Dragon Ball Z: Achillea


The lights inside the Capsule corp ship were dim. The shadows covered Clemartis' face as she sat in the head chair. Contemplating on her next move. There was little to do but keep her team hidden until Ophrys was finished his work. From the monitor, clouds stretched for as far as the eye could see. Small bits of blue ocean could be seen underneath from time to time, while the ship continued to circle the planet. No one aboard had said a word since take off. The only noise came from the creaking of the ship against the elements, and the incessant crying of the Saiyan spawn.

Though no one had spoken against her yet, Clemartis sensed dissension in the ranks of her team. Sorrel and Forcytha had been more than willing to follow orders, so at least they understood her thinking. However, Calla, Ophrys, and Azera had been giving her nervous glances. As if her past action had violated some sort of taboo. How they could feel any sympathy for the Saiyan half-breed was beyond her.

"Hey Ophrys!" Forcytha called over to Ophrys who was tending to the infant in the medical station. "Can you something to shut that brat up? I can't hear myself think."

"That would be a first wouldn't it?" Ophrys said in a scathing tone. "Just sit tight for a few more minutes and I'll be finished."

"Geez fine. No need to get all snippy." Forcytha huffed as he took his place leaning on the wall. Sorrel wandered over to his brother with purpose.

"What the hell has gotten into you?" the younger twin ask.

"Don't Sorrel. I'm in no mood for your crap right now." Ophrys said pushing past his brother. Holding a tiny needle in his hands.

"You've done nothing but give us attitude ever since we took off. Wait...don't tell me you feel sorry for this thing? Damn it brother, of all the things to grow a conscience over!"

"Back off Sorrel! And let me get this done!" Ophrys shouted shoving his brother away.

"Leave him be." Clemartis said finally. Sorrel growled as he stalked away, his eyes never leaving his brother. Azera, who stood to Clemartis' left, leaned over and whispered.

"What's your plan your majesty? You have yet to share anything with me since we set this course."

"We remain on standby until Ophrys is finished. Our next move will depend upon what he uncovers." She stated. Azera nodded but his facial features betrayed his dissatisfaction. Calla's even more so. She continued to look over her shoulder as Ophrys prepared the various DNA samples. Clemartis had ordered him to be as thorough as possible. Utilizing multiple samples to confirm Clemartis' suspicions without a shadow of a doubt.

Watching both Vegeta and Goku transform into the Legendary Super Saiyans had been shocking enough, but even more troubling was the fact that Gohan, Trunks and even Goten had transformed despite being supposedly only half Saiyan and only half their age. There was a large inconsistency between what she had seen and what she knew of the Super Saiyan legend. And the only answer was to examine the DNA of a specimen that was incapable of resisting.

"Easy little one. This will be over quickly." Ophrys said soothingly to the child as he readied the needle. Sadly, his comfort did little to quiet the crying.

"Permission to speak freely your majesty?" Calla said abruptly. Sounding distressed.


"How could you order something like this?" Her old friend asked bluntly. "I know the Saiyans are our enemy but...this is a sapling, an infant! Too young to have learned any of their ways. And yet it took you no time at all to give the order to take her from her mother!"

"All it takes to destroy a planet like this is a single Saiyan infant. Or have you forgotten?"

"I understand that considering her heritage, but perhaps her earthling side has weakened her Saiyan instincts." Calla proposed.

"Which is exactly why I need Ophrys to be extra thorough in his examination. We will act as soon as he is done, and not a moment before." Clemartis stated. Not moving from her chair.

"And what may I ask are we doing? I certainly hope it involves returning this child back to its mother." Calla said with increasing irritation.

"Going back to that place in the state we left it would be suicide Calla, you know that." Forcytha said. "Either way the examination turns out, I say we take the tyke hostage. Use it to level the playing field when we engage the Saiyan Prince and his allies. They won't outright kill us if we know her whereabouts." Clemartis sat quietly.

"Clem, you're not seriously considering this are you?" Calla looked on horrified. "This goes against everything Torga ever taught you about honor on the battlefield and defending the innocent. No matter their species!"

"Those other species aren't Saiyans Calla!" Sorrel spoke up. "I agree with Forcytha, for once. Regardless of how powerful they are, it will benefit our planet and our allies to exterminate the Saiyans before they have the chance to attack us."

"But you heard Goku. Their not interested in that! I say we just leave them in peace like they asked us to." Calla protested.

"And you honestly believed him? You've fought Saiyans before Calla, you know what they're like. They lie, they manipulate, anything to get what they want in the end. Would you really trust anything that bastard Vegeta says?!"

"I'd never trust Vegeta! But I do trust Goku. He's nothing like the Saiyans we've seen before. And neither are his offspring."

"If we are all allowed to speak freely," Azera spoke up, looking to his queen for permission. "Though it is against my better judgment, I have to support Calla's assertion. I've fought the Saiyans longer than everyone else here and I can honestly say, I've never seen one with same demeanor as him. He enjoys combat like any other Saiyan but he doesn't seem interested in seeking it out or creating excuses to cause violence."

"See? Thank you! I'm not the only one." Calla exclaimed before she kneeled beside her queen. Who had been eerily silent. "Look Clem, I know your upset about what the Saiyans did to your mother. And I would avenge her in a heart beat. But, that is a problem between you and the Saiyan Prince. Not his offspring or anyone else. So please, let's return the child to its mother and leave this planet and go home. We can regroup there and make a better plan."

Her suggestion was met with more silence.

"Sweetie, please talk to me. Say something!" Calla pleaded, tears welling in her eyes. Clemartis only turned her head to acknowledge Ophrys' presence as he slowly made his way over to her. Tablet in his hands.

"Report." Clemartis ordered. Ophrys hesitated as he adjusted his glasses. His nervous demenor didn't bod well.

"Its...just as you suspected your majesty. From the samples I've gathered from the girl shows that in terms of ki output, physical capabilities, and Saiyan growth rate are much higher than the average Saiyan."

"How is that possible? She is only a half-breed! Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Sorrel argued.

"The genes don't lie. I've gone over them several times now and I keep coming back to the same answer."

"It could be due to her parentage. Her father is from a superior bloodline." Azera theorized. But Ophrys shook his head.

"If that was the case then subjects like Gohan and Goten shouldn't be able to transform into a Super Saiyan state. No, according to these readings the amplification of their natural talents is coming from their Earthling side."

"What?" Forcytha laughed. "That's ridiculous. I've seen those Earthlings fight and they are nowhere near as impressive as that. Eighteen possibly, but I've been informed she has special circumstances."

"I believe otherwise. Physically speaking they may never reach the same potential as a Saiyan could but genetically they are far more versatile. I took a strand of hair, graciously donated by Videl, and I see the base for a species that could evolve to adapt to any kind of environment if given enough time. On top of that, their ki can be amplified by their emotions alone. It's almost mind-boggling how-"

"The point brother. Get to the point!" Sorrel directed.

"Oh sorry. The point is, on its own the common earthling has better genetic potential while the common Saiyan has better physical potential. Combine both of those gene pools and you get a cross-breed where the dominant traits, Saiyan traits, are amplified ten times beyond a pure Saiyan. Get any of them mad or upset and their powers have the potential to increase even more."

"So, what you're saying is, that mixing Saiyan and Earthling DNA is going to result in stronger Saiyans?" Calla asked trying to clarify.

"Exactly. And from my calculations it's going to get stronger with each new generation. Within the next several hundred generations, the distinction between the earthling species and the Saiyan race will be virtually nil." Ophrys finished. Taking off his glasses and wiping them.

"Damn." Foryctha said as the rest of the group went quiet. The weight of the news hitting them like a wall. Ophrys turned to his queen, who had narrowed her eyes as the view screen showed they were passing a town.

"So this was his plan all along." Clemartis said. "To lick his wounds and begin the revival of his old empire." She let out a small laugh. "He's much more devious than I gave him credit for."

"I'm not so sure your majesty." Azera corrected. "If that had been his motive he would be in a better position of influence on this planet, most likely he would have installed himself as supreme ruler long ago. He has more than enough power to secure it by force. But from what I've seen, there is no sign of Saiyan corruption in the Earthling's culture."

"Yeah, I would have expected to find him on top of a castle going 'Muwahahahaha!' if that was his plan all along." Calla speculated, doing her best to mimic a good evil laugh.

"That's impractical, not to mention idiotic." Sorrel said with irritation. "Regardless, this new information gives us all the more reason to stick around and destroy the vermin before they spread."

"Agreed." Clemartis getting up out of her chair. "We can't afford to take any chances. Not with our people's future at stake. All traces of the Saiyan race on this planet must be wiped clean." At last, Queen Clemartis had her answer.

Though her team was divided, she strengthened her conviction. She was going to need an unshakable will in order to put her next plan into action.

"And the only way to do that..." Clemartis reached down and touched her suit's emergency compartment, containing bandages, emergency rations and other important materials. She reached past to the very bottom, her fingers grasping something tiny. She pulled it out and held it in front of her squad. Their eyes went wide with shock.

"...is with this."

In her hand, Clemartis held the seed for the Tree of Might.

"Clem you can't be serious!" Calla cried.

"I'm very serious. The only possible way for any one of us to fight on even terms with a Super Saiyan is to rely on the tree's power."

"But if you plant that the planet will be-" Ophrys protested.

"A trivial sacrifice in order to eradicate the Saiyan's hateful legacy. A price that I am willing to pay."

"With all due respect your majesty, there are other ways we can go about this." Azera stated. "We can notify Gladolous of the situation and we can have the fleet-"

"I will not sacrifice more Yousarian blood to that monster! He is my prey! Mine alone! And this is the only way I can become as powerful as he is."

"Damn, you mean business!" Forcytha remarked. "Oh well, its such a shame to loose such a prime candidate for energy harvesting but what can you do?" he shrugged.

"That's all you have to say about this?!" Calla yelled.

"It's not my planet. I said it was a shame didn't I? But orders are orders."

"I agree. The Earthling's brought this on themselves when they chose to harbor those beasts." Sorrel added. Calla and Ophrys looked to each other. Horrified by what was going on around them. What happened next was inevitable.

"I'm sorry Clem, but...I can't follow that order. I won't be responsible for destroying so many innocent lives."

"That has never stopped you before." Clemartis pointed out. Her old friend looked at her, eye wide with fear. "How many times have I given this order before and you've followed it to the letter?"

"Its different now okay! I know the people here! And besides, back then you had the forethought to take in the planet's refugees, not doom them to wither and die with their world!"

"Forgive me my queen but, I can't do this either." Ophrys said, putting down his tablet. "Regardless of my personal feelings, this planet is a shining example of what our home could be one day. I won't let it die, not even on your orders!"

"Treason! You dare to deny direct orders from your queen? You're...you're both insane. Mad!" Sorrel shouted. He looked at his brother. "As if you couldn't shame me enough. You had to pull something like this." Ophrys hung his head, refusing to meet his brother's gaze.

"I'm sorry brother, but this is who I am." he said, full of sorrow.

"Don't be a fool Calla. You know this the only way to get revenge on that bastard!" Forcytha said grabbing Calla by the wrist. "There is still a way out of this, I can hire you as a servant in my house and lessen your sentence." He was almost pleading when Calla wrested her hand free and slapped him in the face.

"Don't you ever touch me again!" she screamed. "I was a fool...for thinking you could ever be a decent person. You're the scum of the universe! Your worse than a Saiyan!" Her last statement, sent Forcytha into a rage as he forcefully restrained her. Holding her against the wall. Sorrel soon did the same with his brother, pinning him to the ground. Azera watched helplessly as the his comrades fought amongst themselves, not sure what to do.

"What would you have us do with these traitors your majesty? We can use the lower level as a makeshift brig." Forcytha suggested.

"You will do no such thing!" Clemartis ordered. "I want you both to release them immediately!"

They looked up at her, confused.

"But...your majesty..."

"Now! That is an order!"

Intimidated by her furious tone, Calla and Ophrsy were released.

"We are too few to be fighting among ourselves! Calla and Ophrys are not traitors. They are my comrades. Demonstrating true loyalty to their queen by questioning their orders." Clemartis smiled. "I couldn't have asked for better companions." Sorrel and Forcytha looked down in embarrassment. Calla and Ophrys looked up to their her, hope in their eyes.

"Clem." Calla smiled.

"But what I require now is obedience, not loyalty." Clemartis said, her voice ice cold. "And you will obey me."

Just as the two started to panic, the gem on Clemartis' chest began to glow. Almost instantly, Calla and Ophrys' gems began to glow as well. A strange energy began to course through their bodies, dominating their muscles and their minds. They tried to struggle but in just a few minutes, their limbs were limp and their eyes were blank. The other three looked on in horror as their crewmates' free will was stolen.

"What have you done?!" Sorrel shouted. He walked over to his brother and shook him.

"It's no use lad. She's used the Dominance technique. They won't come out of it until the Queen has released them." Azera informed him. He turned to look at his queen, his eye wide with fear.

"Release my brother immediately!" Sorrel demanded. "I will not let you disgrace him in such a way."

"So you do care for your brother after all." Clemartis mused.

"He may be a fool, but he does not deserve this kind of humiliation! You have no right to manipulate a member of the nobility!" Sorrel yelled.

"How touching. If you care about him so much, you may join him." Clemartis said simply. Sorrel's gem began to glow. Out of desperation he tried to punch her in the face but it never reached its mark. He was just another puppet tied to her will. Clemartis turned to Azera and Forcytha, who both initially winced.

"Do as I say and your minds will stay your own." she said as she resumed her seat.

"No argument here." Forcytha said putting his hands in front of him. "I'm just...gonna go and prepare the hostage." The young noble disappeared behind the medical station. Clemartis could feel Azera's disapproving gaze on her. He was always so self-righteous. That just because he was a war hero meant he got special treatment.

"This is unprecedented your majesty. House Iris will see you impeached and executed for this." Azera hesitantly advised.

"Let me worry about that. You focus on your duty and set up contact with the fleet. They should have reached the planet by now." Clemartis said.

"But your majesty I-" Azera began to protest.

"That is an order, Azera." Clemartis hissed. "I wouldn't want you to fail me a second time. I don't think your illustrious reputation could handle it."

Azera lowered his head, ashamed. But slowly made his way to the communication device.

"This is the ASTF, escort of her majesty Queen Clemartis. Do you read?"

"We read you, go ahead Azera." came the voice of Gladolous. Azera looked over his shoulder to see Clemartis standing behind him. She could see him shiver as he turn to face the microphone.

"Stand by for direct orders from the Queen." he stated, moving out of her way.

"Attention to all soldiers of the Yousari fleet. The Cold Empire has been defeated. The war against the agents of Frieza is over!" Over the other end of the line, she could hear her soldiers cheering and celebrating. "However, there is still work that needs to be done. And I will need your help to do it. First, I need the fleet moved just inside the planet's atmosphere. Azera will transmit our current coördinates. Rendezvous there and you will receive your next order."

"Understood your majesty. We'll notify you when we are in position." Gladolous replied, though there was a hint of suspicion in his voice. Clemartis couldn't have him as a loose end. But the strain of controlling three individuals were already starting to take a toll on her.

But she had a plan to rectify that.

Looking down at the planet she saw the perfect spot to plant the Tree of Might. She walked to the door and opened the hatch, the gush of wind blowing back her cape.

'You come with me.' She ordered. Sorrel responded and followed her out the hatch. Flying down to the surface of the planet, she created a fissure in the ground, deep enough for the tree's roots to sink deep into the planet.

"A few days ago, you stopped Ophrys from saying something regarding a rogue tree. What did you not want him to share with me?" she asked.

"That it was our mother who stole the tree and passed it on to one of her spies within the ranks of the Planet Trade Federation. An alien criminal by the name of Amond. Mother promised him power and wealth in exchange for information and using the Tree of Might to eliminate Frieza." he responded, completely emotionless.

"Hmm, I suspected as much. To think your dear mother would go through so much trouble simply to defy me." Clemartis mused. She held her hand out over the fissure, and released the seed. Watching it plummet down the bottomless pit. "I will have to deal with her once my business is concluded here."

She and Sorrel flew up into the air, just as the seed began to germinate. In no time at all, the tree's gigantic roots shot out from the ground, destroying everything in their path. Tearing through stone, smaller trees, spreading all the way from the wilderness to the nearest Earthling city.

The trunk rose higher and higher, its canopy blocking the remaining light as the sun sank below the horizon. When it had reached it full height Clemartis flew through the tree's branches, each parting at her command. She reached a clearing at the base of the canopy, its thick branches acting as a wall. Small traces of light shot through the branches as the moon began to rise. The stars barely visible.

The Queen put her hand to bark, using her ki to coax it to grow another shoot. Manipulating it, the shoot grew larger and bended unnaturally, forming what looked like a throne. Tentatively, Clemartis took a seat. Slowly but unmistakably, she could feel the Tree of Might already absorbing the planet's energy.

"Tell Forcytha and Azera my orders." she told Sorrel. "Then you and the others will take up your positions. We will have company soon, and you will buy me the time I need to prepare."

Sorrel bowed and flew back to the ship. With her team out of the way, Clemartis focused her senses on the arriving fleet. Releasing more of her ki, her senses improved to the point she could sense ever single soldier as they waited aboard their ships. Effortlessly, she reached out her power to each and every one, dominating them. Their wills bending to her's. Through her power, she sent them all a message.

'You will scour this planet and weed out the Saiyan conspirators. Scan their DNA. If any show a trace of Saiyan ancestry, kill them on sight. Otherwise, capture them and bring them back to the fleet for their impending judgement. Do this, and our people will be free from terror, free from war, free of the Saiyan's curse!'

Clemartis smiled as she could sense her soldiers, even Gladolous following her command. Better yet, her condition continued to improve. Though she could feel the planet starting to die as more of her ki was released. She tightly gripped the armrests of her throne and closed her eyes. Repeating he mother's mantra.

"Commit to it, own it, be strong. Good or bad, be strong. Be strong."

She had made her move. Her pawns where all in place. Now all she could do was wait for her opponent to make their move.

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