Twisted Fates

The End

The three walked through the palace grounds, pleased to be home. The journey back had been slower and more quiet. With all that had happened, it had taken some time to sink in that the war that had bridged vast spans of time was finally over. To be leisurely wondering around their home and spending time with their loved ones with no great threat hanging over head was a bit surreal.

Kagome sighed heavily when she spotted a few of their companions resting in the shade of a small grouping of trees. “I feel so bad that I could not do more for him,” she said.

“I would not worry about it too much,” Inuyasha huffed, “that leach is in heaven right now.” He rolled his eyes at the scene. Sango was right by his side, of course, along with Kei, two maids, and Tsuyoi watching over them. The females were quite happy to fuss over Miroku, being so valiantly wounded in battle. Sango allowed him the attention, knowing that she was the one most special in his heart.

“Your right, he does look happy for a man with a hole in his side.” Kagome commented, watching them. Her vision blinked for a moment, a red thread ghosting over three of them before fading from sight. She smiled, though she felt it would be a long time in coming, positive that Tsuyoi would be joining their family pack in the distant future.

“What is it?” Inuyasha asked, taking her hand. He no longer was shy about being affectionate with her, even when all eyes were upon them. He still blushed, however, in their more daring moments with Sesshomaru.

Happily, she shared her thoughts with them, their bond always open to each other. Sesshomaru looked over the three of them with a calculating stare. “It will be a good match. She will bring strength to our pack.” Rolling her eyes, Kagome walked on, looping her arm through his.

Next they came upon Shikyomi. She was in full inu form, laying out in the sun on a soft patch of grass. Her mate to be lay propped against her side, smiling softly at the three pups who rested on a blanket nearby.

When they had returned a few days before, they had been surprised to learn that their daughter had changed into true form. She was even now a large, white puppy the size of a small wolf. The child stubbornly refused to be in her human body for very long at all. Shi was delighted with her, the two laying nose to nose while she tried to teach the young one how to growl effectively. The sounds the child produced could only be called cute and amusing, but her grandmother still praised her with pride.

Much to Kagome’s dismay, the heir to the west had rolled over onto his stomach, watching these affairs with great interest. She felt it would not be long before he joined his sister in learning the ways of the inuyokai from their doting matriarch. The younger twins dozed contently, happy to act like babies for their mother for a short while longer. She was sure it would not be long enough to suit her, but she was grateful for it just the same.

“It’s almost too quiet and cheerful,” Inuyasha commented as they moved on, “it makes me feel like I should be looking over my shoulder for a sword to doge or something.” For a man who had spent his whole life fighting in one way or another, peace was strange to the soul.

“Getting board, are you?” Kagome asked, an interesting though crossing her mind. “Perhaps you need some entertainment of some kind,” she offered up, walking just ahead of them.

“What are you thinking, Kagome?” he asked suspiciously. The light in her eyes was a dangerous one.

“Maybe,” she drew out the word, sharing a look with their alpha, “a reenactment. Shall we go to the private garden? There is a certain tree there that I can’t wait to see.”

A wicked smirk only ever viewed by his mates graced Sesshomaru’s lips as he recalled the event she spoke of. Inuyasha blushed bright red, memories flashing through him as well. “Kagome!” he groaned loudly. Laughingly, she took his hands, pulling him forward. Sesshomaru’s hand lay possessively on his lower back, spurring him on. Despite faint protests, his eyes revealed red, proof of the heat stirring within. With feigned reluctance, he allowed them to drag him along, very willing to let them have their way.

And so, they continued on, content to be at peace until the next enemy arose. The nature of the time they resided in was not a world made for serenity, so they would enjoy it and each other for as long as possible. They loved and grew stronger, ever facing forward, always prepared for the next twist of fate.

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