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We are young. || Yoonmin.

Chapter 2

For months Jimin cried every night. His roommate, Jin always tried to comfort him but in the end got a shirt full of tears, but he didn't mind, he just wanted Jimin to feel better. Jimin finished showering and put his pajamas on. Jin walked into the room. "Want me to sleep with you tonight?" Jin asked sweetly. Jimin nodded his head as a warm tear rolled down his cheek. Jin embraced Jimin in a warm hug. "It's gonna be okay Chim..." Jin said, rubbing smooth circles on the younger's back. "W-What did I do wrong hyung...?" Jimin asked, choked up by the saliva that built up in his throat as he sobbed into Jin's chest. "Everything's gonna be fine...deep breaths..." Jin repeated while stroking Jimin's head. The next morning Jimin woke up with arms wrapped around his waist. "Yoongi..." He whined. The arms wrapped tighter around his waist. "Not Yoongi..." Jin mumbled into Jimin's pink hair. "Jin Hyung! S-Sorry..." Jimin said. "It's okay, lets get functional, yeah?" Jin asked. Jimin nodded and got out of bed along with Jin.

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