Twisted Fates

Hot Springs Conversations

Kagome took a deep breath. Lady Shikyomi had not stopped until they reached her courtyard. Other than the immenseness of everything, she gave Kagome no time to take in her surroundings, instantly rushing her through the huge halls. She now stood in the lady's chamber, dazed. She sat on the raised bed behind her as she blew out the breath, her hands curling in the purple and silver fabric on it.

Lady Shi returned quickly, carrying a robe of pure white in her arms. Something about it tugged at Kagome’s mind. Where had she seen that before? “Beautiful, is it not?” she smiled, fond memories coming to the surface.

Kagome nodded, running her fingers down the cool silk. An image flashed in her mind, a mural painted on a cave wall, a bare chested Touga and Shi wearing a very familiar white robe. She snatched her hands back as if the material had burned her. She stared wide eyed at a very amused western lady.

Sango watched Miroku as he leisurely walked along side of Kirara. He looked like he was taking an afternoon stroll, not like he had a destination in mind at all. “What is going on, Miroku?”

“Lady Shikyomi asked me to take our time in coming to her home. She wishes to give the soon to be mated brother’s time to get their issues out, while she tries to calm down a petrified Kagome. Her words.” He laughed. “We shall arrive in the morning when all is said and done, if things go well.”

“Poor Kagome.” She glanced over at him again. “You really like lady Shi, don’t you?”

“I do.” He smiled, “But I still love you.” She looked away. “The lady and I have a great time teasing each other. Whether anything will come of it I do not know. However, there are two things that I am certain of, Shikyomi and I are great friends and I will always love you.”

Sango cleared her throat. “Well, then.” She quieted, unsure of what else to say. She was not ready to love him or anyone. She walked on the other side of Kirara, both keeping farther thoughts to themselves.

They appeared in the courtyard of a huge palace. Sesshomaru let go of Inuyasha as soon as his feet touched the ground. “A little warning next time, damn,” he grumbled. His brother ignored the comment completely. He looked around, taken in by the sheer size of the place. “You could run around in inuyokai form if you choose to,” he said as they passed the grand entryway.

“hn," Sesshomaru said absently seeking out the scent of his mother and future bride, "this one’s mother prefers it that way.”

A bird yokai met them in the main hall. His bright blue hair was eye catching as he bowed before them. “Lord Sesshomaru, lord Inuyasha, my lady bids me to take you to the baths. If you would follow me.” He led them down the brightly lit halls covered in images of the inuyokai. There were depictions of family groups and children playing in sun lit glades. The images greatly reminded both of them of the cavern paintings.

The servants blue eyes that matched his hair perfectly caught them looking at them. “My lady has great talent, does she not?’ He said with pride. He had served the great lady death from before her son was born.

“My mother painted these?” Sesshomaru paused, looking around anew. He had never really paid attention to things like that.

“Yes, lord Sesshomaru, she has always done so.” The bird said, leading them on.

“Where is she now?” He inquired. What else did he not know about the one who gave him life?

“Lady Shikyomi has taken lady Kagome to her private chambers and the springs there.” He led them off to the right, down smaller corridors until he showed them into a fairly large indoor hot spring. “My lords.” He bowed again before leaving them alone.

Kagome was beyond stunned. Not only had she basically been kidnapped by her future mother in law, she had been brought to a giant’s home, dunked, washed, and rinsed in a blink of an eye. “Lady Shikyomi?” She asked, a little desperate.

“Kagome, come wash my hair for me. It has been a long while since I had family to do so.” The inu seemed quite happy at the prospect.

Kagome obligingly went to her, wetting the long white hair, soft flower petals. “I do this for Sango a lot too.” She relaxed a little. Sango and she always shared secrets at times like this one. She might not have survived the heartache had it not been for her best friend and lots of soothing hot water. Thinking of those times, the question most on her mind fell out of her mouth. “Lady Shi, do you intend for this mating to take place tonight.” She was positive of the answer, but needed it confirmed.

The lady waited until the girl was finished with her task.
“Yes, it is so, Kagome. This one knows that it is sudden, but the longer we wait the stronger he grows.” She patted her head comfortingly. “Had you really hoped to wait?”

“Well not really, I guess.” She sank back into the heated pool. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about things though.”

“Are you aware of what takes place between mates?” she tried to speak delicately for the girls sake, but it was hard for her, near killing her with the want to tease her. Her den mother had ruthlessly teased her the night of her ceremony, right up to the bedroom doors.

“Yes,” she replied shyly. “Humans are more open where I am from and they have sex education. My mother also talked with me, but I feel that there is a great deal of difference between words and reality.”

She took her hands. “True, they are very different. Know that they will be most careful with you, even though it is in an inu’s nature to be a bit different than a human would be used to.”

“Different how?” She asked, leery.

“Well,” she thought for a moment, “I guess you could say we are a bit more passionate and sometimes wilder.”

“Oh.” Kagome looked away from her, “I guess I am more worried about them at this point. I mean, I have to get between them most times so that they can even talk to each other.” She told her.

“Oh, Kagome,” Shikyomi grinned while shaking her head, “Do you not know that between them is the best place to be.” The inu roared with laughter as Kagome turned the brightest red yet and sunk beneath the water.

Kagome closed her eyes tightly, but the images of being between the brothers did not stop, her mini Miroku pointing out details while a mini lady Shi giggled behind him.

Steam rose form the naturally heated water as Inuyasha slid into it. Sitting a little ways across from his older brother, he closed his eyes and rested his head against the stone edge, trying his best to clear his mind.

Sesshomaru watched him for a moment. “Why have you agreed to this?” The man had never explained his motive.

Inuyasha sighed, his eyes still closed. “Saving the lives of many people not a good enough reason for ya?”

“Not for you to agree to mate with this one, whom you have hated” he made his way closer, his body gliding silently through the water. “Do you intend to challenge this one for dominance?” he asked, a slight edge to his voice.

Inuyasha smirked, looking at his brother for the first time. “No, I have no intention or desire to challenge you for power. I am not afraid of it, I feel that we are closely matched in our strengths and weaknesses. I just have no wish to be on public display, nor put up with the bullshit you do as the western lord.”

Sesshomaru accepted his answer. Whatever he thought of their strengths and weaknesses did not matter at this time, only if he intended to challenge would there have been problems. “Truth, then between us, Otouto, why have you chosen this?”

He leaned back again, watching the steam as it rolled up to the vented ceiling. “Rest assured, the only one going into this unselfishly is Kagome. I fucked up with her, Ani.” He did not notice the widening of the western lords eyes at a title he thought he would never receive. “I had her love and beat at it until she had to cut me free. She would have stayed by my side forever in friendship, even though the very sight of me hurt her. If I have even a chance of having her love again, even if it means taking you too, I will do it with a smile and a fucking hello kiss.” He laughed darkly.

“I know nothing of such a love.” Sesshomaru commented. Had that been what his father had felt for his mates and Inuyasha’s mother?

“The bitch of it is, you will. Kagome is incapable of being intimate with someone and not giving them love as well. I am counting on it. When her love is given, it is with all that she is. So you see, brother, I am far worse than even you and the desire for power, the perfect heir, and all that other shit you mentioned. Does that put your mind at ease?” Inuyasha ducked his head under the water, not expecting an answer. He began to wash. After a moment of silence, he asked the question that most plagued his mind, when he allowed himself to think on it at all. “Sesshomaru, have you ever done the dom thing before?”

“Hn,” Sesshomaru replied, “this one has had multiple lovers before, both male and female.”

“She never has and I have never done the inu thing, so try to be easy on us,” Damn, this beta shit was hard, “please.” He added grudgingly.

The western lord was amused at the grumpy request. “Have you never felt the urge?” He nearly sounded sad for him.

“Yeah,” he confessed, “Every time the perv touched the girls without permission. Probably the only thing that squashed it was the fear he might like it and start to chase me instead.”

“Do you know if you will enjoy it?” Sesshomaru asked, moving closer still.

Inuyasha eyed him warily. “I do not know. I am more inuyokai than human, but the human is still there. I rely on my instinct more than anything, being untaught by man or beast.” The last came out with a touch of bitterness. He watched as Sesshomaru closed the distance between them, the water rippling gently around them. He refused to back away, their golden eyes locked together as Sesshomaru placed a firm hand on Inuyasha’s neck. He slowly tilted his head back. Inuyasha gripped the side of the spring, unsure what he was feeling in that moment. Sesshomaru leaned down and took his mouth, surprisingly tender with his kiss. Both inu’s eyes flashed red for a moment and a whimper escaped Inuyasha’s lips as Sesshomaru backed away once more.

Sesshomaru licked his lips. “You act as an inuyokai should, Otouto. I think you may like it more than you think, given time.” He stepped form the pool, water drops racing down his pale skin. “Listen well, Otouto. This one was wrong to abandon you. I am sorry for it.” With that he walked away, wrapping a drying cloth around his body.

Inuyasha stared after him in stunned silence, his heart beat loud in his head. Dragging a shaking hand over his face and through his damp hair, he said the one word that came to mind. “Fuck.”
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