"So Natsuki's going to propose?" Kisara asked from the kitchen.

"Yup, I think Shizuru onee-chan will say yes but you never know." Takara said as she set the table.

"Knowing Shizuru, I think she'll say yes." Rieto put the cups on the table.

Kisara sighed as she finished cooking. She looked at Reito and Takara as they were setting the table. She smiled to herself.

Its almost like I have a family again...

Kisara blushed at the thought of her and Reito having a family. She coughed and walked to the table.

Of course...I've always wanted a family again...but it's way too soon to even be thinking about that.

"What is my Kisara-chan thinking?" Rieto asked as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Hey just cause I'm your girlfriend doesn't mean I'll allow you to do that in front of Takara." Kisara blushed as she unwrapped his arm from her waist, "And don't call me chan."

"It's okay, I saw Shizuru onee-chan and Natsuki-chan making ou-" Takara began.

"Okay, time to eat." Kisara interrupted.

Rieto smiled as he gave Kisara a small kiss on the cheek. She blushed as she sat down. She heard Takara chuckle and looked up at her.


"You blush just like Natsuki-chan."

"I do not." Kisara stated.

"What do you think Rieto-kun?" Takara looked at Rieto.

"I think she looks cute with that blush."

"Stop it you two." Kisara blushed more.

"Ara, ara Rieto-kun, ikezu."

"If I'm right, I believe you started this." Rieto smiled.

"No way." Takara complained.

Kisara looked up at the two people she cared most about. She smiled to herself.

My family...

Nao took a deep breath as she dialed a number in her cellphone. She put it to her ear and anxiously waited for the ringing to stop. She smiled when she head someone pick up the phone.

"Hey Nao, whats up?"

"Eh, I just wanted to hear your voice."

"Yeah yeah, so I have to work a late shift today. I won't come back to the apartment until late, sorry."

"That's fine, actually that's perfect because I wanted to do something special tonight."

"Something special?"

"Yeah, so don't worry about it."

"Okay, I'll see you later then."


Nao smiled as she ended the conversation. As she walked down the street she looked up at the sky with a happy face.

This has to be perfect.

She looked over at a familiar place and walked over to it. Walking through the door she moved her hair from her face.

"Mai, a bowl please."


Nao looked over and raised an eyebrow.

"You two..."


"What's wrong?" Kisara asked as she was washing dishes.

"Natsuki-chan let me borrow her cell phone in case this happened." Takara sighed as she put away the cell phone.

"So what happened?"

"My Shizuru-oneechan said yes to Natsuki."

"That's great, you should be happy Takara." Reito said as he dried the dishes.

"Yeah but this was the text message that was the signal for me to not come back to the apartment tonight." Takara put the dry dishes away.

"Oh..." Kisara and Rieto blushed a little.

"Is it okay if I stay here for the night?" Takara asked.

"You don't have to ask Kara," Kisara smiled and ruffled Takara's hair, "Your hair is getting a little longer. Growing it out?"

"Just a little, I still like it around my neck."

"I'm gonna have a talk with that Natsuki later." Kisara sighed.

"Are the dishes done?" Takara asked.

"More or less." Reito answered.

"I'm gonna take the bath first then."

"Don't take too long." Kisara said.

"I'll try not to." Takara left the kitchen.

"I guess their gonna stay together." Kisara smiled as she put away a plate.

"I figured they would." Reito smiled.

"Hmm...we're they always like that in high school?" Kisara asked.

"Only when Shizuru was a third year, that's when they were an official couple."

"So that would be...5 years together?"

"Well a little long than that. They were friends when Natsuki was in middle school."

"Good friends." Kisara smiled.

"You have any friends? I mean besides the group." Reito asked.

"I did, but since I stayed at the orphanage with Takara most of my friends were adopted and left. So to answer your question, no I don't have any friends besides the group."

"...You seem used to people going in and out of you life."

"When you live in an orphanage, you learn to deal with it." Kisara sighed as she put the last dish away.

To her surprised she felt two arms wrap around her waist. She felt her cheeks burn as a chin rested on her shoulder.

"R-Reito, what are you doing?"

"Holding my girlfriend, do you mind?"

"N-Not really," She put her hands on his and relaxed a little, "Reito."


"Why me?"


"Your a nice, rich, handsome guy."

"Thank you." He smiled.

"So why me? Why did you pick me? There are so many other pretty girls, richer and with better status too."

Reito sighed and turned Kisara to face him. They were standing a few inches away from each other. Kisara looked up at Reito and looked into his eyes.

"Why do girls ask that question?"

"I think its because we wonder why someone like you could fall for someone like us."

Reito smiled and brought a hand up to lightly touch her cheek.

"Because I saw something more than extraordinary in you when we first met."


"I did, and I still see that. I want a woman, not a girl. Just how you want a man and not a boy."

Kisara blushed but continued to look into his eyes. He smiled and cupped her cheek with his whole hand.

"I don't want you staying because you pity me."

"I'm not. Kisara...don't expect me to leave unless you want me to leave."

Kisara blushed and put her hand over his. She smiled and rubbed her thumb across his fingers.

"I don't want you to go.

Reito smiled with a tint of pink coming to his cheeks. He leaned forward to her face and looked at her lips. Kisara blushed and put a hand to his lips. He stopped and looked at Kisara with surprise.

"Is something wrong?"

"Sorry, its just that..." Kisara said.


"I'm nervous."

Reito smiled and rubbed his thumb on his chin. He moved his lips closer to hers and looked into her eyes.

"Just relax."

Their lips touched. Kisara's eyes widen at the sudden warmth that was spreading from her lips to her cheeks. She relaxed and slowly put her hands on his chest. His thumb slightly lowered her bottom lip and slightly licked it. Kisara gasped and this allowed Reito a quick entrance. She relaxed and kissed back.

Around the corner Takara rolled her eyes and made a silent sigh.

"Looks like I got a brother now."

"What are you two doing here?" Nao raised an eyebrow at the two figures.

"What I'm not allowed to be with my girlfriend when I get time off from the university?" Yuichi asked.

"You certainly took your sweet time," Nao rolled her eyes, "What about you?"

"I came for Mai's ramen," Mikoto smiled as Mai placed a bowl of ramen in front of her, "Also my brother told me he has a girlfriend so I have to protect him."

"Her name is Kisara. Don't worry she's a keeper."

"What about you Nao?" Mai asked.

"Just wanted a bowl...and some advice." Nao sat down in a chair.

"What kind of advice?" Mai asked as she prepared a bowl.

"Um...well...I want Hinata...Hinata to...you know...stay with me." Nao tried to hide her blush.

"Who's Hinata?" Mikoto asked as she slurped her noodles.

"None of your buisness." Nao remarked.

"You're girlfriend right?" Yuichi answered.

"Wait how did-" Nao turned to Mai who quickly whistled to herself.

Nao sighed and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Yeah, she's my girlfriend."

"Then just tell her you really like her and ask for her to stay with you." Yuichi responded.

"But I want it to be special."

"Take her to dinner and ask her." Mai placed a bowl of ramen in front of Nao.

"I could but that seems so normal. I got to do something really special."

"Hinata doesn't seem like the girl to demand that."

"I know but that's why I want to do something special for her."

"Hmm...I got it." Yuichi snapped his fingers.

"What?" Nao turned her attention to Yuichi.

"When do you plan to tell her?"

"When she gets back from work."

"Okay, then surprise her by taking her to a place she really likes."

"...That's too smiple." Nao sighed.

"Yeah but it would make her happy right?"

"Yeah I guess..." Nao sighed.

"Buy her ramen." Mikoto smiled.

Nao sighed again.

"I'm sure whatever you do, Hinata will appreciate it. I'm sure she'll say yes." Mai smiled.

"I hope." Nao played with her noodles.

Hinta smiled to herself as she closed her phone. She pocketed her phone and continued to walk to her work place.

"This sucks. Nao has a surprise for me and I have to go to work."

Hinata continued to pout as she walked down the sidewalk. She bumped into someone's arm and looked at the person.

"Sorry about that."


Hinata gasped in surprise.

Shizuru and Natsuki were under the covers with sweat running down their bodies and they're breathing becoming more steady. Natsuki turned to her side and slowly wrapped her arms around Shizuru.

"Hey Shizuru..."

"Mmm?" Shizuru wrapped her arms around Natsuki.

"Does...does anyone else know about Takara and you?"

"No...well the headmaster might have."

"The headmaster?"

"I'm just guessing, she did allow me to have access to certain connections no questions asked. Other than her, I haven't told any other soul."

Natsuki placed a small kiss on Shizuru's forehead as she felt Shizuru slowly drift to sleep.

"That day...why didn't you use your hime powers?"

"I didn't know I was a hime. Not until I got to the school did I know."

Natsuki nuzzled her head on top of Shizuru's head.

"Will you ever tell Takara the truth?"

Shizuru stayed silent as she tried to keep herself from falling asleep. She sighed and gave into the temptation to sleep.

"One day I will...I just don't know how I should tell her."

Natsuki continued to hold the sleeping Shizuru in her arms as she felt herself drift to sleep. She relaxed her mind and closed her eyes.

I have to take care of something first before that...

"I'm home." Takara announced.

"Takara could you come here for a moment." Shizuru asked.

Takara walked to the living room where she found Shizuru sitting on the couch. She took a small deep breath as Takara sat on the couch near her.


"Does Takara know about you being her real mother?" Natsuki asked.


Natsuki took Shizuru's hand in her own and looked her in the eyes.

"She has a right to know."

Shizuru stared at the floor.

"I know...but...what if she hates me?"

Natsuki held Shizuru's hand firmer.

"Knowing Takara...she might take the news hard but...I don't think she'll hate you. There's no way she would."

Shizuru somewhat smiled but Natsuki could tell it was that painted smile. Natsuki gave her a small long kiss on the lips before standing up and smiling at her.

"Natsuki, where are you going?"

"I...have some things to take care of. I'll be back in a few hours, just call me when your ready for me to come back...good luck."

As Natsuki walked out the door Shizuru looked at the clock knowing Takara would be home in an hour or so.


"So what's going on onee-chan? Takara asked as she sat down.

"Takara, we need to talk about something serious."

Takara looked confused but smiled.

"Onee-chan, I know about how the body works so you don't need to explain it to me." Takara rose up from her seat.

"Takara." Shizuru patted the sofa.

Takara sat down near again Shizuru and smiled. Shizuru felt her heart race.

"Takara...there's s-something we need to talk about. " Shizuru began nervously.

"It's okay." Takara smiled.

"What?" Shizuru was surprised.

"I knew that Natsuki-chan was going to propose to you. I don't mind, I really like Natsuki-chan. So you don't have to worry about it."

Shizuru smiled and ran her hand through Takara's hair. Takara smiled but Shizuru could see that she was worried.

"Takara...come here." Shizuru motioned Takara to come closer to her.

Takara obeyed and moved closer to Shizuru. Close together Shizuru wrapped her arms around Takara and held her closer. Takara looked up at Shizuru in surprise.


"I just want to hold you." Shizuru laid a hand on Takara's head.

"Okay." Takara closed her eyes and tried to relax into Shizuru's hold.

Shizuru smiled as she continued to hold Takara in her arms. After a few moments Shizuru looked down at Takara and saw that she had fallen asleep. Moving some hair from Takara's face Shizuru placed a small kiss on her forehead. Takara slightly moved in Shizuru's arms but continued to sleep. Shizuru rubbed her back and felt Takara relax. She smiled and continued to rub Takara's back.

"Don't hate me. Please..."

"You really sure you want to do this?" Kyoko asked as she led Natsuki down a dark hallway.

"I just have a few words for the bastard and then I'm getting the hell out." Natsuki responded.

"Uh-huh...how's Shizuru by the way?"

"She's fine, she's at home waiting for Takara to come home."

"Hmm...anyway last chance to go back."

"Not going back."

"Hey baby, come here!" A man from a cell began to reach for Natsuki.

"Back off." Kyoko grabbed Natsuki and walked away.

"Are they always like this?" Natsuki glared at the whistling prisoners.

"We'll you're a female and the only have themselves. Lots of things happen in jail cells...anyway here we are."

"He get's a private cell? What the hell?"

"He's...kind of gone off the deep end since Shizuru last spoke to him. Not a pretty sight, which is why I'm gonna ask again, are you sure you want to see this guy?"

Natsuki heisitated but nodded her head yes. Kyoko sighed and opened the door to the private cell. They walked in and Kyoko closed the door behind them. Natsuki saw from behind the bars a man with black hair scribbling on the walls with black paint. Kyoko put a hand on her shoulder and nodded her head.

"You got 5 minutes."

Natsuki nodded her head and walked closer to the cell.


Mr. Fujino turned his head around and looked at Natsuki. He dropped his paint brush and bucket and walked to Natsuki.

"You...You were with my daughter...daughter's...what do you want?"

"...Forget it. I had this heroic speech but I'm just gonna make this quick and to the point. I don't know how long you have in this little play pen of yours, but if you ever come near Shizuru or Takara, I will rip you to shreds. You got that?"

"...You know, she told you didn't she?"

"Yeah, now go back to your coloring you pig." Natsuki turned her back and began to walk away.

"Wait!" Mr. Fujino began to reach for Natsuki from behind the bars.

"It's too late, I hope you rot in here." Natsuki began to leave the room.

"Tell her I'm sorry."

Natsuki gasped and turned back to Mr. Fujino. He dropped to his knees and pounded his head to the steel bars.

"I'm sorry..."

"Fujino..." Natsuki called out.

Mr. Fujino looked at and glared at Natsuki.

"You...You were with my daughter...daughter's...what do you want?"


"Time to go." Kyoko grabbed Natsuki and led her to the door.

"Wait! Get back here damn it! I said GET BACK HERE!"

Kyoko closed the door behind them but Natsuki could still here some of the screaming from the other room.

"Happy now?"

"What the hell happened to him?"

"Like I said, he went off the deep end after Shizuru forgave him. Reason why he gets his own cell is because he killed his cellmate."

"He killed his cellmate?"

"Yeah but I guess that guy had it coming. Kind of poke and prodded him, that and he wanted to get some but Fujino had other ideas and beat the shit out of him."

Natsuki sighed and began to walk away. Kyoko watched her go.

"Is that really all she came for?"

Kyoko turned her head at Hiro who stood besides her. She gave him a slight smile.

"You got to show me how to do that one day. Yeah that's all she came for."

"I see...how are you doing?"

"I'm fine."

"The flash backs gone?"

"Going, but almost there." Kyoko sighed.

"Good to hear." Hiro smiled.

Kyoko smiled and began to walk by Hiro's side.

"On the way home you should buy me a beer."

"I'll buy you two."


Nao took a deep breath as she tried to come up with something to tell Hinata when she came home. She tried to imagine Hinata in front of her as she spoke.

"Hinata...I...you mean so much to me...I want to...what I want to say..I l-l-lo-o-o..."

Nao sighed to herself and sat on the couch.

"Damn I am such a wimp."

Nao almost jumped from her seat when when heard the door slam open. She turned her attention to Hinata who closed the door behind her. She smiled and stood up.

"Hey babe, welcome home." Nao walked over to her.

As she began to wrap her arms around her waist, Hinata pushed Nao away and locked the door. Nao watched as Hinata put her keys on the table.


"I'm going to bed." Hinata

Nao grabbed Hinata's wrist and tried to stop her. Hinata pulled back but Nao ad a firm grip on her wrist.

"Hinata what happened?"

"None of your business." Hinata tugged her wrist and Nao let go.

"Hinata come on, what happened?" Nao grabbed her arm.

"Nothing happened. Just leave me alone." Hinata began to walk to their bedroom.



Nao was taken back by Hinata's scream. Hinata made no eye contact with Nao as her breathing calmed down. Still holding her arm, Nao lowered her hand to Hinata's.

"Hinata...what happened?"

Nao heard a hiccup kind of sound. Hinata looked up at her with tears running down her face. Nao felt rage rising up in her.

"What happened? Who did this to you?"

Hinata wiped away her tears with her free hand and looked back at Nao.

"I...I ran into my ex-boyfriend."

"The one...you ex-fiance?"

"Y-Yeah..." Hinata slumped to the floor.


"Why does it still hurt," Hinata clutched her heart, "I swore that I wouldn't let it get the best of me again. Nao...why does it still hurt?"

Nao just looked down at Hinata. Without words, Nao fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around Hinata.


Natsuki looked up at the sky and watched the clouds go by. She took a deep breath and ran her thumb across her cellphone.

Shizuru...be strong...

Takara stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes. She raised her head and looked up at Shizuru who was smiling at her.

"Kanin na." Takara blushed as she wiped away the drool on her lips.

"It's cute." Shizuru fixed Takara's hair.

"How long was I asleep?" Takara yawned and stretched her arms.

"About twenty minutes."

"Huh...where did Natsuki-chan go?"

"She went to go do something."

"Sheesh." Takara sighed.

"Takara...there's something we need to talk about." Shizuru took a deep breath.

"...Okay, what is it?" Takara had her full attention on Shizuru.

Shizuru gulped before she made eye contact with Takara.

Takara's so beautiful...

"Takara...please try and understand that I love you very much. Please don't hate me for keeping this a secret from you."

"I won't hate you, I can't. I love you too." Takara responded.


"What secret? Am...am I really not your sister?"

"You are...well...half..." Shizuru felt the pressure closing in on her.

"Did father have a secret maid or something like that?"

"No...Takara...when...when I was thirteen...I...I..." Shizuru clutched her hands into fist.

Takara noticed her clenched fist and began to worry about her older sister. Shizuru took another deep breath and looked Takara in the eyes.

"When I was thirteen our father rapped me."

Takara put a hand to her mouth as she stared at Shizuru.

"Onee-chan...I'm so sorry."

"After that a month later I was pregnant."

"Pregnant? But...," Takara tried to hold back the lump that was forming in her throat, "Onee-chan...what are you implying? Are you saying that-"

"I gave birth to a baby girl with black hair and crimson eyes."

Takara's face turned pale.

"Takara...you were that baby. You're my daughter."

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