For Life and Death

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: *Time Skip – Around 5 ½ years Later*


Like most mornings in Konoha, it was the blinding rays of sunlight through the windows that finally woke me up. I groaned to myself, knowing that no matter how bright the sun was or the amount of noise the people outside were making, Naruto was probably most definitely, still sleeping. As fast as I could, I jumped out of bed, changed into my typical _______, and made my way to Naruto’s apartment to wake him up. I rushed into Naruto’s room, not at all surprised to see him sprawled out on his bed, legs dangling off the side. Before waking him up, I put some ramen in the microwave. I knew from previous experience that by the time I woke him up it would be ready.

“Naruto!! Wake up!” I shouted fruitlessly, because, as usual, Naruto didn’t wake up. I sighed to myself and shoved the rest of him off the bed.

“Ouch!” he yelped “Oi! YuYu-chan! Why d’ya have to wake me up so early!”

“It’s not early Naruto! If you don’t hurry up and get your but off the floor we’re going to be late!”

“Who cares?!” he yelled back

“I do! So hurry up!"“If you don’t hurry up, I guess I'll just have to eat all the ramen I made... that juicy delicious-"

“Okay! I’m goin'! I'm goin'!" "...just don't eat all the ramen without me!”

I chuckled to myself as I hurried to take the ramen out of the microwave, just as Naruto finished getting ready. “Idakimasu!” we said at the same time before starting to eat the ramen.


"Hurry up Naruto! We have to go!"

"Just wait a sec! I need to get something!"

"Just come on we're going to be even later than we already are! I'm going to leave without you!"

"Okay, I'm ready!"



"Naruto! What do you have in that bag! It's slowing us down!"

"I'm comin' just go on without me!" Naruto replied.

"Not a chance Naruto, the second I go without you is the second that you'll go off somewhere, somewhere that's NOT the academy! Just let me carry your bag Naruto, I don't even see why you need it anyway!"

"My notebook is in there, I'm going to take notes" Naruto replied

"Naruto! You don't take notes! Much less pay any attention in class! You know, you're a better ninja than you are a liar, Naruto. And Naruto, no offence, but you’re not a very good ninja."

"Hey! YuYu that wasn't very nice!" Naruto yelled, but then reluctantly handed me his bag.

'I bet that Naruto is going to play a prank or something... oh dear...'

As soon as I had the bag in hand we took off running, knowing that if we didn't, we were going to be later than we already were, we had wasted enough time talking about his bag. When we finally reached the academy we walked in and, to no surprise, everyone looked at us with a look of disapproval, but eventually turned their heads back to where Iruka-sensei was standing once we took our seats.

"Naruto, Yue! How many times do I have to tell you! You need to be on time, you hold back the entire class when you're late!"

"Sorry Iruka-sensei, but don't blame YuYu-chan, it was my fault I woke up late and th-" Naruto tried to explain

"I don't want to hear your excuses Naruto! Yue is just as to blame as you are"

"Sorry, Sensei" I apologized and we headed back to our seats.

"So now that everyone is here why don't we start the lesson?"


I was running, faster and faster, almost as if something was chasing me. All of the sudden I stopped, a girl stood in front of me, there was blood everywhere, soaking the long black locks of hair that covered her entire face, it was splattered on the worn and ripped clothes that she wore, around her where she stood. You could not see her face, but when she spoke, it came out as a muffled whisper, "you let me die, soon you will be just like me, you will join me, you don't have any choice." What are you talking about?" I wanted to scream out, but my mouth was stuck, she raised her voice to sound like a cackle, one that a witch would make, she sounded amused in a twisted gruesome way, "You made a deal with the devil, and you know better than I, he always comes back to collect. He he he!" then the girl pulled back the hair covering her face. It was me.



I woke up with a start and looked around the room, wondering how long I had been sleeping. I looked around the room to see that everyone was talking, I looked to my left and realized that Naruto wasn't there anymore, and when I looked to the front of the room,

I realized that Iruka-sensei wasn't there either.

'Naruto must have escaped to pull a prank again, the bag that Naruto was carrying earlier is gone. I wonder what he did this time...'

"Hey, uhh..." 'Oh dear, I couldn't remember her name, ya know, I really need to get better at that, I am really bad with names.'

I had decided that I should ask someone what had happened, and the only other person that was sitting next to me was a pink headed girl, I didn't want to call her pinky, 'cause she seemed like a person who would get yappy or something. So I decided to tap her.

"Hey! Wad’ya do that for! Ugh... it's you"


"Sakura, my name's Sakura, I've told you this like five million times"

"Okay, geez, Sakura, one, I haven't even talked to you 5 million times, this is literally the second time I've ever even talked to you, and two, sorry for not remembering your name, I just don't seem to remember names that don't have a great importance or impact in my life."

"HEY! You're just like Naruto. Annoying, obnoxious, and not needed." She said matter of factly.

"You know it’s true Sakura. Anyway, do you know what happened while I was sleeping? Or where Naruto or Iruka-sensei is?"

"That stupid Naruto ran away while you were sleeping, and Iruka-sensei had to run off and find him! Do you know how annoying Naruto is! He's just always in the way of everything!"

"Oh don't be so melodramatic! You’re just as bad when it comes to Sasuke."

"Ah! This time you know its true Yue!"

Before I could say something back, Iruka-sensei barged into the room, following behind him, Naruto was tied up. 'Oh dear'


"NARUTO! Why would you paint graffiti all over the Hokage faces?!" I was currently lecturing Naruto with Iruka- sensei about his most recent prank, he had painted graffiti all over the Hokage's faces.

"Save me the lecture! Iruka-sensei already told me!" "Naruto, you're not going home until you clean off every single drop of paint"

"So what, it's not like anyone is waiting for me at home." I gave him a disapproving look,

"Besides YuYu of course..."

We were silent for a moment then Iruka spoke up,

"Hey, Naruto, if you clean up the Hokage's faces quickly, I'll treat you and Yue to Ichiraku Ramen!"

"Don't worry Naruto, I'll help too" I said to Naruto

"NOW YER TALKIN'! THIS 'LL BE DONE IN NO TIME!" Naruto shouted with enthusiasm. I smiled to myself and we began to clean up the graffiti.


We were seated at Ichiraku Ramen, when Iruka-sensei asked, "Hey Naruto, why would you paint all over the Hokage faces, and you do know who the Hokage are right?"

I stopped eating, waiting to see what Naruto would say. "'Course I do, everyone knows, they were the greatest shinobi of their time, right? The best of the best, the undefeated ninja champs. And the fourth Hokage is the one who saved the village from the nine-tailed fox. He was the most amazing."

"So why did you-" "Because I'm going to be greater than any of them. Me, Naruto, the next Hokage! A ninja legend! Then everyone will have to stop disrespecting me and Yuyu and have to look up to us, and I just decided that Yuyu's going to be my assistant! Believe it!"

I chuckled to myself and ruffled Naruto hair, "Don't worry Naruto, I'll be your assistant."

"Thanks Yuyu! Anyway, hey, I kinda want to ask a little favor sensei”

“Do you want another bowl Naruto?” I asked him.

“Nope! I want to try on sensei’s headband”

“Sorry Naruto, you can only wear the leaf headband if you graduate the academy and become a ninja, you’ve gotta pass the test tomorrow!”

“Hey Naruto, is that why you took off your goggles?”

“Hey! Yuyu! I want another bowl!” Iruka-sensei and I laughed.

After we had all finished Naruto dashed off, leaving me to run after him, and Iruka-sensei to pay the bill.

"Naruto! Where are you!?" all of the sudden he jumped out from behind a fence


"Ah! Naruto! You scared me!" I ruffled his hair and laughed.

"C'mon Naruto, let's go home!"

"Race yah!" and we took off towards our apartments.

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