Naruto and the Alchemist

Chapter 26

"A day off!?" Naruto yelled slamming his hands down on Lady Tsunade's desk, "What's the meaning of this granny Tsunade? Yomi's out there and who knows what he's planning?"

"That's just it!" Tsunade answered angrily, "we don't know anything and so I have all of our top ninja talking with Aiko and Katashi trying to figure out a strategy."

"Is Shikaku and Shikamaru with them?" Sakura asked

"They both are there we need time to figure this out. I know your eager to get moving Naruto but we need to think about the benefit of the Leaf. If you attack you may be able to survive but look at what Yomi did to the other nations that were a lot larger than our village. We need to be sure that can't happen again!" Tsunade said through clasped fingers.

Naruto stared at her intently then nodded and leaned back, "But I just don't know what I'm going to do with a day off!"

Suddenly the door opened and Hinata walked in. She saw Naruto standing there and blushed as she walked up close to the side of him. "You wanted me Lady Tsunade?" she said timidly

"Hinata because you have been made a part of this by disobeying orders and leaving the barrier at the time of Kurama's attack…" Tsunade started

"Hey you're not holding on to that are you?! Without her I'd probably be dead now!" Naruto said excitedly

"Shut up and listen!" Sakura said through gritted teeth to the side

"Because you disobeyed orders… you are confined to the village for the day and will be mandated an escort to be sure that you don't leave the confines of the outer wall!" Tsunade said and for just a second her eyes turned to Sakura and back to Hinata, "I'm thinking Nej…"

"I'll do it!" Naruto chimed up

"But this is your day off you shouldn't be attending to prisoners of the village." Tsunade said looking at Sakura again for just a split second

"PLEASE! I'm sure it'll be better for the both of us!" Naruto pleaded

"Fine then Naruto you're mission is to ensure that Hinata Hyuga does not leave the village for any reason for the space of twenty-four hours!" Tsunade said putting her hands on the desk, "You are both dismissed!"

"Th… thank you Naruto!" Hinata said as they walked out and the door closed

"Thank you Lady Tsunade!" Sakura said as the door closed

"It was a good idea from the start they both needed a break and neither would accept to take one with Yomi out there. You and Sasuke should take the day to recuperate as well I heard that Sasuke's arm though healed is too painful right now for him to do much fighting." Tsunade said

"Thank you Lady Tsunade." Sakura said and walked out

YES! A day with Sasuke all to myself thank heavens for Hinata! Sakura said to herself and walked in the direction of the hospital.

"So Hinata what do you want to do?" Naruto asked

"Oh… I uh…" Hinata mumbled

Naruto suddenly tripped over a rock in the center of the road, "HEY! WHO PUT A ROCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!? SOMEONE COULD GET HURT OR SOMETHING!" Naruto yelled angrily pointing at the rock. He kicked it to the side of the road where suddenly a puff of smoke came from the rock and as soon as it cleared a small boy with a long scarf was standing there with another young boy that had a drip coming from his nose and a young girl whose hair was put up in a "v" shape.

"KONAHAMARU!" Naruto yelled

Konahamaru got up rubbing his head, "You didn't need to kick us so hard Boss!" and his friends nodded in agreement.

"Well what was I supposed to think about a rock in the middle of the street that's not a smart place to be ya know!" Naruto said folding his arms

"Hah so you admit it our disguise was perfect this time!" Konahamaru and the others looked at him hopefully

"It was better than what it used to be with the square rocks and all but you got a ways to go with placement!" Naruto responded

"So what ya doin boss?" Konahamaru asked looking at Hinata, "Are you guys on a date or something?" he asked blankly

Hinata blushed and bit her knuckle while turning away and Naruto just ignored the question.

"What am I doing? What are you doing?" Naruto asked

"We're practicing our teamwork jutsu! Hey look at this boss!" Konahamaru said and started to build up a ball of swirling chakra in his hand

Moegi went forward and applied a small amount of chakra and with a hand sign said "Transform!" and the Rasengan transformed into a slowly rotating kunai which Udon took and picked out a small target and threw it at a street light a ways down the road and at the last moment he said, "NOW!" And the Moegi released her transformation technique and the rasengan struck the pole causing it's base to shatter and for it to fall over.

"That's amazing!" Naruto said looking on in disbelief, "I didn't ever think of transforming a Jutsu!"

"It's really hard and can only be done with someone else there to create the jutsu's cover and another person to throw it because the first two are busy focusing on their chakra!" Kohanamaru stated, "Udon being good at algebra can make the trajectory calculations and tell us the moment when we need to release the transformation so the jutsu can take its natural effect!"

"Hey! Who threw that!" came an angry shout from the crowd down the street and suddenly a rush of angry citizens were rushing towards Konahamaru and his friends.

"Sorry boss gotta go!" Konahamaru said and ran away with a crowd chasing after him and the others

"Wow it seems like everyone's getting stronger and stronger!" Naruto said as he and Hinata started walking again

Hinata nodded and they walked down the road. "I think… I uh.." Hinata started again

"Hey Hinata look! It's Ichi Raku's Ramen are you hungry?" Naruto said excitedly grabbing her by the hand and running to the shop. He sat down and quickly ordered two special bowls of Ramen and before Hinata could say anything there was a massive bowl of ramen placed in front of her with meat and crab cakes and broth almost to the rim.

Naruto was already finishing his first bowl before she could even look at hers. She looked at him and looked at the bowl.

"What's a matter not hungry Hinata?" Naruto asked with puffed cheeks she looked at him and smiled a little then looked at the bowl

"I promise it won't bite back!" The owner said and turned back to his soup on the burner

I've never really eaten too much ramen before but I suppose if Naruto likes it… she said to herself and grabbed the chopsticks. She picked up a solitary noodle and looked at it before placing it in her mouth. She slurped it up as Naruto looked sidelong at her while finishing his noodles.

She made a face and closed her eyes which then opened wide and lit up brightly as she took a larger group of noodles and slurped them up as well. Soon her bowl was empty and she felt quite full not being used to having that much to eat.

"See what'd I tell ya Ichi Raku's is the best in the whole village!" Naruto smiled

"Thank you very much it was delicious!" Hinata bowed to the owner and his daughter and both left.

On the road they saw Sakura and Sasuke walking, Sasuke had his arm in a sling and Sakura had a hold of his other arm which oddly didn't make Naruto as jealous as it used to.

"HEY!" Naruto called out and Sasuke and Sakura turned and waved as Hinata and him approached

"What's going on you two?" Sakura asked with a smile

"Oh we just got something to eat over at Ichi Raku's!" Naruto said with a smile, "Where are you two going?"

"There was a new film put out by the same producer we helped in the Land of Snow and we were going to go watch it." Sakura said

"Hey that sounds great! Hinata what do you think? Would you like to see a movie!?" Naruto said

"Well I… uh… sure." She said finally and looked down a little as the group headed to the theater.

The movie theater was dark and cool a good escape from the heat of the day as they each found their way to their seats. They arrived just as the movie was starting and they sat down together. As the movie progressed Naruto saw Hinata just looking down not really watching the film.

"Hinata is everything alright?" He asked

"Huh!" She said looking up, "Oh… yes everything's fine!" She said forcing a small smile and then turned and looked at the ground again.

Naruto let his arm drop around her shoulder and she sat up and turned to look at him. He pretended to be intently watching the screen as she leaned back into his arm. It was warm and strong exactly what she'd always imagined whenever she thought of Naruto. She allowed her head to rest on his arm as the film went on.

They left the theater and parted ways with Sasuke and Sakura who went off to do something else. They themselves walked through the streets and looked through the shops as the day continued. Everything seemed more alive and interesting as they shared their world in a day with each other.

Eventually the day wore on and the golden beams of sunset bathed the streets in an amber glow as the streetlights started to light up and the night shops opened their doors.

"Ya know Hinata I just realized that we never did what you wanted to do earlier. So tell me what did you want to do earlier?"

"Well actually I… I thought maybe… maybe we could go sit on the wall and look out over the village. It is beautiful in the spring and I go there on my days off to think. I… mean… if you want to… that is." Hinata said while blushing

"That sounds great!" Naruto said with a smile and they both went up to a small outcropping on the wall where the entire village could be seen bathing in the glow of the setting sun.

As the sun set the village started to send up fireworks for the carnival in town set up to accommodate the thousands of ninja refugees within Konoha's borders and for the success of re-sealing Kurama. The lights flickered on the wall and they could be seen perfectly by Hinata and Naruto as well as the village lights as darkness set in. It was the single best moment in Hinata's life at that moment as she rested her head on Naruto's shoulder and he put his arm around her waist as they sat and enjoyed the fireworks.

Later on that night Naruto and her returned to her home and climbed up on the roof. They laid back and looked at the stars and the moon and talked about the day. Hinata once again lay her head on Naruto's arm looking up at the stars and listening to Naruto talk. Slowly she closed her eyes and allowed her body to rest and soon she was asleep. Naruto heard her steady breaths and knew she was asleep. He picked her up and jumped in her window laying her on her bed and allowing her to sleep. He went out onto the porch area that surrounded the upper level and sat down on the railing that was there. He had never realized that being with Hinata could be so much… wonderful.

"I guess today wasn't such a bad day off after all!" He said quietly and jumped onto the roof to keep guard

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