Twisted Fates

Ancient Enemy

A dry, husking laughter echoed off the stone walls. The large yokai raised his head, the green of his eyes glowing in the dim light. With a slight hiss, the massive form disappeared to reveal a very tall, slim man. He was a few inches taller than Sesshomaru in height, his long hair a dark forest green like the slit pupils of his eyes. His skin was pale, almost off white in appearance, with exception of a diamond on his forehead. It swirled in the same fluid jade that his snakeskin had. His head slowly tilted in a reptilian way as he studied the group before him, his eyes lingering on Shikyomi before settling on Kagome behind her. “Inu child, you have grown.” The voice was dry and raspy, ending with a light hiss.

“I have.” Shi agreed, farther covering the sight of Kagome with herself. She did not like that he had fixed on her already, barely awake. This was bad.

The eerie green eyes came to her again. “When last we met, you made a decent toy.” They ran down her form, certain to remind her of the last time they had been together. “It is a shame, really, that you have grown so old. How much time has passed since then?” He asked, perfectly pleasant.

“No doubt you would feel that way, since you had no intention of letting me grow old.” She said with equal civility. “Nearly four thousand years have passed since this one was last disgusted by your charming self, Hisuihebi.”

The laugh returned, his smiling mouth showing long retractable fangs. “My name from your lips still sounds like a curse. How I shall miss it when I take the life from you.”

Sesshomaru tensed. He did not understand what was going on, but his mother was being extremely cautious. Normally she would have already taken his insolent head, but she seemed more concerned with Kagome at the moment. He did not attempt to attack the snake, though his hands itched to. He also began to analyze the priestess anew. She was important to him in his own way, the air of power that steadily grew around her allowing him to treat her nearly as an equal, in time possibly more as his brother had feared. Now the snake before them looked at her as well, he could not decide what kind of hunger was displayed there, but it was disturbing to him.

Inuyasha was growing angry, red tinting his eyes. His hand rested on the hilt of his sword, aching to cut into this yokai. Not only was he looking at Kagome like she was his favorite desert, he was threatening lady Shikyomi, who for some odd reason had been really nice to him in the few moments they had known each other. It’s a slight touch of her hand that halted him from jumping at him.

“I doubt that, when you are restrained again, or better yet, dead, this one will spit it out at your grave in such a manor you will carry the sound of it with you for all eternity.” She smirked at him. He had always been an asshole, and truth be told, she had only been near him with him being conscious for a few hours. He was a plague on the inuyokai and humans alike and felt like he had the right to be so.

Hisuihebi’s grin widened. “You stand before me, the pathetic remains of five great inuyokai houses. An old dog, a puppy, and a mutt, how amusing it is. Does their blood taste like their fathers? I am assuming he has perished being as he is not here waving his sword around like an idiot.” The two growls that followed the statement seemed to humor him more. “You lack what you need to bind me, much less slay me. The world is my playground once more.” He began to walk forward, making them tense. “I thought that you would be the first I sought when I awoke again.” His forked tongue run over his lips. “But seeing as you have presented a bride to me, I think I will let you live a bit longer.”

“You are still weak snake, hold your cursed tongue. Touga was a diayokai who was one of only two that put you in your place, expect no less from his sons.” She put Kagome farther behind her, Inuyasha taking a place by her side. “As for the bride, yes she is a worthy one, but not for one like you. This one will yet find a way to end your filth, as was promised by my house long ago.”

“Try your hardest, I am sure it will be most entertaining.” In the blink of an eye, he was behind Kagome. Inuyasha blocked him, only to be tossed at lady Shi, leaving her vulnerable for just a moment. Up close, his eyes were disturbing, many shades of green and yellow fighting for dominance. He reached out towards her. Acting instinctively, she hit him with a wave of reki. She was stunned to see it arc across his body, then absorbed by it. His gaze returned to her, lust now plain to see in it. “Aw, little bride, were you never told a child of a strong miko is immune to their powers. It has been very long since I have felt the pleasure of it dancing across my skin.” A strong force kept the others from getting to them. He stroked down her hair, admiring the way her blue eyes widened in fear. “You even surpass the lotus, what a child you will bare for me. Practice running that power over your body for the night I take it.”

A crack formed, Tetsusaiga’s blood red blade piercing through the snakes power, followed by Sesshomaru who flung the man away from Kagome. The three inu came between him and his prey, while the neko and slayer guarded her back. The monk was recovering the loss of the wind tunnel, but still braced himself against Kirara, effectively closing off sight of Kagome.

The wall shook from the impact of his body. He pulled himself from the stone, dusting off the rubble. He looked over a lady Shikyomi again. “I will return for you and my bride, soon. I am indeed still weak if the puppy can throw me.” He laughed, fading from sight, the sound lingering afterwards.

“What the fuck?!” Inuyasha exclaimed, sheathing his sword.

“I second that.” Kagome said, a little shaken by the creep, his voice still resounding in her head.

“Hn.” Sesshomaru stood before his mother, his eyes cold and unyielding.

It was a look she remembered well from his father. He had had enough. Sighing deeply, she said, “Follow me. There is much to explain.” She turned traveling deeper into the caves that had served as the monsters tomb.
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