Twisted Fates


Shikyomi paced in her room, a habit she had picked up from Sesshomaru’s father. She could not believe it! Her son had given her an order, a damn stupid one at that. The heavens knew that he should know better than to react so, giving in to anger and, dare she say, fear. The inu calmed slightly, pausing at that thought. Fear. Now that was an emotion her son had never known until this night. She might forgive him, he if begged. On his knees. Maybe. The pacing resumed.

“Little Shi, pacing in her bedroom. How Touga would have teased you.” An amused feminine voice came from the entryway.

She turned, eyes bright as they landed upon the great lady leaning against her door. It had been a century or more since she had beheld the welcome sight of her den mother, the one who had been with her the longest. Even in her aggravation, Shi smiled. “Only because I always pointed out when he was doing so.” The women hugged. “I have missed you, Okaasan.” They went out on her personal balcony, watching as the light left the sky in pink and gold splendor. The moon was large and vivid orange in color, seeming to sit upon the very mountain they resided in. Normally, Shikyomi loved nights like this, but her mood was soured. She sighed heavily.

“You will forgive him, of course.” Her tone was warm as she wrapped an arm around the child she had helped raise. The kamis had never gifted her with a child of her blood, but she had never felt the lack. One of Shikyomi was almost more than her and her two mates could handle when the child was up to mischief. She was strong and so stubborn. She had held firm, never wavering in her duties, going back again and again to guard the creature that had taken so much away from her. Even taking that place of terror and turning it into a beautiful tribute to the inuyokai that had given their lives in the continuous battle. She was very proud of her daughter and her grandson, though the pup still had a ways to go.

Shi huffed, much like a child would. Only her den mother would ever see her do so. “I will, but only after he comes to me. I doubt he will ever get the words choked out past his stubborn ass pride. That was one part of Touga I missed not at all.”

“Lie.” She chuckled. “You miss even that, just as I miss your fathers. Pride of that sort is in all the male species, my dear, the inuyokai are just superior at everything.” They both shared a laugh and the last of her temper drifted away.

“Fuck.” Sesshomaru said before the word could leave Inuyasha’s mouth, staring blankly after her. His grandmother had not been seen for many years. She was far older than most assumed, having been the eldest in her mate bond. She was also the only being still living, other than the snake, who had known Hasumi while she had lived.

Part of Inuyasha, even with the tension in the room, wanted to point out to his brother that he was supposedly too noble to use such language, but he restrained himself. “Who was that?” He asked instead, intrigued by what had occurred. The worry for his mates still present in his mind, but he had never seen Sesshomaru backed into a corner so well. Even lady Shikyomi did not have such power over her son, though he did respect her.

“Lady Katsumi, the eldest.” Sesshomaru answered him, absently. His thoughts turned to his current problems, the first being Kagome, the second being his mother. His mother, he knew would forgive him, but however many difficulties she would offer up before doing so would be trying. Kagome, his mate and mother of his children, was the one he did not know enough to judge how to approach her. “How do I get her to forgive me, Otouto?” Without asking for it, he added silently.

Inuyasha looked his brother over. Smiling, he recalled the times that he and Kagome had fought. “I don’t think you want to do it my way, Ani. I used to argue with her until she got even more pissed, then she would bury me in the ground and storm away. After two or three days, she’d calm down and come back to me.” He laughed, “It helped to get her aggression out. Truthfully, we have not fought since she told me that she was givin up on me, so I will have to find a new way of gettin her to forgive me too. I will tell you this, though, she is hurt right now, not angry. She hates feelin like she is not capable of somethin, like makin her own decisions or protectin those she loves.”

Sesshomaru found himself witness to many of his mates memories, they played through his mind from Inuyasha’s ever open bond. Unlike himself and Kagome, Inuyasha never hid what he was thinking or feeling, but was as straightforward in his thoughts as he was with his mouth. As the scenes on, he could feel how his brother had felt, the first time she really smiled at him, their first touch, the first time she took his hand, and the first innocent kiss. It was a special warmth unlike any he had ever known, and he found he wanted to experience it in truth, for himself.

He also noticed that Kagome, after the initial blow up, forgave easily when she calmed down with simple words. Rarely had his brother actually had to apologize. Sesshomaru looked down at Inuyasha who still stood close to his side, had remained by his side even when he had been being an ass. Running gentle fingers along his jawline, he lifted his chin and kissed him, enjoying the way his eyes widened and darkened. “Thank you, Otouto.” He said against his mouth before turning and striding from the room, smirking at the stunned look on Inuyasha’s face. He did not think that he would tire of it any time soon.

“Damn.” Inuyasha exclaimed as he drug a weary hand across his face, hoping to erase any sign of redness his brother’s sudden gratitude may have caused. “Never gonna get used to this shit.” He muttered as he too left the room. He needed to find out where Miroku and Sango were and what they had found out following the few enemies that had gotten away.

Kagome leaned against the edge of the window, watching the moon as it brightened and lifted into the night, a few stars appearing in its wake. She was fairly calm, surprisingly. Feeling more like herself than she had in months, possibly the last year or more, she awaited her mates rage. She had no idea what she would be facing when he decided to come to her, because she damn sure was not going to him. She could understand his reasoning and why he said the things that he did, but her stance had not changed. In all honesty, she figured that he would send Inuyasha to talk sense into her or to get her to seek his forgiveness, but that was not happing either. She was not sorry for a thing that she had done nor said during the battle or afterwards. That little naughty part of her was proud to be one of the few beings who not only pissed the great western lord off, but survived it.

The sound of the door opening pulled her from her thoughts. She did not turn, but had to hide her surprise when it was Sesshomaru’s aura that brushed against her own. Kagome tensed, but did not look away from the night sky. He was studying her, she knew the feel of it after all these months of being near him. What for is what alluded her. Was he still angry or did he just want to talk? She blamed herself for her lack of knowledge, it was her own mini fit at fate that kept her from knowing this man better. Well, she thought to herself, the best way to know is to ask. “What is it you wish, lord Sesshomaru?” Her tone was even, not revealing any of her thoughts to him.

Sesshomaru was wary of her, he could admit that to himself. She was beautiful, standing with the moon light bathing her face, adding to her mystery. She had always been an enigma to him, always drawing him back to her, even before he decided that she would be his. “Only to speak with you.” He told her, coming behind her, pulling her back against him. Though she relaxed in his arms, he did not think that she would let him get by that easily.

“I’m not sorry and I meant what I said.” She told him immediately, unsure of his mood.

He nearly smiled as he let his hands drift low on her belly, lightly caressing where their children lay safe within her. She was slightly confrontational, but not truly challenging him. “This one is aware.” He told her, burring his face in her hair, letting her scent wash over him. Sesshomaru needed her to open their bond, to connect with him so that they could both see what the other was feeling.

“So what is my punishment then, for disobeying my alpha?” Kagome asked, tilting her head back to look at him. If he was this calm, it could not be that bad. Besides, she was also one of the few beings in all the world that the man behind her would not hurt, physically at least. Just then, a wicked grin spread across his mouth, making him seem sinister. It caused a shiver to run through her, despite having that knowledge.

He turned her, pressing her back against the wall, caging her in between him and it as he spoke. “Do you remember this one told you that there were special reprimands for mates?” He asked, his lips trailing down her neck to gently nip at their mating mark.

“I remember,” she said absently, her mind beginning to glaze over.

He felt the wall she had placed between them begin to fade as their bond opened. In moments of passion, she truly had no defense for her heart, as Inuyasha had told him before they had become mates. It was only a temporary solution, he knew, but, burying his hands in her hair as he captured her mouth, it would do for now.

Punishment, he reminded himself as she clung to him, her hands finding their way into his clothing, I must stay in control. Pulling back from their kiss, he rested his forehead against hers for a moment, before lifting her effortlessly. Laying her gently on the bed, her dark hair stood out against the blue and white of the bedding. He began to loosen the cloths she wore. “For such a small offence, I think one complete day will suffice.” The red tint to his eyes belying his cool words.

“One day of what?” She managed to ask, a little breathless as he began to explore the skin he had exposed. He did not answer.

Sesshomaru kissed her mate mark, slowly moving down from there, his fangs softly scraping against her skin. His hand gripped her thigh, massaging as he moved up, finding her already wet for him. He nearly moaned with her as fire blazed through their opening bond. His tongue swirled around her nipple, teasing her before pulling it into his mouth, sucking hard. He caught her wondering hand as she tried to pull him closer, pining it to the bed. The other tangled in his hair as she held him to her, aiding in him in his sensual assault. His fingers dipped lower, the palm of his hand put sweet pressure against her as he pushed two inside her warmth, nearly growling himself when she tightened around him.

Kagome was lost, her mind completely gone from the conversation that they were in the middle of. Her body burned with want as the painful ache began to spread up from her core, ready to be filled by him. He brought her to the edge so swiftly, her back arched in painful need when he drew away from her.

He watched for a moment as she rubbed her thighs tightly together in an attempt to lesson that ache within her. “A day of wanting, little koi.” Sesshomaru told her, his voice low. He closed his eyes on the exquisite sight of her in that state and made himself walk to the door. “There is someone here to see you when you are ready.” He walked out, softly closing the door behind him. Sighing, he ran his fingers through his hair, wanting nothing more than to lock himself in that room with her until the dawn came. He opened his eyes to see Inuyasha leaned against the wall, his own eyes rimed with red.

“Are you sure this punishment of yours isn’t going to kill us all.” The younger inu said moodily. He had caught every little image of what was going on behind that closed door.

A loud thump raddled the heavy door, followed by the sound of something shattering on the floor. “DAMN FUCKING HENTAI INUYOKAI!” Kagome’s frustrated voice echoed down the hallway. Sesshomaru smirked and Inuyasha chuckled, both catching the part of her exasperated images of bodily harm before her bond slowly closed off once more.

Kagome stood up, launching a vase full of flowers at the door, screaming, not really paying attention to her actual words. She had seen his intentions, plans of keeping her on edge for the next twenty four hours. She gathered cloths, heading for their personal hot springs. A grin of her own formed. His punishment was a double edged sword. If he intended to drive her crazy, then she would damn well return the favor. Oddly, though they had only spoke a little of their confrontation, it seemed to have settled it in both their minds. This time, she was determined to know her mates and become their equal so that her alpha, she snorted at the thought, would no longer feel the need to order her off the battle field for any reason.

They awaited her an hour later outside the same abused door he had left her behind earlier. Kagome came out in a bright red kimono, silver flowers and vines embroidered throughout the silk. Her dark hair was held back with two silver combs and her eyes were lined in black with just a touch of the red in the corners of them. Her full lips were also a striking, rich red, making both men want to taste that color. Her gaze was hot upon them, whether in lust or annoyance, they could not tell. “Who am I meeting, anyway.” She asked as she began to walk down the hall, pausing only because they did not follow. “Are you coming?” Kagome asked, looking back. The armor she had chosen in this particular battle seemed to have done its job, she thought as she hid her smile.

Inuyasha took a step toward her. She was an amazing woman, never failing to stun him. She was beautiful every day, but there were moments in time when she stole his breath away without even trying. This time, Kagome had purposely aimed at them, staggering him. It took a moment before he had the sense to move his feet in her direction.

Sesshomaru was similarly affected, with one difference. Their mate was well and truly challenging him now and his blood rose to accept it. Her first strike was well made, he had to admit. He relished the idea of making the next, inwardly thrilled that she had turned her punishment into a game he would enjoy winning. He walked calmly to her side, breaking the spell she had woven that held them captive, Inuyasha joining them. “You are meeting lady Katsumi, the eldest of our people. She came and told this one he was a fool and that she wanted to meet with you.”

“Yeah, it went something like that.” Inuyasha grinned at his brother’s glare. Something had changed between them, a sense of rightness returning. He found that he was looking forward to their sparing match in the coming day, though it promised to drive him crazy right along with them. They were both two of the most stubborn and scary people that he had ever known and they were his. He took Kagome’s hand and they continued on. “She is Shikyomi’s den mother, essentially, Sesshomaru’s grandmother.”

“I think I like her already.” Kagome shared his smile.

The entered what appeared to be a small throne room. Once again, there was a painting of the inuyokai within. The eye was drawn up to the ceiling, captivated by the beauty of the trials of the inuyokai. Even with that stunning view, it was hard to miss the woman casually lounging on the large stone seat, its hard surface looking very much like the cup that had been used in the mating ceremony. Her legs were hooked over the side of it, while her long, white hair pooled on the floor as she too looked up at the history of her people. “Have you made peace with your mother yet?” She asked nonchalantly.

“This one will as soon as I have greeted you properly.” Kagome almost swore that Sesshomaru was being slightly sarcastic.

The woman just laughed as she rose from her seat. “So, this is the bride.” She gave Kagome a fangy smile, her sky blue eyes piercingly intense as she took her in. “Feisty, this one can see why Shi likes you so. Which one of the idiots broke you heart?” She asked, confusing the priestess for a moment.

Kagome could not help but glance in Inuyasha’s direction. “How did you…” she never got to finish the question.

“The bow of Danketsu requires an open bond, little tori. Three in death, three in life. Also, it will not kill Hisuhebi on its own. It will strip away his resistance to reki and his rapid healing ability when struck with a fully powered arrow for a time, not to mention, hurt like a bitch, but it will take all three to shatter jade.” Inuyasha dropped his gaze when she looked in his direction. “The damage done to your heart has not been healed, you do not yet trust enough to leave your bond open, instinctively closing yourself off from potential pain.” She went to Inuyasha titling his head back, smiling at him. “There is no doubt you are Touga’s son.” She playfully scratched behind his ear, laughing at his scowl. “It is up to you to fix what you have broken, pup. You have the most open bond, teach her how and earn her trust once again.”

“I do trust him with my life.” Kagome protested.

“How do you know that he has the most open bond?” Sesshomaru asked suspiciously.

“Your life, yes, but your heart is all together a different matter.” She looked at Sesshomaru. “She is a woman scorned and you have had an icicle shoved up your ass for the better part of two hundred some odd years. It’s very logical to this one that he would be more open.” Inuyasha could not stop the roar of laughter and though Kagome tried to hold hers in, she was unsuccessful. She did give Sesshomaru a sympathetic look as he sighed, positive his father had purposely cursed him by leaving him with the women in his family, a fine punishment for an ungrateful son.

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