Dragon Ball Z: Achillea

Old Wounds

Clemartis was looking down at him, her eyes wide as she tried to comprehend what she saw. Now that she had seen him, he was going to have to make his next move count, for her stunned silence wouldn't last long. Vegeta could sense that Goku was already en route to their position, with the rest of the group and the Queen's followers beginning to follow. Vegeta resolved himself to have things finished up by the time they arrived.

As he rose up in the air to meet her eye level, he saw her disbelief turning to anger. Her fists tightened and her teeth clenched. The blue gem on her chest gave off a slight glow as her power level began to rise even higher. Vegeta simply waited, his expression unchanging.

"You!" Clemartis cried. In an instant she was flying towards him, her fists pulled back for the first punch. Vegeta prepared himself as he intercepted the blow. The sheer force of it making his hands sting. Blocking blow after blow, he stayed focused on her power level as it continued to increase and forced his level to match her's. It had been awhile since their last fight, and she had definitely improved the ferocity of her attacks. But there was no changing the fact that she was a Yousarian. She had limits and the second she hit them, Vegeta would put her in her place.

Queen Clemartis' attacks were relentless as she and Vegeta traded punches and kicks, flying through the sky and dodging ki blasts from her sentries in and out of the canyon walls. Every time he would attempt to evade in one direction, she would create a barrier that would force him to change course. Or use that damn warping technique to cut him off. He was strong enough to shrug off the few blows that she was lucky enough to land, but he knew that if the fight continued this way, the odds would shift back in her favor when he started to tire. Fortunately for him, there was a simple solution.

Just as he was about to counter attack, Clemartis managed to warp directly in front of him.

"Singularity Seal!"

Almost instantly, blue matter like her barriers encased his entire body, holding him in place. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't break free. Clemartis' sentries arrived and encircled him. Thinking the battle had been won, Clemartis gave the Prince a dark smile.

"At long last, here we are." she sneered. Her voice dripping with venom. "I have to say I'm more surprised that you managed to keep yourself hidden for so long Vegeta. With your master dead, I would have expected you to jump at the chance to replace him." She paused. "I'm almost disappointed. Wasn't it the creed of the Saiyans to fight their enemies head-on instead of hiding in the shadows like cowards?"

Vegeta stayed silent.

"Not that it makes any difference to me. One way or another, I'll finally have my revenge. By the time I'm finished with you, you're gonna wish you had died on that exploding planet."

Clemartis clenched her fists as she prepared to absorb his ki. However, Vegeta couldn't contain himself any longer.

He started to laugh.

"What the hell is so damn funny?!" Clemartis hissed.

"I was just thinking how pitiful it is that even after all this time, you're still such a spoiled brat." Vegeta said returning the sneer. Clemartis anger peaked to the point he could see her veins pulsing. "And that your still so ignorant to think that you can kill me."

"Pea-brained monkey. Perhaps you don't fully understand the situation you're in. That seal on your body in completely impenetrable. I've spent years perfecting it and every other technique I have to take your life. Studying Saiyan strengths and weaknesses. Knowing my enemy inside and out. You have no chance!"

"Sounds to me like you need a different hobby." Vegeta chided.

He continued to grin which only served to tick Queen off even more. She flew right next to him and reached out her hand.

"I'm going to enjoy this." she said.

"As am I." Vegeta said as he tapped into the golden ki of his Super Saiyan form.

The sheer force of it tore through the seal like tissue paper. In a matter of seconds, Vegeta blasted each sentry out of the sky and thrust his knee squarely into the stomach of a very startled Clemartis . She dropped from the sky and crashed down to the canyon floor below, gasping for air. Vegeta landed beside her and lifted her up by her wrist. Making sure she was close enough to look him in the eye.

"Now I'm only going to say this once. Never, ever cross my path again. Because if you do..." He said squeezing her wrist to the point he felt something snap. Clemartis tried to swallow back the pain but couldn't stop the tears forming in her eyes. "You'll get a first hand demonstration of what a Super Saiyan is capable of."

All color drained from Clemartis' face. Vegeta smirked at her recognition. Even she was not so ignorant to not know what a Super Saiyan was or what it meant to have one against you. With any luck, she would be too scared to pursue her vendetta against him. For it was impossible for any Yousarian to sustain the power level necessary to match a Super Saiyan. He knew it, and she knew it.

"Vegeta!" Goku cried as he came in for a landing. Looking on in horror. "What have you done?"

"What needed to be done to make sure she crawls back to her dead rock of a planet and never bothers us again." Vegeta said, powering down. He released Clemartis' broken wrist and let her drop to the ground. Goku rushed to her side and struggled to get her to her feet. Just has Vegeta had hoped, the rage was gone from her eyes and replaced with pure terror.

"This isn't what you said would happen Vegeta. You went too far!" Goku said trying to contain his anger and disappointment.

"Then you have no one to blame but yourself Kakarot! You were supposed to make sure she and her little band never left the Wasteland!"

Clemartis flinched at the mention of Goku's Saiyan name. She looked up at him, wide-eyed and confused. "Ka-kakarot?" she breathed, slowly regaining her wind.

"Clemartis, let me explain." Goku attempted to say, but Vegeta could see that the young queen immediately recognized the name's origin.

"Get off of me!" She wailed as she wrested herself from Goku's grasp. He tried to hold on to her but she managed to slip away and staggered near the edge of the ravine.

"Clemartis please! I'm not going to-" Goku pleaded.

"Don't come near me!" She screamed, putting both hands out in front of her to form a barrier keeping him at bay.

"Just let me explain!" Goku said as he tried to move around the barrier but every time he found an opening she would create another wall of ki.

"Please, calm down and listen to me. Yes, I am a Saiyan. And so are my children. But we are not your enemies." Goku told her calmly and slow enough for her to understand.

"The hell you're not!" Clemartis retorted. "As long as you ally yourself with that bastard, you'll always be my enemy!"

"I don't know what your history with Vegeta is but, he's not the-"

"It's his fault! It's because of that monster and his vile father that my mother is dead!" Clemartis screamed at the top of her lungs. Goku stopped dead in his tracks and looked back questioningly to Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince refused to make eye contact. Not necessarily out of shame, but out of frustration that this piece of information had been revealed at such a bad time.

"Vegeta..." Goku started to say.

"We'll talk about it later Kakarot. For now I suggest you prepare yourself, we're about to have company."

Sure enough, flying just over the ridge was the rest of the victorious battle party, Yousari and earth born alike. It didn't take long for the Yousari to dash to their Queen's aid, with Calla making a mad dive to attack Vegeta.

"Wait a minute! Stop!" Goku said putting himself in between her attack.

"Out of the way Goku! I've had it out for this bastard for years!" she said, her first attack barely missing. Forcytha and Azera were the next to land. Forcytha on the opposite side of Vegeta, a glowing explosive at the ready. Azera rushed to his Queen, putting his body between her and her aggressor. Ophrys and Sorrel were soon beside her as well, with Ophrys immediately tending to her wrist.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Piccolo advised. Calla winced when she noticed that the Namekian was right behind her and was prepared to knock her unconscious, his hand right next to the base of her neck.

"Why are you?" she asked panicked and confused.

"I'm protecting my comrades. Same as you."

"Do you have any idea who that man is?!"

"Of course."

"Then why?"

"Because there is more to this than you think. So don't assume you can judge and execute however you please."

"What the hell is going on here?" Yamcha asked looking back and forth between the two groups.

"Better if we stayed out of this one Yamcha. Let's not poke our noses where they don't belong." Tien crossed his arms, staying in mid-air. Yamcha nodded and looked on.

"Look, if everyone calms down, we can get through this." Gohan said as he attempted to approach Forcytha but stopped when he saw the burning hot rage in the young nobles eyes.

"I had a funny feeling that you earthlings couldn't be trusted. Looks like I was right. Take one more step nerd and I show you what your insides look like." Forcytha sneered.

"Not if I gut you first." Piccolo growled.

"Would you all just cut it out!" Goten spoke up. "We beat the bad guys. The war is over." The poor boy said hoping that it would defuse the situation.

"Goten, stay where you are." Eighteen said holding the boy back. She floated just above the peak with Krillin and Trunks. "Let the grown ups handle this."

"Eighteen's right. You'll be safer with us." Krillin agreed as he tried to hold back Trunks.

"Dad! Are you okay?" The boy shouted. All of the Yousari froze in place when the realized who he was talking to. Looking at the Saiyan Prince with disbelief. Ophrys was the one who recovered first, looking up at Trunks with disappointment.

"I see." He murmured. Trunks looked down, ashamed.

"To think he would survive a planet size explosion." Azera said, with Queen Clemartis clinging to his shoulder.

"More than that." Sorrel stated. "He and his filth are reproducing."

"On a planet more than capable of supporting them." Oprhys added.

"That may be true but-" Gohan attempted to say, but Goku stepped forward.

"Let me handle this Gohan." Goku said sternly. "I understand that it isn't easy for you to trust us. I would do the same thing in your position. But I ask that you hear me out." he took a moment to gather his thoughts. Vegeta stood patiently with his arms crossed. He already knew this wasn't going to do a damn thing but at the very least he owed his fellow Saiyan enough to at least give him a chance to appeal to the weeds' better nature.

"Yes. I am a Saiyan. I was sent to this planet as a baby before ours was destroyed by Frieza. I've lived my entire life by the lessons and morals that my human grandfather taught me, to treat others with kindness and respect. Lessons which I've passed on to my own children. I don't pretend to speak for Vegeta but, ever since he started to live on this planet he's changed for the better. All we want now is to live a life of peace. No different from you."

Each of the Yousari tried to process this new information in their own way. Forcytha and Sorrel narrowed their eyes with disbelief. Calla and Ophrys took every word, trying comprehend what this meant. Azera looked on with a stern resolve but made no move to deny Goku's words. Clemartis lowered her head, before she started to laugh. It steadily transitioned from a quiet snicker to loud cackle. Vegeta uncrossed his arms as he turned to face his old adversary.

"Peace? A Saiyan asking for peace?" she continued to laugh. "You put on a convincing performance, Kakarot, but I am afraid you and your prince won't deceive me a second time."

"He's not lying!" Gohan said. "It's the truth."

"Do you really expect us to believe that nonsense?" Forcytha said taking a step toward him. "After everything your people have done to us?"

"To your kind, offering peace is no more than a stalling tactic to lower your enemies' guard."

"That's not-"

"Your majesty I say the next order of buisness is to wipe out these lying bastards once and for all." Forcytha said, priming an explosive. He threw one at Gohan, but it was quickly intercepted by a Super Saiyan Goku and thrown far enough away that it exploded at a safe distance. One look at his spiky golden hair made the young lord and his comrades back away in terror.

"It cannot be!" Azera said in disbelief. "It was supposed to be only a legend."

"That looks a little too real for me." Forcytha growled.

"So that's what a Super Saiyan looks like." Ophrys gasped.

"How could that kind of power even exist?" Calla stammered as she moved in front of her Queen. Despite being visibly scared out of her wits, she held her ground. Ready to attack even a super saiyan if necessary.

"I didn't want it to have to come to this, but if you force our hand..." Goku said, the golden light of his ki surrounded his body.

"We will defend ourselves, with all our strength if we have to." The mere threat of a Super Saiyan made even the most aggressive of the Yousarians back off. The squad looked to their leader for orders. Queen Clemartis gazed at the Saiyans and their allies, eyes burning with rage and frustration. Vegeta knew that look all too well. He had seen it every time he looked at his reflection back in the years when he wanted nothing else but to put Goku under his heel.

This was worse than even he had anticipated.

He transformed into his Super Saiyan form and was about to make a move before he sensed the boys do the same. Gohan, Trunks and Goten all transformed, giving the Yousari a better idea of what they were up against. To say they were petrified was a gross understatement. Even the stone faced Azera looked like he was about to wet himself.

"Your majesty...what are your orders?" he whispered over his shoulder. Clemartis didn't even turn to look at him. She was scheming something.

"What else can I order, but a full retreat." She sighed, righting herself to look Goku in the eye. "Inciting any conflict now is suicidal, not to mention idiotic. We return to the ship, and rendezvous with the fleet. And you,"addressing Goku, "will not follow us. Unless you want to start another war?"

"No. And I can't imagine you want to either." Goku said, staying on guard.

"Circumstances have changed. Though you can rest assured that me and my associates will not reveal your whereabouts. So long as that ship you promised us is still available."

"Yes." Goku nodded. Vegeta turned to his comrade with panicked eyes. A ship? Since when did they have a ship?

"Kakarot, have you lost your mind? We can't let them leave now! They won't stop until they hunt the last of us down!" Vegeta yelled, raising his hand and prepared to fire. "There is only one solution to this and you know it!"

"That's enough Vegeta!" Goku yelled back, grabbing Vegeta's hand and putting it down. Vegeta tried to struggle out of Goku's iron grip but he couldn't do it fast enough.

"Go on." Goku said to the Yousari. "We won't try to stop you."

"Very well." Clemartis said with a sly smile. "Until we meet again, Kakarot." Clemartis' wings formed as she took to the sky, ordering her team to follow. Calla and Ophrys were the only ones to look back.

"My name is GOKU!" The frustrated shout fell on deaf ears as Calla and Ophrys rejoined the others.

By the time Vegeta had gotten free of Goku, the Yousari had disappeared over the horizon.

"You damned fool! Do you have any idea what you've done!?" Vegeta screamed as he prepared to fly after them, but Goku was in front of him in seconds.

"Of course. I've given them a chance to live their lives in peace. Now that their war is over they have no more reason to be here." Goku argued.

"Oh really? Is that your ingenious plan? To just let a powerful enemy that wants us dead, just waltz right back into space to get reinforcements?!" Vegeta retorted shoving Goku in the shoulder as he walked away. "You'll have a lot to answer for when they return and turn this entire planet into an inferno Kakarot."

"Not nearly as much as you Vegeta." Goku said coldly. Vegeta stopped dead in his tracks. Eyes wide with anger as he looked back to his Saiyan comrade.

"What the hell...did you just say to me Kakarot?" Vegeta asked, his voice seething.

"You heard me." Goku replied, turning to face him.

"Dad-" Gohan was about to intercede before Piccolo stopped him.

"I suggest we move a good distance away from here. Gohan, stay with your brother, Krillin and Eighteen, keep an eye on Trunks."

"No way! I'm not-" Trunks was about to protest before Eighteen covered his mouth.

"That's enough out of you. Now come on." she said as she dragged the boy away.

"Gohan, are Dad and Vegeta gonna fight?" Goten asked hesitantly.

"Looks that way." Gohan replied solemnly.


"I'm not entirely sure, but I know it's none of our business. Let's head home and check on Mom and Videl." Gohan put his hand on his brother's shoulder, but not before taking one last look at his father.

"Tien, Yamcha, keep your power levels low and track the Yousari. Make sure they leave peacefully."

"Alright. We'll send a signal if things get dicey." Tien agreed, flying after the aliens with Yamcha not far behind him.

"What are you gonna do Piccolo?" Krillin asked before following Eighteen.

"I'm going to make sure these two idiots don't blow up the planet."

"Good plan. Give us a heads up when its safe." Krillin nodded as he flew off to join his wife.

The group dispersed, with Piccolo watching a good distance away. With the area cleared, Vegeta and Goku squared off.

Vegeta had waited for this day for so long. Yet, for some reason, he wasn't satisfied.

"If you've got something to say to me Kakarot, by all means, say it." he growled.

"Why didn't you tell me the Saiyans were involved in with her mother's murder?" Goku asked, sounding both angry and hurt.

"Because you didn't need to know as long as they didn't know you were a Saiyan. But thanks to your carelessness, we and our kin are the targets of a race of powerful warriors. And the hunt is just beginning."

"I would have been more careful if you had trusted me enough to tell me the truth Vegeta!"

"I trusted you enough to keep an eye on them, and look how that turned out! I was a fool for believing you could do that much. Once a clown, always a clown!" Vegeta argued. Staring Goku right in the eye. Neither willing to give the other ground.

"And now if you'll excuse me, I have to clean up your mess before it gets out of hand." He attempted to leave but Goku once again grabbed his arm firmly.

"I can't let you do that." Goku said with the same firm tone he always had before a serious fight. Vegeta's arm shook as he tried to contain his anger.

"And just how far are you willing to go to stop me?"

"As much as it takes to make you see reason."

Vegeta chuckled. "This time, it's you who needs to see reason-Kakarot!"

Vegeta turned right around and used his free hand to hit Goku square in the face. Forcing him to let go and recover his balance. Vegeta smirked as Goku transformed to the second level of super saiyan and went on the attack. Vegeta advanced his transformation and charged forward, meeting Goku's challenge head on.

It had been four years since their last duel, after which both warriors had been content to live in peace. Yet even after all the time that had passed, it was as if they had never stopped. The already stormy conditions intensified, feeding off the ki of the two advanced super saiyans. Lighting struck the peaks, scorching the rocks that were left standing.

All those hours upon hours of training where paying off. Much like before, the fight was evenly matched. Vegeta landed as many blows to Goku as his rival managed to hit him with. Even so, Vegeta knew Goku was still holding back. If the fight continued like this they would simply wear each other out. If Goku really wanted to win, he would use his trump card. Super Saiyan 3. With that monster of a transformation still lurking in the shadows, Vegeta couldn't allow himself to become complacent. Especially now that Goku was much more willing to use it against him that if it came down to it.

Goku's attacks, even his trademark Kamehameha wave, were much more aggressive than before. Making it harder for Vegeta to go on the offensive. It was clear that the clown's past fights with Majin Buu and Lord Bills had helped to refine both this defensive and offensive power exponentially. An advantage that Vegeta was barely able to work around. But despite the beating he was taking, Vegeta never gave in. He wasn't going to let Goku get the better of him this time. There was more than his pride at stake.

Vegeta crashed to the ground after Goku punched him in the gut. The Saiyan Prince barely recovered as he hid behind the cavern wall, waiting for the lower class saiyan to come in after him. Sure enough, Goku flew inside, trying to feel out Vegeta's ki. Vegeta kept in the shadows as he snuck around hoping to surprise his opponent.

"I know your still in here Vegeta!" Goku called out. "I understand you're worried, I am to. But I need to give Clemartis the benefit of the doubt. She cares about this planet too much to let it get caught up in another war."

"That woman cares less for this planet than she does for her own kind. Her only desire is to make sure that you, me and even our children are wiped from existence. No matter the cost." Vegeta replied, using the echo in the cavern to keep Goku from locating him.

"That's not true, she isn't like that." Goku protested.

"And how the hell do you know what she is or isn't like?"

"I've talked to her. Spent time with her. Even trained her. She's a good person. And I'm proud to call her my friend."

"You've only known her for a few weeks Kakarot! I however, have fought with her for years. I know much more of what she is capable of than you ever will!"



Vegeta had enough. He leaped out from hiding and unleashed a powerful barrage of ki blasts. Goku evaded them only to come face to face with Vegeta's Gallick Gun blast.

"Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" Earth's hero screamed as the light blue ki soared to meet its darker counterpart. The two energies clashed, reflecting the will of their masters, neither one giving an inch. The very ground crumbled underneath their feet, and the cavern collapsed around them. Vegeta could feel that Goku was accessing more of his power. The bottomless pit that would make him transform to Super Saiyan 3.

The second that happened, there would be no stopping Goku's attack. Now, while he was preparing to transform, was his time to strike. Will all of his might, Vegeta put every last ounce of ki into his Gallick gun. The sudden surge of power pushed the blue stream further and further back. Goku fought back as hard as he could but caught between transformations, he wasn't able to keep the wave strong enough to block Vegeta's assault. Blown back by the explosion, Goku crashed back through the cavern wall and was flung several feet through solid rock. Eventually skidding to a halt on the canyon floor.

The low class Saiyan tried to catch his breath, his arms and legs sprawled on either side. His gi ripped at his knees and sleeves. The front burned black from the blast. His face was full of cuts and bruises, but nothing he couldn't recover from. Vegeta, who staggered toward his old rival, was in the same condition.

However, at long last, he was the one still standing.

No tricks, no power boost from an evil spell, no immortality. He had managed to beat Goku fair and square. The Prince of Saiyans was finally back on top of the pyramid as the universe's most powerful warrior. His dream for years had finally become a reality. He should have felt elated. And yet, he didn't. This wasn't the rematch he had hoped for.

"Vegeta..." Goku gasped as he tried to get up. Vegeta looked down at his rival, before turning away to look at the sky. The storm had cleared away, revealing a setting sun.

"Don't misunderstand me Kakarot. I do not regret my actions. And I certainly won't apologize for them. However, it is only now that I understand Frieza's true aim when he ordered me and my father to do what we did that night." Goku sat up, and listened.

"My father and I believed if the girl was too weak, that her will would crumble from fear and her society along with her. But that was never Frieza's aim. It was to break the girl's gentle nature and corrupt her from the inside out. For the Yousarian empire's entire moral code to be destroyed, making it no different from his own." Vegeta looked back to Goku, who was looking more disturbed as Vegeta continued.

"Do you understand now Kakarot? That girl you just let go was intended to become no different from Frieza himself." Goku grit his teeth and pounded his fist into the ground.

"I can't believe that. She is nothing like him! She would never hurt the innocent." Goku protested.

"So you believe. But I've seen her destroy planets to merely prevent Frieza from conquering them. Whether they were uninhabited or not."

"That can't be..."

"Thanks to my father, she is nothing more than a mad queen. Who, if left unchecked, will conquer the galaxy one planet at a time once she has a taste of true power. Now tell me, are you still willing to let her leave knowing that the Earth will be her first target?" Vegeta asked. Goku looked down at the ground. At a loss of what to say. Vegeta growled at his rival's indecision and began to stalk off.

"You may be content to just sit by, but I'm not! I'm going to track her down and do what I should have done years ago! With or without your help!"

"Wait Vegeta." Goku said as he stood up, turning to look his friend in the eye.

"Are you sure this is the only way? If I can just try to talk to her again maybe I can convince her."

"As I just told you, it's pointless. It would be no different from trying to negotiate with Cell or Frieza."

"All I want is a chance Vegeta. Give me one more chance to talk to her." Goku hesitated.

"And if she refuses to listen?" Vegeta asked.

"Then..." Goku hesitated. "We do it your way. Deal?" The two Saiyans regarded each other silently for a minute.

"Hmph, fine. But don't say I didn't warn you."


It didn't take long before Piccolo appeared beside them.

"Are you two done?"

"Yeah. You saw the whole thing?" Goku said rubbing the rocks out of his hair.

"I'd be surprised if half the planet didn't see it. I almost intervened during that last attack. Fortunately for Vegeta he has enough control over his ki to keep it from going to the planet's core." Piccolo mocked.

"Ha! as if you would have the strength to repel one of my attacks Namekian." Vegeta insulted. But Piccolo ignored it.

"What's your plan now?" he asked.

"I guess we find the Yousarians again and try to work things out. Meet somewhere where they won't get nervous." Goku replied.

"Meet on neutral ground you mean? Fair enough. The Lookout would be the safest place to negotiate."

"That's great! I'll go ask Dende if its okay." Goku said with enthusiasm, putting his index finger to his forehead. But just as he did, the three warriors felt the distant ki of their alien guests vanish.

"What the hell just happened?" Vegeta asked, even though deep down he knew the answer.

"Damn it! They probably equipped the energy dampers." Piccolo cursed.

"What? I thought they only had one!" Goku said in disbelief.

"They managed to scavenge several off those soldiers during the battle. Now we'll have no way of locating them if Tien and Yamcha lose them."

"Then those idiots better do their job or else I'm gonna-" Vegeta began before he heard a voice calling out telepathically.

'Sorry to interrupt but this is an emergency.' came the voice of Tien.

"Tien? Whats wrong?" Piccolo asked.

'We trailed the Yousari back to West City to their ship. It looked like they were just going to leave until Forcytha and Azera blasted their way into Capsule Corp.'

Vegeta's blood went cold. Breath caught in his throat. She couldn't be...

Panicked, the Saiyan Prince used his senses to locate his wife. Her life force was still there.

"Tien, is Bulma okay?" Goku asked sounding just as concerned.

'A few bumps and bruises but she's okay. Yamcha's with her right now but she's still pretty hysterical.'

"Okay, stand by. We'll be right there." Piccolo said, giving Goku a knowing look.

"Grab on to me and hold on!" Goku ordered. Piccolo and Vegeta did as they were told and in a matter of seconds, they were on the lawn of the Brief's mansion.

The group looked on his horror to see that half of the main compound had collapsed. A pillar of smoke towered above a roaring fire that had been Bulma's lab and half of their living quarters. The sound of a fire truck could be heard in the distance as it came closer to the scene. Even the gravity room was in shambles.

Vegeta didn't care about that though. All of those things could be replaced. There was only one thing on his mind that cared about the most. And she was crying uncontrollably just a few feet away. With Yamcha doing his best to console her. Her mother and father standing of to the side, Mr. Briefs keeping a firm hold on his wife, who was also crying. Vegeta was by Bulma's side in seconds, pushing Yamcha away. Goku was right behind him while Tien and Piccolo stood off to the side.

"Let me guess, they got away?" Piccolo asked.

"Yes. Yamcha and I did what we could to stop them but they over powered us." Tien said, shame in his voice.

"You morons had one job!" Vegeta screamed, "And you still screwed up!"

"Lay off Vegeta! We did what we could!" Yamcha yelled back. "Besides, blaming us is not going to help us find those damn aliens any faster."

"You've got a lot of balls to talk to me like that. Care to back it up?" Vegeta hissed.

"As much as I would love to beat the crap out of you for once...now isn't the time." Yamcha said before walking toward the approaching fire truck. "You've got bigger problems to deal with."

"Bulma, are you okay?" Goku asked, getting down to his hands and knees.

"Oh, Vegeta-Goku! I couldn't-I tried but I couldn't stop them!" she sobbed.

"Damn it woman, you know better than that!" Vegeta scolded. "What in the world made you think you could-"

"I had to! You weren't there and Trunks wasn't here! I couldn't let them take my baby away!" Bulma cried.

The noise from the firefighters and sound of the roaring fire muffled to the point that it disappeared. Vegeta could barely hear the desperate sobbing of his own wife. Of all the things Clemartis could have done to get back at him, destroying his home, hurting his wife, nothing could compare to this.

"But, I couldn't stop them! She's gone! They took my baby girl away from me!" Bulma screamed. Vegeta loosened his grip around Bulma's shoulder, stood up and walked away from the scene. Goku's eyes followed him before turning back to Bulma. "You've got to save her Goku! Please." Bulma whimpered. Goku nodded, his face dead serious.

"Don't worry Bulma, we will."

Goku's oldest friend smiled weakly, knowing that when Goku made a promise. It was a guarantee.

"Good...good." she said before her parent's joined her on the lawn. Taking one last look at Vegeta before evacuating the area.

Goku joined Vegeta on the far side of the lawn, a good ways away from any civilians. It was then that Vegeta let out an angry roar, the loudest Goku had ever heard. Transforming into a super saiyan, closely followed by Super Saiyan 2. The ground shook violently, knocking over several trees. Some even loosing all their leaves from the sheer potency of the Super Saiyan's ki. Electicity danced around the Prince's body, as he tried to compose himself. All the while Goku stood silent,watching his friend from afar. By the time Vegeta had stopped screaming, the grass around his feet had become a shallow crater, several feet in length. The Saiyan Prince caught his breath but maintained his advanced state.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta shouted without even turning around. "If you have the gall to try and stop me now-"

"No. I won't stop you Vegeta." Goku said solemnly. "You were right. I won't allow this to go unpunished. We finish this today." Goku walked next to his Saiyan comrade, his black hair straightening and changing to a golden glow.

"We finish this together."

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