Mysterious Play - New Priestess (Book 1)

By TheScoreKeeper

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Tests have never been my forte. No, indeed I much prefer real life scenarios to the grinding school life tests. Career and Life Management class can bite my ass, their tests are stupid. I sigh, looking down at my test results, bull shitted my way to a 100% once more. Seriously, if you're going to test me, at least give me something I can't pass through ample amounts of sugar-coated bull crap; coating or not, it's still bull crap no matter how I look at it.

Common sense should be a lot more common than it is really, but I'm pretty sure it died around the time some American woman spilled coffee on herself and sued McDonald's… And Won. Christ, what was the world coming to when you can't tell that a liquid that's normal supposed to be hot… Is, well, hot. Don't answer that, for my sanity, please.

Walking down the familiar halls of my high school, I grab a seat at the "Usual Place" just outside the library, and wait for my other friends to get out of their classes. Specifically, I'm waiting for my best friend, Lee. My other friends are special to me, don't get me wrong… Lee just feels like she's my only true friend though. A few weeks ago, she had invited me to her house and we had had a weekend slumber party, that mainly entailed staying up to ungodly hours my body wasn't used to and playing Wonderland Online.

When I can afford my own laptop, I am so downloading that. The graphics are cutesy anime things and squirrels pose far more danger than a wolf… As do ants of all things. But I truly admire a game that can let me set it on remote for a few days and not have to actually control the character or the fighting until I damn well feel like it. Taking all the grind out of an Online MMORPG… If only World of Warcraft could do that, maybe I'd play my Blood Elf Paladins Kratos Aurion and Yuan Kafei more…. Thanks a lot Lee for introducing me to Tales of Symphonia.

There's also the fact that while our friendship is still young… Only a few months to be exact. I feel like I've known Lee my whole life. We share somewhat similar backgrounds, both from military families, both with at least one stepparent. I may have next to no real book smarts, unless I apply the hell out of myself, but I balance Lee's genius book smarts for my invaluable life smarts. We're also new students to Sturgeon Composite High School, though I've lived in Alberta my whole life and the Edmonton Garrison is a very familiar place to me -my father rented out barracks, and later a PMQ (Personal Military Quarters) for a few months during my parents separation- Lee has only been in the province twice in her life. As far as I've been told, her mother is still in Alberta and she had moved back to New Brunswick only for her dad to get posted to Edmonton… Such is the life of a military brat.

I smile at the memory of my first slumber party, and then I frowned; hearing the telltale whiny sigh of someone I had met in Choir class. Kayla Snow, oh God why me?

Pulling my DS out of my backpack and firing Kingdom Hearts 356/2 Days up, I looked at the raven haired beauty before me, wondering if this time it was one of the boys she was stringing along, or perhaps she had failed another test.

"Sup?" I asked quietly.

"Mm-mm Not much, sup with you Valeria-Aleria-Aleria?" she asked me sounding somewhat depressed.

I hate it when people call me 'Valeria'.

"Meh, Roxas is being a mini-Cloud… As usual and Xion is missing… Again," I answered, shrugging off the nickname.

"I don't understand why you play that game Aleriamy," she said teasingly. She knows damn well why I like it.

"Because it's fun," I answer, looking over her… Yea something's bothering her… Better find out what. I power the DS back down, Saix and Axel can wait for me to go on the mission this might actually be important, "Seriously though, what's up Mickky?"

So long as 'Kayla' her real name doesn't slip past me… I should be able to pass whatever she has in mind for me. She smiles appreciatively at me. Something is up, I quickly turn my head heavenward, sending a private prayer to whomever is laughing at me for my bad choice in calling Kayla Snow a friend and ask nicely that this isn't a ploy for me to do her freaking homework again. This girl has no brain-cells for school, preferring to drink and drug herself into oblivion trying to forget that her happy life is just that, happy in lieu of forgetting that while her mother is rather overbearing with her faith and over protective of her only daughter she has a far better life than I have had since my forth birthday.

"I failed a test… History.. You know I don't have a head for it, you do though."

Oh for the love of everything. My only weakness… History. I sighed, and she smiled even more broader, if it was possible. I blinked and cursed back at the deity laughing at me.

"What kind of history?" I asked, intrigued, curious, and leery at the same time.

"Ancient," she trailed off giving me a look.

Oh God it was right up my alley…

"Which Ancient? Egyptian, German, Chinese, Russian, Greek…" I trailed off hoping for Egypt.

Screw you Yu-Gi-Oh! for making me love Egypt… Even though Yu-Gi-Oh! is about as historically accurate as the first Pocahontas movie Disney put out… Or perhaps that was an unfair example, I like Pocahontas, and Disney really only like making movies for children and when they tried to give the populace what they wanted with a much more Historically accurate version -Skipping the whole religious conversion and possible rape, etc that actually happened to the real Pocahontas because again, Children's Movie- which flopped just as hard if not harder than the first -Still not as hard as The Black Cauldron-… Okay about as historically accurate as Peter Molyneux's Fable games… Though I love them too.

"Chinese," she answered, wavering thinking I wouldn't take to the bait that was dangled above my head so temptingly.

Fuck it, she got me.

"What do you have to do? Write a makeup exam?" I ask, settled with what fate has given me.

"Oh, no, nothing of the sort… I just need to do up a…" she trailed off here.


"… A fifty page on their Astrological Mythology," she finished cringing.

Oooooo She's good… Damn good. She knows I can't resist Mythology, Ancient History, and Astrology together.

"What's your due date?"

"The end of next month"

That sounded odd… Looking at her, she gave me a sheepish, yet knowing smirk.

"He gave me a… Larger time to finish it because it's such a big project," she said putting almost unnecessary emphasis on the word "Larger". I cringed, yuck… If she's implying what I think she's implying… She must be higher than usual today.

"Consider it finished. Our usual terms?" I ask looking at her, before glancing past her and seeing her boyfriend and my hidden crush Dylan coming up to us. This day can't get any worse, can it?

"Oh Thank you Aleria!" She shouts, pulling me into a back breaking hug.

"Gah!" My eyes bug out and I push on her shoulders to let her know she can get off me. Fake thanks has never been my thing.

Access to her laptop and the fact that she lets me keep any of the books I'll be needing her to purchase is. Hey, books aren't cheap and I'm through with handing over my hard work for nothing. At least she isn't bullying me for it. That would just be the icing on this 'friendship' cake we have going on here. Indeed it would.

"Hey baby what's up?" Dylan asks Kayla all the while staring at me.

I blush and look away, he hardly needs to know that I'm crushing like a school kid. Even if it's obvious, he hasn't said anything and I don't think anyone else has noticed yet. Besides, he's into busty, tall beauties like Kayla. I'm just a good female friend and someone that he can vent at when life is getting him down.

Oh what I do for the people I call friends.

Lee never does this to me. She hates venting at me, feeling that I have my own issues to deal with and that she doesn't need to load my plate up with her problems. That's one of the things I love about Lee, even if it drives me nuts. She can handle herself, but I wish she'd come to me for something… Anything… Lord knows I've vented my feelings at her… Well, mostly the silly happy ones that won't make her worry about me. The darker, more oppressive ones can all stay where they are.

"Nothing Honey-bunch," Urg gag me, "Aleriamy's just going to help me get my grade in History up again!"

"So," I start making eye contact with Kayla once more, "Do you have your laptop with you?" I ask with an almost eager sheen to my tone.

"Usual deal?" Dylan asks, looking at me smiling knowingly, "Just let me know what books you'll need and I'll go get them next period."

And this is why we're friends, I smile, "Good. I'll run a Google search on the material now… I shouldn't really need books that are to expensive… And I might be able to find a good deal at a used book store if you can drag me with you. I have next class free… I… Couldn't afford to go on the trip," I finish looking away sadly with an embarrassed blush.

I hate giving them hints that my mother and I are struggling, even though living with David is okay. Saving money shouldn't be this difficult for someone that only ever goes to the base's Tim Horton's when David asked her to go for a pre-dungeon raid coffee… Double Cream; Double Sweetener for him, an Ice Capp for my mom and an Extra Large Earl Gray tea for me with two milk and three sugar. Especially since David or mom pays for that… Not having a steady job is hard when all the money you make goes to your mom so she can pay bills.

Dylan blinks at me, "Why didn't you tell me? I'd have given you the cash."

"Because I didn't really want to go," I lied through my teeth.

Me not wanting to go to Telus World of Science to see a History exhibit? That was more bull crap than my earlier sugar-coating my way through a CALM 20 test. Luckily, Kayla decided then was the best time to start playing tonsil hockey with Dylan… Apparently, Kayla thought I was getting to friendly with her man again. Ah well… He'll be distracted to see through my lie.

A sigh from behind me caused me to jump. Turning around I saw that my best friend Lee was standing there with a look of exasperation on her face. Looking at Kayla to see that she and Dylan had moved a little ways down from us to have 'Privacy' while they made out in the school hall with Kayla's laptop perched on the sill of the "Usual Place's" window. Picking the laptop up and sitting down with it, I booted the thing up and looked at my exasperated friend.

"How are you today Jess?" I ask sheepishly.

"Fine, you?" she asks.

"I'm good… Doing a report for Kay- Er," I glance over my shoulder only to find that my raven haired friend and my dumb male friend have vacated the usual place. Thank Fuck for that. "Kayla… Who decided to fail a test I told her to study for."

"And why are you doing her homework?"

"Because the subject was to interesting to pass up… And because chances are will notice it's me and my ramblings and fail her completely."

"Pfff, you sly dog," Lee said, sounding almost proud with our conspiracy… She would no doubt be telling Mr. Beach tomorrow about Kayla's dealings, "the test she took today was the midterm. If he does notice, she'll fail the class… Again. It'll teach her a lesson if anything."

"Yep!" I say with a returning smirk of conspiracy, "I don't want her to fail… But I won't lie by saying the material bored me… It's fascinating."

"Ancient History I take it?"

"Chinese Astrological Mythology," I answer back.

"You've got your work cut out for you… That's all Zodiac stuff I'll bet," Lee stated with a huff, which blew her long bangs out of her face.

"Just the way I like it," I answer.

"Now," Lee started, as if not sure how to broach the subject, "You know me; I hate prying…"

"Yea… If you don't want to don't. But if you do go ahead Jess, I'm your open book."

"Why… Didn'tyoutellmeaboutthetrip?" she said rushed.


"Why… Didn't you tell me about the trip?" she repeated slower, looking away and blushing like a tomato.

Wow, she's so cute… But really bad at this.

I chuckle, "I… Didn't want to," I pause awkwardly looking away from her, "bother you with my problems… After all, it'll come back eventually." I finish with a smile, "and by then I can go whenever and however many times I want."

"A-Alright," she says deciding to drop the subject.

Oh Jess, you aren't good at being a sweetheart but you defiantly try. My heart pounds softly when I look her over, heh, my best friend is so cute. Whoever decides to date her had better treat her right… Or her dad won't be the thing they'll have to worry about… Who am I kidding? With me as a friend, she'll probably never get a date because the boys will know I will mother hen the hell out of her and if they so much as make her look disappointed, I'll tear them a new one right through their ears.

The computer prompts me for a password, I cringe as I type in "MikkyDylan4EVAR" into the box and breath a sigh of relief when it logs her in. I hope to never have to type that in… And with Kayla's current track record when the next month is over, I won't have to. Hell, maybe by the time this month is over I won't have to and the password will be changed into something sensible like "RainbowBunnies16".

"I know that look," oops, Lee saw me cringe, "What's her password this time? VanillaBDSM?"

"Nope, I kinda wish," I say looking my friend over, "It just so happens to be Mikky-Dylan-Four-Ev-Ar" I finish phonetically.

"Ick," Lee states, "She has no taste… And I have no idea what was possessing you when you brought her to the Usual Place in the first place, Aleria."

"Again, Lee," I say looking into her beautiful Hazel eyes, "I won't lie to you. I have no idea why she's my friend, but she doesn't seem to be taking the hint."

Oh the joys of High School.

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