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Romance / Mystery


Years have past after that incident. Hearts had been broken, feelings had been expressed, and fear attacked each heart. Now things were different, things were more easier for the young couple. At first it was a bit unsteady but in the end, despite the tears and occasional fights, they picked each other up and held each other close.

At the opening of the apartment door, a chestnut haired woman with crimson eyes walked in. She locked the door behind her and walked to the living room. Setting her bag down on the sofa, she smelled the scent of food in the air. She looked up and almost looked panicked when a voice rang out.

"Don't worry I'm not cooking. I picked it up on the way home."

The brown haired woman smiled as a blue haired woman came out of the kitchen with two plates with cooked food.

"Ara, so where did my Natsuki get the food?" The chestnut haired woman gave the blue haired woman a quick peck on the cheek before sitting at the table.

"Mai owed me, so I made her make food for us." Natsuki blushed as she put the plates on the table.

"Looks good, iktademas." The chestnut haired woman smiled.

Things were simple for the couple. They both went to the same university and shared the same apartment. The important thing that they shared though was each other.

It was late at night, clothes were scattered on the floor and heavy breathing was the only thing that could be heard. The chestnut haired woman was on top of Natsuki with her head on her chest. Natsuki ran her fingers through the chestnut hair and held the woman close to her.

"So what's tomorrow look like for you, Shizuru?" Natsuki asked.

Shizuru moved her body up so she could have her face leveled with Natsuki's. She smiled at the blush Natsuki gave her.

"I don't have class tomorrow."

"Then let's go out tomorrow, maybe take a ride?" Natsuki kissed her on the nose.

"Maybe." Shizuru winked.

Natsuki smiled as she wrapped her arms around Shizuru and turned them so they laid side by side. She captured the Shizuru's lips with her and they shared a soft passionate kiss.

"I love you." Natsuki said as once they parted.

"I love you too." Shizuru smiled as she drifted to sleep in Natsuki's arms.

"Okay, I got class but I should be done around 3." Natsuki said as she zipped up her leather suit.

She felt hands wrap around her body and lips kissing her neck. Natsuki moaned as the hands began to roam up and down her body.

"Shizuru!" Natsuki regained her mind and grabbed the roaming hands.

"Kanin na," Shizuru winked, "But when my Natsuki's in her leather suit, I tend lose every thought except the one where I want to take you to the bedroom and-"

"OKAY! I get it," Natsuki had a blush come to her face, "I'll be back at 3, bye."

"Have a good day." Shizuru waved.

Natsuki stopped in her tracks and turned her head back to Shizuru. She smiled as she turned back and kissed her girlfriend on the lips.

"You too."

Shizuru had a slight blush come to her face when Natsuki walked away. She smiled and went back into their apartment. She heard the phone ringing and sighed.

Just when I was thinking about going back to sleep

"Hello?" Shizuru picked up the phone.

"Miss Fujino?"


"So busy night huh Mutt?" A red haired girl remarked at Natsuki.

"None of your business Nao, and don't call me Mutt!" Natsuki glared.

Nao sighed as she leaned back in the chair. She took out her phone and began to text away.

"So why are we here again?" Nao asked.

"I'm here to find something to give Shizuru. I don't know why your here." Natsuki responded.

"Mmmm...probably to piss you off." Nao stuck her tongue out.

Natsuki rolled her eyes and began to walk until she turned a corner to enter a store. Nao followed and noticed they entered a jewelry store.

"So your ready to pop the question? About time. What's it been like 3 years?" Nao smiled.

"I'm buying a necklace I thought would look good on Shizuru." Natsuki blushed.

"What's the occasion?" Nao asked.

"No occasion, I just want to get it for her."

"Hmm...good plan you got there."


"Shizuru's totally gonna fu-"

Natsuki covered Nao's lips with a hand.

"Shut up, we're in public."

Nao pushed Natsuki's hand away and went back to her cell phone. Natsuki walked around till she saw the item she was looking for. A sale's woman noticed and went to her.

"Find what you want?"

"Yes, I'd like that necklace please." Natsuki pointed.

"Okay," the woman picked up the necklace, "Follow me please."

Natsuki followed the woman to the cash register. Nao followed and took a look at the necklace.

"Yup, someone's definitely getting laid." Nao remarked.

"Nao shut up! Go do something, I don't care what it is." Natsuki blushed.

"Fine, I'm gonna be across the street if you get bored." Nao rolled her eyes as she walked out the store.

Natsuki blushed and turned her attention back to the necklace.

I hope she likes it...

Nao opened the door to the coffee shop and sighed. She sat in chair near the side bar. A woman came over and smiled.

"Hi, what can I get you anything?"

"Yeah, surprise me." Nao began to text.

"Any price?"

"Uh...I only have $5." Nao looked up at the woman.

"Okay, don't worry. I'll be back." The woman smiled as she turned away.

Nao had a slight blush come to her face as she watched the woman work.

Wow...she cute. Wonder what she's making...

She heard the entrance door open and turned her head.

"Since when do you drink coffee?" Natsuki asked as she sat down near Nao.

"Since I entered college," Nao remarked, "Besides I like going to coffee shops. They smells nice."

"Hmm..." Natsuki looked up at the menu on the wall.

"Here you go, one vanilla bean mocha." The woman smiled as she handed Nao the beverage.

"Thanks." Nao began to sip on the drink.

"That's not coffee." Natsuki said.

"Says you." Nao responded.

"Hi, can I get you anything?" The woman asked, turning her attention to Natsuki.

" I'm okay." Natsuki responded, "But do you guys serve green tea?"

"Yeah, we serve tea, coffee, soda, hot chocolate, anything you ask for." The woman smiled.

"Can I get your number?" Nao smiled.

"Sorry mam, but I don't swing that way." The woman slightly bowed to Nao.

Nao sighed to herself as she went back to her cellphone.

"So you sell green tea. How good is it?" Natsuki asked.

"Would you like a taste?" The woman asked.

"Will it cost me?" Natsuki asked.

The woman looked around before responding to Natsuki's answer.

"As long as you don't tell my boss." The woman winked.

"Well then okay."

The woman smiled as she prepared the beverage.

"Damn I don't get it," Nao complained, "How come you get all the hot chicks to hit on?"

"I only have on girl in my life, and I plan on keeping her." Natsuki responded.

"Here you go." The woman handed the cup of green tea to Natsuki.

Natsuki took a sip of the hot beverage and smiled.

"Hey not bad, I think I'll bring Shizuru here when we're on another date." Natsuki smiled.

"Hey how about this place too?" The woman pulled out a flyer from her apron.

"The Star Atlas? What's this?" Natsuki raised an eyebrow at the advertisement.

"It basically a cafe but with food ad music entertainment. Its pretty good, I work there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you mentioned I sent you, you'll get a discount on the food."

"Alright! That's awesome! Thanks a lot...uh...sorry I didn't get a name." Natsuki said.

"Name's Kisara Sakuragi." The raven haired woman smiled.

"Okay Kisara, I'll put in a good word for ya." Natsuki nodded her head.

"Thanks." Kisara smiled.

"What about me?" Nao asked pointing to herself.

"Okay, here you go." Kisara handed Nao a flyer.

"You sure I can't get your number?" Nao asked.

"As friends yes." Kisara responded.

Nao sighed but smiled as she leaped off her chair and made for the exit. Natsuki waved to Kisara.

"See ya later." Natsuki left.

"Today's just not my day." Nao sighed.

"Eh, maybe next time," Natsuki shrugged her shoulders, "Hey what time is it?"

"Um, 2:40." Nao said.

"Oh crap! I'm gonna be late! Later Nao." Natsuki took off in a sprint.

"Tell me later how everything goes Mutt." Nao sniggered.

"Don't call me Mutt!"

"Shizuru? Babe I'm home," Natsuki put's her bag on the sofa, "Sorry I'm a little late. Class let out a bit later today."

Natsuki walked into the kitchen and raised an eyebrow.


She saw a not on the refrigerator and began to read it.


Sorry but I had something come up. Don't worry, I'll be back to love you.



Natsuki sighed to herself.

She always seems to be leaving. She's been doing it ever since high school.

She then put a smile on her face.

"Oh well, at least this gives me some time to wrap her gift."

Grabbing a quick snack from the fridge, she sat down at the table and began to wrap Shizuru's gift.

I really hope she likes it...

It was around 7:00 p.m. before Shizuru came back to the apartment. Locking the door behind her, she walked to the living room to find a passed out Natsuki on the couch. She smiled and quietly put her things down. Carefully she knelt down to Natsuki and placed a small kiss on her cheek. Natsuki somewhat stirred in her sleep but did not wake up. Shizuru moved some hair that was covering her girlfriend's hair and just watched her sleep.

She's so cute when she's asleep.


Shizuru noticed that Natsuki began to talk in her sleep. She smiled and began to whisper in her ear.

"Yes Natsuki?"


"You want what?"


Shizuru smiled as Natsuki stirred in her sleep. The smiled slightly dropped when Shizuru began to think of a question.

"Natsuki...if...if I told you a secret, would you listen?"

"Of...of course. anything...listen to you." Natsuki muttered.

Shizuru slightly rubbed her cheek on Natsuki's cheek.


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