A girl with her blouse open was running fast through an alleyway with a man running close behind her. Not seeing where she was going the girl suddenly tripped over an object and fell to the ground. She quickly tried to get up and away but the man was on top and pinned her down to the ground.

"Got ya, now where was I?"

The man had one hand clamp both of her wrist as his other hand began to unbutton his pants. Suddenly a flash of silver struck the man causing him to fall on his back. Before he could get up a heavy weight prevented him from getting up.

"How much cash does he have?" Nao asked as she kicked the man.

"Mmm...not much. About $50 or so." Hinata collected the money from the man's wallet.

"Want me to knock him out or let him swim with the fishes?" Nao asked holding the lead pipe above his head.

"Knock him out, the cops will do the rest." Hinata smiled as she began to button her blouse.

Before the man could speak Nao kicked him hard on the head causing his world to go black. Nao sighed as she walked alongside Hinata.

"That was a little too close there Nao." Hinata grabbed Nao's hand.

"Sorry, I'll be earlier next time." Nao smiled at her, throwing away the lead pipe..

Hinata rose an eyebrow at Nao. She sighed and gripped Nao's hand tighter.

"Your worried about Shizuru, Natsuki and Kisara, aren't you?"

"Is it that obvious?" Nao sighed.

"Just a little." Hinata chuckled.

"I could care less-"

Suddenly the ringing of a phone interrupted Nao's sentence. Hinata reached inside her pocket and brought out her phone.


"Who?" Nao raised an eyebrow.

"Old friend of mine, nothing more," Hinata smiled as she opened her phone,"That and I asked her to keep tabs on Shizuru, Natsuki and Kisara for you."

"Eh? What is she, a stalker for hire?"

"Much worse, her official tittle is Agent Kobayakawa."

Nao rolled her eyes as Hinata put her phone to her ear.

"Tomoko, what's up?"

After a few silent moments, Hinata gasped and turned pale.


It was cold within the hospital hallways. A couple was anxiously waiting in the waiting area. Hours had passed since and the night was still young until any news could be sought out. Everyone was worried.



Shizuru closed her eyes and waited for the bullet to pierce her skin. She waited for the pain and the her blood that would stain her shirt and the floor beneath her feet. She waited.

She felt something push her out of the pistol's way.

The trigger was pulled.

Light fired from the pistol.

Shizuru opened her eyes and saw Kisara's face twisted with pain.

It all happened so fast.

A sharp cry sounded in the room from another shot in the room.

Mr. Fujino gripped his hand in pain as the pistol was shot out of his hand. A woman with crimson eyes and black hair smiled at him. A man in a long coat was besides her with a pistol aiming at Mr. Fujino.

"What's the meaning of this?" Mr. Fujino asked.

"Kyoko Takuma, police detective," Kyoko grinned as she showed him her badge,"Been following you and your daughter for awhile. Anyway enough with the pleasantries. Your under arrest for possession of a hand gun, attempted murder, attempted kidnapping and being an asshole."

Mr. Fujino was about to grab his other pistol he had dropped on the floor when a streak of gray dashed at him. Miss Maria knocked out Mr. Fujino with a quick and powerful chop to the neck before he could place one finger on the pistol. The man in the long coat began to handcuff Mr. Fujino. Shizuru looked at the man and raised and eyebrow.

"Mr. Hattori?"

The man nodded his head and smiled as he began to take Mr. Fujino out the door.

"Yeah my partner Hiro was the detective helping you," Kyoko responded, "Now to the hospital!"


Shizuru felt hands shaking her shoulder. She looked up at the owners of the hand.

"You looked dead for a moment." Natsuki sighed.

"Kanin na..."

Natsuki sat down next to Shizuru and gripped her hand. No words were needed to be exchanged.

"You two."

Natsuki and Shizuru looked up and saw Miss Maria walking their way. They both stood up when they were almost face to face.

"How is Kisara?" Natsuki asked.

"She's fine, she'll be in the hospital for awhile though. It was a clean shot, didn't hit any vital organs."

"Thank goodness." Shizuru sighed.


There was an awkward silence for a moment.

"Um...where's Takara?" Shizuru asked.

"She's still in Kisara's room...hasn't moved from her side."

Shizuru nodded her head.

"You think we can see Kisara too?"

"I think they're just allowing family see her right now." Miss Maria responded.

"But Kisara and Takara-"

"They were adopted together, by government law they are sisters. Which is why Takara is allowed to see Kisara."

How ironic Natsuki thought and looked at Shizuru.

"When should we be able to see Kisara?" Shizuru asked.

"When she wakes up, she should be able to leave in about three to four days."

They both sighed at hearing this news. Miss Maria was about to speak when she heard footsteps coming their way. She turned and saw Kyoko walking towards them. Shizuru and Natsuki looked up when Kyoko was a few steps away from them. Kyoko suddenly dashed at Miss Maria with her hands clenched into fist. Miss Maria swiftly dodged the oncoming punches that Kyoko made at her and waited for an opportunity to open. Miss Maria began to fight back but Kyoko dodged the attacks just as quick. An opportunity presented itself to Miss Maria and she redirected Kyoko's fist and quickly popped her in the chin. Kyoko took a step back and rubbed her chin. She smiled as she took a deep breath.

"Nice, how would you like to work on my team?" Kyoko asked.

"My place is at the orphanage." Miss Maria responded.

"Damn, oh well. Where did you learn that style anyway?" Kyoko asked.

"Military, 2nd Lieutenant of the 34th division." Miss Maria nodded.

"Uh, my apologies mam for being disrespectful." Kyoko quickly stood at attention and saluted Miss Maria.

"I'm retired, no need for that."

Kyoko sighed of relief and relaxed her body.

"Excuse me, Miss Takuma?" Shizuru spoke up.

"Call me Kyoko."

"Kyoko, what of my father?"

"I've been following your old man's case for some time. He's been doing a lot of illegal activities here and there. Black market and tampering with your ma's will. The problem was we couldn't really proved that he was behind it all. That and we couldn't get close enough to him to arrest him. He's really good at watching where he steps, covering it up if he makes a bad step and disappearing and reappearing really quick. Thanks to you though we were able to get close to the old man and get him before he could cover up his tracks."

"Me?" Shizuru pointed to herself.

"Yup, remember Kobayakawa Tomoko?"

"She was on of the women I questioned."

"She works for me, we decided this was the best way to get to the old man so we took the chance. That added an amount of years to his time."

"I see...what's going to happen to him?"

"He'll be doing time. No amount of money could bail him out considering the pistols he had on him."

"How much time?" Natsuki asked.

"Enough where you won't worry about him being on the streets."

Shizuru looked relieved as she let go of the breath she was holding on to.


"Our apologizes for involving you into our case." A deep voice sounded from behind Shizuru.

Shizuru turned her head and saw Detective Hattori behind her. Natsuki raised an eyebrow at him as he began to walk towards Kyoko.

"No need for the apologizes. You did help me find Takara. I'm grateful for that." Shizuru responded.

Kyoko smiled as she brought out her cell phone and turned her back on them. Detective Hattori tipped his hat to the ladies and walked away with Kyoko.

"Oi, Tomoko you can pull out. It's all taken care of. No you can't have a raise."

"Anyway do you girls have a place to stay at?" Miss Maria asked.

"Well..." Natsuki tinkered with her fingers.

"Your welcomed to stay at the orphanage if you like."

"Okini." Shizuru responded.

Miss Maria seemed surprised at Shizuru's sudden Kyoto accent.

"Interesting, Takara has that same Kyoto accent as you do. Heh, what are the odds?"

Shizuru smiled and she followed Miss Maria out of the hospital. She felt a hand grab hers and looked at the jade eyes that were looking at her.

"You alright?"

"I'm fine."

Natsuki just raised an eyebrow at her but said nothing more.

"Onee-chan..." Takara looked at Kisara who was in the medical bed.

Kisara looked peaceful as she was resting in the medical bed. Takara looked at Kisara's hand and began to reach for it. She slightly hesitated and pulled back a little. When Kisara didn't move, she gently grabbed grabbed her hand. With the sleeve of her shirt, she wiped the salt water that was collecting at the corner of her eyes.

"Please wake up soon..."

"These past few days have been terrible, huh?" Natsuki grabbed Shizuru's hand.

"It has..."

No news of Kisara waking up had arrived and Takara had not left her side since. To Shizuru and Natsuki's surprise Nao and Hinata arrived the next day. Miss Maria didn't seemed to mind as they we're friends of Kisara as well.


"So what's really going on?" Nao asked.

"What do you mean?" Natsuki asked.

"Obviously you guys are hiding something from us. Kisara's in the hospital, we want to know why." Hinata stated.

Shizuru sighed and looked at Natsuki who nodded her head. Shizuru took a deep breath before telling Nao and Hinata the real situation.

"Whoa...a little sister?" Nao could hardly believe what Shizuru was saying.

"Yes and she's now Kisara's little sister through adoption." Shizuru responded.

"Wow...what does she look like?" Hinata asked.

"I have a picture but it was when she was three." Shizuru took out her wallet and brought out a picture.

"Aw, she so cute." Hinata smiled.

"Huh, the only thing that changed about you was the size of your rack." Nao pointed out.

"Oi, knock it off." Natsuki popped Nao on the head.

"Ow! What the hell Mutt?" Nao glared at Natsuki.

"Don't call me Mutt." Natsuki responded.

"So anyway," Hinata ignored Natsuki and Nao's fight, "When will we get to see Kisara?"

"In about...maybe in two days." Shizuru answered.

"Hmm...this won't be easy for either of you." Hinata sighed.


"How many more days until we get to see Kisara?" Nao asked as they sat in the backyard of the orphanage and watched the children play on the small playground.

"Uh...if everything goes okay we might get to see her tomorrow." Natsuki responded.

"I hope she's okay." Hinata said.

Shizuru ran her fingers through her hair.

An awkward silence hung in the air between the four friends as they watched the children play.

"Excuse me ladies."

They all turned their heads to Miss Maria how appeared behind them.

"I'm going to the flower shop to buy Kisara flowers. Would you mind looking after the children while I'm gone?"

"No problem. This way I don't feel so bad for staying her rent free." Natsuki responded.

"May I go with you?" Hinata asked.

"Of course, does one other person want to come?"

"Go on Shizuru, you were always good as flower arranging." Natsuki rubbed Shizuru's shoulder.

"Ara, if you insist." Shizuru smiled as she stood up.

"Have fun." Nao smiled at Hinata.

"We shouldn't be gone for too long. If anyone comes by wanting to adopted a child, tell them to either wait until I get back of tell them to come back next week."

"Understood lieutenant." Natsuki saluted Miss Maria with two fingers.

Miss Maira rolled her eyes and chuckled as she began to walk away. As soon as the ladies were gone, Nao and Natsuki turned their attention to themselves and the playing children.

"Shizuru's little sister might live with you and Shizuru. Is that a problem?" Nao asked.

"No, they deserve to be with each other after being torn apart." Natsuki responded.

"You think that's why Shizuru wanted to dump you?"


Nao rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Look its a rule in all relationships. Kind of like me and Hinata. As much as I love her, if she didn't like my mother then that's a deal breaker for me. I want the person I want to grow old with to like my mother. Maybe Shizuru was scared that you wouldn't like Takara because of the age difference and that she might take her under her wing."

"Since when did you get smart?" Natsuki raised an eyebrow.

"Shut it mutt."

"Don't call me mutt."

Natsuki laid on her back and stared up at the ceiling. She sighed and tried to relax.

"But I think you might be right about your thesis. If that's true, I'm gonna be pissed."


"I'm not gonna run out on her because of this. I don't understand why she thinks that."

"Well you did reject-"

"Yeah I know but...never mind." Natsuki let out a frustrated sigh.

"Huh, glad my relationship with Hinata isn't as rough as yours."

"How is that going by the way?"

"It's great. She like my mama, we mug dirty men together and she likes spiders."

"What's her story?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out."

Natsuki sighed and continued to stare up at the ceiling.

"Um, excuse me."

The two women looked at a small boy who appeared to be no older than 7 with black hair and lavender colored eyes. Natsuki smiled and sat up.


"Do you like kids?" He asked.


"Do you like boys?"

"Barking up the wrong tree kid." Nao muttered.

Natsuki lightly popped Nao upside the head and gave her a stern look. Nao muttered something under her breath as she rubbed her head. Natsuki turned her attention back to the small boy and smiled.

"I like little boys. Why do you ask?"

"Will you adopt me?"

"Eh?" Natsuki responded.

"Can you adopt me?" The boy smiled.

"Eh...well...I'd have to talk to my girlfriend about that."

"Oh...okay." The young boy seemed disappointed.

Natsuki sighed and ruffled his wild black hair with her hand. He giggled as he tried to get Natsuki's hand out of her hair.

"What your name kid?" Nao asked.

"My name is Riku." The boy smiled.

"Riku huh? Well my name's Nao, nice to meet you."

He smiled and sat in between the two ladies. Natsuki seemed a bit confused as Nao seemed to enjoy Riku's company.

"What up with him? He's so...friendly." Natsuki asked.

"Your too spoiled Mutt. You've never had to live in an orphanage," Nao sighed, "It's common for kids in an orphanage to want to grab an adult's attention so they can get adopted. Right Riku?"

"Huh?" Riku looked confused.

"Exaclty, its just a natural instinct you pick up in an orphanage." Nao smiled.

"Don't call me Mutt." Natsuki responded.

"Morning Glory?" Shizuru asked as Miss Maria arranged a flower bowl for Kisara.

"It's her favorite flower." Miss Maria responded.

"You seem to know a lot about Kisara." Hinata said.

"Well she practically lived at the orphanage her whole life. She's almost like a daughter to me." Miss Maria said.

"No parents wanted to adopted her?" Shizuru asked.

"Not exactly, many couples wanted to adopt Kisara. She's smart, beautiful, hardworking and talented. A model daughter that any parents would want."

"What? Why didn't she get adopted?" Hinata asked.

"Kisara promised to be Takara's onee-chan and that they would be adopted together. Sad to say but not many couples want to adopt siblings. They wanted Kisara but she wouldn't hear of it if Takara was not adopted as well. So Kisara stayed at the orphanage for about 8 years."

"Oh wow. Couldn't see have had her own place at 14 though?" Hinata asked.

"She could have but she wanted to stay near Takara and help me out with the other orphans. A fool but nonetheless a loyal soul."

"What happened to her real parents?" Shizuru asked.

Miss Maria froze for a moment as she hands stopped their motions in the flowers. She turned to Shizuru with a slight glare.

"You should as Kisara if you really want to know."

"Kanin na..." Shizuru slightly bowed.

Hinata sighed as she looked at Shizuru who appeared to be in her own world. She decided to take Nao's advice and stay out of Shizuru's way.

"So did the flower's look nice?" Natsuki asked as she waited for Shizuru to lay in bed next to her.

"They were lovely. Kisara likes Morning Glories, I learned this today." Shizuru responded as she slipped into her night clothes.

Natsuki watched as Shizuru quietly brushed her hair.

"Want to try tomorrow and see if we can visit Kisara?"

"Sure..." Shizuru responded.

Natsuki sighed at Shizuru's response. Shizuru finished brushing her hair and quietly walked over to the bed. She got her legs under the covers and placed a small kiss on Natsuki's cheek. She was about to turn into the night but a arm stopped her and made her look at Natsuki. The blue haired girl looked at her as Shizuru slowly looked into her jade eyes.

"Look it wasn't your fault. Nothing is, okay?"

Shizuru looked away for a moment before Natsuki turned her to face her again.

"It wasn't your fault." Natuki repeated.

Before Shizuru could respond, Natsuki wrapped her arms around her.


"How can you say that? This is all my fault," Shizuru responded as she pushed Natsuki away, "Everything is my fault. That bullet was meant for me not Kisara. Now she's in the hospital because of me. Takara's also hurt by this. Its all-"

Before another word could come out of Shizuru's mouth, Natsuki closed it with her lips. Shizuru's eyes widen in surprise but slowly calmed down as the kiss sank in deeper. Natsuki ended the kiss and wrapped her arms around Shizuru and comforted her.

"I'm sorry for interupting you, but that was the only way to get you to shut up and listen to me."

After a few kisses on Shizuru's cheek, Natsuki looked Shizuru in the eyes and rested her forehead on hers.

"Don't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault."

Shizuru wrapped her arms tighter around Natsuki as they slowly laid back on the bed.


Red crimson opened up and groaned at the sudden slight pain coming from their abdomen. Kisara saw the morning light beam from the windows as she relaxed back into the large pillows.

Guess I didn't die.

She felt something move near her legs and turned her attention to it. She smiled at Takara who was sleeping on the medical bed. Slowly Kisara ran her hand on Takara's sleeping head and hoped her little sister wouldn't wake up just yet. Takara stirred in her sleep but didn't open her eyes to Kisara's relief.

Poor Kara, she must of stayed here waiting forever for me to wake up. Sorry about that.

"Mmm..." Takara muttered in her sleep.


With her eyes still closed Takara began to from words in her sleep.


"Yeah?" Kisara smiled.

"P-Play with me...please"

"Sure, what do you want to play?"

Takara moved more in her sleep and didn't respond to the question. Kisara smiled as drool slightly formed at the corner of Takara's mouth.

Talking in her sleep and drooling, so cute.

"Mi-Miss you...so much." Takara began to speak again.

"I miss you to Takara."

"...N-Never...don't...l-leave a-a-again...okay, onee-chan?"

The smile on Kisara's face slightly disappeared hearing that sentence come out of Takara's mouth. She continued to slowly rub Takara's head.

Maybe...maybe this is for the best...

Takara stirred more in her sleep and then sat up in her chair. Kisara chuckled when Takara wiped away the drool that was falling from the corner of her lip. Takara heard the chuckle and turned to Kisara who was smiling at her. A big, bright smile came to Takara's face.


"Hey Kara."

"I...I so want to hug you right now, but the doc told me to restrain myself." Takara smiled.

"I'm sure a gently hug will be okay." Kisara brought her arms up for a hug.

Takara still had that smile on her face as she gently wrapped her arms around Kisara. She blinked a couple of times before Kisara looked down at Takara.


"Sorry I don't know where they came from." Takara began to wipe away the never ending tears from her eyes.

Kisara just smiled and held Takara a little tighter to her.

"I love ya kid."

"I love you onee-chan." Takara smiled into their hug.

The ladies, excluding Miss Maria, arrived at the hospital and went to the front desk. The nurse looked at them and remembered their faces. She sighed as they came closer to the front desk.

"I told you four before, no one except family is allowed to see Sakuragi Kisara."

"Yeah but its been three days now. She should be fine to see other people." Natsuki complained.

"I'm sorry, but I can't allow it."

"You sure? Maybe this might help." Nao showed the nurse a bill of money.

"Nice try but the answer is still no."

"Come on, its not like we're infected or anything." Hinata responded.

Shizuru sneezed and sniffled a little. The nurse raised an eyebrow and Hinata worriedly chuckled.

"Please don't make my job an more difficult. If you may exit the hospital to your right." The nurse pointed to the entrance/exit door.

"Is there a problem here?"

The ladies all turned and looked at the person behind them.


"Can you eat this onee-chan?" Takara asked holding up a bowl of shiratama.

"I could, but they told me to eat what they give me. Not the best, but then again I'm not usually all that hungry." Kisara responded.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" Takara asked.

"No...well actually can you go check my visitor status? I don't think my friends can't visit me yet, so I want to change that."

"Okay, I'll be back." Takara got off her chair and walked out of Kisara's room.

"To think the sister roles have switched." Miss Maria chuckled.

"That Takara is something else. Trying everything to see that I'm comfortable." Kisara smiled.

"Well, what is it you want to talk about?" Miss Maria knew Kisara purposely made Takara leave the room for a reason.

"Saw right through me huh," Kisara sighed, " Guess it can't be helped. You remember my friends that wanted to see Takara?"

"Yes, the one with blue hair and the one that looks like her."

"Well...the one with chestnut hair, her name is Shizuru. Fujino Shizuru."

Miss Maria stared at Kisara with shock and surprise.

"So...the onee-chan Takara has been waiting for has finally arrived. About time if I may add," Miss Maria sighed, "What are you going to to?"

"I don't know...but I do know one thing." Kisara gripped the sheets.


"This medical bill is going to pile onto the debt I already have."

"You could just adopt her now."

"I can't. The rules won't let me, besides with me working three jobs, I wouldn't be there for Takara when she'll need me. That's not really sisterly of me."

Miss Maira sighed as Kisara laid back on the pillows.

"Fujino asked about your parents."

"Which ones?"

"Your birth parents."

Kisara sighed and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Hey, weren't you two at the orphanage?"

The ladies turned and saw Takara walking towards them. Natsuki looked at Shizuru and saw her face grow a little pale and her crimson eye widen. Nao and Hinata noticed this as well but stayed silent. When Takara came up to them Hinata began to speak for them.

"They were but we came after we heard what happen to Kisara. We wanted to see if she was okay."

"Oh, so your friends with my onee-chan?" Takara asked.

"We are." Nao responded.

Takara turned to the nurse and smiled.

"My sister would like to have visitors visit her. Would that be alright mam?"

"I'm sorry but I can't-"

"Allow me to help."

All eyes turned to a man in a business suit.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well-" Kisara began to speak when Takara walked into the room again.

"What's up?" Kisara asked.

"You have several visitors onee-chan." Takara smiled.

Before she could ask who Shizuru, Natsuki, Nao and Hinata entered the room. Kisara smiled as her friends came closer to the medical bed.

"Hey, how you doing?" Natsuki asked.

"Well considering I have a small hole in my gut, I'm doing okay." Kisara smiled.

As Nao and Kisara laughed as Hinata chuckled to herself, Shizuru took a quick glance at Takara who was laughing with them. Miss Maria noticed but didn't say anything to upset the mood.

"Oh, yeah. Takara, these are my friends from Fuka."

Takara turned to Kisara's friends. She slightly bowed to them.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Takara Sakuragi."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Natsuki Kuga, that's Nao Yuuki but just call her spider, that's Hinata Minamoto and this is..." Natsuki hesitated.

"Um hey Takara," Kisara grabbed Takara's attention, "This is the surprise I was talking about."


"Yeah...you see-"

"Excuse me." Someone came into the room.

As the visitor entered the room, Kisara seemed to blush. All eyes were turned to the visitor, to Shizuru's relief.

"Done pulling the strings Kanzaki?" Nao asked.

"Yes. Sorry I took so long to get here. I heard what happened and just had to come," Reito went to Kisara's bed side, "So is the hospital treating you well?"

"Where the hell did you vaporize from?" Kisara was surprised to see Reito.

"Reito, okini for letting us get through the nurses." Shizuru smiled.

Takara recognized Shizuru's accent and stared at her.

"Your welcome, anything for old friends" He smiled at them.

"You know them?" Kisara asked.

"We went to the same high school, well except for Hinata here and Nao was in junior high." Natsuki answered.

"I was the vice-president of the student council and Shizuru here was the president." Reito said.

"Ara, no need for that. It was a long time ago." Shizuru said.

"Ara? Okini?"

Shizuru turned to Takara who was staring at her.

"Kanin na, did I say something?" Shizuru asked.

"Hey your from Kyoto too!" Takara beamed.

"I am."

"Ara, I haven't used my Kyoto accent in awhile. Kanin na if it sounds a little weird." Takara smiled as her voice laced with a Kyoto accent.

"No its not bad, a little rusty but good." Shizuru smiled.

Natsuki looked over at Kisara and noticed a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Are you okay Kisara?" Reito asked.

"Huh? Yeah I'm fine. Wait how did you know I was admitted to this hospital?"

"Its a secret, that and I'm in good hands with this hospital. I donated a large sum of money here."

"Really? Where do you work at?"

"I'm head of Viola Industries." Reito replied.

"No kidding? Wow that's really awesome." Hinata smiled.

"Where?" Kisara raised an eyebrow.

"Viola Industries is one of the best when it comes to making machines. You didn't know that?" Nao asked.

Damn, I just ran into one of the powerhouse, rich men in Japan. I'm surprised he didn't yell at me when I ran into him. I hope he's not one of those rich snobs.

"Hey was this your boyfriend you were talking to on the night of the train?" Natsuki asked.

"N-No." A slight blush came to Kisara's face.

"You caught a good one Kisara." Shizuru chuckled.

"Wait a minute-" A shade darker.

"Not too shabby Kisara." Miss Maria nodded her head in approval.

"You too Miss Maria?" An even darker shade of red.

"Hey look your face is turning red." Hinata smiled.

"Not its not!" Kisara defended herself.

"It's not any naughty thoughts is it?" Nao grinned.

"Damn it Nao!"

"Ara, ara, onee-chan, he is cute. Nice job." Takara chuckled.


Reito smiled as Kisara tried to hide the blush away from him.

"Don't hide it, its cute."

"It's not cute." Kisara muttered.

"So about that date, should we set it again later after you get out of the hospital?" Reito asked.

"You still want to go out on that date?" Kisara asked.

"Of course." He smiled.


"Go on and say yes." Natsuki said.

"Natsuki..." Kisara slightly glared at Natsuki.

A nurse suddenly came into the room and was surprised by the large number of people in the room.

"Sorry but visiting hours are over, even for you Mr. Kanzaki."

"Very well then. May I come by tomorrow and visit you Miss. Sakuragi?" Reito asked Kisara.

"You can just call me Kisara. Yeah sure."

"I'll be back tomorrow." Reito smiled.

"Okay, everybody out." The nurse began to shoo everyone away.

"Wait I need to talk to Shizuru for a moment." Kisara called Shizuru.

"Fine." The nurse made everyone except Shizuru go out the door.

Natsuki took one last look at Shizuru before the door was closed on her. They were left alone, Shizuru looked at Kisara.

"Was it wrong for me not to introduce...well reintroduce you to Takara?"

"No...I don't think she remembers me." Shiruru sighed.

"No, somewhere in her mind your still there. Though it has been 10 years, I'm sure if you tell her the truth, she'll remember."

"Right...the truth..."

Kisara saw Shizuru scared for some reason.

"About...about your question earlier." Kisara began.

"Yes?" Shizuru looked at Kisara.

"I became Takara's older sister...for both her and myself."

"For your comfort and her's?" Shizuru asked.


"I see..."

"Please don't judge my actions."

"I'm not."

"I was being selfish."

"What do you mean?"

"It all roots to my family. My parents died in a car crash," Kisara turned her face away, "It was an accident but I also lost my little sister that day too."

"Kanin na."

"I lost everything...I felt empty until Takara came to the orphanage. When I first saw Takara...she looked just like my little sister Kaori. I was trying to ease the pain in my heart."

Shizuru remained silent as Kisara wiped away her tears.

"Sorry, I'm not good at confessions."

"No worries." Shizuru tried to smile.

"But I do think of Takara as my little sister. Please know that."

"I do."

Kisara slightly smiled as she cleaned her face.

"May I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead.

"About Takara..."

Shizuru walked back to the waiting area and saw everyone. She felt her heart beat faster the more steps she took towards the group. Takara stood out the most to her.

My search is finally at an end...even after all these years she's still so beautiful.


Takara turned around and smiled at Shizuru. She noticed a scared look in Shizuru's eyes and tilted her head to the side a little.

"Are you okay?"

"Um Takara...do...do you remember your real name?" Shizuru asked.

"Yeah...why do you ask?"

"What is it?"

"My real name is Fujino."

Natsuki took a deep breath and waited for the magic to happen. Nao held Hinata's hand as Reito looked a bit confused but stayed silent. Shizuru tried to smile as she took a deep breath.

"Do you remember me?"

"Huh?" Takara raised an eyebrow.

"I'm Shizuru Fujino."

Takara took a small step back and continued to give Shizuru a confused look.


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