Dragon Ball Z: Achillea



The shrill cry of their newborn daughter pounded against Vegeta's eardrums, waking him right out of a sound sleep. He rolled over on his side opposite the baby monitor and placed a pillow over his head. It did no good to drown out the racket however.

If she had any power to speak of, Little Bra had a set of lungs that could scream a hole through space. Vegeta could feel movement next to him, as Bulma was roused as well. She sat up and stretched her arms before rubbing the dark circles under her eyes. They were the same circles that he shared with her since he had made the mistake of offering to share the night shifts. Peeking out from under the pillow, he saw Bulma fumble for the clock.

"2 am. It's always 2 am." She moaned as she collapsed back into bed.

"She's crying for you woman. Find out what she needs and take care of it." Vegeta said placing the pillow back on his face.

"She can't be hungry. I fed her just before I went to bed." Bulma sighed, rubbing her forehead.

"She's part Saiyan. It will take more than one feeding to satisfy her."

"This isn't my first time doing this Vegeta. I gave her more than enough time to get her through the night. It's something else."

"Whatever it is, figure it out. I can't take much more of this crying." He said pushing the pillow a bit harder over his ears, to no avail.

"Oh no mister, it's your turn to take care of the little bundle of joy. I need to catch up on my sleep if I'm going in to work tomorrow." Bulma groaned, positioning her legs to push him out of bed.

"Absolutely not, I've already contributed the allotted hours we agreed on for child care. Your experience, as you've said, trumps mine in these situations anyway." He grumbled as he turned his back to his wife.

"Cut me some slack! Work's been killer this week and I need all the beauty sleep I can get if I'm going to be seen in public."

"No. If the child has been fed then there is only one other thing she needs…" Vegeta shuddered. "I will not do it."

"Come on, you don't know that for sure. It may just be an upset stomach, you can handle that."

"If that's all it is, she will survive. I'm not moving." He felt the bed jerk as Bulma suddenly sat up, her temper no doubt boiling over.

"Vegeta, so help me, you are getting out of bed and taking care of our baby. Now!" Bulma yelled at the top of her lungs. Her shrill voice on top of the increasing volume of the infant was becoming more than he could bear. He sat up and returned his wife's glare.

"Don't pretend to boss me around when you know I could break you in half woman!" Vegeta yelled.

"Ha! Like you have the guts to do that. Even if you did, that would mean you would have to take care of Trunks and Bra all by yourself. Strongest man in the universe or not, there is no way you can take care of two growing kids without me." Bulma said smugly. Vegeta could feel the veins in his forehead as his anger began to build.

"Like hell! I've faced monstrosities more terrifying than you can imagine." Vegeta steamed, pointing the loud baby monitor. "THIS is nothing!"

"Then prove it tough guy! Let's see if the Prince of all Saiyans is strong enough to handle a four-month old baby." Bulma shot back. The challenge had been made. Vegeta threw off the covers and got out of bed.

"Fine!" he yelled as he stormed down the hall of the Brief's compound. It wasn't until he was more than halfway to the baby's room when the realization hit him. He covered his embarrassed face with one hand. The woman had done it again. Years ago, he would have been able to coerce the most powerful fighters in the universe into doing whatever he wanted with the mere threat of force. Yet not only was Bulma unafraid of such threats, but she was still able to trick him into getting her way.

Vegeta smirked at the irony of it all. His wife may not have a shred of fighting ability but she still had the same fire inside that had brought them together all those years ago. Time hadn't affected it at all. He wasn't sure anymore if the same could be said for him.

Ever since the defeat of Majin Buu, Vegeta had attempted to keep training with his usual intensity but his new life had found many ways of interfering, small things like attempting to humor Bulma when she went on one of her shopping sprees, scolding his son when he got in trouble at his new public school or even now where he pitched in to raise a second child. It wasn't that big a stretch to say that all of this was making the once mighty Saiyan Prince go soft.

He could still feel that part of him deep down despised the weakness it brought. Though it didn't take much to bury those feelings under the resolve he had found working together with Kakarot against Majin Buu. This was his new life. A life he had made for himself. It wasn't perfect and it was a far cry from the ideals he was taught as a pure blood Saiyan, but it was his. His pride was still intact, it had just been redirected to something new.

Part of him wanted to go back down the hall to the bedroom to tell the woman off for tricking him, but he decided it would be better to do it once the child had quieted down. It was a little further down the hall before he reached the baby's room. He opened the door and was greeted by his daughter's desperate cries. The girl was still small, no bigger than his forearm but you would never have thought that when she started screaming. Her bubblegum blue hair, much like her mother's, had started to grow a bit longer. A tiny pink cap covered her head and she wore baby pajamas of the same color. Bra's tiny arms flailed with each scream, her legs kicking the crib for good measure. Vegeta took a deep breath as he prepared himself.

"All right, All right. What's got you so worked up?" he said out loud.

Bra recognized his voice and turn to face him, her cries starting to quiet down. Vegeta reached down and picked up the small child, holding her at arm length as he set her down on the changing table. Once he put her down, she resumed her crying fit in earnest. Vegeta took one look at the diaper and gulped. There was no evidence so far that she had…done it. But there was only one way to find out. Slowly he unwrapped the cloth as Bulma had instructed him, he closed his eyes as he got ready for the unpleasant odor.


He carefully opened one eye as he looked down at the open diaper. The Saiyan Prince let out a sigh of relief when he saw the cloth was still clean. Yet, despite that, the infant persisted in her crying. Making sure the diaper was secure once again, he picked up his daughter and placed her stomach on his shoulder.

He kept his energy in check as he placed his free hand on her back like he had seen Bulma do a dozen times. He paced around the room, if nothing else to keep from falling asleep again, as he tried to gently pat the girl's tiny back. The screams turned into sobs, sobs turn into muffled whimpering with minor burps in between. In a matter of minutes the crying had ceased and the child was pacified. With that taken care of he placed her back in her crib, pulling the blanket over her legs. Little Bra gave a little yawn before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Vegeta moaned as he slumped down into the chair next to the crib. Too tired to walk all the way back to the bedroom, he tried to make himself comfortable. His eyes drooping as he rested his chin on his fist. The woman had better be grateful for this. He had spared her from an extended interruption of sleep that was now hitting him like a spirit bomb. Unfortunately, his mind began to race as he contemplated exactly how she would make this up to him. Grogginess added to the irritation as he readjusted himself in the chair and tried to clear his mind. He leaned back in his chair, looking out the window and taking in the star lit sky.

It had been over a decade since his last outing into space which had been all the way back when he had been preparing for the arrival of the Androids. To be strong enough to change the fate that the future form of his son had warned them about. Training himself into the ground in the pursuit of Super Saiyan levels of power, believing it was his purpose. To surpass all other Saiyans that came before and revitalize their once great empire with what little of them remained, whether they liked it or not. Even after all the toil, his pride had been dragged through the mud when he found the hard way that even a mere humanoid machine could topple the pinnacle of his races' evolution.

Looking back on it now, the path that led him to this life had been a vicious cycle. Achieving new power, believing no one could match it, followed by a new threat to beat him into the ground, humiliation fueling his pride to urge him to go even further. Even his attempt to sacrifice himself to save his family and new home from Majin Buu had been a shallow attempt to one-up Goku, who had died to save his friends from Cell. His exasperation at the antics of the lower class clown still burned strong when they reunited. But no matter how many times he thought about it, he couldn't get what Goku had said out of his mind.

"Look, your always going on about our Saiyan race. How we are the last of a mighty people. Well, its time to admit we are starting a new race. One that can be just as strong, just as proud. But not if we get caught up in our old birthrights, to see what we have right in front of us! We've lost our old race Vegeta! Let's not lose this one to!"

Up until then, Vegeta saw a peaceful life like this as demeaning. Something he dared not do for the sake of besmirching all that his race had fought for. But…it was true. His father, his people, his entire planet…was gone. Nothing could be done to revive it. Even if he could, would it be the right thing to do?

No, he knew the answer already. He and Goku were all that remained, and it was going to stay that way.

Vegeta looked over at his sleeping daughter. He could hear her making tiny mumbling noises as she moved around. Though she appeared human, almost eerily like her mother, the child still had Saiyan blood in her veins. All that remained of the Saiyan royal line, just like her older brother Trunks. It was thanks to that blood that the two had the potential to be the strongest beings on the planet, save only for Kakarot and his spawn. Much like Gohan already had however, they would grow up. Find mates, most likely human as well and have kids of their own. The same would happen to those children and the ones that would come after them. Each new generation would become more and more human, extinguishing the powers of their Saiyan ancestry forever.

This, more than anything else, terrified Vegeta the most. All of those years training to achieve his races' ultimate form, even surpassing it and for what? Sure, he and Goku could train their offspring in what they knew so they could pass it down the generations, but in the grand scheme of things, how much did that matter? It was almost cruel, the rest of their race had been able to die in a blaze of glory, but he and Goku were going to fade into obscurity. Every fiber of his being wanted to fight against such a fate, sharing the blame next to his desire to surpass Goku when Babadi took control of him.


"It's time to admit we are starting a new race!"

Maybe it was worth leaving behind a small legacy. Not through powers and abilities, but through the bonds that they had made. The people he and Kakarot had come to know and care about. Could such a thing really stand the test of time? Vegeta wasn't a hundred percent sure then and still wasn't. But, he had decided to see for himself. That resolve had become the driving force behind his new-found effort to live and enjoy his family and friends in this time of peace. It was a gamble, the biggest one in his entire life perhaps. Yet each day, whenever Bulma kissed him, when Trunks would train with him, or even when he saw his baby daughter smile, something kept telling him…that he had made the right choice. Vegeta's breathing slowed and closed his eyes.

"If it's the last thing I do, I swear I will make you pay!"

Vegeta startled awake almost crushing the wooden armrest. A layer of sweat rested on his brow that he quickly wiped away with the back of his hand. He looked at the small clock on the dresser and saw the time, 4 am. Only a measly two hours. The day was going to be a bigger pain now that he was running on less than five hours of sleep. He checked Bra's crib and smiled when he saw she was still asleep. He rubbed his tired eyes as he tried to make sense of his nightmare.

No, it wasn't even a nightmare really. Just an old memory he had long since tried to forget. Why after all this time was this ghost from his past coming to his mind? If he hadn't been focusing so hard he would have missed it, but it was then that his senses alerted him to several large power levels approaching.

It was hard to tell just how many there were, but they were descending from space and showed no signs of slowing down. Looking out the window at the night sky, he tried to get fix on their location but had no luck. He would have to get closer to know for sure. Vegeta left the baby's room quickly and quietly, not slowing down as he made his way to his son's room. There was no doubt that Kakarot and the rest were aware of what was going on. They would have to meet up to determine the best course of action. His son was no stranger to combat and this would be the best way to prepare him for challenges he would face as a Saiyan warrior.

"Get up son," Vegeta said as he walked into his son's room. The twelve year old half-Saiyan was sprawled out on the bed. His legs tangled in the sheets snoring loudly. Sleeping this soundly, there was only one method that would get the boy on his feet.

'Trunks wake up!' Vegeta communicated via telepathy. The sudden invasion of his clear mind made Trunk leap out of his skin. In a panic, he shot straight up to the ceiling sticking to the wall like an insect. It took a few minutes for him to calm down enough to notice his father standing below him.

"What's the big idea dad?" Trunks said as he floated back down to his bed. He looked at the clock and rolled his eyes. "Can we not train today? I have a test at school tomorrow and I'll fail if I don't get sleep."

"I have a much more important test in mind for you, and no we are not training. Not in the usual way." Vegeta said casually. "Get dressed and meet me out on the front lawn in five minutes." The Saiyan Prince turned to leave, his son more than a little confused.

"What? Wait dad! Tell me what's going on!" Trunks called out as he rushed to get on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt.

"Keep your voice down!" Vegeta said in a loud whisper. Trunks covered his mouth when he remembered the baby. He also knew very well what happened when his mother was woken up prematurely.

'I'm not going to explain when you can find out the answer for yourself boy. Use your senses and meet me out front.'

Vegeta didn't have to wait long before Trunks got the message and followed behind him. After taking a quick detour to change into his Saiyan armor, the two walked out the front door and stood on the lawn. He saw the worry on his son's face as he discovered the approaching power levels. Trunks had seen combat before, when he was no more than eight years old, but he was much more used to living in peace than being ready for combat at a moment's notice.

Vegeta had done what he could to keep the boy's skills sharp but there were only so many early morning training sessions they could sneak in before Bulma would interfere, saying that he was overworking their son. Overworking or not, he had the potential to become one of the strongest fighters on the planet, a fact his son's future self had proven and something Vegeta wanted his son to achieve once again.

"Are you ready?" Vegeta asked. Trunks gave a hesitant nod.

"Good. Follow me." Using their energy as a cushion, father and son flew into the air at top speed leaving West City far behind them. Mountain ranges, forests, even oceans passed by as a long, indigo blur as Vegeta and Trunks made their way towards the unknown visitors.

'Vegeta! I thought that was you, how have you been?'

The Saiyan Prince almost dropped a few feet when the grating cheerfulness of Goku thoughts reached out to his mind. A grown man and the strongest in the universe but he still acted like a child.

'This is no time for pleasantries Kakarot!'

'Ha ha, still grumpy huh? Well, it is kinda early. You'd think that vistors from outer space would wait till its daytime.'

'You sensed them then?'

"Yeah, I'm with Gohan and Goten. We're following their energy right now. There's a good chance Piccolo is on his way as well. They must be traveling in some kind of space ship but it's still too far away to see.'

'I've sensed the same, though with the numbers I'm getting there should at least be two ships. Their energy levels are high, but nothing I can't handle.'

'Same here, but I'm hoping we can end this peacefully.'

'Not likely Kakarot. One of those ships belongs to Frieza's clan.'

'What, how can you tell?'

'The strongest power level in the larger ship is…familiar.' Vegeta thought as his time in Frieza's employ came back to him. Shoul had been the second in command in Frieza's private armada. Powerful enough to hold his own in a fight back then but he could never match Vegeta. With the deaths of Frieza and his father all those years ago, Vegeta had hoped that the rest of the tyrant's followers would be too scared to even approach Earth again. As he felt the incoming energy, he grit his teeth. He hated being wrong.

'I'll handle the clean up on my own if I have to Kakarot.' Vegeta thought to his long standing rival. There was a bit of silence before he responded.

'No. We've got your back if things turn south. But promise me that we'll at least get more information first on what they're doing here.'

'As you wish. Just don't blame me if you get shot in the back.'

'Fine. See you soon!' the low-class warrior said in his usual upbeat manner before fading from Vegeta's mind.

"Kakarot and his sons are en-route as well. Keep up with me and don't do anything without my say so, understand?" Vegeta said to his son.

"Yeah…"Trunks mumbled.

"If you have something you want to ask me boy, now is the time." Vegeta said without bothering to look back.

"I'm sorry, its just…been awhile since this kind of stuff happened. I'm not sure if I'm ready to fight that many people at once."

"Don't be ridiculous. You already have all the training you require to eliminate these low level vermin. Just follow my orders and you'll be back home in time for your test." Trunks let out a little sigh of relief, but Vegeta could still feel his son's curious eyes on his back.

"Do…do you know these people dad?" Trunks asked. Vegeta hesitated, not sure of how much of his history he wanted his son to know.

"Some." The prince stated, keep it simple.

"And your okay with fighting them?" Trunks asked again, digging a bit deeper into the issue than Vegeta had wanted.

"These men are dangerous son. If they had the opportunity they would lay waste to the entire planet, killing everyone. Including your mother and sister." Vegeta said looking back at Trunks horrified face.

"We are the best defense this planet has against people like them, so stand tall and show no mercy, for they will not give you any."

Trunks silently nodded as he let the matter drop. The two picked up speed as they rocketed toward the largest desert canyon on the planet.

Multiple energy signatures caught Vegeta's attention, all clustered on the top of a tall stone spire. He beckoned for Trunks to follow and the two changed course. The pink rays of early sunlight were starting to peek out from the horizon, silhouetting their the tall rocky peaks of the desert canyon. Most of the gang was all there. The Namekian Piccolo, Goku and his sons, even Krillin had shown up. Trunks lit up when he saw Goten and flew past his father to meet them.

"Coming in for a landing you guys!" he shouted. Goten returned the happy look as he flew up to meet his best friend.

"Hey Trunks! How've you been?" asked Goku's biological clone. Eleven years old now, Goten had begun to hit a growth spurt but was still a few inches shorter than Trunks. His hair, that had used to resemble Kakarot's, had started to grow out a bit more. However, still being the youngest fighter here meant he had little to no bearing on what was really going on. Not that Vegeta trusted Goku to properly explain that to his son when he was looking for a peaceful solution.

"School mostly. Wish you guys didn't have to live so far away. It would be a lot more bearable if you were there." Trunks said while scratching the back of his head.

"Mom's been talking about sending me to school but only when Gohan starts his job. Till then, it's just boring lesson after boring lesson from the comfort of home." Goten said with a goofy smile. Gohan shook his head as he took off his glasses.

"Don't think this mess is going to keep you from your homework Goten!" the elder brother called out. "We're going over those math problems the minute we get back." Goten winced and moaned, while Trunks laughed at his friend's expense.

"Man Gohan, I'd never thought I'd see the day when you sound like your mom." Krillin joked. "Whats this I hear about a job?"

"Ah, it's not that big of a deal. I sent my thesis on on the uses of ki to my college professor and he's offering me to be his assistant for a while."

"Not bad." Krillin said giving his friend a pat on the back.

"If things keep going the way they are, I may even get the resources I need to write a book on it." Gohan said with excitement.

"Awesome, congrats bro. You've earned it." Krillin said with a smile. Gohan laughed, embarrassed from the attention.

Vegeta landed on the rock face and walked over to Goku, who looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

"We are expecting to go into battle…and you show up in your underwear?" Vegeta asked in exasperation.

"Aw come on! I didn't have time to change." Goku whined. He walked over to a small bag lying on the rocks and pulled out his trademark orange gi. "Thought I would have more time when we knew where these guys were landing."

"They're not going to land here." Piccolo responded, keeping his eyes and ears on the sky. "Their ki is too fast and erratic. If they are traveling in spaceships then they must be badly damaged."

"Seriously?" Goku said. He doubled his efforts to get his outfit on, jumping up and down to get his feet secured in his boots. Once he was ready, he looked up to the sky and narrowed his eyes. "Looks like your right. Better not waste anytime then." Goku put two fingers to his forehead. But Vegeta reached out and grabbed his arm, breaking Goku's concentration.

"Don't even think about it Kakarot." Vegeta said sternly. Goku returned a glare as Vegeta tightened his grip.

"Come on Vegeta. Maybe they're not all saints, but if we have the ability to save as many as we can we should. You promised-"

"No, you wanted to gather information before we acted and that is what we will do. No more no less." Vegeta said turning to the rest of the group.

"That goes for the rest of you. If the ships are on a crash course there will be no interfering. We will observe what we can from whatever survivors are left and act accordingly."

Gohan, as gentle as he was as a child, took the order as well as his father did. Krillin wasn't taking it much better, but didn't show any signs of wanting to argue the point with him. Trunks nodded in compliance followed by Goten, who seemed to agree only because Trunks did. Piccolo seemed indifferent but Vegeta had come to accept that he and the Namekian were normally on the same page.

"Fine by you Kakarot?" Vegeta said, giving the low-class Saiyan a confident grin. It took a few minutes but Goku returned it.

"All right Vegeta, I trust you." He said finally. Vegeta chuckled to himself as he looked up at the incoming vessels. Goku had that strange competitive drive that made him the better fighter, but Vegeta had found that he had the unusual strong Saiyan beat when it came to taking charge of a crisis. That was a victory at least.

The two energy signatures continued to get closer and closer, until they finally broke through the cloudy morning sky. The first one was undoubtedly of Frieza's ilk, with its saucer design and enormous size. It was trailing smoke, with fire pouring out of some of the broken windows.

It was too far to see, but Vegeta could sense the large number of soldiers scurrying around inside, trying to keep their vessel from plummeting straight into the ground. Not too far behind was the second ship, though smaller seemed to be attacking the Cold dreadnought.

The tiny ship was also trailing smoke but seemed to still have decent maneuverability. Its narrow but sleek design made it perfect to dodge the enemy fire. Increasing its speed, the smaller ship moved alongside the dreadnought, releasing orbs of energy that flew independently towards their enemy and opened fire from all sides. Vegeta strained his eyes as he got a better look at the dreadnought's attacker. When he saw the tree insignia on the side, his heart stopped.

It couldn't be. Not here. Not now.

The action continued in the sky as both space craft continued to fire at each other despite the fast descent. The dreadnought fired back in earnest but a blue energy barrier encased the smaller ship, protecting it. A couple of stray blasts littered the canyon just missing the group.

"Man, this is intense!" Krillin called out, holding up his arms to block any debris.

"That one looks just like Frieza's ship!" Gohan yelled over another stray blast. "Why are they here?"

"More importantly, is who is attacking them?" Piccolo replied, his eyes never leaving the smaller ship.

"Dad, what's going on?" Trunks shouted at his father as he and Goten attempted to take cover, but Vegeta didn't respond. Goku noticed Vegeta's silence but kept his focus on the action.

Getting closer to ground level, both ships attempted to pull up while in the heat of battle. It was touch and go for a few seconds but in the end both of the ship managed to stay airborne, though it wouldn't be for much longer. The tallest rock towers and cliffs crumbled as the ships collided with them. The smaller one didn't take much damage thanks to its barrier, but the Cold dreadnought was not so lucky.

With its shields gone, one sturdy rock face managed to cleave the fast-moving ship in two, one half fell straight to the canyon floor on impact while the other continued to fly a bit farther from momentum alone before crashing a farther distance away. The smaller ship struggled to stay aloft as the barrier weakened. It began to hit the ground but bounced right back up in the air as it tried to slow down. As the smaller ship passed the group by, they were able to make out a silhouette on the hull of the ship.

It was a young woman, with a long blonde braid that reached down to her ankles. She was clad in black battle armor that resembled tree bark. Her purple eyes focused in intense concentration as she held out her hands, holding the failing barrier together for as long as she could.

Vegeta froze. There was no mistaking it. The Queen of the Yousari herself had chased the remnants of Frieza's empire all the way out here. He grit his teeth as his experience fighting her came back to him. She had gotten stronger, of that there was no doubt. But she was still as childish as ever, pursuing her vendettas even far beyond the borders of her empire. Her ship flew by the group, skidding to a halt at the side of a desert oasis a several miles away. Vegeta narrowed his gaze as he felt the Queen's energy. She was weak from the crash but still alive, as were a few others with her.

"Looks like most of them made it out okay." Krillin said, clenching his fists.

"So it would seem." Piccolo said uncrossing his arms.

"Is it over?" Goten asked as he uncovered his eyes and proceeded to gap at the damage.

"So that's…what a space ship battle is like." Trunks mused to himself.

"We should go and check on the survivors," Gohan ordered, about to jump into the air.

"Good idea son," Goku replied following his son's lead. "That okay Vegeta?" The Saiyan Prince stayed silent for a moment, as he calculated the best course of action. With the Yousari present, this changed everything.

"We'll split up. I will investigate the largest half of the Cold ship alone. The rest of you go to the one nearby." Vegeta finally said. He moved to leave before he heard his son following him.

"I'll come with you." He said.

"No son, you go with everyone else." Vegeta said, not bothering to turn around and look his son in the eye.


"No buts!" Vegeta yelled. "You will do as I say and stay with the others, is that clear?"

The anger in Vegeta's voice made Trunks back down almost instantly. His son looked down at the ground, disappointed.

"Is that really necessary Vegeta?" Goku asked. "If there is more to this than we thought now isn't the time to go solo."

"This is my mess to clean up Kakarot and I would appreciate if you would just stay out of my business for once." The two Saiyans exchanged looks, silently regarding each other.

"Okay, just try not to get too carried away." Goku said with a smile. "Come on you guys, we'll check on the ship just over that ridge." Goku said as he took to the air. Everyone else took one last look at Vegeta before following.

"What about the other ship dad?" Gohan asked, "Shouldn't we split up to check on them to?"

"They're fine. That woman saw to that." Goku said with confidence. "She seemed really strong, so I'll bet we'll meet up with them soon."

Vegeta froze.

"One last thing Kakarot!" he called out.

"What?" Goku looked back.

"Whatever you do, don't let those aliens know you're a Saiyan." Vegeta warned. Goku raised an eyebrow.

"How come?" Goku innocently asked.

"Our race made plenty of enemies in their prime. I can't promise these aliens will be allies or not but let's not put this planet in danger anymore than we have to." Vegeta said earnestly. Goku nodded and continued to lead the group toward the crashed ship.

"Best to deal with the real threat before determining the other group's intentions anyway." Piccolo added. "Let's fly as close as we can then suppress our energy. Don't want their scouters finding us before we find them."

"Good call." Goku nodded as the group flew across the canyon before descending on the opposite side.

Vegeta watched them go before turning his attention to his target. He jumped into the air and flew past the wreckage of the Yousari ship. An intergalactic war had made its way all the way here. All he had worked for to maintain peace was about to be shattered. He clenched his fists as he strengthen his resolve. He had to end this quickly and quietly before things escalated. No matter what it would take.

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