bottom of the ship as soldiers fell to earth. Forcytha holding a hand to his ear, with pure contentment as the explosions began to go off. Goku, Piccolo and Gohan all joined as well, using their unique ki attacks to bring down their targets.

While the soldiers from the destroyed ships attempted to flee or retaliate, some of the surviving smaller vessels attempted to turn tail and run. Straight into the trap that Azera and the twins had set up. With Azera leading the charge on one side, and Eighteen on the other, the two would damage or destroy any fleeing ships, grabbing hold of the craft's wing stabilizers and ripping through the metal. Their back up, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Goten and Trunks respectively confronted the ejecting soldiers, who had barely any time to react.

Ophrys and Sorrel floated above the conflict, using their joint technique to cast an illusion over the entire battlefield. Several of the oncoming enemy soldiers stopped dead in their tracks. Terrified by whatever illusions appeared before them. Screaming for their mother's or ki blasting the empty air. However, the strain of so many illusions took a heavy toll on Sorrel. Ophrys was quick to support his brother while his gemstone glowed as he brought out more of his stored ki. Unfortunately, the chaos in the enemy ranks didn't last long as, the soldiers who had managed to avoid making eye contact with Ophrys managed to bring their confused comrades back to their senses and attack the twins.

Roaring in anger after being made to suffer their own personal nightmares. Goten and Trunks immediately came to their defense, blasting the squad into a cliff wall. The tower of solid rock crumbled under the force and permanently buried the soldiers. Trunks and Goten looked back to their friends and gave them a thumbs up. Which Ophrys was happy to return while his brother looked irritated.

Not all the warriors were having such an easy time. Thanks to the energy dampers, Calla was caught off guard by a grunt and had to go on the defensive. Leaping off the ground and using her maneuverability in the air to regain the advantage. Furious jabs just barely missing her face, before she charged another ki sword and thrust it forward. Going straight through armor and flesh with ease. However, for each soldier she cut down, another would take his place.

Clemartis could see around the battle field that while the advantage was still in their favor, the enemy was quickly adapting and using their little devices to pick off her team one by one. Fed up with just sitting around, Clemartis flew into the fray, assisting Goku in crippling the last remaining dreadnought.

"Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" Goku cried unleashing a bright blue blast of ki that pierced a dreadnought right through the middle, immediately destroying the engine. As the ship began to plummet to earth, Clemartis flew along side it and used a technique of her own.

"Lockdown!" she yelled. A bright blue barrier encased the ship, suspending it in mid-air. She could see the enemy soldiers scurry like rats inside the ship, doing all in their power to breach the barrier. Clemartis smirked at the futility as she strengthen the barrier. Flames burst through the dreadnought's hallways, burning the crew alive as the entire ship ignited.

"And so perishes the last of the Cold legacy." Clemartis sneered as the final dreadnought of the enemy fleet cracked under the pressure.

The following explosion sent a shock wave through the wasteland, toppling cliffs and scattering debris from the other wreaked space ships. Clemartis was pleased with her victory, but was unnerved when she saw Goku staring at her in horror. Clemartis felt something in her gut twist uncomfortably as she turned away from her mentor. Not sure of what to say to him, Clemartis flew off to aid Forcytha, who had gotten boxed in by an entire legion of enemies.

"Sentries!" Clemartis called out, firing several balls of ki from her hand. The orbs flew independently from her, picking their targets and firing small bolts of energy powerful enough to blast through their armor. The sentries scattered across the battle field, killing soldiers foolish enough to let their guard down.

Forcytha looked like he was having the time of his life, throwing his bombs and laughing like a madman as he watched his enemies panic as the little, glowing, balls stuck to their armor. He kept a close eye on Eighteen, who was flying just above and killing her opponents with merciless efficiency. Breaking arms and legs as her opponents reeled from the pain giving the woman an opening to kill them with less resistence.

Krillin, who was a little ways behind her was holding his own. But the sheer amount of opponents that decided to gang up on him was clearly starting to overwhelm the Earthling. One managed to get a lucky punch to the gut, causing him to recoil. Eyes closed as he tried to regain his composure. Eighteen looked back just in time to see her husband get elbowed to the ground.

"Krillin!" she cried. She flew as fast as she could to reach him only to be stopped by an enemy squadron, eager for revenge. Krillin body shook as he tried to retaliate but the soldier who had knocked him down was eager to keep him there. Putting enough weight on his foot to hold the monk in place. Krillin tried to force the soldier's foot off but was stopped when the rest of the squadron gathered around and began to kick at him. Mocking his weakness.

Before they even knew what was happening, a barrage of small red glowing orbs landed on one of the soldiers backs, blinking rapidly. The enemy had little time to react before the orbs ignited, incinerating him instantly. The others paniced as they tried to counter the new threat but were soon met with same fate as their comrade. Krillin finally got to his feet as Focytha landed in front of him, toying with an active explosive in his hand.

"You still alive there little man?" Forcytha snickered.

"Of course!" Krillin said confidently wiping the cut on his mouth. "I'm not even tired yet."

"Hmph." Forcytha smiled as he gave the short man a pat on the back. "I have to say I'm impressed. To think someone like you can take a beating like that and get back up. Now your deformed appearance makes a lot more sense." Krillin growled causing his ki to spike.

"Would you lay off the insults for once!" he yelled but Forcytha wasn't paying him any attention.

"Looks like we've got a few more fools who want to have some fun." Forcytha grinned and leaped into the air. "Just try to keep up short stuff. Gotta look good in front of the ladies." Krillin, in a rage, blasted into the air flying right past Forcytha and into the enemy line, punching and blasting every enemy in sight.

"That's the spirit!" Forcytha called after him. Eighteen, who had managed break free from her aggressors, shook her head before following close behind to make sure he husband didn't overdo it.

On the opposite side of the battlefield, near the wreckage of a dreadnought. Azera , Tien and Yamacha were attempting to close the gap on a group of fleeing soldiers. Much to Yamcha's delight, he was fairing much better than he had expected; so much so that he began to get cocky and jumped right into oncoming fire.

"Come on guys! Show me what you got!" He cried as he dashed ahead. "Check out the new and improved Wolf Fang Blast!"

Tien smirked as he backed up his friend, splitting into multiple copies of himself to fight more foes one on one. "So much for being too rusty."

"Just don't let him get carried away." Azera warned. "Overconfidence in the face of such numbers can be deadly." he increased the size of his armor, and slammed a fist into the ground, causing it to rumble and split knocking several soldiers over giving Yamcha and Tien the opportunity to strike. The apparition even roared as it tore up the landscape, grabbing any Cold soldier dumb enough to get near and smashing them into oblivion. Stone towers that had been unmovable for centuries, toppled with ease as the battle intensified. Sure to leave scares on the landscape for years to come.

Not too far away, Calla had regained her balance and had joined Piccolo and Gohan as they kept an eye on the few remaining striker class ships. Ki swords circled around her body, keeping any warrior that dared to come near her at bay. Though Gohan was handling his opponents with ease, he seemed the most distracted out of everyone.

Staring off into the distance even as he grappled with the oncoming fighters and threw them to the ground. The strength of his grip incapacitating his foes almost instantly. His lack of vigilance eventually got the better of him as the pilot of the ship he destroyed ejected out of the wreckage and charged, knocking him to the ground. Piccolo was the first to come to his aid, firing a small but powerful ki blast killed the soldier in seconds.

"Keep focused Gohan!" Piccolo scolded. "You know better than that."

"Sorry." Gohan said as he levitated next to his teacher. "I just can't shake the feeling that it's going to be soon. Videl wasn't looking too great this morning. I hated having to leave her."

"That girl is a lot stronger than you give her credit for. Besides the more you focus, the faster this will go."

"Alright. Thanks Piccolo." Gohan nodded as they both placed their hands above their heads, taking aim at a stray striker ship.

"Masenkoha!" they shouted in unison. The orange and purple ki ripped through another fighter's hull and exploded in mid-air. The reddish, smoke arced as the debris flew several miles the sound of crunching metal echoed off what remained of the canyon walls.

"Look out!" They heard Calla scream. Just behind them another striker was on collision course. Its suicidal pilot eager for a kill. Gohan and Piccolo flew out of the way as the tiny fighter continued to give chase, unrelenting as it fired on them. Piccolo made several attempts to blast their attacker out of the sky, but nothing he fired managed to hit the mark. Just as the ship was almost on top of them, Calla dashed into the sky flying as fast as she was able. The blades surrounding her extended, shooting upward and cleaving the fighter and its pilot into multiple pieces. The resulting explosion blew her back a ways but she recovered quickly and went to check on her comrades.

"That was a close one." she breathed. Wiping a bit of sweat from her brow. "They must be getting desperate."

"Animals are most dangerous when backed into a corner. But we won't be able to tell how many are left until we can destroy those dampers." Piccolo theorized. "Gohan, I want you to fly up to that cliff and scout the enemy ranks. Give us an update when you can."

"Right!" Gohan said, flying off to his post.

"You better stay with me." Piccolo ordered to Calla.

"What for?"

"You're a better asset alive than dead. Stay close to me and recover your energy."

"And let you have all the fun? Please." Calla grinned, while trying to catch her breath. As another battalion closed in, Calla and Piccolo went back to back. "So, you take that side I'll take this one?"

"Hmph. Just don't over do it."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Calla said just before lunging forward and sliding under the legs of her first target, slicing his legs and dropping him to the ground.

Clemartis continued to use her barrier abilities to provide cover for her comrades from the ship's artillery and having her sentries picking off the weak. The number of strikers were beginning to dwindle, with fewer than five remaining. Gohan, who was close by, shot down a few as he called out the remaining number of soldiers in the enemy ranks. However, he noticed too late that several of the strikers were beginning to flee. Moving way too fast to be shot down.

"They're escaping! Heading directly for West City!" he called out. Clemartis saw the ships as they left their smoke trails and began to give chase.

"I'll take care of them. You make sure to finish things here!" she shouted. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Goku flying after her.

"Hold on Clem! Let them go!" she could barely hear him say.

"Don't try to stop me Goku. Once those annoying flies are gone, the advantage is ours. I'm finishing this bloody war today!" she yelled back, increasing her speed.

Vegeta stood impatiently on the mountain top separating the Wasteland and West City. He could sense the ki of the others as the battle wore on. But at this distance he wasn't able to tell how much longer it would take for them to finish. Even more frustrating was the fact that they were all in the heat of battle, while he was just standing around shooting down weakling striker vessels as they tried to escape.

Laying low or not, he couldn't stand being out of the fight while Kakarot was having all the fun. He began to wonder if Kakarot was serious about keeping score. If he was, Vegeta would never be able to live down the humiliation.

It wasn't until he heard the roar of straining space engines that his usual confidence returned.

"It's about time. I was about to fall asleep." He jumped high into the air as one of the strikers was about to fly past. He reached up his arm and it collided with the wing, tearing straight through the metal. The ship spun out and collided with the rocks below. Vegeta extended his hands as he charged his ki. The rest of the fools were heading directly toward him. Getting them all in one shot was going to be way too easy.

"Gallick Gun!" he cried as the purple blast shot forward, colliding with most of the ships. The last one, barely managing to evade, locking on to the Saiyan Prince and firing. He managed to dodge and flew up to the strikers cockpit. With a single punch, he broke the canopy, reached in and pulled out the pilot, who made every effort to struggle.

He put up a decent fight but it was clear that the alien was outmatched. In one last desperate charge, the pilot fired an ki blast that managed to collide with Vegeta's waist. Furious from being caught off guard, Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and retaliated, punching a hole right through the pilot's gut. While he had not sustained any physical damage, his damper had been all but destroyed.

Vegeta immediately powered down and threw the damaged device down to the ground. Cursing himself for being so careless. He focused his senses hoping that no one had caught on to his position.

His back stiffened when he noticed a familiar presence. He grimaced as all of his carefully laid plans instantly began to unravel. Slowly, he looked behind him. His fists clenched as he prepared himself for whatever would come next. Just above him, hovering over the tower of smoke coming from the crashed striker, was the Yousari Queen.

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