Dragon Ball Z: Achillea

Deja Vu

The energetic nightlife of West City was completely consumed by destruction and terror. Buildings on the outskirts toppled by the force of the giant roots that had appeared all of sudden. People ran for cover from the falling debris before making their way to their cars in trying to escape the madness.

Anyone unlucky enough to touch the wooden abomination collapsed immediately, drained of their life force. In electronic store windows, a myriad of television sets broadcast the news from a tv station from South City. A crowd had formed around each one, eager to find out what was going on. Yamcha, Bulma and her parents were among them.

"The cause of this strange phenomenon is still unknown, but most eye witnesses believe that it is connected to a similar event that occurred over a decade ago. The results of which eventually subsided but only after the monstrosity had caused extensive loss of life and billions of zenni in damages. While the creature continues to expand its rampage, the most heavily affected areas remain as follows: North City, Central City, West City and Ginger town. If you live in any of these areas, remain calm and evacuate as soon as possible. Take only the essentials. South, East and Satan Cities are expanding their shelters to take in refugees. Mr. Satan himself, will make a televised appearance along with King Furry of North City to offer his condolences to the families effected by this terrible crisis. Stay tuned and stay safe."

"Ugh, like deja-vu...all over again..." Bulma sighed.

"What the hell does Hercule think he's doing? This is not the time for his showboating." Yamcha grumbled.

"Oh, I'm sure he means well dear." Bunny Briefs said, providing her usual optimism.

"Sure, sometimes people just need listen to words of encouragement to keep the faith. Better that than having the whole planet devolve into chaos." Doctor Briefs added. His tiny cat clinging to his shoulder, shivering.

"Yeah but you know he's gonna take credit for everything we do to set things right." Yamcha argued.

"Who cares who takes the credit Yamcha as long as it gets done." Bulma retorted, shutting up her ex. She had finally regained some of her spunk, but Yamcha could tell she was still desperately worried about her family. "I just hope Goku can find those damned aliens with all this mess going on."

"I'm not usually a betting man, but I would say that those extraterrestrial chaps and this event are connected. Didn't that one fellow say their technology was based on organic material?"

"He did. But the more I look at this stuff, I just get flashbacks of that Tree of Might those space mercs brought with them all those years ago." Yamcha said. Thinking back to that horrible battle that Goku had won just by the skin of his teeth.

"If it is, that just means we'll just have to incinerate it all over again." Bulma said pumping her fist.

"You say that like it was easy Bulma! It wasn't!" Yamcha yelled.

"Maybe it wasn't easy back then but you guys weren't as strong as you are now." Bulma shot back. "And don't forget we outnumber them."

"I don't know. I just have a bad feeling about this." Yamcha said as he looked up to the sky. Any light from the stars or moon was completely blotted out, making the few active street lamps and television sets were the only light source. The darkness made Yamcha extra uneasy as he walked away from the crowd and used his senses. He could barely sense it but, he could feel something coming their way.

"Hey guys, I think we should get out of here."

"And go where? The road back to our compound has been cut off." Bulma asked.

"I don't know, anywhere that's not here." he said grabbing her by the hand and pulling her along.

"Hey Yamcha!" Bulma screamed. But just as he was about to lift her up and take her by force, he looked up just in time to see a horde of glowing insect-like wings, just like the Yousari had, darting through the sky. Only this time, there were a lot more of them. Several swooped down to the street, while the rest continued to fly past. The ones that landed began to blast the street with their ki, corralling the already terrified crowd. Once encircled, a single Yousari soldier stepped forward, holding a strange device in his hands. He held it in front of each member of the crowd, a small, wide, laser-like beam tracing out each individual. Yamcha felt a knot in the pit of his stomach when he looked at these Yousari. Their eyes were glazed over, like they weren't paying attention or caring about what they were doing.

"No Saiyan DNA dectected." he said in an emotionless tone.

Yamcha broke out in a cold sweat. They were looking for Goku and Vegeta.

"Prepare them for transport." A second soldier ordered. Yamcha saw one of them placing a small glowing device on the street. It grew into a tall rod, a small green light blinking on the top. Soon, he heard the roar of an engine as a large ship came out of the sky and landed in front of the group. It opened up a back gate, revealing a large cargo area.

"Move!" A soldier shouted, firing an ki blast at the crowds feet. Fearing the potential consequences of disobeying, the crowd slowly moved toward the ship. Not wanting to get caught in the middle, Yamcha held on to Bulma's hand as he tried to force his way through. Bulma understood immediately and encouraged her parents to do the same. They were almost home free, when a Yousari spotted them and fired at their feet.

"Get back in line." he ordered. But Yamcha responded with a strong punch, knocking the alien flat on his back.

"Run for it!" Yamcha cried to Bulma. He lept in the air and fired ki blasts at every Yousari soldier in his sight. In the pandemonium, the crowd of people broke through the line of soldiers and made a break for the nearest intact building. Yamcha held his own for as long as he could but he was soon overwhelmed by the Yousari's numbers and was tied down with some kind of energy lasso. Things were looking bleak until, in a sudden flash of orange, Goku suddenly appeared via Instant Transmission and fought off each Yousari warrior, knocking them unconscious almost simultaneously.

"Nice timing man." Yamcha smiled, rubbing his wrists free.

"Are you okay Yamcha?" Goku asked.

"Yeah, those guys just got lucky. Where's everyone else?"

"At the Lookout. I'm taking everyone to the lookout before we go on the offensive." Goku said.

"Its them isn't it? Those lying bastards are behind this aren't they?"

"Yes." Goku said sadly. "But we'll have time to talk about that at the Lookout. Where's Bulma?"

"Over here Goku!" Bulma said running over. Her parents not far behind her. "Where's Vegeta?"

"Searching the planet for the Yousari. He said he'd meet us back at the Lookout if he found anything."

"I hope he's alright." she mumbled. "Is Trunks-"

"Already at the Lookout. Now we better go before more of those guys show up. Hang on to me." Goku smiled. The three did as they were told, and before they knew it the wrecked city vanished and was replaced with the calming scenery of the Guardian's Lookout.

The whole gang was there. Gohan stayed close to Videl, who looked like she was in pain. Chichi was keeping an eye on Goten and Trunks as the two where having a small sparring match. Chiaotsu and Eighteen sat near the gardens, the latter holding Marron tightly in her arms. Mr. Satan was nervously pacing back and forth near the time chamber, with Majin Buu happily eating a mound of sweets nearby. Tien, Krillin, Master Roshi and Piccolo stood in a circle off to the side, discussing the recent turn of events, while Dende finished healing their wounds from their recent battle. Hercule was the first to see them.

"Oh your back! Good! I almost missed you. So, with this uh, alien invasion thing, you guys are gonna take care of it right? Three eyes there said y'all took care of the last one so..."

"Yes, Hercule, we have a plan."

"Thank goodness. Buu and I were just about to head back down to the surface for that speech. What do ya want me to tell 'em?" the champ asked eagerly.

"To stay safe and off the streets. And if you can, try to keep the military from attacking the tree. Other than that...just say what you think needs to be said." Piccolo suggested.

"Alright! I got this. Come on Buu! You can eat the rest of those later." Hercule called out to his pudgy pink friend.

"But Buu hungry!"

"When this is all over, I'll get you an extra big cake. How's that sound?"

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay." Buu shrugged as he took one last bite of a danish and let Hercule climb on his back.

"Daddy be careful!" Videl called out.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll be back in a little bit. Just...take it easy going down, will you Buu." He barely had the time to get the words out before the magical being shot into the air, diving down toward the planet. With Hercule screaming all the way.

The second Bulma saw her son, she raced toward him. "Trunks!"

"Mom!" Trunks said just before ducking from one of Goten's kick. "Time out Goten!" With their bout on hold, Trunks ran to his mother and gave her a big hug.

"Are you okay? Those jerks didn't hurt you did they?"

Her son's smile vanished as he looked down to the ground. "No mom I'm fine. But...is it true? Baby sis is..." Bulma nodded sadly.

"Yes sweetie. But don't you worry, Goku and your dad are going to get her back." She tried to embrace him again but Trunks brushed her away before walking away. He stopped and gave the ground a good punch, leaving a dent in the white tiled stone.

"How could they do that!?" he screamed. "After everything we've been through!"

"Calm down Trunks. Save your anger for the fight ahead." Piccolo advised.

"Fight? Oh no, my baby is staying right here." Bulma shouted. "I'm not going to lose another child today.

"Thats right, same goes for my Goten!" Chichi agreed. "I swear, what is with you and forcing these poor little boys into fights that don't concern them."

"But mom, it does concern us! Ophrys and Sorrel are our friends. We can't just stay here." Goten shouted, pushing his mother away. Chichi gazed down at the ground, looking just as conflicted.

"They are not our friends anymore Goten! You heard them. Just because we're part Saiyan they think we're scum. They were never really our friends!" Trunks shouted.

"That's not true!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Boys that's enough!" Goku scolded. The two Saiyan youngsters quieted down immediately and sat down in a huff. With one problem settled, Goku joined the other adults while everyone else got comfortable.

"How bad is it?" he asked.

"Bad. I'd say worse than the first time we had to deal with this damn tree." Tien replied, his arms crossed.

"The more energy it consumes, the farther it spreads. Not to mention the entire army of Yousarians that's scouring the entire planet and taking everyone they can get their hands on." Krillin added.

"We were lucky it hasn't spread over the entire planet yet. But its only a matter of time before that tree drains us dry." Master Roshi said grimly.

"Then there is only one thing we can do." Goku said. "Go to the tree itself and destroy it."

"I doubt the Yousari are just going to sit by and let that happen. Who knows what kind of damage they'll do once they eat that thing's fruit." Yamcha thought aloud. "Though, it was weird. The soldiers didn't seem...normal. Like they were in a trance."

"It wouldn't surprise me." Piccolo said, using his senses to observe the world below. "Especially if Queen Clemartis is pulling the strings."

"But how? Some kind of mind control? If she was capable of something like that then why not use it sooner, or on the entire planet?" Tien asked.

'Because it's a Yousarian technique that only works on their own species.' came the voice of King Kai.

"What do you know about it King Kai?" Goku asked.

'It is called the Dominance technique. An ancient power that the Yousari royalty used to unite their people, making them of one mind to avoid calamity. It became forbidden on their planet after a previous king used it to enslave his own subjects. Normally, it takes an enormous strain on the user to control only a few. But with the Tree of Might, Clemartis is using it to expand her influence and control the entire army. Without suffering any ill effects.'

"With all of them acting in one mind, they are a more efficient fighting force. Without any emotions clouding their judgment." Piccolo concluded.

"But why is she abducting innocent people? What does she gain from this?" Krillin asked.

"The reason doesn't matter." Goku said abruptly. "What matters is that we put a stop to it before she destroys the planet in the process."

"Couldn't have said it better myself." said Vegeta, landing just a few feet away.

"How'd it go down there? Did you find anything?" Goku asked.

"Not a blasted thing. Every time I tried to get closer to that cursed tree, I run straight into a barrier. I know she's in there. Taunting us." Vegeta said, trying to stay composed but couldn't hide the anger in his voice. Goku grimaced.

"If only I could sense their energy...I'd be able to use the Instant transmission. But looks like we are gonna have to do this the old fashion way."

"Then I say we take the fight to them and take our chances." Tien proposed.

"Agreed. The longer we wait, the more powerful they'll get." Piccolo nodded. "We'll need every able body we can for when they try to out number us. Preferably those of us who have seen how the Yousari fight."

"Yes! Time for payback!" Trunks shouted jumping up and down. Goten didn't look nearly as enthused but stepped forward. Bulma and Chichi were ready to protest but Eighteen stopped them.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on yours if you take care of mine." she said.

"You sure dear?" Krillin asked.

"Yeah, I've been itching to crush that asshole for weeks." Eighteen replied, punching her hands for emphasis. Krillin smiled proudly at his wife.

"But mommy!" Marron cried latching on to her mother's leg.

"It'll be alright. Stay here and be a good girl." Eighteen stroked her daughter's hair before giving her a hug.

"You coming Gohan?" Goku asked. Gohan looked up to his father but every time he heard Videl's strained moans, he held her hand even tighter.

"I'm sorry guys. I want to, believe me. But..." he said nervously.

"I understand." Goku put his hand on his son's shoulder. "You do what you have to son."

"Wait? No, Gohan you should be going with them!" Videl argued.

"I can't leave you like this Videl. Not when you might-" Gohan said before Videl put her finger on his lips.

"I don't want to hear another word. I'm fine. Stop worrying and go kick some butt." Videl gave Gohan a confident smile. "I won't forgive you if you turn back."

Gohan let out a sigh, not wanting to argue. He squeezed her hands as he stood up.

"Alright. Just hold on until I get back."

"Heh, no problem." she smiled.

"Don't worry Gohan." Dende said as he finished healing Goku and Vegeta's wounds. "I'll take care of her."

"You're the best Dende." Gohan gave a thumb up to his old friend.

"Keep an eye on things up here Chiaotsu. I'm counting on you." Tien encouraged his childhood friend.

"You got it Tien!" the boy nodded.

"How about you Yamcha? You coming, or are you gonna sit this one out?" Goku asked. Yamcha had wondered when someone was going to ask him that. In all honesty, he thought it would have been better to just stay out of the way. But after coming this far and being one of the few fighters who remembered the last time they went up against a Tree of Might, he couldn't bear the thought of backing out now.

"Heh, goes without saying. Count me in."

"Great. Lets get going!" Goku Called out as Earth's Special Forces leapt into action.

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