"So...your Reito's little sister?" Kisara asked.

"Yup." Mikoto smiled.

"How come you didn't tell me you had a little sister?" Kisara asked Reito.

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Uh huh...its a pleasure to meet you Mikoto." Kisara slightly bowed.

"Hi!" Mikoto smiled.

They're really different, but that's a good thing...I think.

"Mikoto do you like Kisara?" Reito asked.

"She's like Mai."

"Is that a good thing?" Kisara asked.

"Brother had a crush on Mai in high school." Mikoto responded.

"Really?" Kisara raised an eyebrow at Reito.

"Uh huh, because Mai is a good person who cooks really really good."

"Oh...I see. What else can you tell me Mikoto?" Kisara smiled.

"Uh Mikoto let's go get ice cream." Reito stood up from his chair.

"Yay!" Mikoto rushed to the door.

"Mai?" Kisara asked.

"For a while, but her heart belonged to Tate so I looked else where." Reito grabbed Kisara's hand with his own.


"Yuichi Tate. A part of the group."


"Do you like Mikoto?" Reito asked.

"She's pretty energetic, but yeah I like her."

"Good." Reito smiled at her.

Kisara smiled back as she gripped Reito's hand a little tighter.


Takara was silent and pale as she tried to swallow the truth Shizuru had told her. Shizuru put a hand on her shoulder and Takara slightly jumped.

"Onee-chan...I'm...your daughter?"

"Yes..." Shizuru felt water running down her face.

Takara let the tears fall down her cheek.


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I made you miserable." Takara cried.


"I must have been such a burden on you. I'm so sorry."

Shizuru wrapped her arms around Takara. Surprised, Takara looked up at Shizuru.

"It was hard, but...Takara...the moment I held you in my arms, no...the moment I first laid eyes on you, I fell in love with you."

"But...but father rapped you. Didn't you hate me? Even once because I'm...his daughter?" Takara asked.

Shizuru held Takara closer to her body. Takara immediately wrapped her arms around Shizuru's waist.

"There...there was a time I did feel that way. I was angry at the world..."

"Onee-chan..." Takara looked up at Shizuru.

"But I wanted you. I wanted to take care of you, because the moment you were born I knew that you were mostly me."


"You have our father's hair."

"...Do you hate my hair?"

"I love everything about you."

Takara nuzzled herself on Shizuru's chest as she let more tears fall down her face.


Shizuru was surprised at the word mom. She looked down at Takara who looked worried.

"Can I call you mom? Even if its only here, can I?"

Shizuru smiled and kissed Takara on the forehead.

"You can."

Takara laid her head back on Shizuru's chest and sighed.

"Mom...okini...you went through so much just for me. I'm sorry I was the main cause of it. But...thank you for giving birth to me. It must have been so painful...I really am grateful."

Shizuru let more tears fall down her face, but those tears were filled with happiness. She chuckled and smiled.

"Your such a treasure. I don't deserve a daughter like you."

"Mom..." Takara smiled and cried tears of joy as well.

"Of course it still hurts. You haven't moved on." Nao held Hinata close to her.

"But...I-I-" Hinata stuttered.

"This is what I wanted to talk about," Nao made Hinata look at her, "Hinata I know we've only known each other for a few months but I want more months, hell I want years with you."


"I love you."

Hinata froze as Nao wrapped her arms around her.

"Hinata...I love you. I want to be apart of your life, I want to help you move forward. I want to a lot of things with you. I want to play, live, fight, eat, everything. I want you and only you."

Nao felt Hinata freeze in her arms. Disappointed Nao began to slowly let go of Hinata.

"I...I just wanted to tell you that. If...if you don't feel the same way, I understand."

Nao began to stand up when she felt a hand stop her. She looked down and felt warm lips touch her own. Nao moaned and wrapped her arms around Hinata and caused her to moan for her. Air was needed and they parted only a lips distance away. Nao saw that Hinata still had tears falling down her face.

"Hinata w-"

Hinata placed a quick kiss on Nao's lips, silencing her. Nao blushed as Hinata brought her hands and placed them on either side of her face. Hinata parted lips and looked into Nao's eyes.

"Nao...I...I didn't think anyone would say that to me. At least not for a long time or...I don't know. I...I never thought I would ever say this again either."

Nao blushed as Hinata began to close the distance between them.

"I love you."

Nao felt Hinata kiss her again and kissed back. Hinata gasped as she felt something warm fall on her hands. She stopped kissing Nao and looked at her.

"Nao...why are you crying?"

"Sorry...it's just..." Nao began to wipe her tears away, "I'm so happy right now. Really really happy."

"Nao..." Hinata blushed as Nao gave her a smile.

"Stay with me?" Nao asked as she leaned forward to Hinata.

Hinata smiled and leaned forward.


"I'm back." Natsuki locked the door behind him.

Natsuki walked into the living room area where she saw Shizuru and Takara sleeping in each others arms. She smiled as she watched them sleep. Shizuru had her phone her in hands.

"Well...looks like everything is settled." Natsuki turned her back.


Natsuki turned back around and saw Takara looking at her. Takara stretched her arms and carefully rose up from the couch without waking Shizuru up. Natsuki felt nervous as Takara walked to her.

"Um...do...do you know?" Takara asked.

"Yeah...I do." Natsuki answered.

Takara rubbed the back of her neck and took a deep breath. Natsuki was about to speak but Takara spoke first.

"I can see why onee-chan fell for you."


"Yeah...despite all the chances you were given to push her away, you stayed by her side. Okini. It might be weird to say this, but you have my blessing, please continue to make my onee-chan happy." Takara smiled.

Natsuki smiled and tasseled Takara's hair. Takara chuckled and tried to stop Natsuki.

"Your a good kid, don't forget that okay?"

Takara nodded her head and smiled.

"You make Shizuru happy, don't forget that either." Natsuki smiled.

"I don't think that's possible." Takara smiled.

"Takara, Natsuki?"

Turning their heads, Shizuru walked over to them as she stretched her arms. Natsuki chuckled to herself as it reminded her of Takara.

"What?" Shizuru raised an eyebrow.


"Um...regarding the secret, is this just between us three?" Takara asked.

"Yes, I'd rather it just be a secret." Shizuru answered.

"Okay mom." Takara responded.

Shizuru smiled and placed a hand on Takara's shoulder. Natsuki smiled and walked towards the door.

"Let's go out to eat, my treat."

"Alright! Natsuki-chan's paying." Takara smiled as she followed Natsuki.

"Only if you stop calling me chan."

"Ikezu Natsuki-chan." Takara pouted.

"One of these days I'll find you an annoying nickname."

"Whatever Natsuki-chan." Takara smiled and stuck her tongue out at Natsuki.

Natsuki stuck her tongue back at Takara as they walked out of the door. Shizuru followed close behind and tried to keep the joy filled tears from falling to her face.

Mother...I wonder if your smiling as well...

Kisara was waiting at the light post with a jacket and scarf around her neck. The warm breath that came from her mouth could be seen air. She kicked a rock when she looked up as she heard footsteps come her way.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." Reito smiled.

"I just got here a few minutes ago so no worries." Kisara smiled.

"That's good," Reito offered his arm for Kisara to take, "Shall we?"

Kisara smiled and linked arms with him as they walked down the sidewalk.

"How is Mikoto?" Kisara asked.

"As usual."

"Still traveling?"

"More or less. I haven't seem much of Takara, what happened to her?"

"You should know how busy she is with her being the student council president."

"Hmm, didn't think she would be that busy."

"Well Shizuru helps her a little but Takara's determine to out shine Shizuru by herself."

"I'm sure she will."

"Yeah, I wish she would come by my place more often but that's just me being selfish."

"Didn't she visit you yesterday?"

"Like I said, I'm just being selfish."

Reito smiled and placed a quick kiss on Kisara's cheek. Kisara blushed but smiled.

"So where are we going?"

"I was thinking...well I'm not going to ruin the surprise."

"Aw come on." Kisara pouted.


"Kill joy."

Reito chuckled as he led Kisara down the street.

"Kisara I have to go on a business trip in about a week."

"Another one?"


Kisara sighed but she tried not to show the frustration on her face.

"Business calls I guess."

"Unfortunately it does." Reito sighed, "So I wanted to..."

"Wanted to what?"

"Well...I wanted to show you this."

Reito let go of Kisara and pointed out into the distance. Kisara looked and gasped at the open field of flowers.


"You like?"

"It's beautiful...and its winter time. How did you-"

"The flowers here are tough, but they'll die out in a week or so. I wanted to show you this before that happened."

"Thank you Reito, this is amazing. Damn I feel like such a girly girl, not too much of a good feeling."

Reito chuckled and watched as Kisara walked around the flowers. He watched her pick a flower and walk back to him. She had a mischievous smile on her face as she walked to him.


"Hold still."

"Hey, wait no-"

"Perfect." Kisara smiled as she placed the yellow flower in Reito's hair.

"Uh huh," Reito removed the flower from his hair, "I think it would suit you better."

Before Kisara could object, Reito placed the yellow flower in her hair. He smiled at her blush.


"The flower?"

"You." Reito smiled.

"Yeah, yeah..." Kisara turned around to avoid showing him a red blush.


Kisara turned and saw Reito extend his hand out for him to take. She smiled and grabbed his hand with hers. They walked through the flowers hand in hand and watched some of the petals fly away.

"So where is your business taking you?" Kisara asked.


"I see..."

Reito gripped her hand tighter and she looked up at him. She smiled at him.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna cheat on you while your gone."

"After three years together I don't have to worry about that." Reito smiled.

"Yeah I think I'm more worried about you." Kisara grinned.

"Well I can stay but...would you want me to stay?

"Well...I don't want to-"

"It's alright, I want you to be selfish on this." Reito interrupted.

Kisara blushed and wrapped her scarf around her neck. She leaned into Reito and sighed.

"Yeah, I want you to stay."

"Hmm...well then I have to ask you something."

Before she could ask, Kisara felt Reito let go of her and move away from her. She looked at him confused but then paled when he began to fall on one knee. She put a hand to her mouth as he looked up at her.


Kisara gasped when she saw him bring something out of his pocket and hold it out for her. He opened that small tiny black block and presented her with a ring.

"Will you marry me?"


Reito smiled as tears ran down Kisara's happy face.

"Yes, yes I'll marry you!" Kisara ignored the ring and hugged Reito

Reito hugged her back and began to kiss her. She kissed back and held on to Reito. Air became a problem and they parted. They smiled at each other and Kisara wiped away the tears from her face. Reito smiled and helped her wipe away the tears from her face.

"Kisara...I love you." Reito smiled at her.

Kisara chuckled as she wiped a tear from her cheek. She leaned in a placed a small kiss on Reito's cheek and after that placed her forehead on his.

"I love you too." Kisara blushed.

Reito took the ring out of the box and gently put in on Kisara's finger. She smiled and hugged him as he wrapped his arms around her.

Playing in the living room, a small boy with black hair and brown eyes was waiting for his older sister to come home. When he heard the door opened, he rushed at the teenager who walked in.

"Onee-chan!" The boy hugged the teenager's leg.

"Ah! Hikaru-chan, you scared me." The teenager smiled at the little boy.

"Up?" The little boy put her hands up.

The teenager chuckled as she picked up the little boy.

"Wow, your getting heavy."

"It's because of Mr. Bee." The little boy showed the teenager the bear in his hand.

"Oh, okay. Mr. Bee needs to lose some pounds." The teenager poked at the bear.

The little boy named Hikaru giggled as the teenager walked to the living room. A blue haired woman walked in from the kitchen and shook her head in disappointment.

"Your still carrying him? You spoil your little brother too much Smarty."

"It's okay, I won't spoil him like you do Natsuki-chan. Don't call me Smarty."

"Don't call me chan."

Takara smiled at Natsuki who took Hikaru in her arms. Riku giggled as he played with his adoptive mother's long blue hair.

"Where's mom?" Takara asked.

"Mommy coming home soon." Hikaru smiled.

"Yeah Shizuru had to pick up something on they way. Don't worry she'll be here soon so don't start crying on me."

"I'm not gonna cry." Takara slightly growled at Natsuki.

Suddenly they heard the door opened. Hikaru squirmed in Natsuki's arms.

"Down please."

Natsuki smiled as she put Hikaru down. Who took off in a sprint as soon as his feet touched the ground. Natsuki sighed as she watched him open the door.

"That kid has a lot of energy." Natsuki said.

"Well he is 4 years old, what do you expect Natsuki-chan?"

"Don't call me chan Smarty. How was school today?"

"Still adjusting to college, but it was okay. Don't call me Smarty." Takara smiled.

"Says the 14 year old who got the best entry score and a full ride because of her age. You know if you weren't so nice, people would hate you."

"Ikezu Natsuki-chan, is that jealousy I sense?" Takara grinned.

"Not in your life time Smarty. Don't call me chan." Natsuki tasseled Takara's hair.

"Don't call me Smarty."

"What are you two fighting about?"

Natsuki and Takara turned to Shizuru who was smiling and holding Hikaru.

"Nothing mom." Takara grinned.

"Are we ready or what?" Natsuki asked.

"Just let me put my things up and I'll be ready to go. Did you pack everything?" Shizuru asked.

"Course I did, our boy helped me pack. Isn't that right Hikaru?" Natsuki asked Hikaru.

"I sure did mommy. I helped mama pack the...the lunch." Hikaru smiled.

"Good job Hikaru. Such a helpful little boy you are." Shizuru smiled at Hikaru.

"Ready Hikaru?" Takara offered her hand for him to take.

"Ready onee-chan." Hikaru smiled as he took her hand.

Shizuru was surprised when a hand snaked around her waist. She turned her head and smiled at Natsuki who had the bento boxes in a bag.

"You didn't put mayo on all of the bento boxes did you?" Shizuru asked.

"Only on mine and Takara's." Natsuki smiled.

Shizuru chuckled and unwrapped Natsuki's arm from her waist. She grabbed Natsuki hand as they walked behind Takara and Hikaru. Shizuru placed a quick kiss on Natsuki's cheek which surprised Natsuki.

"I love you."

Natsuki was about to respond but a familiar voice interrupted them.

"Hey mutt, not in public."

"Shut it spider, don't call me mutt." Natsuki responded to the red head coming her way.

"Riku!" Hikaru waved at a boy with black hair and lavender colored eyes between the red head and another woman.

"Hi Hikaru!" Riku waved back.

"Nao-chan, Hinata-chan." Takara slightly bowed to the couple.

"How many time to I got to remind you not to bow to us?" Nao said as she made Takara stand up straight.

"Bad habit I guess." Takara smiled.

"Hello everyone, I apologize on Nao's behalf." Hinata smiled.

"What did I do?" Nao asked.

"As do I, on Natsuki's behalf." Shizuru chuckled.

"Hey wait a minute." Natsuki began.

"Come on guys, lets go play." Takara led Riku and Hikaru away from the ladies.

"Last one to the swings is a rotten egg." Hikaru shouted out.

"Hey wait up." Riku chased after Hikaru.

"Boys and a teenager...so much energy to spare." Natsuki sighed.

"How is Riku?" Shizuru asked.

"A good son, I'm so proud of him." Hinata smiled.

"Thinking about adopting any more kids?" Natsuki asked.

"I don't know..." Nao hesitated.

"Of course, its lonely without any siblings." Hinata answered.

"We'll...whatever she says." Nao sighed.

"Someone's whipped?" Natsuki snickered.

"Look who's talking mutt." Nao glared.

"Don't call me mutt."

"How is Takara? Hinata asked.

"She's wonderful." Shizuru smiled.

"Doting onee-chan." Nao smiled.

"Hey where are we suppose to meet Mr. and Mrs. Kanzaki?" Natsuki smiled.

"Eh...I think somewhere near the sakura trees." Nao answered.

"Ara, their they are." Shizuru pointed.

Kisara and Reito were near sakura trees waving at them. Takara noticed them and rushed to Kisara.

"Onee-chan!" Takara wrapped her arms around Kisara.

"Kara, how's my college girl?" Kisara hugged her back.

"Great, how are you onii-chan?" Takara looked at Reito.

"I'm fine." Reito smiled.

"We're here too."

Heads turned to a group of six who arrived to the group. Kisara smiled at them.

"My little sister Mikoto, Chie and Aoi, and Mr. and Mrs. Tate with little Yuki. I'm glad you could make it."

"Okay, we're here Let's eat!" Natsuki said as she arrived.

"Alright." Takara smiled.

As they all sat down and began to feast on the food that was brought to the large picnic, the cherry blossoms began to slowly fall from the sakura trees. Kisara smiled as one tiny petal fell on little Yuki's blond hair.

"I got it Yuki-chan." Mikoto blew the petal off of Yuki.

Yuki smiled and laughed to which Mai smiled.

"Our little boy..." Mai smiled at Yuichi.

"Yeah..." Yuichi placed a quick kiss on Mai's cheek.

"So what's new Kisara?" Natsuki asked.

"Well we wanted to let you know the good news." Kisara smiled.

"What?" Takara asked.

Kisara looked at Reito who smiled at her and grabbed her hand. She turned to everybody who was looking at her.

"I'm pregnant."


"What?" Riku and Hikaru gave everyone a confused look.

"Wow, congratulations Kisara." Aoi smiled.

"Congrats." Chie grinned.

"That's great." Shizuru smiled.

"Hey Mikoto, Takara, looks like you two are gonna be aunts." Nao smiled.

"Wow, onee-chan..." Takara smiled at Kisara

"Congrats Kanzaki." Yuichi patted Reito on the back.

"Is it a boy or girl?" Mikoto asked.

"Its too soon to know, right?" Mai asked.

"We think it might be a girl." Kisara smiled.

"You sure?" Takara asked.

"It's just a guess, but I definitely think its a girl." Kisara placed a hand on her stomach.

"So what are you going to name her?" Natsuki asked.

"We had a lot of names picked out." Reito began.

"But we thought this name would be perfect for our child." Kisara finished.

"What is it? What is it?" Hikaru asked.

"Her name will be Izumi."

Shizuru was taken aback by the name they had chose. She looked over at Takara who smiled at her.

"Shizuru are you okay?" Kisara asked looking worried.

"Kanin na, it just that was my mother's name."

"It a beautiful name no?" Kisara smiled.

"Yes." Shizuru smiled.

"What if its a boy?" Natsuki asked.

"Natsuki-chan, the baby is gonna be a girl." Takara smiled.

"Yeah but you never know." Natsuki responded, "And don't call me chan Smarty."

"Don't call me Smarty."

Shizuru watched as Takara playfully pushed Natsuki around. Without warning Hikaru gave Shizuru a quick peck on the cheek. Shizuru smiled as he climbed into her lap. She looked around at her friends around her. Each of them had a smile on their face. She took a quick glance at Takara who was smiling and playing with Riku.

This...is my family. This essence of happiness...

"Bye I'm off."


Takara turned around and smiled at Shizuru who was walking towards her. Putting down her backpack Takara gave her full attention to Shizuru.

"Yes mom?"

Shizuru wrapped her arms around Takara and smiled to herself. Takara wrapped her arms around Shizuru and smiled to herself as well.

"Have a good day."

"I'll try, you too mom."

Shizuru placed a small kiss on Takara's forehead before letting her go. Takara smiled and grabbed her backpack.

"See you later."

"Takara, one more thing."


"I love you."

Takara smiled and waved to Shizuru.

"Love you too mom."

Shizuru watched Takara leave until she couldn't see her anymore. She felt two arms wrap around her waist and she smiled.

"Is Hikaru asleep?"

"For now," Natsuki laid her head on Shizuru's back, "You okay?"

"Just thinking."

Natsuki sighed and raised her head.

"It is sad isn't it?"

"Yeah...it is."

"But you know she'll always love you."

"I know...it's just so hard. Heh, who knows what will happen to me once she finds someone to be with."

Natsuki slightly smiled as she turned Shizuru to face her.

"Let's not worry about that now."

"I'll try." Shizuru smiled.

Natsuki leaned in and began to kiss Shizuru. When they parted Natsuki looked up into those crimson eyes and smiled. Shizuru smiled and placed her forehead on Natsuki's and looked into the jade eyes.

I lost many things, precious things. Some of them I will never get back, but I did get my treasure back in my arms.

This...is everything I ever wanted.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

"I love you, Shizuru."

"I love you, Natsuki."

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