Dragon Ball Z: Achillea

Friend or Foe?

"I think this is close enough." Goku called out to the others and began to descend.

He suppressed his ki and touched down on the ground, moving closer to get a good look at the ship. Piccolo had suggested hiding and observing from a high point so they could have the advantage if things got ugly, and it turned out to be a good call. Even if they didn't have to fight, they at least had a good view of the ship, which was now nothing more than a crumpled hulk of metal, and the soldiers who were running around the wreckage retrieving whatever they could find.

"Looks like their trying to set up a base camp," Gohan said as he got down on his stomach. Goku remembered they still needed to hide and did the same.

"They're preparing themselves in case anyone attacks them. Probably the aliens in the other space ship." Piccolo said.

"They all look so weird," Goten commented, still trying to take in the whole alien invasion.

"These are the same guys you fought with my dad right?" Trunks asked.

"Pretty much." Krillin replied. "But we killed their leader a long time ago. It doesn't make sense that they would just show up out of the blue like this."

"Maybe it wasn't their choice. That other ship seemed pretty eager to blast them out of the sky." Gohan said as he watched the aliens in their Saiyan armor bark orders at each other.

"They're enemies alright." Piccolo agreed, as he listened intently to the ruckus below. "For a long while it seems."

"How long?" Trunks asked.

"They haven't said. But it would be a lot easier to hear if you guys would cut the chatter." Piccolo scolded. The two young boys winced while Goku smiled and scratched his head. The older saiyan looked back at Trunks and saw his worried expression. No doubt he was worried about Vegeta after his little outburst. Goku would have been lying if he had said he wasn't worried as well, but Vegeta was more than capable of handling himself. He gave Trunks a poke in the arm to get his attention and gave the boy a thumbs up. Trunks smiled back and nodded. Goku turned his gaze back to the alien base camp as he tried to follow Piccolo's example and find out what the story was behind their visitors.

"Get those rations off the ship now!" one soldier was screaming to another. "Or do you want our only supplies to incinerate along with everything else?"

"Don't pretend to boss me around! Your not the captain!" the one soldier carrying a heavy looking box called back.

"I am now! And you will do what I tell you to do!"

"Ahh, suck on a space pod."

"What'd you say to me?!" the 'captain' ran over and grabbed the soldier by the throat, making him drop his box and break it. Other soldiers stopped what they were doing to watch the fight, but only one actually stepped in to stop it. From size of his energy he was one of the strongest.

"Knock it off! If the general saw this, he'd leave you to die on this backwater rock. Unless you want to face his or Lord Frieza's wrath, I suggest you shut your mouths and get back to work!" he said pushing the two fighters back. The captain scoffed.

"Yeah right! As if Lord Frieza is really still alive! He's probably nothing more than a pile of rusted scrap metal right now."

"Hold your tongue! How dare you speak of our lord that way!" the stronger soldier yelled, barely keeping a lid on his temper.

"I'll say whatever I want to because he is 'D. E. A. D' dead! Do you honestly think he would let those damned weeds get their way if he was alive?" The one soldier seemed shaken by this while the rest looked down to the ground.

"May…maybe he is hurt, stranded on this god forsaken planet waiting for rescue!"

"For sixteen years? Suuuuuuure."

"If you didn't believe in our cause, why the hell are you even here? You could have just escaped like the traitorous coward you are!" shouted another soldier.

"I'm no coward! I just want to see the Yousarians get what's coming to them." The captain said crossing his arms.

"And we're off to a fantastic start. We're stranded on an alien planet, we've lost half of our crew and our general on the other half of the ship, our enemies are still out there, who, by the way, probably already found our scout team and are doing god knows what to them." Another called out sarcastically. The others yelled at him to shut up as the argument continued.

"Boy, a shining example of teamwork ," Krillin said with a sweatdrop.

"No kidding." Trunks agreed.

"I thought this Frieza guy was dead." Goten said looking over to his older brother, who had told him the story long ago.

"He is, I saw him die. These guys must not know yet." Gohan said looking back down at the soldiers.

"You'd think that with Frieza gone they would find something better to do with their time." Goku mused, "It's almost sad. Without a common goal they're just fighting each other."

"It was bound to happen since their chain of command is structured by fear." Piccolo commented. "Doesn't change the fact that these guys are still a threat to the earth."

"I guess you're right." Goku moaned. "Well, shall we go straighten these guys out?" He was about to get up when he saw Piccolo's eyes widened. Something had caught his attention, but he couldn't sense it.

"Whats wrong Piccolo?" Gohan asked his old mentor.

"Not sure. A wave of energy just appeared of nowhere and just disappeared. Like it was covering the entire area and not one of them even noticed." Piccolo said, his eyes darting back and forth trying to pinpoint the source.

"I didn't feel anything." Trunks said.

"Me neither." Goten chipped in.

"Are you sure Piccolo?" Goku asked.

"I'm positive. I would have missed it if I had blinked but," he grit his teeth in frustration. "Gah! Where is it? I know it was there!" Goku looked back down at the scene and saw that the soldiers were completely oblivious to the energy as well.

"What is so special about this planet anyway?" called one soldier to another.

"I heard from my buddy in King Cold's guard that the guy who almost killed Frieza lives here."

"No way! An Earthling, killing Frieza? Your making that up."

"Its true! Cut him in half and everything! He was found barely alive."

"Hard to believe someone from such a low level planet like Earth could do something like that." Said the one soldier in disbelief.

"I don't blame you. But some say he wasn't really a native of this planet to begin with." The other soldier said beckoning over the other one as if to keep it a secret. He jumped however when the scouter on his face started to beep. The others all went off at once as every soldier dropped what they were doing and aimed their weapons at a single rock formation.

"Whoever you are, we know your there! Show yourself or we'll open fire!" the strong soldier called out. A figure stood out from behind the rocks and stepped forward. It was a woman, with pale skin and a long pink ponytail. Her hands were raised but she seemed completely relaxed, evident by the cheerful smile on her face.

"Ooops! Looks like you guys caught me red handed. Can't pull one past you guys can I?" she giggled. The soldiers looked like they recognized her, as the gripped tighter on their weapons but held off the assault till the order was given.

"So you're still alive, you damn Yousari witch." The strong one growled, taking a step back.

"Why didn't you guys tell me I earned a title?" she said in shock. "I could have thought up a few better ones but Witch is pretty cool. How about this one instead, Sorceress of the Dancing Blades or the Dimension-Defying Damsel? Ohh, that last one was good." A few soldiers seemed taken aback by the girl's goofiness but the strongest fighter kept up his guard.

"Where is the rest of your crew?" he ordered, shooting a blast by her feet to encourage her to talk. She jumped at the blast, but her cheerful expression never wavered.

"All the rest of my crew is dead. I'm the only survivor see? So I was hoping that I could hitch a ride with you guys when your buddies show up. Um…they are going to show up right?

"Of course they are!" the captain blurted out, his hands shaking on his trigger. "But unfortunately for you, freak, you're not going to live to see it!" As the final words left his lips, a large blast of energy shot out from his weapon. The girl made no attempt to move as it collided with her head, blasting part of her face clean off. Her limp body fell to the ground, leaving an eerie silence. The other soldiers sat in shock, as the strongest one glowered at the captain.

"You moron! I didn't give you an order to fire!"

"I'm the superior officer here! I give the orders! That witch was an idiot to reveal herself and I just did us all a favor by lessening the Yousari ranks." He yelled back.

"Be that as it may, she could have been a potential informant! How are we going to get more information about our enemy out of her if she's dead!" this seemed to stump the captain but he never got a chance to respond.

The soldier gasped as he snuck a tiny glance in the girl's direction, she was was still moving. The soldiers as well as the Earth Special forces, gaped in disbelief as the body with half a face began to sit back up.

"Ow! You know….that really hurt." She said, her voice calm. "That was really uncalled for. Here I was trying to be nice and you just go and shoot me in the face." She stood up, hanging her head and her body swaying back and forth.

"That kind of rudeness really makes me mad." She said looking up, her one remaining eye was wide open, her iris glowing read.

"You know what happens when you make a Yousarian angry don't you?" The soldiers shook taking a few steps back. Suddenly the ground beneath them began to shake and shift, as tentacles of sand and dirt shot up and began grabbing at their legs.

"That's right, we eat you alive." The girl began to cackle.

The soldiers being pulled into the ground quickly began to panic as they struggled to fly. Others broke the line as they began to run in the opposite direction.

"What the hell is this?!" One screamed

"She's a monster!" another shouted.

"Get back here you cowards! Stay in formation," the strong soldier tried to order but it was too late. The retreating soldiers met their demise quickly as several exploded at once, while a few hesitant ones were run through by blades of concentrated ki. Two silhouettes popped out of the ground and took fighting stances. One was a male alien with red leafy hair, while the other one was identical to the girl with half a face.

"Two of them? Is anyone else lost here or is it just me?" Krillin said as shocked as he was confused.

"I'm right there with you Krillin. My logic went out window that minute she stood back up." Gohan agreed.

"But how the hell are there two of her? Are they clones?" Trunks said wide eyed.

"No." Piccolo said calmly. "The first one is an illusion. So are the sand pits."

"How can you tell?" Goku asked.

"The energy I sensed before, was laying the foundation of the illusion. Someone is using their ki to alter the surrounding area however they see fit while another is acting as the focal point." Piccolo explained.

Once he focused, Goku was able to sense it as well. It was like the whole battle field had been covered in someone's ki that could only blocked out when he used his own. Then it just looked silly as soldiers writhed around on the ground screaming that they were sinking.

Piccolo smirked. "Its an impressive diversion for the real threat. But it leaves the primary illusionist wide open."

Piccolo turned out to be right when the remaining soldiers got in formation and opened fire on their adversaries. The one casting the illusion began to run and duck for cover, the disguise melting away to reveal a blue haired boy with glasses. The captain broke rank and eagerly ran after the boy, who did his best to stand his ground but was quickly knocked off his feet. He braced himself for an incoming attack only for another boy to appear and stick an ki blade through the attacker's chest.

The enemy slain, the kid with glasses smiled up at his companion while the latter rolled his eyes, but reached out his hand. The two nodded at each other and returned to the offensive, their attacks and defensive moves completely in sync with each other. Using their deftly synchronized techniques, the four aliens encircled the last few Cold soldiers, dodging blasts and taking out their enemies a bit at a time.

"Form up!" the strongest soldier called out. The others obeyed immediately, not willing to argue who was in charge anymore. Clustering in a circle, they covered each angle of the battlefield and finally began to get their enemy on the run. The pink haired warrior, formed a ball of energy in her hand and shot it up into the sky before summoning a ring of blades around her body, cutting down energy blasts in half and anyone who dared get close.

"What she do that for?" Goten asked.

"Use your senses Goten! It hasn't been that long since you used them." Trunks scolded. "Another guy is still hiding."

"Very good." Piccolo said with a smile. It had been a while since he had seen Trunks but it seem his time instructing the two hadn't gone to waste. In a matter of minutes the next alien arrived, jumping down from a rock tower. His body was enveloped by a massive amount of ki that acted as both a weapon and a suit of armor.

This large foe landed directly on top of the remaining soldiers in the center circle, punching and crushing any enemy who crossed his sight. With their ranks broken yet again, the soldiers began to flee from the behemoth, only to be cut down or blown to bits by the others. Earth's Special Forces looked on in awe. While these strangers where not as powerful as other aliens they had encountered such as Frieza, they were efficiently wiping the floor with their opponents and each of their powers worked in harmony with the other.

Goku grinned as he watched the spectacle, his body practically tingling with excitement. How amazing would it be to be able to test his abilities against a group like this? Would all of his strength and abilities be able to triumph or would he lose out to the group's teamwork and strategy? Friend or foe, it didn't matter to Goku. He had to find out who they were and if they would be interested in the challenge as much as he was.

With their formation in shambles it was only a matter of time before all but one of the soldiers had been eliminated. After doing nothing but dodging the giant armored monster, explosions and energy blades and taking nothing but pot shots, the strongest soldier decided the best course of action would be to retreat. He lifted off into the sky at top speed, though none of the other combats followed. The soldier was just about to break away from the battle field when a stray blast collided with his back and his body stopped dead. He tensed as he tried to will his body to move but was unsuccessful.

Following his senses, Goku found the attacker and recognized the same woman who had been on the roof of the ship. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed that her ki was considerably weaker than before. She was visibly panting from the physical strain of extending her limits and did no more than hold the soldier in her paralyzing grip. The soldier fought to get free, his own strength putting even more strain on the woman. However, his attempt was cut short when the pink haired girl flew up into the air after him, with red insect like wings extending from her back. She flew up at the soldier at top speed, a long blade attached to her pointed hand. In a singled motion she came right up to the immobilized foe and ran him through, the blade exiting out of his back.

"Curse…you…" the soldier gasped his final breath while the girl gave a triumphant smile. She retracted the blade and the body plummeted to the ground, landing on the pile of corpses.

"Is it over?" Goten asked peeking through his fingers.

"Looks like," Trunks replied, his clenched hands shaking.

"That was incredible. I mean, Frieza's henchies were never real powerhouses but they weren't weak." Krillin said.

"Yeah, with skills like that I honestly hope they're more willing to be allies than enemies." Gohan said with a nod.

"Well, if they aren't friends of Frieza's , I'd say they're friends of ours." Goku said with a smile as he prepared to stand up and greet the aliens.

"Hold on Goku." Piccolo cautioned. "Let's wait a few more minutes. I want to be sure of their intentions before we reveal ourselves."

"Its alright Piccolo. I'll check it out first and see if their okay. I'll call you down once I get an all clear."

"This is not the time to get over eager Goku." Piccolo scolded. "You step out there, you put yourself right in the middle of a potential war, that could not only endanger us, but the entire planet. We need to make sure we know exactly what we are getting into before we get involved." Goku sat back down, a bit frustrated but knew Piccolo raised a good point. Despite his immense strength, revealing himself now just after that huge fight was probably not the best idea. Like it or not, he would have to wait a bit longer.

The woman in the black armor fell to her knees, her breathing considerably worse. The pink haired warrior wasted little time in flying over to support her compainon.

"I swear, you never listen to me sometimes! Whatever happened to keeping watch from the sidelines?" the girl scolded.

"What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment." The woman gave a weak smile as the girl carried her down to the others. The behemoth armor dissipated revealing another man of the same species in silver armor and green leafy hair. He stood at attention when the woman came down and gave some kind of salute. The others followed his example though the blue haired boy without glasses did his carelessly.

"Good work with the cover boys, I was practically dancing around those boobs and they didn't even see me." The red haired alien said, proudly surveying the damage.

"I would have been able to kill them all silently if Ophrys hadn't slipped up." Said the boy without glasses.

"What do you want me to say? 'It's coming right for me,' not a good enough excuse for you? Besides, it all worked out didn't it?" The kid with glasses shot back.

"You already put your life at risk acting as the decoy, if you had fallen back like I had told you to instead of hamming up that little performance, you wouldn't have almost had your head blown off!" the other boy shot back.

"But that was the best part! You go on and on about how incredible it is to use your powers over the environment but really, the best part of illusions is looking the saps straight in the eye and watching them pee their pants." The boy with the glasses said with a proud smile, while the other boy gave an exasperated sigh.

"If I may cut in boys," the girl with the pink hair said, leaning into the boys' personal space. "You did a great job Ophrys and no one is doubting that…I'm just wondering why you had to look like me?"

"Uh…no, no reason. You just have…this way of drawing attention that I thought it would be better." The boy with glasses' pale face turned a slight shade of green as he stumbled over his words. The girl narrowed her eyes a bit.

"Well, if your going to act as me next time, work a bit harder on your tone. You made me sound like such a ditz." The girl said letting the previous matter drop.

"Sounded like a dead ringer to me." The red haired alien nonchalantly, which was rewarded by a swift kick at his groin. He managed to dodge just in time and kept plenty of distance between him and his attacker.

"You all performed admirably." The blonde woman cut in to get the group back on track. "Let's just hope the survivors of the other half of the ship are as easy to kill. But more importantly, what information did we get?"

"According to the enemy, this planet is called Earth," said the boy with the glasses. "This was Frieza's last known location before both he and his father were killed by a native."

"Wait, I thought Frieza died on Namek when it exploded." the red haired man asked.

"Looks like he managed to escape and eventually wound up here." The boy answered, though he also seemed confused. "It just happened to be the last thing he ever did."

"As for the planet's exact coordinates," the other boy stepped up, pulling out what looked like a computer chip. "I was able to swipe some of the salvaged data from the ship's navicomputer. It should have this planet's exact coordinates."

"Well done, all of you." The woman smiled as she took the computer chip. "I had not imagined that our enemy would be willing to go so far to find an advantage against us."

"There are definitely powerful people on this planet. Leagues ahead of our best soldiers." the pink haired girl said, using the same energy sensing technique the Z fighters did "We'll have to be careful while we wait for pick up. There's no guarantee that they aren't hostile."

"Hey, if one of them killed Frieza, maybe we can convince them to help us?" said the red haired man with a grin. "We'd be able to crush the rebels in no time flat."

"I'll admit it is tempting. Any allies we can gain from this would be beneficial to the empire." The larger warrior nodded.

"Absolutely not." The blonde woman said curtly.

"Come on. I know you don't like it but we can lessen our casualties if we-"

"I said no Forcytha!" she said raising not her voice but her ki to show she was serious. The entire group fell silent. "I will not shatter this world's peace unless it is absolutely necessary. If they are ignorant of what is going on up there, then it should stay that way. It is our duty to protect developing worlds like this, or have you forgotten?"

"No, your majesty. I haven't forgotten." Forcytha moaned, not daring to look the woman in the eye.

"Good. We'll need to fly over to the other half of the enemy's ship and deal with them as well, before we try to establish contact with the rest of the fleet." She finished, motioning for the pink haired girl to head back the way they came.

"That is if we can salvage enough parts from the crash to even make a communication device." Forcytha grumbled.

"That shouldn't be a problem." said the larger alien. "Most of the of the comm system is salvageable and I should be able to put together a device from what's left of it, but it could take me a few days."

"Assuming we have that much time before enemy reinforcements show up." The sullen boy commented.

"My lady, you need to take some time to recover. Let's gather what we can from this wreck before heading back to the ship and go from there." The pink haired girl said moving to sit her leader down in the shade despite the latter's protests.

The group of aliens split up around the decimated camp site as the Z fighters observed.

"Seems like an okay group to me Piccolo." Goku said, looking to his Namekian friend for approval.

"At least they're not here to conquer the planet." Krillin sighed. "Almost every alien we've run into so far either wants to take over the planet or destroy it. Its like they have nothing better to do out there."

"You do realize that I'm right here." Piccolo said, glaring daggers at the former monk. Krillin immediately realized his mistake and tried to backtrack.

"Not that some of them haven't proven to be pretty cool, awesome and all around okay guys but I was just saying…" Krillin said in a panic, holding his hands in front of his face in case of retaliation. Piccolo just smiled before looking back to the group of aliens.

"I've got to go with dad on this one Piccolo." Gohan interjected. "I understand why you're nervous but I don't think it would hurt to lend them a hand will it? At least give them a place to stay while they're here."

"Sounds good." Trunks added, "I want to know how they did that illusion technique. I wouldn't have to go to school ever again."

"Yeah!" Goten agreed, his volume increasing from excitement. "And they can tell us all about what its like in space." Trunks proceeded to smack Goten upside the head before gesturing to keep his voice down.

"Considering how Earth seems to have more enemies in space than allies, I wouldn't mind at least talking to them. On top of getting those other jerks back to whatever black hole they crawled out of." Krillin nodded.

"Vote is five to six Piccolo. What do you say?" Goku asked but saw that Piccolo wasn't really listening. He was no longer looking at the group but at key points around the camp. His expression darkened before he turned to Goku.

"Can any of you sense any ki besides our own and theirs?" he asked in a hurry. Goku blinked in curiosity at the strange question but did what he was told. Extending his senses, like he did for instant transmission he tried to feel out any other power levels. Nothing came up.

"Sorry Piccolo, I don't sense anything. Why do you ask?"

"Because they're surrounded." Piccolo said cryptically. Goku narrowed his eyes and continued to search the area. His senses weren't picking up a single thing but he managed to spot a Cold soldier hiding on a tall rock tower.

"How is that possible? Every living thing has ki, so why couldn't we-?" Goku froze when the possibility dawned on him. "You think their androids?"

"I doubt that. They sound like the rest of the mercenary scum. They must be hiding their energy somehow." Piccolo said, tracking each soldier and counting off the number.

"But these guys don't know anything about techniques like that." Krillin argued. "Not even Frieza could track ki since he need those scouter devices to find us."

"We can worry about the how and why later." Gohan cut in. "We need to warn them."

Just as the Z fighters were about to make their move, the surrounding soldiers beat them to it as they began their attack. The sudden barrage of fire made the aliens in the camp scatter as the attempted to search for their adversaries. Their leader was still struggling to move but a stray blast got her in the arm. Her allies instantly formed a protective circle around her using their respective talents to keep her from harm. On a level playing field they could have taken these guys without too much difficulty, but without the ability to sense their energy it would be risky to go on the offensive. Goku clenched his teeth and stood up.

"Piccolo, Tell me where they are! We'll take them all out at once." He shouted over the sound of explosions.

"There are seven in total. Four are on behind those rock columns on the perimeter." Piccolo pointed to the columns on the west, east, north and south corners of the clearing. "The other three are on the ground, just out of sight from the main camp."

"Right. Gohan, you and I will take care of the ones on the ground. Piccolo, you and Krillin take the boys and cover us." Goku ordered. The group nodded and got ready for battle. "Lets go!"

Releasing a small portion of his ki in an instant transmission, he quickly materialized between the alien group and an advancing soldier. The soldier gaped at Goku's sudden appearance, giving Earth's defender an easy opening. With a single quick punch to the gut, the alien soldier was gasping for air and dropped to the ground. Goku felt the burning sensation of an ki blast hit his back when the soldiers above began to fire at him.

It didn't keep up for long when Piccolo and the others made their move, quickly dispatching their targets with a single blow. Gohan managed to sneak up behind his opponent , catching him off guard by sweeping the soldier's legs and using just enough force in his elbow to render his foe unconscious. Krillin had an easy time despite the fact he had given up fighting. Goku's best friend was sporting a confident smile as he knocked his enemy into the ground with a mid-air round house kick. Even the youngest of the group were making a time of it by taunting and teasing their targets before forcing them to the ground. Proud of their accomplishment, the two youngsters fist bumped.

The last remaining soldier, overcome by panic and rage, charged Goku at full speed. His fist seemed to move in slow-motion as Goku moved his head slightly to the right, avoiding the blow completely. The soldier stared in shocked awe as Goku looked back with focused eyes. Calmly, he took the soldier's extended arm and gripped it tight before delivering a restrained punch to the face. The soldier went flying, colliding and passing through several rock columns causing them to collapse. Other than the sound of crumbling rocks, no other sounds could be heard in the canyon, save for the muffled gaping from the other aliens. Goku got the nod from Piccolo that they had taken care of all of them, as his group decended to join Goku and Gohan on the ground.

"I know it's weird for me to be saying this," Trunks mumbled to Goten, "But I was kinda expecting more."

"Same here." Goten nodded. "When Gohan told me about them I thought they would be way stronger than this." Once everyone was on the same level, Goku turned to the alien group and smiled. His friendly appearance didn't seem to convince most of the aliens as the group tightened the circle around their leader, preparing to strike at any moment. Their leader, on the other hand, seemed more curious than concerned. The pink haired girl next to her was the same way, her eye kept darting back from Goku to Piccolo, but she still struggled to stay between the spiky haired warrior and her leader.

"Hi there, are you guys alright?" Goku asked innocently.

"Who wants to know?" said the young blue haired boy, his ki beginning to spike.

"Oh right, sorry about that. My name's Goku, these are my boys, Gohan and Goten. My best friend Krillin, Piccolo and that's Trunks." Goku said pointing to each of his companions. Gohan, Goten and Krillin were polite enough to bow but Trunks and Piccolo kept their eyes forward. "We live on this planet and saw you guys crash…"

"What was your purpose in assisting us?" the large alien asked, half of his fist covered in his energy armor.

"Purpose? Well…we just..." Goku said, attempting to understand the question. "When we saw your ship crash, we wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help. It's not often we get visitors from space."

"More often than we did two decades ago." Krillin mumbled under his breath.

"Cute story. I'd be tempted to believe it if you hadn't been spying on us like a bunch on insects. We happen to be in the middle of a war, and in a war you can't trust anyone save your own kind." The one named Forcytha stepped forward, a yellow orb of explosive ki formed in his hand. Everyone but Goku got back on their guard. "Nothing personal really, I just really want to see how strong you are when your burning alive." He said getting reading to throw.

"Stand down Forcytha." Their leader ordered, stopping Forcytha in mid throw. The rest of the group turned to look at their leader, tension in the air.

"Your Majesty, you can't seriously?!" he said in disbelief.

"If they wanted us dead, we would all have been blown away with a mere thought. His power is tenfold of what Frieza's once was. I know you can sense it as the rest of us can. So unless you want to suffer his wrath as well as my own, then you will stand down." Forcytha hesitated for a moment, glaring at Goku but quietly dissipated his energy ball and returned to the rank. The blonde alien breathed a sigh of relief as she motioned for her followers to allow her to move forward. Goku could sense she had regained some of her ki, enough to stand on her own, but she was still weak. She stepped forward, her eyes calm and wise. Each of her warriors stood at attention behind her, waiting to hear what her next order would be.

"Forgive my subordinate. Our war with the Cold Empire has him on edge and he is always over eager when it comes to battle." She said giving a small bow.

"That's alright. If he ever wants to find time to spar I'd be up for it." Goku replied.

"Since you were so kind to give us your own names, then I will return the favor." The woman smiled, "My name is Clemartis, third Queen of the Yousari Empire and this is my special tasks force." She turned to her people and encouraged them to step forward.

"Azera, Knight of the Yousari Empire and second in command of this squad."

"Sorrel of House Iris, second born to the Third Noble House of the Yousari Empire."

"Ophrys, Mr. Attitudes big brother."

"…Forcytha, Lord of the Fourth Noble House."

"Calla," the pink haired girl stuttered, "Servant to the crown."

"I am sorry if we have disturbed your daily life in any way, but unfortunately our being here cannot be helped." Clemartis continued. "You see, our empire has been in open war with the Cold Empire for over a decade now. Unfortunately before we could end the conflict for good, their last general fled to this planet. We were unaware of the reason until we gained the information from them personally."

"Yeah, we've dealt with these guys before. If anything else, they're just as tenacious as their leader was." Goku mused.

"Then you know of the late lord Frieza?" Clemartis asked.

"Know him? I fought him." Goku said causual, unintentionally putting both the Queen and her followers into a stunned silence. The Queen was the first to regain her composure.

"How…how are you still alive?!" Forcytha blurted out.

"That's incredible." Ophrys beamed with excitement. "Earth's biology must have a better mastery of ki than our own."

"So, the power I'm sensing from you is the genuine article." Clemartis smiled before extending her hand. "Then it seems I must thank you not once but twice."

"What for?" Goku cocking his head to the side.

"If it hadn't been for your efforts, my people would still be living in fear of Frieza's power. All of our efforts in this war have been to take back worlds he stole from us. You didn't know it but you finally gave my kind the foot hold we needed to fight back. I cannot thank you enough." Goku took her and shook it, scratching his head in embarrassment.

"Uh, your welcome I guess." Goku said.

"My my, such a modest man." Calla spoke up. "You should learn a thing or two from him Forcytha." The red haired warrior rolled his eyes and pretended not to pay attention to the conversation.

"If I may," Oprhys called out to Trunks and Goten, "Just how old are you by your species' life span? And do you always begin your combat training at such an age?" Goten and Trunks exchanged confused looks.

"Um I'm twelve and he's eleven." Trunks answered hesitantly. Oprhys gaped with glee while his brother put his hand to his forehead.

"Now you've done it." Sorrel said under his breath.

"That. Is. Marvelous!" Ophrys said as he ran over and started to look the boys over from head to toe. "So much ki and experience in such a short amount of time. Most impressive."

"I'm not that young-ow! What are you-? Stop that!" Trunks snapped as Ophrys began to probe his body through poking.

"Cut that out!" But nothing seemed to deter him. Trunks backed away from the strange alien, even to the point of running but Ophrys just kept following him, observing him like he was a rat in a maze.

"Sooo, how old are you?" Goten asked Sorrel, who both seemed content on ignoring the antics in the background, both for different reasons. "You look like you're only a few years younger than me."

"Are you joking? Ten to eleven years is the age of an infant. I am a prodigy, master of my House's techniques at the young age of thirty." Sorrel said with pride.

"Get out! your that old but your still a shorty?" Goten said, forgetting to mind his manners.

"This 'shorty' can make you cry for your mother through eye contact alone!" Sorrel huffed, his cheeks turning a darker shade of green.

"Oh yeah, that technique of yours is really cool. How can you do that with nothing but your ki?" Goten asked eagerly.

"It's a family secret. Nothing that I would share it with an alien child."

"Your family secret needs work." Piccolo interrupted. "Your entire ruse fell apart when your brother lost his concentration."

"I don't need a stray Namekian critiquing an ancient art that he has only seen once in his life." Sorrel gave Piccolo his best glare before Calla walked up behind him and thumped him on the back of the head.

"I can't take you anywhere can I?" she moaned, "So sorry about that, Sorrel suffers from an incurable disease that compels him to insult anything that moves. Tragic really. I've done what I can but there is just no stopping him sometimes." Calla was speaking a mile a minute and Piccolo was visibly irked by her rambling.

After shooing a very annoyed Sorrel in the opposite direction, Calla straightened herself and took a deep breath. "So, what's a Namekian like you doing in a place like this? I mean, last time I checked planet Namek was well…gone and we had no idea there were any survivors. Which was really bad for us since it was our duty to protect you guys and all, but you probably knew that. Are you guys living on this planet now? How did you escape the explosion? How did you explain the Dragon Balls to the natives? Oh, but those are supposed to be a secret aren't they? Shoot!" As her rambling continued, Piccolo put his hand out in front of him to get her attention.

"One, you need to stop talking. Two, to answer…some of your questions, the Namekians are safe. I don't know where they live now other than it's far from harm." Piccolo said, slowly enough that she could understand. Calla let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, that's great." Calla breathed, "You guys really are amazing in how strong you are. To be honest I don't think I've met such a strong Namekian warrior in a long time. What kind of training did you-"Calla stopped short when she realized Piccolo was no longer in front of her but walking away. She let out a frustrated grumble as she banged her fist on her forehead. "Great, now you've scared him off. Real smooth Calla, way to go." She mumbled. Gohan walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it too much. He's like that with most people." Gohan said trying to sound reassuring.

Piccolo paid them no mind, as he turned his attention to Azera, who had moved away from the group to examine the incapacitated soldiers. He was holding a badge like device, no bigger than his palm and looking it over.

"Is that why we couldn't sense them?" Piccolo asked.

"Looks like. Only the soldiers who jumped us where wearing these. Though I'd have to take it apart to find out how it works." Azera replied. "I wanted to express my gratitude as well. We may be an elite team but we cannot fight an entire war on our own. I will make sure we repay our debt to you."

"As long as you can move your war away from this planet, consider us even. Our saving your lives was an act of self preservation." Piccolo said bluntly but Azera simply smiled.

"Then I guess we better get to work. My only concern is the power I was sensing from the other half of the ship is starting to vanish. They must be on the move already."

"I wouldn't be too concerned. One of our own went out that way to investigate. If I know him, he's taking care of the problem for you."

"Hmph, you guys seem to think of everything don't you." Forcytha said walking up from behind.

"When our home is in danger, yes." Piccolo shot back.

"Regardless of whether or not we meet resistance, we should go and scope out the wreckage to see what we can learn. If their general was there, then perhaps we can learn where he sent the other ships of his fleet and weed them out." Focytha suggested. "If our saviors don't mind that is."

"I understand your urgency Forcytha but I would like to know a bit more about what we are dealing with before rushing in. Who knows how many of the enemy may be able to hide away thanks to this little gizmo. They'll only get the jump on us again, and with the Queen in this condition I suggest we find a place to hunker down until I find a way to track these devices." Azera said as he stood up before pocketing the device. Forcytha huffed in disappointment but made no movement to complain.

"Forgive me for holding you all back but I agree with Azera. We will go back to our ship and take what we can to a find a place to build a forward base." Clemartis nodded. "From there, Azera can get communications up and running and figure out a countermeasure for this energy shielding device. Once we are prepared, we will investigate the next crash site and see what we can learn about the enemy's plans."

"Yes your majesty!" Everyone in the unit turned and saluted, giving poor Trunks a moment to catch his breath.

"This is your planet. Is there a place we can hide out for a little while?" Calla asked turning to the Z Fighters.

"That's going to be hard," Gohan said scratching his head. "There are a lot of people on this planet and they aren't exactly used to alien visitors."

"Then we will need to hide ourselves from the native populace then." Clemartis sighed, her eyes narrowed in concentration. "Most of our supplies were destroyed in the crash so we will need to find an area, preferably a forested one, to sustain ourselves."

"I know just the place then." Goku said, "You guys can come back with me to my house." The alien group looked at him in shock.

"That is very generous of you but we couldn't possibly…" Azera began.

"Dad, are you sure? Videl might not be too happy with this, and I don't have to tell you what Mom would say." Gohan said whispering in Goku's ear.

"Oh it'll be fine. This place has everything you guys need. Water from the mountains, a forest full of fruit and lots of great camping spots, you'll love it. That and my wife's a fantastic cook." Goku said cheerfully.

"Say no more, you had me at food." Forcytha said his stomach growling

"Same here." Ophrys added, "This place sounds like paradise when you talk about it like that."

"I hope for your sake it lives up to the hype." Sorrel grumbled.

"Don't worry about that," Goten said. "I've lived there my entire life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else."

"Well, if we're not imposing…I'm game. What do you think your highness?" Calla asked looking to her leader.

"I think we owe you another debt Goku. A debt I hope to repay someday." Clemartis nodded.

"Don't worry about it. Are you okay to fly? Your ki is still pretty low." Goku asked.

"I've regained enough from this planet's sunlight to fly on my own I think. Just don't ask me to fly around the entire planet." Clemartis said with a smirk. Goku let out a small laugh before giving Goten and Gohan the nod.

"Follow us, we'll show you the way there." Gohan called out, beckoning the group to follow as they took to the air.

"We'll be right behind you!" Goku called back. Gohan gave his father a thumbs up before flying off into the distance closely followed by the alien team. Goku watched them before flying up to join Piccolo, Krillin and Trunks who had also stayed behind.

"You do realize the minute that those guys shows up on your front door, you're a dead man, right?" Krillin said jokingly.

"Chichi shouldn't mind…I hope." Goku said, sweating a bit when he began to imagine his screaming wife.

"Your taking a big risk, but this will make it easier to keep an eye on them." Piccolo said folding his arms. Trunks floated a bit higher in the air, till he was able to get a good look at the wreckage of the enemy ship.

"Whats wrong Trunks?" Krillin asked floating up to him.

"Those guys we fought could hide their ki with those little gadgets right?" he asked, his eyes wide with worry.

"Yeah. What about them?"

"This whole time I've been keeping tabs on Dad's energy, just to make sure he's okay. When we fought those guys, I thought he would be fine if they were all that weak. But, I take my focus off him for a second…and his ki disappeared." The group froze.

"How is that possible?" Piccolo asked, also sounding a bit concerned.

"I don't know, maybe he found one of those things and put it on but…why would he do that? You don't think he's…"Trunks started to say.

"No." Goku said, his face serious. "Vegeta can get carried away sometimes but he knows better now than to just go in blindly." Goku put his fingers to his forehead, scanning for Vegeta's energy. Nothing. It was if it had disappeared off the face of the planet. "Darn it Vegeta, we need to know where you are!"

"He sounded pretty serious when we left him awhile ago, maybe he hide his energy to get the upper hand in a fight?" Krillin said trying to keep spirits up.

"We won't know unless we go and find out for ourselves." Goku said as he started to fly off toward the ship. "I'll head over there now, Trunks, you back me up."

"Right!" Trunks said eagerly, determination in his eyes.

"Piccolo you go with Krillin and follow the others. Keep an eye on them and be careful." Goku said giving his friends a tiny salute.

"But Goku wait, what are we supposed to say to…" Krillin began to say but it was too late. Goku and Trunks were already flying at top speed toward the ship. "….Chichi." Krillin felt a chill go up his spin, he would have to be the bearer of bad news to Goku's wife…again.

"Say, Piccolo…" Krillin started to say.

"You can forget it. I'm never going near that woman again." Piccolo said bluntly before flying off after the others. Krillin ran his fingers through his hair and groaned.

"Why does it always have to be me!?" he cried out.

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