When the Pieces Fall

Shizuru's phone began to ring. She grabbed her phone and looked at who was calling. Natsuki noticed that Shizuru's face turned pale. She also noticed that her hands were slightly shaking.


"My father is calling me."

Natsuki looked at the phone. It continued to ring with no end. Natsuki grabbed it and answered it.

"What is it?"

"Who is this? Where's my daughter?"

"This is no one special, but I suggest you stop calling and harassing your daughter."

"Where is Shizuru?"

"Maybe I'll tell you if you tell me where Takara is."

The phone remained silent.

"So you're working for Shizuru?"

"Maybe I am, or maybe I kidnapped her. Not like you care, last I heard."

"Either way, I'm sure you'll tell Shizuru that I'm coming for her."

Mr. Fujino hung up the phone. Natsuki looked at Shizuru who was still pale.

"He said he's coming."

"We have to leave."


"Knowing him, he probably knows where I live. We have to go now."

"But what about Hinata and Kisara?"

Shizuru's phone rang again. Natsuki answered it again.

"What do you want old man?"

"Hey, I take offense to that." A woman voice said.

"Sorry...who am I speaking to?"

"Shizuru knows me as Ms. Aono. Would you mind giving her the phone?"

Natsuki looked up at Shizuru and handed her the phone.

"It's a Ms. Aono."

Shizuru took the phone. Her eyes grew wide. Once she ended the conversation, she looked at Natsuki.

"Change of plans, we're meeting Hinata and Kisara at another location."


"You'll see."

"Are you Minamoto Hinata?" A man in a suit asked.

"Who's asking?" Nao stepped in front of Hinata.

"Please come with us." The man opened the door to a black vehicle.

"Piss off." Nao growled.

"Ms. Aono is holding a meeting with Ms. Fujino and Ms. Kuga. She wishes to bring you to that meeting."

"Let's go Nao." Hinata stepped forward.

"But Hinata-"

"Don't worry, its you and me together. I'm sure we can take these guys if something happens." Hinata smiled as she extended her hand for Nao to take.

Nao hesitated for a moment, but then smiled at her as she reached for her hand.

"Alright, let's go."

"Where are we going anyway?" Natsuki asked as she followed Shizuru.

"We're going to Ms. Aono's office. She's a lawyer who I interviewed. Why she's asking for me, I don't know." Shizuru responded.

"What did she say?"

"She just said that she wanted me to meet her there. She also said that Hinata and Kisara would meet us there."

Natsuki noticed Shizuru was slightly nervous as they continued to walk to they're destination.


"Wow, this is really nice." Hinata and Nao looked around the room they were in.

"Another visitor."

Hinata and Nao turned they're direction to Mr. Aono and Kisara who entered the room.

"Kisara? You're here too?" Nao raised an eyebrow.

"Ms. Aono picked me up."

"Ladies make yourself comfortable." Ms. Aono smiled.

"She had some people picked us up. Uh, what exactly are we here for?" Nao asked Ms. Aono.

"You'll see." Ms. Aono closed the door behind her.

"Hmm...I don't like the looks of this." Nao began to think.

"Did Natsuki ask you to meet her at her apartment?" Kisara asked.

"Yeah, she asked for Hinata." Nao responded.

"Did she ask for you too?" Hinata asked.


The room remained silent as each lady had her own thoughts.

"This is it." Shizuru pointed out to the large building.

"Nice large shiny building. What's in it?" Natsuki asked.

"Ms. Aono's office." Shizuru grabbed Natsuki's hand and walked towards the building.

"By any chance does she have black hair and crimson eyes?" Natsuki gripped Shizuru's hand.


Natsuki chuckled as they entered the building. They took the elevator and waited for their floor. Natsuki looked over at Shizuru who still looked nervous. She turned Shizuru's head to her and placed a kiss on her cheek. Shizuru was surprised at Natsuki's sudden action.

"You looked like you needed it." Natsuki said when she parted.

Shizuru sighed with a smile on her face.

"Okini Natsuki."

The elevator chimed and they arrived to the floor they were waiting for. The secretary looked up and noticed Shizuru right away. She pointed to the door.

"Ms. Aono is waiting."

Shizuru nodded and walked towards the doors. She felt Natsuki grip her hand and smiled. They both opened the door.

As Kisara looked around the room she noticed a piano and smiled. She walked to it and sat down on the bench. Hitting a few white keys she began to play her favorite song.

"Where did you learn to play?" Hinata asked as she enjoyed the music.

"For the time they were alive, my parents taught me." Kisara responded without hitting a wrong note.

"Wish I could play." Hinata responded.

"You lost your parents?" Nao asked.

"Nao!" Hinata nudged Nao in the ribs.

"When I was 7." Kisara continued to play.

"Sorry for your loss." Nao rubbed her ribs.

"At last you've arrived."

Shizuru stared in horror at Mr. Fujino who was in the room. Natsuki walked forward and acted as a shield for Shizuru.

"What are you doing here?" Natsuki asked.

"I said I was coming and here I am."

"How the hell did you get here so fast?"

"When you have money, you can do a lot of things," Mr. Fujino chuckled, "Now on to business, Shizuru let go of this game."

"You came all this way to tell me that?"

"Yes, your getting out of hand so I decided to make a personal appearance. Now I'll ask you one more time, give up this "rescue" search of yours."

"Never." Shizuru glared at him with cold crimson eyes.

A hand in the air, Mr. Fujino brought it down. The sound of a slap was expected, but it was blocked and the sound of a body being knocked down was replaced.

"Natsuki!" Shizuru gasped.

Natsuki had kicked down Mr. Fujino down to the floor and was glaring just as hard as he was glaring at her.

"Don't you think Shizuru's been hurt enough?"

"Stay out of this woman. This is between my daughter and me only." Mr. Fujino continued to glare as he rose up to his feet.

"You'll have to get through me before you deal with Shizuru." Natsuki smirked.

Mr. Fujino rose another hand in the air. The doors suddenly opened with a bang.

"Mr. Fujino, if you resort to more violence I'll have to call security." Ms. Aono glared.

"So you must be Ms. Aono who's interfering with my business. Though I have to thank you for bringing my daughter here."

"I brought you both here to discuss the concerns you both have for Ms. Takara Fujino." Mr. Aono walked behind her desk and sat in her chair.

"Takara? Do you have her? Where is she?" Shizuru began to ask questions.

"All in good time Ms. Fujino. If both parties would take a seat?" Ms. Aono motioned for them to take a seat.

Shizuru and Mr. Fujino took a seat. Natsuki stood behind Shizuru and gently laid both of her hands on her shoulders.

"Now then, about Ms. Takara. She's in good hands and is well. She's been living in an orphanage for about 7 years or so."

"An orphanage?" Shizuru raised an eyebrow.

"Mr. Fujino gave up parental duties of Ms. Takara when she was three once he sent her to the orphanage. This means she's up for adoption."

"What are you suggesting Ms. Aono?" Mr. Fujino asked.

"Ms. Fujino, if you wish you could take your younger sister into your care since you are the closet living relative Ms. Takara has."

"I do." Shizuru smiled.

"Wait a damn minute! I'm her father! I have full rights and custody of her! I-"

"Gave up parental rights once she was admitted to the orphanage," Ms. Aono glared, "No amount of money will allow you to get her back."

"Really? Is that what you think?" Mr. Fujino smiled.

"I know so, you see I've looked at your records, it took some deep searching but and you have some questionable behavior in the past. Especially trying to tamper with the will of your late wife. Other things are also found on record and I assure you that your chances of adopting any child is anything but possible."

Mr. Fujino turned pale.

"Now I suggest that if you don't want to be taken to court and humiliated in front of the camera, I would leave right now and never bother Ms. Fujino ever again."

Mr. Fujino slowly backed away. He turned towards the door and left, never to be seen again. Ms. Aono sighed as she relaxed in her chair.

"Well, glad that's taken care of."

"Ms. Aono..." Shizuru began.

"Forgive me for intruding on you personal business, but I couldn't help myself. Especially when I found out your sister grew up in the same orphanage I did. So I decided to help, especially when I saw your father's records."

"Isn't that illegal?" Natsuki asked.

"Only if you get caught." Ms. Aono winked.

"Okini, Ms. Aono." Shizuru slightly bowed.

"I just did what I thought was right." Ms. Aono smiled.

"If your father gave up parental authority over Takara, why would he keeps tabs on her?" Natsuki asked.

"It's because of the will of the late Mrs. Fujino," Ms. Aono explained, "He was left out of the will."

"Not surprising, but what does that have to do with Takara?" Shizuru asked.

"Mrs. Fujino left you and Takara all the money she had made and inherited. Mr. Fujino found out about this tried to find a way to turn the money over to him. That's mainly the reason why he kept tabs on Takara. Just in case his first plan didn't work, he would just adopt Takara and bribe her to give him her share of the money when she came of age"

"So why did he separated you and Takara?" Natsuki asked Shizuru.

"I...I'm not sure." Shizuru responded.

"So...now what?" Natsuki asked.

"Where is the orphanage?" Shizuru asked.

"Actually I have someone to show you first," Ms. Aono rose to her feet, "If you would follow me please."

Natsuki and Shizuru both raised an eyebrow but followed Ms. Aono out the door. Going down the hallway they heard a piano playing.

I wonder if that's Kisara playing... Natsuki thought.

They entered the room and saw Nao with Hinata enjoying the music Kisara was playing. They looked up and saw the three ladies.

"So I believe you have some more interviewing to do?" Ms. Aono winked.

Shizuru chuckled as she tried to hide the blush. Kisara and Hinata looked at each other before turning to Shizuru.

"Who are you?" Hinata asked.

"Shizuru Fujino."

Kisara slightly glared at Shizuru who seemed to notice the glare.

"So your Fujino. I was wondering when I would see you in person."

"Excuse me?" Shizuru raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, you know Shizuru?" Natsuki asked.

"Well I've heard stories from a certain someone." Kisara responded.

"Who?" Shizuru asked.

"Maybe you should of asked them before you abandoned them." Kisara turned back to the piano.

Shizuru felt a stab come to her heart.

"Kisara don't take this out on Shizuru. We made up and we're back together." Natsuki said.

"I wasn't talking about you Natsuki," Kisara played a few keys that made a dark tone, "I was talking about Takara."


"Shizuru...Shizuru Fujino." Natsuki put on her helmet and walked out the coffee shop.

Kisara rubbed her chin and raised an eyebrow.

"Fujino...I wonder Natsuki meant that Fujino...if it is, what do I do?"

Kisara sighed and went back to cleaning the cups in the sink. She looked up when someone entered the shop. She smiled and did her welcome routine.

"Welcome, what can I get you?"

As the customer began to speak, something caught Kisara's eyes. She saw a woman with chestnut hair and crimson eyes walking past the shop. She continued to stare as she ignored the customer's order.

"Oh my...she looks just like-"

"Um, Miss?"

Kisara snapped back into reality and apologize. As she began to make the drink for the customer, she felt something dark in her heart form.

"It is that Fujino...that bitch..."

Shizuru's eyes widen at the sound of that name.

"You know Takara?"

"Ever since she arrived at the orphanage where I was staying at."

"Please tell me where she is." Shizuru begged.

"Don't you think you've hurt Takara's enough?" Kisara stood up.

Nao slightly pulled Hinata away from the conversation.

"Please, she's my little sister. I just want her back in my life again." Shizuru responded.

"Then why didn't you come for her?"

"I...I couldn't...I-"

"I was too busy? I had better things to do? You know Takara waited for you," Kisara began, "Ever since she arrived at the orphanage she cried everyday for you. I watched her stare out a window everyday waiting for you to come and rescue her. Why did you make her wait 7 years for you? Why?"

Shizuru was silent. Kisara walked up to Shizuru. The same crimson eyes met and stared at each other for the longest time. Kisara suddenly slapped Shizuru across the face. Shizuru let her face move with the motion and stood still.

"Takara's still at the orphanage where you left her," Kisara began to walk out of the room,"I won't ever let you hurt her again. I'm more of an onee-chan to her than you will ever be."

"Kisara.!" Natsuki thought about chasing after her.

"Um...we should go." Hinata pulled Nao towards the door.

Nao nodded her head as she walked out of the room with Hinata. Ms. Aono silently closed the door as she left the couple alone. Natsuki noticed that Shizuru had not moved from her spot. She walked over and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Shizuru...It's okay..."

"No...no she's right..." Shizuru said.

"Shizuru no-"

"There was a time...I thought that...that maybe my father was right. That maybe it really was for the best that we were separated. I...I did give up looking for her for a period of time. I gave up...kanin na...Takara...I'm a terrible onee-chan. I failed to protect her."

Natsuki held Shizuru closer and laid her head on Shizuru's back.

"Well, you have a chance to get her back now."

"Will Takara take me back?" Shizuru asked.

"She's your little sister, of course she will."

"I really hope so."

Shizuru turned around and embraced Natsuki for the longest time.

Please forgive me Takara...

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