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Spin on the theatrical film by Melanie Martinez's 'K-12'. A bunch of celebrities will be included in it. Billie Eilish, Dominic Harrison (Yungblud), Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and a lot more

Drama / Thriller
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high school cliche

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“First day at K-12 Sleepaway School

Billie turned on her side and pulled the blankets from her bed over her head. She had really thought about just running away so she didn’t have to go but decided to go anyway. Besides how bad could it actually be?

Billie sat in her bed for a minute wondering why Finneas said he was going to get out early to see his girlfriend before they had to go to K-12.

Billie got up after a few minutes of sulking to get ready. ′I have to make it to the bus stop in twelve minutes.′ Billie thought looking at the clock on her phone.

Billie quickly got in her school uniform. When Billie first got her dress she asked the principal if they had at the very least a blue pastel dress instead of the awful pink pastel dress the rest of them had to wear. The only answer she got was a glare that didn’t really answer the question, but made her sort of mad, so she decided to just walk away.

As Billie went downstairs to get something to eat she realized that she didn’t have enough time to eat at all and had to run to the bus stop if she wanted to make it in time.

While racing the bus she didn’t mind looking up or around her especially when she was only a block away from it. As she’s running she bumps into a a tall, handsome specimen with his pastel blue panted uniform.

“Woah, are you okay?” Asked the tall green eyed boy who had an British accent. “Yeah I’m doing just great.” Billie finally responded after her brain had taken a second to catch up to her body. And picking up her leather book strap. She looked into the boy’s green eyes, and looked down at his silver chains, chuckling.

Great. So I run into someone going to the same place as me? What is this a high school movie cliche?′ Billie thought.

“Well I’m Dominic Harrison, and it’s been great falling into you, but what is you’re name?” Dominic said putting his hand out for Billie to grab.

Billie got up on her own as Dominic withdrew his hand, and put it in his pocket. “I’m Billie. Billie Eilish,” Billie said, dusting off her puffed dress.

“Well, get up Billie. The bus is right down the street.” Dominic had said, looking over to the bus and then back over at Billie.

Billie stood still waiting for the bus. It felt like they stood there forever, no tension present, just the steady breathes and the warm air.

Dominic felt that the wait for the bus to get to them took forever, when in reality it had only taken a few seconds.

As Billie got on the bus she saw everybody. The mix of the pink and blue uniforms, and a group of girls whispering to each other.

Billie sat down by herself and set her books next to her.

“Uhh, Billie can I sit next you?” Dominic had said, in a tone that made him sound disappointed.

Billie was about to answer with, “If there’s nowhere else to sit.“, but a different girl had come up behind Dominic, grabbed his arm, and said, “Hey do you want to sit with me?”

The girl had short, wavy, blonde hair and a red hat on. Billie thought it didn’t look to good with her pink dress, but she just sat there, while Dominic got pulled into a different aisle of the bus, getting buried in a pile of girls trying to talk to him all at once.

The students filed off the school bus, Dominic and the blonde haired girl going right before Billie went.

“So, Dominic which class are you in for first period? I have class 223.” She had said, while Dominic looked back at Billie, but Billie didn’t see it.

The pair had walked through the doors to the bottom of the staircase as Dominic said,“I, uh, I have class 223 also. I hope to see you there?” Dominic had stopped walking, waiting for Billie to catch up to him.

“So your not gonna walk me to class? I thought that we were friends.” The girl had a pouty look on her face as she looked up at Dominic, obviously not wanting to let him go.

“I’ll meet you in class. Don’t worry about it,” Dominic said as Billie stood next to him.

“Fine. Bye Dominic,” she had said, starting to walk up the stairs, where the rest of her friends had been waiting.

“You know you don’t really seem like a social person,” Dominic had finally cut the silence as he watched the group of girls finally walk up to the classroom.

Billie looked over at his green eyes, and then looked back down at the marble floor.

“Well, usually I am a social person, but I don’t know anybody here. Except of course my brother, but he didn’t talk to me on the bus. Now I am standing here next to a person I barely know, who wants to walk me to class.” Billie started walking up the stairs when she finished her sentence. Her icy blue eyes stuck to the marble staircase.

“Wait so, does that mean we go to the same class? Cause if so, we can be friends! And you won’t have to be socially awkward like you are right now,” Dominic had stated, Billie stopping where she was, and looking at him like she didn’t know what he was.

“Okay. Since we’re friends now, do you want to tell me who your girlfriend is? You know that blonde girl you were talking to?” Billie replied as she started walking up the stairs again.

“Oh, her name is Ashley. She said to just call her Halsey though. She seems pretty nice. I think you might actually like her,” Dominic said, walking as slow as Billie was.

The pair walked up the two flights of stairs they had to walk to get to class 223. The two were obviously late, as they had taken there sweet time to walk up the flights of stairs, making jokes, laughing, and acting overall stupid.

They had finally got to class 223, and at that moment, Billie realized when she had first walked through the front doors of the school she had entered what would be Hell for everybody in the school.

{Word count: 1095 Hope you enjoyed!}

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