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La Peinture


Kim Taehyung is a famous painter who is known for his works of art. One day, he finds himself painting a man he sees in his dreams quite often, without knowing any reasons why. And Jeon Jungkook is a broke college student who didn't expect to see a painting of himself in an art gallery.

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Chapter 1 - qui êtes-vous

Distant minimum noises from the museum corridors, filled with astonishing landscape and portrait paintings that people would nonstop felicitate its excellent work of art.

"Class B! Please move faster! Or you'll miss every word by word from me talking." a mid 40s man with his hand waving wildly to signal students from Arts and design department to catch up. It's a cold Monday and students are being forced to study old to new paintings in a dull museum for their upcoming semi-final tests. Shivers from there spine as they walk through hallways with their scribbling pens towards their notes, taking every note word by word from their teacher. But not all are working.

"We shouldn't be here, we're supposed to be at the gaming center defeating those freshmen who invited us yesterday" complained a 20-year-old Steven McLee while rubbing his arms who wore 2 layer clothes that did not defeat their today's weather.

"You kidding me? Annika asked me a favor to do this cuz she's sick and she told me that she'll pay me up, you know I'm broke as hell and I needed the money to pay up my landlord. " replied also 20-year-old Jeon Jungkook, adjusting his cap who listens intently towards the teacher. Thinking about the 'sick' excuse just made jungkook rolled his eyes knowing that this girl just wants to attend today's birthday party from one of her friends, considering from where he last saw her wearing a mini skirt, leaving the dorm.

"The hell? Your, not an art and design student! And painting history is not part of our major! I can help you pay up your landlord-" Steven got cut off when jungkook snapped.

"*sigh* thanks for the help man, but I don't want to owe you something. I'll be done with this last painting then let's head off okay? " jungkook said with assurance with his pen twirling waiting for more info from the teacher who is babbling historical facts that students would barely understand what the hell is he saying when he goes hysterically and emotionally explaining how valuable every painting they see that has background stories that might come up to their test. Jungkook is a information technology student and clearly has no interest in painting history. But his a broke ass student and his part-time job are doing not so well to pay up his tuition fees and debts in life. But sometimes, he finds ways, like helping lazy-rich-ass students who'll pay him up after he finishes their job. Just like this.

"Okay students! You better pay attention to this last art which is made recently by a new awarded young artist, a painting that has won trophies, a rookie awardee... " exclaimed by their teacher as he lifts his fan to point out the eastern painting style of a man in an old green Joseon dynasty attire with a presence of his youth.

"A painting called 'qui êtes-vous' translated from French that says... Who are you? Basically the artist's story behind of this art, he was in Paris back then, a broke young man and had a job that illustrates people by painting them to earn money when suddenly one night he dreamt for a man to whom he never met. " the teacher stated and became a little bit of emotional after telling his last words towards the students.

"With every rush stroke he made, he tears up repeating just this one sentence... 'who are you? '... Over and over... " the teacher continued.

Jungkook, who could hardly see the painting because of the tall person in front of him is blocking he's view but instead, he tries to take notes what that teacher said. "qui êtes-vous, who are you in French, his in Paris recreating the painting from his dream. " jungkook mumbles while writing the info from his notebook.

"Who's the artist sir? " a question from one of the students and that made the teacher caught it's attention and answered the student.

The tall student moved and that made jungkook finally see the painting. And that made him stunned.

"Oh the artist name is Kim taehyung, he may be new from your ears but he is quite well known in Paris. "

The students' chorus in 'awe' as they take notes from the teachers' info.

"That will be all! thank you for listening students! I would like you to study thoroughly the history of every painting that we have discussed today! And make sure to do some reflection about this! Do you understand? " instructed by their teacher.

The class tour is already over but jungkook is left alone still staring towards the painting until he got tapped by his friend and that made him jumped and stared at him

"Yo! Hey, the class already ended you still staring at that big ass painting. What's up? " he chuckled as he said those but jungkook is still lost.

"Hello? Earth to kook!" Steven tries to wake him up, planning to smack him but his voice made jungkook flinched.

"What's gotten to you? " he's already confused trying to get into him.

"I uh... Um," jungkook is unable to utter a word but his eyes still landing towards the painting, which made Steven follow his look.

"Do you think... The man looks familiar? " jungkook ask.

Steven looked at him then to the painting... "maybe? I mean... He looks like you... " he replied and that made jungkook smiled with confusion.

"Weird isn't?" jungkook is still stunned, not believing from what he is seeing right now.

Steven, who has a 100% no interest in the painting attempts to leave jungkook.

"I don't know man, I'll be heading first."

With Steven's faint footsteps leaving... Jungkook can't stop staring towards the painting that looks like him. He wonders who it is recalling the words from the teacher earlier.

"Oh the artist name is Kim taehyung, he may be new from your ears but he is quite well known in Paris. "

"Kim... Taehyung" jungkook murmurs... Burning the name from his mind.

"Who are you? "


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