Twisted Fates


The sound of the door closing seemed loud in the room. Sesshomaru looked down at them, the two that were now his, his to protect, to teach, and to touch. By unspoken agreement, they pulled Kagome between them, her hands trembling within his. It made her seem fragile even though he knew that she held great strength within her. ‘Beautiful, brave mate,’ whispered through his mind. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her gently to his chest. “You have nothing to fear, little mate, we will take care with you.” Sesshomaru told her, running his fingers through the dark silk of her hair.

She leaned back into Inuyasha’s warmth, looking up into Sesshomaru’s golden eyes and felt spellbound. Though the way that he looked at her could not be described as soft or gentle, but fear was not what it made her feel. Slowly, Kagome reached out and lightly followed the dark red marks on his cheek, amazed that she was allowed to. “I believe you.” The words were barely above a whisper.

Sesshomaru growled lowly at her touch, the heating of her blood making her eyelids and knees feel heavy and weak. He could smell the sweet scent of their desire, his eyes nearly closing as her fingertips continued to trace down his face in wonder. He leaned closer and smoothly licked her bottom lip, nipping it a little. She opened to him, allowing him to explore her mouth, her tongue joining with his as they learned the taste of each other. She gasped when he released her, catching a glimpse of red in his eyes as he moved down her throat, his mouth following her pulse as it sped.

Inuyasha tilted her head back and claimed her lips. Her body began to feel so hot, their hands wondering over the white silk warmed by her skin. Sesshomaru opened the robe, his hands sliding across the now uncovered skin of her waist. Inuyasha tenderly slid the material off her and leaving it to pool in the floor as he released her mouth, his breath hot against her as he breathed out her name.

Kagome knew just a moment of trepidation when they led her to the bed of furs and lifted her up on to it. The lust filled haze lifted just enough for her to watch them strip, her hands clutching the soft fur where she knelt waiting for them to return to her. They were both strong and otherworldly as the candle light caressed every part of their bodies, their eyes nearly completely red with want. She looked down, taking a breath.

Inuyasha’s warm arms came back around her, his hardened flesh pressing against her lower back, making her look at Sesshomaru with widened eyes. He recaptured her mouth, strong hands sliding down her, covering her breasts, making her gasp into his mouth as waves of heat shot through her midsection. Inuyasha followed that hot trail, one arm braced under her breasts as the other drifted lower passing over silken curls as he found the most sensitive part of her. Kagome shuddered and moaned, one hand clutching his thigh behind her while her other curled into Sesshomaru’s shoulder, their hands doing a wicked dance across her body.

Sesshomaru moved lower, taking a swollen nipple into his mouth, sucking hard as his hand traveled down Inuyasha’s arm and across his hand until his fingers dipped into her warm core, already wet for them. He nearly moaned with her when she clenched around him, the newness of her making him go slow. Part of him fought to take her roughly, but he ignored it as he worked another finger into her, carefully cutting into the thin flesh that marked her as untouched with gentle claws. Soon her body began to jerk against them, crying out helplessly as each new sensation whipped through her. Suddenly she was empty, them both withdrawing leaving her on the cusp, her body burning, begging for release.

Inuyasha lay back on the bed, he eyes meeting Sesshomaru’s as he turned her. Kagome’s knees were on either side of his hips, the tip of him brushing against the front of her. His hands slid down her sides, coming to rest on her hips where he held her firmly in place. His brother’s hands covered his as he knelt behind her.

Kagome closed her eyes and dropped her head down on Inuyasha’s chest. Listening to the sound of his racing heart helped steady her, although her body still ached with need. When she felt Sesshomaru rub against her wetness, she could not resist the urge to push back a little, earning her a low rumble from him as their hands griped her tighter.

Sesshomaru fought with himself, her movement making it nearly impossible to not plunge into her hard, her body not ready for such abuse. He growled again as he slowly wedged himself within her, the pleasure of her welcoming wetness and tight resistance as he stretched her making it harder still. He met his brother’s eyes, he could read the same desperate need. As if it were a signal between the two, Inuyasha began to enter her, both of them pressed tightly together inside her.

Kagome was panting harshly, her fingers digging into Inuyasha as she rode the line between intense pleasure and pain. Sesshomaru’s hand slid down and brushed against the front of her as Inuyasha’s arms came up, holding her firmly against him. Without warning she came hard, hot fluid coating them as they both surged within her, her muscles clamping down and jerking against them as she screamed. They gave her no time to recover, thrusting into her and against each other. She felt overfull, a slight painful burn overcome by the most incredible pressure. Kagome threw her head back as they moved faster with long sure strokes that nearly pushed her over the edge when the found the end of her.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were also lost to the feel of the way her body held them together, rubbing against one another as their need built inside them hardening them more. She threw her head back as she began to spasm once again, exposing her throat to both men. With one hard thrust, they brought her again, her insides clamping down on them, making it feel as though she were pulling them farther inside. With a loud howl, they released inside, each biting down where her neck met her shoulders. There was a slight hum of power as her reki stirred to life, marking them as they marked her.

Kagome collapsed on Inuyasha’s chest, her breath coming out in a hiss as they slipped from her. Sesshomaru lifted her, laying her between them, holding each other with gentle hands while they recovered. Oddly, she did not feel tired, just an unusually brave. Knowing that would be gone by morning and she would blush furiously whenever they looked her way, she decided to take advantage. Laying between them, she began to run her fingers gently over their skin, tracing muscles and lines, learning them over again. Moving down their stomachs, them watching her with still reddened eyes, she was not really surprised to see them hardening again. After all, they were nowhere near normal men.

“Kagome,” Inuyasha traced her lips, “you can rest for this next part if you want to.” There was still one more bond to be completed by the dawn and he was really not sure how she felt about it.

She smiled slightly. “Only a part of me needs to rest a little.” Lowering her voice she added, “I don’t want to miss out on years of fantasies”

“Fantasies?” Inuyasha asked, leaning into her still wondering hands.

She blushed and bit her bottom lip, bravery not extending to confessions. Sesshomaru rolled slightly, trapping her hand beneath him. “This one would also know.”

Inuyasha copied his movement until she was effectively pinned by them. “Aren’t you supposed to obey your alpha, Kagome?” He teased her.

“You know things are different in my time,” she began, “we don’t have the taboos that they do in this time. Naturally, if you drop a hormonal teenage girl in with a bunch of hot guys, she gonna dream a little bit.” She told them, hoping that they would let her off the hook.

“All the guys?” Inuyasha asked, jealousy tinting his words as a certain wolf prince came to mind. Sesshomaru eyed him questioningly.

“Not really.” She said sheepishly. “I seem to have a thing for golden eyed inuyokai. The first time was soon after your first fight.”

“That was right after he tried to kill you,” he chuckled, “That’s twisted, Kagome.”

She rose up and nipped his lip. “You tried to kill me to at one time.”

Sesshomaru was amused by his mates play, but he was not going to let her wiggle out of telling them. “Kagome.” He said his voice low, seeming to resound through her making her still sore body clench.

Her face was flushed and she wished her hands were free to cover it, but she could not resist the command in his voice, nor avoid his gaze. “I…” Images flashed down their completed mate bond, sharing with him that particular dream she had had years before. He grinned wickedly, brushing her hair back from her face. “What a mind you hide behind those innocent eyes.” He kissed her, licking the sting away where she had bitten her lip.

“What?” Inuyasha asked, knowing that they had shared thoughts between them.

“We will show you.” Sesshomaru said, never looking away from Kagome who nodded shyly.

“Wh…” Inuyasha was surprised when Sesshomaru grabbed him and rolled him between the two of them.

Kagome rose up, with a shy glance at Sesshomaru, kissed Inuyasha softly. Leaning over him, she began to move lower, pressing tiny kisses across his body. He watched with half lidded eyes, hissing when she nipped his hip lightly, kneeling beside him. His head flung back when her mouth covered the tip of him, her hands rubbing over his sensitive flesh.

Sesshomaru watched, blood burning from her daring. The images she shared with him were enough to have him fighting desire once more. Playing out her fantasy, he ran his hand down her back following her curves until he slid two fingers into her waiting warmth, making her moan, the vibrations making Inuyasha whimper.

After bathing a third finger in her wetness, Sesshomaru turned his attention to Inuyasha, beginning to ease him as he had Kagome. At his first touch, he stiffened, but the suction of Kagome’s mouth quickly made him focus on her rather than the new sensation, burying his hands in her hair.

“Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru whispered, raking his teeth over the skin where he would mark him, plunging another into him, rubbing against a spot that made him jerk, thrusting hard into Kagome’s mouth. Finely, he put the third in, gently spreading them, easing the way for what was to come. He then rose up and got behind Kagome, thrusting into her, making her scream. When he was coated well, he slipped out, her moving behind Inuyasha. Her hands slid down his chest and stomach. Sesshomaru faced him, his eyes flashing red in the dark, oddly making him feel vulnerable. Laying his head back against Kagome’s breasts, he closed his eyes, willing himself not to fight.

“Watch,” Kagome whispered to him, her hands stroking him lightly. His eyes slowly opened. “Look at him, the fear, the strength, all that he is.” Her words were seduction as Sesshomaru lifted his hips, sinking into him as fast as his body would allow. “He is ours now, and we are his.” Inuyasha felt pain, but also pleasure, a deep sense of connection. Something that had been missing his inner beast responded to. Her desire filled voice urged them on. Red met with red as Sesshomaru kissed him, dominating his mouth. Both males growled as the scent of Kagome’s arousal renewed.

“Mark me.” Sesshomaru breathed out. The feel of him and the taste of his mouth combined with her wanting was driving them both to the edge quickly. Inuyasha bit down as he surged harder into him, licking away the blood. Letting a sound somewhere between a bark and a howl, Sesshomaru flipped him. Kagome slid down, opening for Inuyasha. He slammed into her just as Sesshomaru took him, his fangs piercing his shoulder. All Inuyasha could concentrate on was her heat below him and the hardness that drove him deeper with every thrust. They explored each other with hands and mouths, learning taste and touch. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled them as they completed together, forging a bond that could not be broken by another, nor time, nor death.

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