Dragon Ball Z: Achillea

Power Play

"I want all of those energy dampers recovered and equipped within the hour! We can't have the enemy finding us." Shoul ordered his men. Not all of them had made it through the crash alive and the soldiers from the other half of the ship were unaccounted for, but as far as he could tell, the numbers were still in his favor. Only one Yousari ship had managed to follow them and according to his scouter, only six had survived the crash. Their high power levels were going to be a problem, but as long as Shoul had the element of surprise, they could be taken out one by one. First, he had to secure that advantage by making sure their new invention was intact and distributed.

"Be careful with that!" Shoul shouted at a group of Privates who were carrying down a large black container. Despite the wreck, the storage device was completely intact. The last thing Shoul wanted was to have it mixed up with the other salvaged supplies. He hoped he would never have to use it.

"Got a whole bunch here sir!" one of his men called out as he floated down from the wreckage carrying a large container of the circular badges. These little devices were a recent invention from the Empire's top science officers, the same ones who had invented the scouter. Since the Yousari had learned how to sense ki on their own, thanks to their alliance with the Namekians, it had been difficult to hide from their unrelenting attacks. The new energy dampers were the empire's new secret weapon, to catch their enemy off guard and kill them through guerrilla warfare. This was their first use in the field but Shoul smiled when his scouter didn't pick up any power levels from the soldiers already wearing the device.

"Excellent." Shoul said taking one and activating it. "Make sure everyone here gets one and activate it immediately. We'll take what we can and get moving."

"Moving where sir?"

"Someplace secluded. We need to make sure the enemy isn't already on our tail before we begin our search." He said as he surveyed the crash site. His surviving men were carrying down all their stored supplies and placing them in a pile while others were scavenging for mechanical parts that could still be used. This burden wasn't going to be easy to move , but Shoul wasn't about to die on an alien world from starvation or stay stranded without a chance for rescue.

"You there, Private!" Shoul called out to one of his men, who was standing idle. The soldier flinched, realizing he had been caught before standing at attention.

"Y-yes sir?" he stammered.

"If you have nothing better to do, I suggest you get a move on and scout the surrounding area! I want a this canyon combed up and down before the desert heat intensifies." Shoul ordered, his sensitive reptilian skin already dehydrating as the sun rose higher in the sky.

"Of course sir," the soldier said but he seemed hesitant. "What am I exactly looking for sir?"

"A cave, large enough to hold all of us and as far away from the enemy ship as possible. Get to it!" The soldier nodded and took off into the sky. Shoul turned to one of the ship's engineers and beckoned him over. "Once we have made camp, I want you do all you can to set up contact with our allies and alert them to our location. We'll keep them updated on what we find. I'd prefer to fight the Yousari on the ground."

"That's all well and good sir but what about the Tree of Might? If we are still on the planet and they plant one in the soil…" the technician began to sweat.

"The Queen won't allow it." Shoul sneered. "This is an innocent planet with no involvement in the war. She wouldn't dare put the ignorant inhabitants in danger just to wipe us out."

Suddenly, a scream could be heard up in the sky as the scout fell back down to the ground, his body charred black from an ki blast. For a brief second, Shoul's scouter went haywire as an extremely high power level appeared out of nowhere. The numbers he was seeing was enough to make him soil himself. Even Lord Frieza at his peak hadn't been this powerful. His scouter along with the ones his soldiers had equipped exploded before he had the chance to find it but as soon as he looked up his cold blood practically froze over and his mouth gaped in fear.

Vegeta, one of the last Saiyans alive and formerly one of Frieza's most powerful henchmen stood above them all. Shoul had met the Prince of Saiyans once before but that brief encounter had been more than enough to convince him to never speak or even look at the Saiyan again.

Just from that short glimpse at his power level, Shoul knew he and his entire force was outmatched. As his men reached for their weapons, Shoul raised his hand. It was a hard truth, but the second a shot was fired, he and all of his men would die in a matter of seconds. Survival was going to have to rely on words instead of actions. The Saiyan Prince gave the general an evil smirk as he floated down to the ground, his arms crossed. Shoul narrowed his eyes, Vegeta was every bit as sadistic as he remembered. He had the advantage and knew it all to well, but it wasn't going to stop him from enjoying himself.

"It has been quite a long time Shoul. I must say I'm surprised to find you here alone and not clinging to your general. How is the crusty devil these days? I don't smell the scent of decay anywhere." Vegeta taunted. His insults served to enrage the soldiers but no one moved to fire. Shoul tried to compose himself as he started the Saiyan down.

"General Xhrisha is dead. As is his prodigy." Shoul said simply.

"Ahh yes, the Yousari. Got you all running around like foul with their heads cut off." Vegeta sneered. Several more soldiers growled at the Saiyan Prince, barely able to contain themselves.

"However, I'm here to give you some good news. You won't have to worry about dying to that race of weeds. Cause I'm going to kill you all right here. Your master is dead and no one is coming to save you."

"I should have figured you were behind this Vegeta. You always did go on about how you one day surpass Frieza and take his place as the Empire's ruler. Now it seems the last piece of the puzzle as fallen it to place." Shoul began to sweat bullets but his tone of voice remained calm. He had a plan to turn the situation in his favor, but he would have to decide his next words VERY carefully.

"It is rather sad really. You come all the way out here to find your ace in the hole only to run into your lord's worst enemy. Not to worry, I'll put you all out of your misery." Vegeta raised his hand and began to charge another ki blast. Shoul's men shook violently, each one looked ready to take to the sky and flee to the far corners of the planet but even they knew that it would be pointless. Shoul's face however, remained placid.

"But you see, Lord Vegeta. We DID find our ace in the hole."

"Oh? And who would that be?" Vegeta asked, raising an eye brow.

"You." Shoul stated, before getting on his knees and bowing as low as he could. His men looked at each other in confusion before following Shoul's lead. The general took a few deep breaths as he waited for Vegeta's reaction, he could still hear the pulsing of charged ki but no shots have been fired…yet.

"What game are you playing at Shoul?" Vegeta said, his tone serious.

"None my lord. Your power is incomprehensible and your ruthlessness is infamous in the empire. Only a fool would try to fight or manipulate you. I like to think I am intelligent enough to know when I am outmatched." Shoul said while Vegeta stayed silent. "As such I feel it is my duty to inform you that with Lord Frieza and all of his kin dead, our mighty Empire is without a ruler. I can see no better candidate than the mighty warrior standing before me." Shoul was praying that he wasn't laying on the praise too thick.

"And what if I no longer have the desire to rule? What then?" Vegeta asked, his curiosity piqued. Shoul froze, his eyes wide with panic. He hadn't expected this. Vegeta had to be bluffing, testing him to see what he would do.

"S-surely my lord jests? It is in your blood, the all powerful blood of the Saiyans that even made the mighty Frieza tremble in fear of their potential. I am simply a humble messenger, here to inform you that the time has arrived for you to reclaim what you lost. To remake Frieza's empire in your own image, the rebirth of the Saiyan Empire."

"The Saiyan Empire…is dead." Vegeta said, sending a chill down Shoul's spine. "Nothing is going to change what your lord and master did. He paid for his actions…as will you will pay for yours." The sound of the ball of ki in the Saiyan's hands got louder as it got bigger. Shoul had one last chance before it was all over.

"If I must pay for my compliance then so be it!" He screamed. "But where will that leave you, Lord Vegeta? The last of your proud warrior race, the most powerful fighter this universe has ever seen, to die on some back water planet were no one will ever honor you or your kin for all you've accomplished?!"

Shoul braced himself for disintegration….one second past...then two…three. The loud crackling of the ball of energy was dissipating before disappearing completely. Shoul had to restrain himself from smiling. He had found it, the ultimate Saiyan weakness according to Frieza, their pride. Vegeta was certainly more intelligent than other Saiyans Shoul had met in his career but no matter how smart or how strong he was, he would fall prey to the same problem that had gotten the rest of his people killed. Now it was just a matter of using it to his advantage.

"Ah, you are most gracious my lord." Shoul breathed once again bowing low.

"You have only postponed your demise unless you convince me of your claims. Frieza was one of a powerful clan, have none of them taken leadership?" Vegeta asked.

"Many have, only to die at the hands of the Yousarians." Shoul replied.

"Then it is worse than I expected." Vegeta said, thinking aloud.

"Their Queen has been most vicious." Shoul added for emphasis. The more he painted her as a bigger threat, the safer he was.

"Is this all that remains of the fleet?" Vegeta asked, turning to face the General.

"No, my lord. Our ship was the flagship for an armada of 200. All of them are still in space and awaiting my orders."

"Then they will follow MY orders now, as will you." Vegeta said sternly. Shoul winced but nodded his head and stood up.

"As you wish, Lord Vegeta." Shoul grinned as the Saiyan was playing right into his hands. "We are in the process of relocating ourselves and forming a base of operations where the Yousari will be unable to detect us. Now that you are in charge, all we have to do is give word to the fleet and we can proceed to strengthen our defenses for when the Yousari track us down."

"Very well. However, any and all engagements will be made on this planets uninhabited areas," Vegeta ordered. "If anyone of you attempts to invade, or destroy any of this planet's inhabitants, I will kill you personally."

"Of course." Shoul said as he walked over to the container of dampers and picked on out. "One of our latest devices. Those Yousari have the ability to sense ki without a scouter, as I'm sure your aware. This handy little gadget allow you to keep your energy hidden. Not that you wouldn't be able to destroy them with ease." Vegeta inspected the device, placing it on his chest and activating it. "You will still be able to fly and use your own ki as you see fit." Shoul added.

"It will do. Get your men moving Shoul. I have explored this region before and there is a secluded enough area for your, base. Take what you can and fly northeast. Destroy the remains of the ship. Leave no trace that you were here." Vegeta said as he took flight. Shoul bowed and got to work. With Vegeta looking over their shoulders, his men doubled their efforts and by the time the sun was high in the sky the area had been completely cleared. In one well placed blast, Shoul destroyed the remains of their ship, leaving nothing but rubble. Placing a replacement scouter on his face, it activated immediately and showed two enormous power levels heading their way.

"Those are way too large to be the Yousarian survivors, or my men." Shoul commented. Vegeta smirked when he noticed them as well.

"He always has to be the hero." Vegeta said under his breath before ducking for cover. Shoul was hesitant at first but followed the Saiyan's lead. They watched from their hiding place as two individuals landed by the crash site. A man in bizarre orange clothing and a boy with lavender hair looked back and forth, searching desperately for something. Shoul had to turn off his scouter before it too fried itself from the amount of energy the orange one was giving off. With his energy hidden from them and their backs turned, they had the element of surprise. Yet Vegeta made no move to attack. Were they allies?

"What shall we do my lord? Do you know these natives?" Shoul asked.

Vegeta looked at the two for several minutes without saying a word, before turning away.

"No." the Saiyan Prince said as he flew off in the opposite direction, Shoul following close behind.

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