Twisted Fates


It felt like Kagome hadn’t even taken a breath when they were set down. Before them, partly hidden by tall bushes and climbing vines, lay a dark entrance into the earth. Looking up, she noticed the ground rose above them on all sides, as if a giant fist had long ago struck the land. Several large trees grew out of the basin, disguising it from above. A small stream cut through the center of it before seeming to disappear into the ground. It was beautiful in her eyes, reminding her of lost worlds she once watched on her mother’s TV. She responded quickly to the slight touch on her hand, following Sesshomaru and Inuyasha into its depth, the night falling at long last.

Their mate had prepared a perfect place for them, as she was now coming to expect from her lover. He seemed to do so with very little planning, effortlessly seeing to their comfort. A warm fire crackled cheerfully toward the back of the cavern, natural vents in the stone carrying any trace of smoke away, and a small meal lay before it, kept warm by the nearby flames. Off to the right, lay a pallet fit for a king, blankets and pillows piled high upon the ground. She had no idea where he found such things in so little time, coming to respect his ingenuity more as time passed by.

Kagome stood back, watching them. Inuyasha shed his robe, looking around the cave as she has been. Sesshomaru was a stoic as ever, but she felt that he watched them as well, judging whether or not they were pleased by his efforts. That thought caught her attention.

How strange it must be for the western lord, who had once seemed only to care for himself, to have acquired so many that depended upon him, not just as a ruler, but for their personal needs and wants. It reminded her again how selfish she had been in her fit with fate. Brushing all that aside, an idea sparked within her. Allowing the naughtier side of her freedom, she opened one of her bonds with only a little struggle. ‘Inuyasha’ she called to him. Seeing him turn her way, she continued. ‘Shall we thank our alpha for his care?’ it was a daring suggestion for them, Sesshomaru usually instigating their more intimate moments.

He raised an eyebrow in question, liking the way she grinned at him. Inuyasha did not know what she had in mind, but it was a playfulness in her gaze that had been sorely missed. Swallowing a little, he decided to follow her lead, having to admit, when it came to these moments with Sesshomaru, she was far braver than he.

Boldly she walked to Sesshomaru, smiling at his narrow eyed gaze. Lifting her hands, she gently traced the markings on his face, still as fascinating as they had been the first time she had done so. She followed the lines down, enjoying the way his eyes darkened, until she found the fastenings for his armor and weapons. She undid the heavy pieces, Inuyasha pulling them away, setting them carefully aside before coming to stand beside them.

She put her hands on his chest, watching his eyes beginning to redden as she slid his robes off his shoulders, letting the silk pile on the floor behind him. Smiling briefly at Inuyasha, Kagome began pressing little kisses to the bottom of his jaw. Inuyasha following her example, began on the other side. They continued down his neck, his hands gripping their hair as they kissed their mating marks, making him growl low when they ran their tongues over his flesh. He pulled Inuyasha’s head back, capturing his mouth. Kagome watched with hot eyes, the sight never failing to turn her blood volcanic. Her hands were not still, following the path of toned muscles down until she caressed the front of them, their heated skin pressing into her hands as they moaned together. Then she stepped away, her hands freeing her own clothing, letting each piece slowly drop to the floor as she made her way to their makeshift bed. Through their bonds, open easily due to her focus being solely on them, she sent thoughts and images of what they were making her feel and what she wanted to do to and with them.

Both men watched as she shed her clothing, gracefully dropping each piece that floated gently to the floor. They were beside her in an instant, even before the last piece made it to the stone. She closed her eyes as their hands began to drift over her, a now familiar heat rushing through her veins. Opening them, she meet the red rimmed gazes that she had come to love, helping them to strip off their remaining clothing.

Sesshomaru was slightly surprised by his mate’s bold behavior, not that he was displeased by it. He caught Kagome, tasting her before she slipped behind him, lovingly placing kisses along his shoulders. Inuyasha copied her movements in the front, tentative hands exploring the defined muscles of his stomach as his mouth made a fiery path down his chest. They made their alpha inhale sharply as they neared his hips, following the lines that flowed down his body. He had a moment of complete astonishment as they both caressed him, their tongues tangling together as they teased his sensitive flesh. Though it was something Kagome might do in the heat of the moment, this was the very first time Inuyasha had touched him so. His eyes half closed as he buried his hands in their hair, urging them on as blood pounded through his veins, hardening him farther beneath their dueling mouths. He growled lowly as he watched them through half lidded eyes.

Inuyasha’s head flung back, her talented hands stroking him. Her gaze lovingly climbed up Sesshomaru’s body until that bright blue clashed with his golden stare. A smile spread across her face, wide and wicked, before the heat of her mouth covered him, swallowing him down as though she could not survive another moment without tasting him. He could take no more, pulling her to her feet.

Their lips collided, him continuing to lift her until he plunged into her, her strong legs wrapping tightly around his waist, her head resting against him as her breath came in sharp pants. The suddenness of his intrusion stole her thoughts away, her body burning from within, beginning where they were joined as spreading throughout her.

Inuyasha watched, fascinated by the play of emotions on their faces, torn between the desires to watch them and wanting to join them. Sesshomaru had no intention of leaving the decision to him, sending a picture of his own down their bond. Inuyasha smiled slightly before coming to them, intrigued by the image presented to him. he came behind them, his hands running down her back, passing over his brothers hands that gripped her hips, until he touched where they were joined, caressing both as he moistened his fingers. Kagome tensed as he began to massage her, his wet fingers dipping into her untired entrance. He kissed across her back, teeth gently scraping against her skin as he began to stretch and tease her.

She slowly relaxed, becoming used to the new sensation. It was not what she would have thought it to be, not hurting but seeming to enhance the feel of Sesshomaru’s hardness trapped within her by his strong grasp, holding her solid against him. Inuyasha slowly worked his way inside her, the heat and pressure against him making him moan loudly as he felt their lover through the thin wall of her flesh. Only when he was fully seated within her did they begin to shift, their bodies keeping perfect rhythm as they moved within her, the sound of her cries and their harsh breathing echoing back to them.

Kagome was lost in a sea of pleasure, her only anchor was their strong arms and the tightening grasp her body had on theirs. Blood screaming throughout her, she gasped as she hit her peak. Her legs began to give way, leaning back against Inuyasha, both men changing their holds, Sesshomaru supporting her thighs, opening her farther to them, while Inuyasha held her waist, the intensity and strength of their movements increasing. She cried out as the steal of them hit the bottom of her, the extreme bliss closing her eyes, a near howling sound torn from her lover’s lips as they filled her with searing warmth.

They helped her to lie down, her legs still not working, all the while, they continued to touch her and each other. Her last open thought was on how the hell she was going to walk tomorrow, her amusement shared by Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Their shared grin forever etched into her heart before they stole all consciousness from her.

That night, the fires had died down to a peaceful warmth, the dim light casting shadows over the bluish grey stone of the cavern walls. Kagome had left them just long enough to clean up a little. She came back to find Inuyasha asleep on Sesshomaru’s chest, his fingers lightly combing through the slumbering inu’s silvery hair. A smile tugged at her mouth as she lay down against his back, joining his brother in the gentle grooming. “I have never seen him sleep so deeply when he was not wounded.” She remarked, “I have you to thank for that.” Kagome was expecting a smirk or an ‘hn’, but he just looked at her, his thoughts hid from her. “Sesshomaru, what is it?”

“You were able to open your bond with him willingly.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes and no.” She sighed, rolling onto her back, her hands automatically covering where their children lay, “Inuyasha thinks that it’s tied to my emotions. It made sense to me, in a way. I know that when we are together intimately and when I am in danger, that I can trust that both of you will keep me from harm.”

He turned more toward her, “your emotions won’t let you trust us with more than your body?” His tone lowered, a slight bit of temper showing. Sesshomaru himself was puzzled at his want of her complete and total faith in him.

Kagome looked over at him, struggling with a way to make him understand her. “Do you remember the first time we met, how I was?”

Silently, he gave her a slight nod. He remembered the moment with startling clarity. How brave she had been to come between them, standing up to him even after he had nearly taken her life. It was also the very first time he had any real interaction with Inuyasha, despite what happened, he had been impressed with his strength and protection of the human girl who so adamantly cared for him.

“I was horribly naive.” She laughed a little, “That was even before I loved him so strongly, sometimes I couldn’t even catch my breath.” Unknown to her, Inuyasha had opened his eyes, not moving, their soft voices waking him. Sesshomaru glanced his way, but otherwise did not acknowledge that he had awakened. “Every single time he went to her, even before I knew I loved him, it was like a dagger in the chest. I had to close myself off, or his leaving constantly would have destroyed me. I would have become like the creature Kikyo now is, bitter and resentful. So I closed that part of me away like a shield used to prevent a striking sword. I am finding it difficult to throw that shield away, without even thinking about it, I hide behind it.”

Inuyasha turned his face into Sesshomaru’s chest, the movement so slight that she did not pick up on it. His fingers curled, claws faintly scraping the skin beneath them. Sesshomaru covered one clutching hand with his own, soothingly. She had unwittingly referred them as an enemy, but he realized she was using a term that he might understand. And he did understand better than she might think. Had he not closed off all emotion when his father died thinking it would make him a stronger being? She also did not have the benefit of being inuyokai, where the bond was more instinctual than emotional. “I see.” He lay back, thoughtful.

Kagome ran her hand up Inuyasha’s back. “I am getting better, I think.” She turned toward him, snuggling against his warm skin. “I want to love him and I want to love you.” She smiled sleepily, her mind turning off to what she was confessing, “To be a haven and a comfort to each other.” Her voice drifted off as she fell asleep.

Sesshomaru was startled for the second time that night by her. Through Inuyasha, just as he had felt how low and horrible his brother had felt, he now felt the pride and wonder that filled him. In his own heart he felt those as well, not that she had to love him, but wanted to somehow touch him deeper. Nether commented on her words, Inuyasha shifting so that he could hold her tightly against him, Sesshomaru pulling them tighter together as his arms wrapped around them both. They slept peacefully, content for that moment in time.
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