Dragon Ball Z: Achillea


Forcytha whistled to himself as he waited for the approaching enemy. Not everything had gone his way in the past few hours, but in hindsight, things were starting to look up. With no planet, the Saiyans would finally die out. Leaving no competition for the empire to expand its borders.

But the best part was taking the earthling population back to Alastromeria. Sure it was going to put a strain on resources but it would finally give him a chance with the females. The young lord wondered how many of them he could invite to stay at his mansion, or even his home city if there were too many to live under one roof. He could just imagine it, an entire planet's worth of beautiful women at his beck and call. His skin tingled just at the thought of getting a much-needed massage after this whole ordeal.

You're the scum of the universe! You're worse than a Saiyan!

Forcytha rubbed his temple when the irritating memory forced its way back into his head. How could Calla, the girl he had known since they were saplings, insult him like that?

She was a fool, that's why. Let herself get way too lovey-dovey with the Saiyans and their allies. Nothing like him. His time on earth had merely been spent admiring the scenery. Training with Eighteen and the midget she called a husband had been a means to an end. He had made no effort to learn anything about them or their lives. To Forcytha, this had just been a vacation. A short and sweet getaway from the regular routine at home. And now, it was all coming to a close. Soon he would be home and put the experience behind him. The earthlings should be grateful that the queen was generous enough to offer them refuge.

You're worse than a Saiyan!

Frustrated, he sat up and shook his head. Thoughts like that were only going to distract him in battle. Better to force it to the back of his mind and worry about it later. Maybe after he went home he could talk to Calla-

Forcytha grabbed a nearby stone and held it in his hand. Remembering the hurt and terror on her face fade away as that dark power had subdued her. The beautiful fire of her eyes dimming and ultimately extinguished. Would she ever be the same again? Would the Queen ever return her free will after such a betrayal?

Before he had realized it, the stone in his hand had been crushed. He had no idea what would happen and the uncertainty...frightened him. He considered bargaining with the Queen but soon remembered how Calla had reacted to his earlier attempt.

No, she wasn't worth it. Beautiful yes, but way too much trouble. Fortunately for him, he was going to have a lot more options to choose from very soon.

Forcytha could sense seven warriors heading his way. A sly smile came to his face as he hid his ki and ducked out of sight underneath the rocky outcropping he had sat on.

His countermeasure, along with the next barrier were certain to succeed.

"So how the heck are we going to destroy it?" Forcytha heard Krillin say as the group flew by. "Ki attacks didn't even scratch it last time."

"A spirit bomb should be strong enough, but I'll need some time to tap into the tree's energy. Not that Clemartis is going to let me do that without a fight." came the voice of Goku. "I don't even know if I can absorb the Tree's energy like last time."

"Then we should take at least one of the Yousari alive and interrogate them." said the Namekian. Forcytha's ki fluctuated with his rising anger. It was because of him that Calla had disobeyed orders and turned against him. He would not let that go unpunished. With a flick of his finger, he activated his booby trap. Over a hundred ki explosives shot up from the ground and into the air, creating a mine field between the planet's saviors and the next barrier.

"What the-?!" one of the boy's cried.

"Move!" Vegeta ordered as the rag-tag heroes took evasive maneuvers. Forcytha watched from a distance as the Saiyans blasted and ran from his toys. He snapped his fingers when one of his beauties nailed one of the Saiyan half-breeds. Only for Goku to come to his aid. Barely missing the second explosion. Forcytha'as eyes widened when he spotted Eighteen. Who had grabbed Goten just as he was about to fly into an explosive. How could he not have sensed her? As beautiful as she was, there had been something about Eighteen that had seemed off. It was as if she wasn't really there. She was alive, there was no mistaking that, but she never gave off any ki like most living creatures did. It was almost like she wasn't alive at all but an...

Forcytha had to choke down a laugh for not realizing it sooner. So that was what the little man had meant when he said, 'special circumstances.'

This was going to make the fight a lot more interesting.

"How nice of you all to come and visit." Forcytha called out, announcing his presence. His wings formed, lifting him off the ground and into the sky. In plain sight of the Earth's warriors. "You got here faster than I expected. Azera must have not been much of an opening act."

"Out of our way fool!" Vegeta yelled.

"So rude. And here I was about to offer to be your next round of entertainment. Ahh, well. There is just no pleasing some people. But I guess it won't be too terrible that the Queen has you two all to herself."

"Shut up and tell us where my sister is!" Trunks shouted. Primed and ready to blast him at a moment's notice.

"Sorry kiddo, but that's not how the game works. You've got to make it to the end to win your prize." Forcytha pointed back to the tree.

"Prize?! You think this is a game you sicko?!" Gohan said angrily clenching his fists.

"Hey, if you've got a job, might as well enjoy it right?" Forcytha shrugged. "Now, besides the Saiyans, which of the rest of you freaks would like to play first? You're all gonna end up dead, so it really doesn't matter to me."

"Not if we can help it!" Goku was about to charge forward when Krillin held him back.

"Goku, you and the others keep going. I'll take him." Just one look at the anger in Krillin's eyes killed whatever argument Goku had.

"Sure. We'll see you at the tree." Goku replied. "Come on guys, let's get past this barrier." All of them except for Eighteen slowly moved around him, raising their ki to blast the barrier. Even though he had orders to stop them, Forcytha didn't bother. He knew what was waiting for them on the other side.

"I wouldn't if I were you." He said, deciding that he should give them fair warning. "Go any closer to that tree and you may not live long enough to regret it."

"We'll take our chances." Goku said coldly after shattering the barrier. He and the rest of his little crew continued their flight toward the tree.

"Can't say I didn't warn them." Focytha shrugged as he turned to look at his two opponents. "Now doesn't this bring back memories. To think we would be fighting each other again so soon. Don't worry, I'll go easy on you. Wouldn't want you to miss the end of the world."

"You ready Eighteen?" Krillin asked.

"I've been ready since the first time he looked down my shirt." Eighteen replied, her icy eyes locked on to Forcytha.

"Ladies first." Forcytha teased.

They were words Forcytha instantly regretted when the fight got off to a bad start. Eighteen's punches were fast, faster than anyone he had ever fought before. They were almost impossible to block. Every time he would try to attack her with his bombs she would easily evade. Whenever he tried to grab her to absorb her ki, he found there was nothing to take. He began to panic. Focusing on protecting his body more than fighting back.

Krillin was protecting Eighteen from a distance while she fought in close quarters. Losing his ground with Eighteen, Forcytha used his bombs to create a smokey cover. Allowing him to sneak behind the tiny earth man. Latching on to his arms, Forcytha began to replenish his ki. When Eighteen realized her husband was in trouble, she charged through the smoke. Locating Forcytha in the smog and punching him square in the jaw. Forcytha's face scrunched in agony as he was forced to let Krillin go and retreat. Eighteen put herself between him and her husband. The latter shaking off his ki loss by charging it back up. Forcytha's eyes darted between the two as he considered his options. Strategically speaking, his victory depended on putting the blonde female out of commission.

And he had the perfect plan to do it.

Forcytha released wave of explosives. The explosions put enough distance between him and the couple. He charged his ki and in a burst of speed, caught the rattled Eighteen off guard. Once he was behind her, he thrust his open palm into her back, sending a small ball of ki into her. it condensed and latched on to her body.

Just as he'd hoped it would.

"Eighteen!" Krillin cried. Eighteen gasped from the sudden impact but was quick to lash out. Hitting Forcytha squarely in the face. She was about to blast him when Forcytha began to close his hand. Making his ki inside her react. Eighteen doubled over from the pain as the ball of ki began to pulse.

"Eighteen what's wrong?" Krillin flew to her side at once. Supporting her as she tried to stay in the air.

"I'm not...not really sure." she winced, gripping her stomach. "My gut feels like it's on fire."

"What did you do to her?!" Krillin screamed in Forcytha's direction.

"I just gave her a little parting gift." Forcytha sneered. "Your blushing bride now has a high-grade explosive inside her. If she so much as lifts a finger against me, it will explode."

"You bastard!" the short earth man said with outrage. "I'm going to make you pay for this!"

"Hahaha." Forcytha laughed, "You really should be thanking me. Now we can fight this out the old-fashioned way. Mano y mano. That is...if you have the balls for it?"

"Krillin don't." Eighteen gripped Krillin's shoulder. "He knows you're no match for him. Let me help and we can-"

"Stay out of this Eighteen!" Krillin said angrily. Eighteen's eyes widened.

"I'm sorry." Krillin apologized. "Just...let me protect you. I won't lose. Not this time." His eyes burned with determination that Forcytha had never seen before. Eighteen looked at her husband before she smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"I know you won't. I trust you." she said softly.

Forcytha felt his skin crawl at the heartwarming scene in front of him. Her? Trust him? How could she possibly be so strong and yet so stupid to trust her life to such a weakling? It was laughable. He had nothing! Nothing compared to him. He was just a midget, martial artist against a all-powerful noble lord. A general who had destroyed everything and everyone in his path. Yet, somehow, Krillin had his woman's love and trust whereas he had been betrayed by the only female he had ever thought to trust.

Jealousy began to course through Forcytha just as easily as his own blood. Hardening his resolve. He was going to humiliate this earthling. Make his woman watch every second of his torture before killing them both.

Then he was going to pretend that they and this pathetic little planet had never existed.

"Well come on!" He called out, not able to contain his agitation. "I'm waiting!"

"Haaaaaaaaaaaah!" Krillin stayed airborne. Powering up his ki. Forcytha responded in kind. Ready for whatever meager attack he was going to use. As he kept his gaze on Krillin, he began to see double. Then triple. Like he was creating copies of himself. This made Forcytha uneasy but he attacked away. Flying straight ahead and tried to kick all three of the copies at once. The Krillins blocked, countered, and sent the young lord flying high into the sky.

"Ka-me-ha-me HA!" he heard them say in unison. Forcytha looked down in time to see the blasts coming straight for him.

'RAGH!" Forcytha cried as he used a bright yellow stream of ki up to meet it, blocking and overpowering the attack. The Krillins released it. Dodging just in time.

They fired back. This time with smaller ki blasts that were easier to manipulate. Forcytha returned the favor. Dashing around the clones. Releasing more ki from his gemstone to increase his speed. By the time Krillin realized it, it was too late. Forcytha had become fast enough to dodge his every move. Despite being outnumbered, the clones attacks didn't have the same punch as Krillin had on his own. His power cut in half. A weakness Forcytha was eager to exploit.

Forcytha created a small ki barrier around his body. Allowing his gemstone to pump out more ki into his muscles. With a single shout, Forcytha released his explosive ki at once. His body creating a shockwave that sent Krillin plummeting down to the ground. His multiple forms disappearing back into his body.

"Krillin!" Eighteen cried. Forcytha could see tears in her eyes when the dust cleared and saw he husband. Limping out from under a pile of rocks His left arm was limp, hanging loosely to his side. His gi was in tatters. Burned to the point he had to tear off the remains of his shirt. His chest was badly burned. Hair too, as it began to fall of. He continued to rub dirt in it to put out the fire. Yet he still managed to stand. Despite his injuries. Breathing heavily, and looking like he was going to collapse at any second, but standing.

"How sad." Forcytha sneered. "After all that boasting, this all you could manage. I'm extremely disappointed."

"Hehehe," Krillin laughed. Forcing Forcytha to take notice. "Oh I'm far from finished. You'll see."

"Is that so? Well, hurry up and show me your full power. Don't keep me in suspense." Forcytha goaded. Per his request Krillin raised his only working hand. A small disk of ki appeared and grew larger. Forcytha recognized energy like this. Ki focused to the point it became sharper than any physical blade. It was identical to what Calla's ki did naturally. Forcytha smiled. If that's all it was, the wouldn't even need to dodge.

"Destructo Disc!" Krillin shouted as he released the disc. It soared away from the ground. Heading directly toward him. Eighteen looked on. Waiting for the attack to connect.

But it never did. Forcytha managed to catch it easily between his fingers. Holding the glowing disk of ki as it continued to spin.

"This is your ultimate attack? Please." Forcytha scoffed. "I've had to defend myself from attacks like this every single day."

"You haven't faced anything like this before." Krillin said smugly. "Trust me."

"You're delusional." Forcytha called down. Not following the earthling's logic. "That happens to most people who fight me. Get caught in too many explosions and eventually something gets knocked loose."

"You should take your own advice then." Krillin shot back, still smiling.

"What?" Forcytha asked just as he noticed Krillin's hand was still raised above his head.

Counting down with his fingers.

"3...2...1." he said smugly.

Forcytha looked again at the disk. At it's core...it was flashing.

Forcytha's eyes widened just as the ki in his hands exploded with a violent force. Searing his flesh and forcing him to crash into the ground. His back colliding with solid rock. All of the air was blown out of his lungs, making him gasp like a fish. The explosion's shockwave continued to push down on him. Forcing the rock underneath to crack and collapse. Forcytha shut his eyes as smoke and dust blew into them. His ears still ringing. As the explosion subsided, he regained his senses enough to move around. Dust had gotten in his nose and mouth. Forcing him to cough it up. Mixed with his own blood.

His armor down to his torso had been blown clean off. Leaving large burns and gashes all over his exposed body. But that wasn't even the worst of it. His face felt like it was on fire. Hard and flaky. Forcytha felt his heart pounding like a drum against his chest. He rolled over, screaming in agony as he picked up a handful of dirt to rub in his hair.

Only to feel nothing but dry, cracked skin.

His stopped moving. Panic rising hin his chest. He felt the cold sting of water touch his feet as he stumbled over himself. Slowly he moved toward it. Allowing the ripples to settle.

In that pool of stagnant water, he could see his face. His hair was completely gone. His smooth skin was now a rough blackish brown, like wood that had been scorched in a fire. His once beautiful face that had made his admirers swoon had been replaced by a hideous monster. Forcytha let out an ear piercing shriek. His pride and joy, gone in an instant. He looked over his shoulder to see Krillin, barely standing after using up the last of his ki.

Forcytha's eyes became wild with fury. His body temperature was so high he still felt like he was on fire. Using what little ki he could spare to heal his worse injuries. The young lord hobbled towards the Earthling. Who was now to weak to escape.

"You little...! Look at what you've done to me!" Forcytha screamed. "Do you have any idea how long this will take to heal!?" He reached down and picked Krillin up by the throat. The little man still had the gall to laugh at him.

"Hehe, that's a good look for you." Krillin chuckled weakly.

"Laugh it up while you can vermin! Cause once I'm through with you, you won't have any lungs left to laugh with." Forcytha fumed. He began to absorb Krillin's remaining ki. It wasn't enough to heal all his injuries. But it was enough that he would be able to escape to the ship. Forcytha smiled as Krillin's body went limp in his hands, his eyes becoming less focused.

"That does it! I'm coming Krillin!" Eighteen shouted from behind him.

"No...Eighteen. Stay back..."Krillin tried to say. It was then, that Forcytha knew how to get his revenge. Something far more painful than death. Holding the man tightly in one hand. He extended the other towards Eighteen, making sure Krillin could see it.

"No...don't!" he tried to scream. His voice scratchy.

"You take something precious from me, I take something precious from you." he grinned evilly. He closed his hand. Eighteen had halfway to them when Forcytha heard her scream. Closely followed by a symphonic bang. Krillin's eyes were wide with horror as the smoke hung in the air.

"A fair trade...wouldn't you agree?" Forcytha asked.

"You...monster!"Krillin breathed. The fire of determination returning to his eyes.

"Now now, let's not resort to name calling. We're not saplings here. And men have to take responsibility for their decisions. And it was you, who decided that destroying my face was a good thing. Now, you have to live with the consequences, and the fact that it was your fault that you're now a widower." Forcytha said gripping harder around Krillin's throat. "Not that you'll get to live with it for very long. I'm doing the universe favor by wiping your hideous DNA from the gene pool."

"Funny." said a female voice behind him. "That's just what I was about to say."

Before he could react, Eighteen delivered a roundhouse kick to his neck. He gasped as his bones cracked. Thanks to his emergency healing, the vital areas remained intact. Too weak to move, Forcytha lay on the ground. Utterly defeated. He began to see in tunnel vision as his consciousness began to fade. Trying desperately to stay awake, he looked over to Eighteen who was helping Krillin to his feet.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Sure...I've walked away from worse." he grimaced. But he looked up at he with anger. "What were you thinking? You almost...you could have!" he tried to say but found he was more confused about how she had managed to survive. "I'd thought...how come your?" he stammered.

"Turns out the doc didn't want anyone else destroying me before he could." Eighteen stated. She put her hand on her gut. "It took a little while, but the overload counter measure forced the bomb out of me before it blew."

"Oh. That's...well..." he tried to think of how to respond. "That's no excuse!" he tried to argue. Eighteen just smiled.

"I know. I won't do it again. I promise. Now get some rest." she tore off the sleeves off her shirt as she cleaned Krillin's wounds. But not before kissing him. "I'm so proud of you."

Krillin smiled up at he before he relaxed and closed his eyes. Forcytha couldn't stay awake any longer. With all the fight burnt out of him, he fell into unconsciousness. But not before whispering a single name.


When your writing a story like this, trying to keep all the facts presented in the original media straight, you still find opprotunities to add your own twist on things that wasn't really explained 100% in the original media. That was exactly what I had to do in regards with Eighteen. Everyone who saw the Cell saga to its conclusion knows that each of the androids had super powerful bombs inside them that were removed by Krillin's wish right? Well, the existence of said bomb got me thinking. If Gero had wanted to make sure Seventeen and Eighteen alive in order for cell to absorb them, what possible countermeasures could he have installed in order to protect them (Or hell, why even put bombs in them in the first place)? Since there really wasn't any existing explanation, I took a few liberties in assuming that Gero just planned for every possibility, which doesn't seem to be too far out of character.

Even if it is a bit of a cop out I wanted to have it in order as an excuse to give Krillin and Eighteen a moment. Which I feel was worth it.

I'll keep the chapters coming with another update tomorrow, next up is Trunks and Goten vs the Iris twins.

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